Found November 06, 2012 on Fox Sports Ohio:
1) Its always interesting to sit back and watch firing season. Guy loses, everyone cries for him to be fired. Guy loses two, more guys call for firings. Now, 19 losses in 24 games is a lot of losses and does not burnish the resume. And there have been some very shaky decisions on the sidelines for the 2012 Cleveland Browns, but some of them are shaky simply because they did not work. But the constant chatter about firing Pat Shurmur strikes me as excessive because a guy has a wife, a family and children who read and listen. Yes, its part of the job, but when an owner clearly states that no change will be made until the end of the year, its kind of a bit much to talk about a guys future when he still has a job. Firing season may make for good chatter, but if it's not going to happen the chatter to me becomes unfortunate. Because there is a human element involved. 2) Yes, folks can throw in my face that I was critical of the previous coach, but at that time I had reached the point where I saw no hope. I could have been wrong. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I was too early. But I didnt see hope. I would offer that as frustrating as the losses have been this season, there is hope with the Browns. There are some players on this team that do provide hope for the future. Call it my senior moment if you wish, but I believe that. And I believe it in part because many people around the league, people who coach and acquire players, believe it as well. Said one league guy: The only thing that group needs is confidence. 3) Brandon Weeden seemed genuinely angry with himself over Sundays game, which was not his best. He completed just four passes longer than 10 yards and averaged 4.8 yards per attempt, neither of which are good for the old quarterback rating. Its a good thing to be angry about a tough day. The key is doing something about it. Weeden has been better than most expect, and has struggled through a miserable opener and last game before the bye, but hes also shown he has a future and given the Browns reason to believe in him. Hes still a rookie, tough games will happen, but the Browns have to live with it and keep working with him. Hes their guy. 4) Pat Shurmurs comment on that point: I do believe in him and he is our guy. I know its not going to be perfect and its not going to be pretty all the time. And I know weve got to do what we can to win games. 5) DQwell Jackson summed up these first nine games this way when asked if Sundays loss was a letdown: Thats been the tale of the season so far. We get so close and we start the week off with so much confidence and for whatever reason when the games on the line, whether its defensively, offensively we cant seem to make that play. Whether theyre too young, too inexperienced, whether its bad calls or bad plays, those key plays are missing. Until those key plays arrive and the losses turn to wins, the frustration will continue. 6) Theres something refreshing about election day, about the simple act of walking up and casting a ballot and walking away. Not every place in the world provides that freedom, that opportunity, for everyone. Its a privilege and an honor. And its baffling why anyone, anywhere, whether in position of authority or not, would impede that right. Everyone should be allowed to vote freely, and every should be counted accurately. Its what makes this country special, and its a right that should be celebrated. 7) Monday I asked Shurmur his philosophy on short-yardage plays, and he answered this way: I think you have to be able to run it effectively and then when you throw the ball you have to be able to do that effectively. That about covers it. 8) Translation: There is no set philosophy. I still flash back to last season when the Browns beat the Colts early in the season and threw on third-and-short. Asked about it after the game, Shurmur simply said: Well throw from anywhere. And he does. Bottom line: One of the three third-and-1s on Sunday went for a first down on a throw, and on another the Browns had a touchdown to Chris Ogbonnaya, but they missed it. Coaches spend a week preparing a play like that; it was there and they missed. 9) T.J. Wards roughing the passer penalty was not a great call, but Ward earned the call with his approach, and maybe his reputation. There is some thinking in the Browns locker room that the Ravens are not the leagues cleanest team, and there was some stuff going on after the whistle all day long. Ward tried to strip the ball from Joe Flacco, but the way he did it might have raised the officials antenna. Had he simply tackled Flacco, or pushed him, there would have been no flag. I cant say for sure that Wards action was intentional retaliation, because I dont know. But the impression it was might have contributed to the call. He has played far better than I expected this season, but that play and that call hurt the team. 10) Shurmur said this Monday: Sometimes building is painful. It just is. Trust me. Well I do trust him, and we all know that building can be painful. But the problem is contained in this list: Chris Palmer, Butch Davis, Romeo Crennel, Phil Savage, Eric Mangnini, George Kokin OK maybe not him but add Mike Holmgren and Dwight Clark. The common thread: Every one of those guys at one time or another made a statement similar to Shurmurs. Building can be painful, but teams that go from worst to first dont find it painful. The Bengals didnt find it painful last season when they made the playoffs. Neither did Carolina or Jacksonville when they reached the Championship Game in their second season. Fans, rightfully so, are sick of hearing about how tough it can be when other teams get it done. Losing is whats painful, not building. For a rather lengthy rest of the story, including a look at Joe Haden and that ill-fated fourth down, head on over to the Blog.

Pat Shurmur: On squandered opportunities and disappearing goodwill

Pat Shurmur was given an inch and took a mile. Toting two wins in his last three games, and a roster full of players who opted to work rather than rest while heading into a divisional game, backed by a tailwind rooted in improved fan morale and a fiery man who received his first game ball as majority owner, those who were mentally packing up Pat’s belongings just three weeks earlier...

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Pat Shumur says I’ve just got to keep driving the team and fighting to get victories and that’s my little world.” I wonder if the guy is feeling the heat yet? Shurmur no longer has his buddy Mike Holmgren to answer to, he has to answer to Joe Banner and Jimmy Haslam, The Browns who are 2-7 haven’t done a lot of winning this season, they should be able to pick up another win...

Shurmur talks about improving communications

Browns head coach Pat Shurmur, from yesterday’s session with the media- I can’t tell you exactly. I know exactly why. There were a couple situations getting the right people in the game, getting the play to the quarterback in a timely fashion and then him calling it properly. That’s the string of events. There were a couple times yesterday that didn’t get done. I’m absolutely...

Under Head Coach Pat Shumur The Most Important Player For The Cleveland Browns Is The Long Snapper

Pat Shurmur has taken the importance of having a good long snapper to a whole new level since taking over the Cleveland Browns head coaching position in 2011. Pat Shumur saw his long snapper messed up a couple of snaps last season and wasted very little time in getting rid of him. Yet, he sees his rookie quarterback make mistake aftet mistake and Shurmur refuses to take any action...

Nevermore: Shurmurball hits new nadir in home loss to Ravens

“The Browns’ locker room was transformed into Believeland this week, with confidence and optimism permeating the air as if it had been spritzed out of the automatic air-fresheners.” — Mary Kay Cabot “The vibe is really good. We really believe we can beat the Ravens, not just come close. They’re a good team, but we feel like they’re ripe to be beat.” — Josh Cribbs...

Browns coach "not discouraged" despite tough loss

With time to reflect, Browns coach Pat Shurmur says he would change some play calls and reconsider other decisions he made in the fourth quarter of Sunday's loss to Baltimore. The Browns were beaten 25-15 by the Ravens, who put the game away in the final four minutes after stopping Cleveland on a fourth-and-2 play. Instead of punting from his own 28, Shurmur, who still had two...

Pat Shurmur Needs to Go Now!

If Jimmy Haslam III wants to fix the flailing Browns, he can do so in one easy step! That step would be to fire Pat Shurmur before the next game and turn the team over to either Brad Childress or Dick Jauron for the remainder of the 2012 season. Shurmur has time and time again

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Who caught your eye? Did someone stand out? Who blew it? That’s what were interested in this morning. Winners and losers. The Browns kicked five field goals after falling behind 14-0. Unfortunately, they couldn’t hold that lead. This morning we start picking it apart. LOSER: Communication. Unreal. Get your stuff together. The Browns continue to waste timeouts and opportunities...

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Head coach Pat Shurmur demands better execution in short yardage.

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After a year and a half and more thousands of words written, most of BrownsTown is coming around on DK's view that Browns coach Pat Shurmur is over matched and unqualified as a head coach and offensive coordinator.

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