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ESPN today announced that it has suspended ESPN2 First Take analyst Rob Parker 30 days for comments he made last week about Redskins QB Robert Griffin III. Here is the official statement from ESPN: Marcia Keegan is a Vice President of Production for ESPN, who oversees First Take: “ESPN has decided to suspend Rob Parker for 30

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  • Who gives a rat's a-s!!!
  • Thank you!
  • Damn Right!

    30 days ?????!!!!! WTF!!!!!

    It should be 30 YEARS probation.

    If a white man said that he would have been fired ASAP!

    With no questions asked!
  • But a white man didn't say it about a black man. There is a distinction....race issues between black and white would have cost a white guy his job. However it was a black guy talking about another black guy...this suspension is the correct decision. Just if two white guys had been involved in a similar discussion. Also as explained someone should have caught that discussion before it aired.
  • Whatever man. This is exactly why race relations in this country will never get better. I thought we were supposed to be "equal". How is it equal if a black man gets thirty days suspension but a white man would be fired? You don't want equality, you want superiority.
  • Humans are hard-wired to be racist. It goes back to the days when there were more than one species of human-type progenitors competing for resources. As humans left Africa, they lost melanin, making it easier to distinguish friend from foe. It has been millions of years in the making and will take a very long time to be overcome. Tribal warfare exists to this day, whether it is in the jungles or the street corner, or the boardroom. We have a natural distrust and enmity to those who are different from us, even in the most subtle way. Best to just get over it and on with life. People are just people; and always will be.
  • He should have been fired. There is no "distinction". The punishment for a disrespectful comment made about someone should not be based on skin color. I am tired of this old argument that "we can say it, and its ok...but if the proverbial YOU say it? NAH!!" If we can't respect ourselves and hold ourselves to as high of a standard as we hold others, then we should not expect others to respect us either.
  • This is bull*hit, If Whitey said it he would be fired in a minute. Racism exist because no one will let it rest.
  • Exactly dude!!! Its an excuse to hide behind. Why don't they say I'm just plain lazy!!!
  • look at all these caucasians, crying reverse racism, they have been getting away with overt racism for 400 years now they have the nerve to cry racism,go cry racism to your bankers and politicans,who have high-jacked your country put you in the poor house,but you do nothing,i you said give me liberty or give me death,theres more outrage on this post,than crooks who are really causing all these problems
  • 400 years now,that's funny you must be one old bastard to recall that. Get over it, we didn't make you slaves we live in the present, and this is present day racism
  • You Are An ASS, 400 hundred years now, how do you know this were you there? You're the problem
  • I love hearing people use that incorrect phrase "reverse racism". Got news for you, the definition of racism isn't a white person discriminating against another ethnic group. So when a person (including African Americans) discriminates another ethnic group(or their own) its called just plain old "racism" not reverse racism.
  • FYI.................

    About 600,000 slaves were imported into the U.S., or 5% of the 12 million slaves brought across from Africa to the Americas. The great majority of African slaves went to sugar colonies in the Caribbean and to Brazil, where life expectancy was short and the numbers had to be continually replenished.
  • Um....what the hell does this have to do with anything
  • Read between the lines!!!!!!!
  • right back at you
  • Wake up, racist talk is just that no matter who says it. If you disagree then you are perpetuating racism for another 100 or so years. And throw this crap out of sports talk. The fool was wrong, hello ... punish the behavior harshly whether the person is black, white, red, or yellow or whether the comment were about black, white, red or yellow. Stop this double standard crap or racism will never leave this country.
  • I completely agree. Caucasians definitely should take a back seat with respect to crying about racism. They are the authors of it!

    No other Race has devoted so much time and resources to promoting the idea that lack of melatonin makes one "superior" to those who have more of it.
  • Just want to make sure that I understand what you're saying. Racism is ok if it's directed at white people?
  • Spicymine your spineless and weak. Stand up on your own 2 feet you balless dope. Keep crying racism you pathetic s**t !
  • Just want to make sure I understand you here. It's ok for black people to be racist?
  • Blacks are all crybabies.....oh no am I a racist? Blacks voted 97% for Obama and they call that empowerment. Whites are FARRRRRR LESS racist than blacks in every way. If 97% of whites had voted for Romney Blacks would have rioted in the street SCREAMING RACISM.....but they vote 97% for a HORRID stipid incompetent president ONLY because of the color of his skin. if 97% of whites voted white like blacks voted 97% for black skin color there could be no black President. Martin Luther King junior is ROLLING over in his grave because blacks cannot grasp the concept content of character and not color of skin. Blacks enslaved blacks and sold them to whites. History.....check it out. N WORD N WORD N WORD and OJ is still a piece of crap murderer let free by almost a full black jury because he was black when he obviously killed his White wife.
  • yeah !!! 30 days !!! what about Jimmy the Greek you never saw him again after his honest comments ,,, What BS !
  • Way to go ESPN - keep the racist theme going by merely suspending the Black reporter for his reprehensible racist comment. We miss you 'Jimmy the Greek'
  • Damn Right!

    30 days ?????!!!!! WTF!!!!!

    It should be 30 YEARS probation.

    If a white man said that he would have been fired ASAP!

    With no questions asked!
  • Hell you white guys have no idea what racism is all about, if you did you wouldn't be tagging any black person for complaining when it happens to them, white people are cry baby's and always will be..
    Good lily white lady from good old t. Wayne, IN
    oh this state was one of the biggest KKK suporters there ever was about 35 yrs ago, I know becasue I had an uncle who belonged to it in Elkhart, IN, this city isn't any better, they love there white people here, boy to they love there white people.. they are a bunch of sissy's
  • So, you understand racism, but you see nothing wrong with what EsPN has done here?
  • This guy is constantly bringing up the race card. I personally don't beleive in suspending a guy for speaking his mind. With that being said, you can think what you want but that doesn't mean it has to come out of your mouth. Suspending him isn't going to stop this guy from getting up on his soapbox. Anyone who doesn't think like he does he has no use for.
  • Rob Parker's racisim cannot be tolerated. As long as he is with ESPN I will look for my sports information elsewhere.
  • agreed !!!!!
  • it ********.if were all suppose to be equal,if a white person said it he would have been fired on the spot no time offand not be suspended.but a black man that is racist ,he showed it by running his mouth live.get 30 days of.he should have been fired and not able to come back .but it is all right because a black man said it about another black.
  • Damn Right!

    30 days ?????!!!!! WTF!!!!!

    It should be 30 YEARS probation.

    If a white man said that he would have been fired ASAP!

    With no questions asked!
  • Way to go ESPN putting a bandaid on a gapping wound.

  • If he was white. He would have been fired that very day.

  • absolutely........just ask Jimmy "the Greek" and Howard Cosell
  • I have to agree with you,The double standards in this country is out of control and it's not just in sports,it's in everything,it's not what is said it's who says it.pitiful.
  • So let me get this straight...they suspend Rob Parker but they do nothing about Stephen A. Smith saying the N word when talking about Kobe Bryant and whether or not he would mnake starting night back before the season started. This is a classic example of a double standard. Stephen A claims he didn't say it but he won't tell anybody what he said. His excuse..."as an east coast guy he sometimes speaks fast."
  • Damn Right!

    30 days ?????!!!!! WTF!!!!!

    It should be 30 YEARS probation.

    If a white man said that he would have been fired ASAP!

    With no questions asked!
  • It's goes far beyound race,it is in everything,news,politics, down the line and it is going to get worst.
  • If RGIII gives Parker a black eye, will that make him blacker?
  • what bothered me most was the "cause" thing,,,,what cause?? the cause to upend 'whitey'.... he wasn't black enough because he had a white fiance? hell, I thought that was the blackest thing all black athletes did...date white women. ya know, do something that would have been frowned upon fifty years ago, like a little pay back for the slave master. Jimmy the Greek and Al the Dodger GM lost careers over less than what Parker said
  • Howard Cosell gets fired for his comments, Jimmy The Greek gets canned for his rant off air at a restaurant - this is clearly racist because he is black - had it been Dan Patrick commenting on the Josh Bent accident and bringing race into it he would be canned too - EQUAL RIGHTS FOR EVERYONE - black or white or hispanic or whatever if it's racist zero tolerance - I'm tired of coddling people in this society and having a double standard - grow up abd fire his ass regardless of what color it is
  • Jimmy "the Greek" Snyder got fired for less. Rush Limbaugh got fired for less. Why is ESPN allowing this racist to continue? Where is Tom Jackson and the outrage he "felt" for Limbaugh when Rush said that the media had a large stake in Black Quarterbacks succeeding? If he was upset at that, why is he not protesting this? Simple, since Parker is black, he can not be a racist in the eyes of some. I have always believed that only racists see race in everything, and this fool has proved me right.
  • ESPN First Take is a piece of crap. It's no longer about the reaity of sports, but whatever these jerks can contrive and embelish with their overzealous and often contrived rhetoric. This is what happens when the saturation of sports programming becomes more than what sports can realistically provide. Getting this and half the other sports programs off the air might bring a little reality to what's left.
  • This guy is a clown. He should have been canned the moment words left his mouth for sheer stupidity if nothing else.
  • I'm tired of this hypocracy, if you don't want someones true answer then don't ask the question. The question about race should have not been broght up. Do I think what he said is right no but again the producers let the question of race go by and are surprised by some answers? Get real
  • Rob Parker is only speaking of his mind and ESPN is not my favorite sport.

  • It's obvious that Loudmouth Smith has naked pictures of the top executives.
  • well,as much as I watch this shop,he should go.But if as they said " Both were errors on our part ", sooooooooooo who on the staff and uper management is going to get 30 days off to????

    As usaul,the Brass at ESPN the person,but not the people who are in charge of the editing and messed up just as well,typical ESPN management move..................
  • Poor Jimmy the Greek. A white guy expressed what he thought was the truth and he was dumped faster than a speeding bullet. This guy gets a 30 day hall pass at Christmas time.
  • What Jimmy the Greek said was true,it's in the history books,if they haven't removed it already.they put the strong blackmen with the strong black women.
  • Hmm... if this was a white guy making a comment half as inflammatory his career would be over..plain and simple.
  • Why not just insult a white guy.He certainly would not be suspened. Yeah, omly whites are racists.
  • You CLEARLY are the epitome of your name...and apparently have not a brain between all three. If you KNEW your history, you would know that ghettos were originally created in Italy, and "popularized" by Nazi Germany for the Jewish people. When immigrants came to the U.S., they were not allowed to live anywhere they wanted in this "good and decent" place, so once again, ghettos were created.

    America was a "good & decent place to live" depending on who you were and the special favors / entitlement you received. You now seem to be upset because you can't receive automatic entitlements anymore...maybe you should climb back in your cave and pout???
  • First of all Parker is ignorant, literally! How in the world does a person with his limited mental capabilities get a job like this? If ignorance is bliss, that is one happy dumba-s!!
    He talks like Beyonce', or whatever the girl with no voice and the BIG bottoms name is. He should be bussing tables at Mickey Ds'.
  • It's a shame that with all the different diversity going on in this world that we insist on adding race to so many situations. Personally I don't care if a person is white, black, green, red, or any other color. If race is even mentioned I believe their is someone a closet racist involved. Let's learn to live, work, play with this word recorded in the history books.
  • Di...I think I understand your point, but look at the flip side. The absence of the race discussion does not mean the absence of the associated issues. I agree we need to live, play and work together, but with the inclusion and understanding of race and culture comes the richness of the human race. Issues need to be discussed in order to be addressed. And there is also a need to remember what is recorded in the history books, because we have a tendency to repeat. Otherwise, people will forget Slavery, the Trail of Tears (which happened twice), the Holocaust, the internment of U.S. Citizens of Japanese descent and many other events that happened due to racial and cultural differences.
  • Whole staff should be suspended, not just Rob Parker. Letting him go on TV to such junk was a total brain fart by him and staff.

  • I e-mailed Rob several years ago about his race problems when the Lions hired Steve Mariuchi at that time Rob was crying about race. Hey Rob you should have heeded my email and addressed your problem. The race issue is with you no one else. You love to fan the flames of racism when it is obvious the racism is on your part. Everyone is right ESPN needs to can him. let's stop the race issues.
  • This will all blow over like the cross dresser a few years ago, or the gun comments a few weels ago. Next motnth another commentator will be on the hot seat for offending left-handed, one-eyed sea captains and the merry-go-round will just keep going around and around.
  • Had Parker been a white guy making these comments, he would have been fired!!! Frankly, I don't care what he said. I'm not offended at all. I believe that we should be able to say whatever we want regardless of the medium. The only ramification should be a punch in the face by the offended party if its that big of a deal. Free Speech for everyone!!! Just saying that I'm tired of the double standard that there is in this country, especially when it comes to race or alleged racism portrayed or displayed through the liberal media.
  • Agreed! :)
  • Who cares what Rob Barker yells, he has no credibility. But if he was White I believe he would be looking for a new gig, like Jimmy the Greek. I guess he gets different treatment because he is Black.
  • I think everyone is right on in their comments, if he had been white he would have been fired instantly. The racism at ESPN will continue forever.
  • If he were white and said that about another white guy I don't think he would have got fired.
  • Had he been white he would have been fired
  • "...let's stop the race issues" Guess who STARTED this 'race issue' sh!t?
  • I have nearly 120 co-workers who work for one of ESPN's major sponsors that will boycott ESPN as much as possible until Parker is out for good!! We have a letter going to senior management on this hypocracy to bow out of support as an organization. What a fine double-standard...how much more blatant can racism be on TV?!!! Just give him a little time off during the holidays and New Year and let him come back like nothing happened...make a statement for what's right...get him off the air or lose viewers and financial support, wizards!
  • I do not want anyone fired seriously, but to be honest, really brutally honest only specific people I'm not saying who, are allowed to use the race card, while others lose their job on the spot.
    I'm a first amendment guy all around.
    I do not respect politically correct people and I never will. You can't fool me about picking up dog poop and not get your hands dirty theory.
    The race card thing has always been in effect for some and specifically not for others, you know being equal and and all.
    But don't make a big thing out of a small very small thing
  • So let me get this right. Some people are more upset that a white person couldnt say what he said, than they are at what he said!?! Lol. i love it.
  • I wouldn't say that he is a racist at all or if he was white that he would have been fired. Cause he can think what he wants to think and feel what he wants to feel that doesn't mean that he is racist. I feel that he should have used better judgement on his comment concerning RG111. I think and feel alot about black athletes and white athletes and I am black and I am not racist at all.
  • well put, my boi. I wish more people felt like us.
  • Total BS. If white announcer said the same he'd of been dismissed with all the black announcers calling him a racist. Two way street when it comes to this nonsence!
  • Do you know what cornball mean....Yes, it was bad statement to make on tv....But that is how he feel about him....I feel that Peyton Manning is a cornball and it doesn't have nothing to with being white.
  • Isn't Rob is black saying this about another black guy? ok
  • Total BS. If white announcer made same comments he'd been dismissed with all the black announcers calling him a racist. Two way street when it comes to this nonsence!
  • The should fire the racist !
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I'm 54 and spent time in college dorms and in military barracks in the US and overseas. Some of most racists people I've met were black, both men and women. Our society tells racists its OK to be racist as long as you are black. It's racism and this clown should have been fired and should be serving hotdogs outside the ballpark, not given air time on a sports network. If he only gets 30 days vacation for his racist comments, the next white reporter should get the same treatment or ESPN will be known as a network that protects black racists.
  • Rob the racist Parker refuses to talk about Tiger Woods because he refuses to be lable as only African American or black. Tiger made the startement he is mixed American and parker went off. Red flag on this moron or not ESPN has a history of coddling idiots Stephen A(hole)Smithwhite dud he debates everyday it is a joke anymore. Please bring back true non sythetically inflated sports casting. Rob Parker I turn off ESPN whenever he is on have for years will never watch that fool again.
  • Racisism is only used by the ignorant these days by all parties. That will never end even in the best of situations. There will always be an ahole somewhere. To say things aren't as good as they will be is BS. We all love one another these days as much as we ever will. The idiots use it to stir the pot because they have nothing else to contribute. I'm handicapped and don't complain at all. Even though I'll never have the opportunities all of you have . STOP COMPLAINING
  • I am white and it sounds like most of the comments here are written by white racists ... very bigoted. I love Rob Parker and I like most of his comments, though I disagree with what he said about RGIII, I believe he has the right to say them. I am so against the stand taken by ESPN in suspending him...I miss him very much. I love Stephen A., but Skip is my man! Go Tebow! Unleash!
  • What I want to know is how that insulting loudmouth Stephen A. keeps his job. As for Parker, only because he is black does he keep his job. When Stephen A came back is when I stopped watching the show. Isaw a survey of the most disliked sports announcer was Stephen A. I surely agree.
  • 30 frckn Days ... FIRE that racist stupid SOB ... if a white person said anything even close to that > they would of hung soon as he or she stepped off the set ...

  • I just wrote ESPN i suggest other do .. this fool needs to be fired

    http://espn.go.com/espn/contact?lang=EN&country=united states
  • Correct.........if a white guy says that he is GONE befor the ink dries.....but then if a black guys uses the N word it is also tolerated so it all runs the same.....it's the golden rule..the one with the gold makes the rule...so you live with it and go one.........ESPN you suck or is that SUCK wichever..
  • Its a shame that Rob would denigrate a person of RG3's caliber. Mr. Parker what you said was shamefull and demeaning. If a caucasion person had said what you said he would have been let go immediately. ESPN this idiot has to go...immediately.
  • In America You can call The President Boy, Sambo ,Tarbaby and and there is no outrage about that.
  • Nor should there be!
  • He's a dumb f----, and Stephen A. is just as bad if NOT worse..that show should go.
  • I really don't see anything so bad about what he said. Don't people have better or more important things to complain about than this nonsense. Was anyone hurt by these comments? Look at what happened last week in Newtown and get some perspective.
  • He got off easy! Had he been white, Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton and their minions would have been screaming to the heavens for his head on a pike! He would have been fired and played hell getting another job!
    Not saying he should be fired, just noting the difference in the way things get treated, handled and perceived!

    Clean up your act dummie...and THINK before you open that pi-hole again! next time, not even Jesse and Al will be able to look the other way!
  • freedom of speech.
    black or white,yellow or blue.
    don't like it, tuff.
    long live freedom.
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