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Huh. That’s different. I guess we’ll just have to take Jockey’s word for it that they are nice underwear. Not that I needed or wanted to see Tim Tebow in his underwear. It’s just that it strikes me as an ineffective campaign to pay Tim Tebow a boatload of money to promote your product and [...]

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  • Sometimes the saying "less is more" is so true. Just showing the edge is enough, and he's sexy without being "out there in your face".
  • These critics have no idea about Tebow. It is because they have not a clue what it takes to be 100% true to your conviction. They have not (1) clue. The reviews from the "experts" tells me this so easily. Tebow is more of a man than any of these experts could ever hope to be, in body, soul, and mind. I wish we had a governoment chock full of Tim Tebow's, and a few experts who understand what the deeper meaning that Tebow is relecting to the millions of people he is affecting. God Bless this "True Man" and God @#$%#@ these so called /worthless experts. I would like to have a minute or two behind the barn them, which to teach them some things in many lesson formats.

    K. McC MBA
  • This is not a dating site!!!! No wonder why your still single.
  • ROFLMAO!!!!!

  • ROFLMAO!!!!
  • why not just buy one,maybe its just BS !!
  • Bet your not a doctor. Bet your a loser who can't get none!
  • 100% of your convictions ha ha i wish i made what he made in the past season why does he not give it to charity 100% if he is christan.
  • Just because someone is a Christian doesn't mean they should live in poverty. 10% is what Christians are encouraged to give..a lot less than the federal government. Also if you would like to make what he made then do what he does.
  • Jesus said "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's". Are you questioning the big Guy or just making a political statement? So, too, it would appear you're OK with state and local taxes. What say you, Judy?
  • Tebow makes $1.6 million; Carson Palmer makes $11.6 million. Tebow flys children who are sick and their families to see Denver games; puts them up in hotel; gets them a rental car and spends time with the children and their parents after the game. He also takes time to fly to a childs location; visits with them for a day and publicly praises and notes their names and trials in his after game interviews.
    And for this he is chastised, his religious convictions demonized and every aspect of this good man's life is dismissed as irrelevent with thousands of words written in the press.
    Yet, a Canadian Muslim and his son can drown their two daughters(sisters)and mother(ex-wife) in an "honor" killing and in the USA, the politically correct media mentions it on page 59 and describes it as a "religious culture clash"...didn't even mention the murderers where Muslims. If it had been a Christian...I wonder what kind of field day the US media would have had and still be having trying to prove that Christianity is the "root" of all evil.
  • How much do you think he gave to charities?

    I bet its much more than most people will ever make. Should he refuse the pay and live in poverty to prove the man that he is? Many people would be hurt if he did so.

    In the grand scheme of things, I imagine money is not much of a motivator to Tim.

    God requires us to use our talents and the grow interest upon our gifts and too be generous. Tim Tebow knows this and he practices this. Most of us out here cannot even come close to being the "true man" this young guy is. This is why we admire the man.

    K McC
  • Tebow sits at the left hand of God now? If he's not interested in money why is he making all these commercials and public appearances? Wait til contract time comes and we'll see how "Christian" and altrustic he is when it comes to money then. God, save us from those so easily conned by the self-righteous who can't see that there is often "the man behind the curtain" and the wizzard is just a man.
  • Give 100% to charity? And live on what? Food stamps? You have no idea what Tim does with his earnings. Since he is the son of missionaries, and grew up on the mission field, an EDUCATED guess would be that he gives away a great deal.
  • That is all this country needs is a religous dictorship. What ever happened to the separation of church and state in the Constitution???
  • Why is it that when someone talks about faith or God we always hear about the seperation of church and state? If we are going to seperate ones beliefs from the goverment then lets really do it. Then if I don't believe in abortion I shouldn't have to hear about it or my taxes pay for it, my children should not have to learn about homosexuality in a class. When I talk I'm cramming my religon down someones throat, but when they do it they are standing up for their rights.
  • It is because we are Christian. Christianity remains the only religion that gets chastised.
  • Because separartion of church and state ISN'T in the Constitution...it only appears in a LETTER written by Thomas Jefferson.
    And how does an ad for underwear lead to your illogical statement about "....a religious dictatorship?" Maybe your time would be better spent studying the Constitution or the religious foundation of the founding of this great Republic before you "put mouth" into gear.
  • Actually, it IS in the Constitution. It is the FIRST sentence of the FIRST Amendment. States that the Government shall not make a religion a law of the land. While the words "Separation of church and state" aren't there, the implication is. It is the First Amendment that allows freedom of religion. And people confuse it's meaning all the time.
  • It is not implied -- talking about religion, prayer, etc. does not make it the "law of the land."
  • I agree...but the implication of separation of church and state IS implied because it states, in no uncommon terms, that the state will NOT dictate/rule religion and that religion will NOT dictate/rule the state. We're not talking about "talking of prayer, religion, etc...". That's what I meant by people confusing the meaning of what the First Amendment really means.
  • And Tebow is our dictator? Get a grip!
  • I grow weary of people showing their ignorance. There is no mention of separation of church and state in the Constitution.
  • For the LOrd, The God of Israel,saith that he hateth putting away: FOR ONE COVERETH VIOLENCE WITH HIS GARMENT, saith the LORD OF HOSTS: therefore take heed to your spirit, that ye deal not treaherously. MALACHI 2:16

    Ye have wearied the LORD with your words. Yet ye say, Wherein have we wearied him? When ye say, Every one that doeth evil os good in the sight of the LORD, and he delighteth in them; or, Where is the God Of judgment ?
    Malachi 2:17
  • Thanks, K. McC MBA. I assume MBA indicates you have that degree. Did they not teach you in MBA school how to use spell check? Thanks for introducing a new word to us. I will use the word "relecting" every chance I get. I am a big Tebow fan, but more because he is unique, honest, and a great role model. I believe the Jockey folks dropped the ball. A little side shot of his butt would have been sufficient. Incidentally, I think Jockey underwear sucks. Sorry you got stuck with them, Tim.
  • Tebow is far less than 100% true to his conviction. Read Matt: 6 and you find he's among "the hypocrites who pray and remonstrate in the Temple and street corners that they be seen". Go to your room and pray in secret it says. And, dude, turn the other cheek if you're so miffed.
  • OMG, what a hypocrite you are. First, you try and be all "righteous" with your "God" this&that, then you want to "teach lessons behind the barn," obviously, violence suggestive. We are all created in the image of God, and if you think he's a male, then he has a *****. (Bet your head is about to explode about now!) Yes, *****, it's in the dictionary. Look it up. It's what Tebow is trying to cover up. What a prude. Maybe it's to tiny and that would be embarrassing for him. (Is your head still in tact??) Did you see Shaquelle O'Neal on Jimmy Fallon in pink bikini bottoms? Check it out on You Tube. Now there's a man with guts! Tebo is a wuss and a prude for..."oh, no, I can't take my pants off!" what a sissy!! Hey, let's go behind the barn and I'll teach you many "lesson formats" of my own!! LOL!!
  • They are selling their underwear by saying his lifestyle speaks volumes. And, it truly does. He's a man of God and I don't need to see his butt to believe in him, or, HIM either. I'd look for the name of the underwear if I was looking to buy some for a guy. The ad works as it is.
  • I don't know why they make him look like he's throwing a pass, we all know that's not his strong point. I have been a Bronco fan all my life and think Tebow is a great guy, but his passing game is a little lacking. Hope Elway can give him a few pointers in the off season.
  • So what's your point? Just because passing isn't his strong point doesn't mean he can't have a photo taken in a passing pose.
  • 2Cr 12:9 Each time he said, "My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness." So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me.
  • The cut-off image is low-class. I think the picture is fine, but, maybe they could have shot closer so one could see the label of the product, in this case, his underwear? Now a guy does not have to feel strange look at the picture. It is terrible reading an article in public with a picture on the opposite page of a guy lounging is his skivs and someone walks by and glances over your shoulder. LOL. Nothing wrong with that though!
  • This is the sexiest pur thing I have ever seen! Great job!
  • What is the big deal about the ad? There was another ad that didn't show the product and everyone talked about it. I guess that makes it a successful ad campaign. I was out of the country at the time, but I believe it was for either Lexus or Infinity cars.
  • You're right. There are MANY ads that don't show the product, and --in most cases -- what those ads DO show is skin.

    I find it humorous that the article says "ad experts agree...."

    The only "ad experts" that matter are the consumers, and I hope they ALL go out and buy a bunch of new skivvies!

  • The experts in this article need to return to Marketing 101. It has never been about the product per se, rather the "perceived" product. The consumer in this case are men, not women, so you can not even play the sex card here.
    Tim Tebow's name and face will carry the day for Jockey.
  • I am so proud of Tim Tebow not bowing to the advertisment that sells sex more than the product. A man of integrity is rare, I hope sales skyrocket to prove the advertising experts wrong.
  • I can promise you, they may use sex to sell a product, but that is only to sell the product. And I doubt straight guys will be thinking of Tebow in any sexual way. Gay guys might, and Jesus wouldn't like that (Or would he? wink wink nudge nudge) or maybe you mean guys might think they would get more sex in those underwear (They think about that anyway) Girls.. might buy underwear for guys they know, and if it works every girls mind the way it worked yours... They sell more underwear. Which was the point.
  • I'm a girl and I know lots of other girls and I don't know any girls that buy underware for guys they know. I don't think girls buy underware for guys they know unless theyre dating or married and if thats the case then why the hell do they need to see the underware in the first place theyre already getting the sex. therefore that aspect does nothing for the campaign unless the your gay.
  • well i gues he never got pay for this shoot and did it for free . he is topless and that the contrevorsy is his religion vs that he is wearing
  • I know what guys' underwear looks like. Don't need to see it!
    I like the ad.
  • I like the ad also and I also don't need to see the underwear is the perception of what's there and that's all that's needed...YEAH TEBOW!
  • I wonder what brand of Jock Strap he uses, or maybe none that he is blessed????
  • Ditto! You said it.
  • To feature product they could have simply had him holding up the product in front of his pants or photo shopped a pair beside him. Proper branding requires the product be part of the focus otherwise all they have really done is give Tebow more branding. Many people will only remember he was pitching something not what brand he was pitching.
  • I think if people who are fans of Tebow think that he wears Jockey underware than they are going to wear it to cause it's Tim Tebow and they all wanna be just like down to even his underware, that how crazy the pubkic can be sometimes.
  • Abercrombie and Fitch sell clothes, but their models are shown unclothed, especially print ads.
  • I am a woman but I will buy jockey shorts for the males in my life cause Tebow kept his pants on. He is a better man for it. Of course we ALL new that already
  • You are right on!
  • I am a single female, but I want to buy a bunch and donate them to Goodwill and second-hand clothing stores. Also will see if I can buy Jockey socks or tees.
  • Tebow captured the most rating playing football's regular season, this is a sign of a bankable image. People who adore Tebow, mind you millions are out there will be convince to open their pockets with all their hearts to spend on products regardless what angle it is presented in an ad.
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tim Tebow EVEN MORE now!!!!!!!!! He did not sell out!!! He is so awesome, and I have always loved Jockey....love them even more now, too!!! love love love Tebow!!! sexier than ever :))))
  • I like it!!! Good for you, Jockey!
  • I see all I need. I would buy my husband these jockey shorts based on the ad. I APPLAUSE JOCKEY & TIM TEBOW.
  • What do these so-called marketing "experts" know? Aren't these the same people who put out Infinity ads without showing the car?
  • We are women, we are proud and we usually buy the underwear for the men in our lives anyway (at least if were married-lol) so A BIG HECK YAH to Tebow for not posing in his jockey shorts, we all know what they look like anyway!
  • I'm quite sure he would've been seen as a sell-out if he'd stripped to his skivvies. Public "fear" of a guy in his underwear has nothing to do with it. No one had "fear" of Antonio Sabato Jr, or Mark Wahlberg, or David Beckham - except for the guys who were intimidated by them, perhaps.
    As for some things being better left to the imagination, that's true in some cases, but it doesn't apply to something I'm going to consider buying. I want to see it first.
    If we need to see women in their underwear to sell men's cologne, cars, hamburgers, and domain names, we could at least have a guy in his underwear to sell men's underwear.
  • This is one of the best ads I've seen in along time. I would buy your underwear for my husband after this ad. GOOD FOR YOU.
  • So most of the comments on here like the ad and think it's admirable that he didn't feel the need to strip to sell it. Many of the comments are by women. What does that say about media and advertising? We are oversaturated by sexy advertising and you don't have to do that to create a good ad. I personally admire that he sticks to his morals and doesn't judge. Great ad!
  • I love the ad. If anything, maybe a few more 4 legged Broncos in the background. I have 2 sons, 2 son-n-laws,and 3 grandsons. I have already started my shopping for next years Christmas stockings and yes!Thanks in part to the integrity of this ad they will include Jockey brand apparel. Good job.
  • I have to agree with the writers who regard this as a totally weird print ad! What is a topless QB doing out in a field somewhere pitching a football to maverick horses~?? What's the high five? What has a guy in his blue jeans got to do with Jockey underwear? I think if Tebow is too modest to do a pose in underwear, which I also think he should be, then don't do the ad at all. This is just stupid. It is interesting to note, however, that most of the comments from women are positive. They seem to prefer the somewhat more chaste pose than you would get with Calvin Klein. One last note: lest anybody think that my reaction to this ad is based on any dislike of Tim Tebow, I am a Broncs fan, a Tebow lover and also an evangelical Christian. But that doesn't mean I am going to support whatever the young man does. I think this ad just shows very poor judgment - on Jockey's part AND on Tebow's part.
  • Ummmmmm would a QB in his underware pitching a football to horses in the mddle of feild been any better/ just a question?
  • THEY have poor judgment? Obviously you are more affected by Hollywood than Heaven. Sad for you, embaressing for Christians. I don't need to see a man in briefs to know the product is high quality. The company's integrity has shown me that I can trust their quality.
  • My goodness if that ain't sexy I don't know what is! I agree with doleeng! Tim Tebow was at Florida & I am die hard Kentucky Blue but something about this young man just made me like him. So when we weren't playin Florida I was rooting for Tebow and still am! So yeah for Tim Tebow, keep on keepin on!
  • The so-called ad experts do not know what they are talking about or they are in a rut in their minds. This ad is great - they capitalized on Tebow's stong example of his values values that he displayed this season by going back to an image of strength of integrity and sincerity of character. Remember the "cowboy code" the ads used. Strong, honor, chivalry, and natural. There is a perception that any claim jockey will make about their underwear will be sincere and truthful. Yeah - men may run around the house in their underwear but how many of them do you see posing like the ads in their regular activities. Good Ad, Jockey. Good for you Tebow!
  • Just because Tim Tebow is "hot", you have to go buy whatever he is endorsing? He isn't doing anything in this ad that would illustrate that Jockey is comfortable, and isn't that what love is? I've always thought that caring about someone's needs/desires is why you become involved. Would you be apt to wear some kind of uncomfortable panties just because your husband buys them after seeing some sexy model wear them in an ad? If you're honestly okay with that, I pity you.
  • It has nothing to do with being "hot." It has everything to do with quality and integrity.
  • What the heck is wrong here. I will tell you now, some of you are freakin crazy. Jockey is suppose to be selling underware, and what does sex have to do looking at underware unless you are some sort of perv, and I will tell you just because someone my be gay does not mean they are a perv. I care about what my underware looks like, and how they fit. 99% of time I can tell by the way they look if they are for me or not and trust me women are the same no matter what they say. If my wife went and purchased me underware just because Tebow wears them I will tell her to go fly a kite in a lightning storm. You are all worried about sexism and how proud you are of Tebow, take a closer look. Shouldnt he have at least a 1/2 shirt on.
  • Maybe a good point, but ads for women's underwear is very sexual in nature. Yet, we women are the ones that generally buy the garments. Wives generally buy the underwear for their husbands because, stereotypically, the man doesn't like to do any of his own shopping. 99% of ALL ads are geared to the main shopper in the house: Women. And, if your wife buys your underwear, and it's Jockey because Tebow wore them, and you tell her to fly a kite in a lightening storm, shouldn't she hold that same right to tell you to do the same because you bought her Victoria Secret because Gisele wore it? Double standard much?
  • First, it's spelled "underWEAR. That's because you WEAR them UNDER your clothing.

    So you would tell your wife to fly a kite in a thinderstorm just because she chose your underwear without seeing them on another man, first?

    That reminds me of an old joke, about a woman telling Winston Churchill, "If you were my husband, I would put poison in your tea." To which Churchill replied "Madam, if you were my wife, I would drink it!"
  • Tebow didn't have to make it to the Super Bowl to capture the hearts of the 86% of AMERICANS. This add shows he will be great no matter what he does.Unlike that idiot maher. Notice I wouldn't even spell his name with a capitol. His real name is Bill the Dirtbag.
  • I think it is wonderful that finally an add with some class! with integrity, with GUTS! Your butt doesnt need to be seen in underware to sale the product. What sales it, is comfort, and when a man is playing football or any other sport or sitting in an office chair, etc. he want fabric that breaths and is comfortable the whole day thru. THAT is what this add states! CONGRATS I APPLAUD A RESPECTABLE COMPANY ADVERTISING A GREAT PRODUCT WITH INTEGRITY!SOMETHING THIS WORLD (UNITED STATES) NEEDS ALOT MORE OF!!!
  • If Michael Jordan can do underwear commercials without showing the underwear, why can Tebow do it? Are we seeing a double standard here?
  • I am in total agreement. But, when all is said and done, BlondeJustice, I think it's because Jordan got his ads AFTER he retired and he was already proven in the game. Tebow is still earning his stripes. That can be the only reason I can possibly think of on why people are up in arms over Tebow keeping his pants on versus Jordan keeping his on. But, I totally agree with you on this.
  • Hey people! Underwear is not spelled "underware" and some of you are spelling the word "sell" as "sale" or using them in the wrong context.

    Let's get the proper grammar showing as much as Tebow's chest...wow!
  • Michael Jordan doesn't walk around in his underwear on Hanes commercial! Why aren't they all over him?
  • Like I replied to BlondeJustice, it's most likely because when Jordan got the Hanes gig, he was already retired and had already proven himself. Tebow has yet to prove himself. He's still learning and earning his stripes.
  • Because Tebow gives the glory to God, instead of accepting weorship for himself, and they hate to be reminded of God.
  • Jockey brand is all about comfort and being yourself. So in that respect, the ad is a success because it reflects the brand's core image. We see the waist band so we know Tim Tebow wears Jockey. What we don't know is which Jockeys? Boxers, briefs or boxer-briefs?
  • the ad did it's job. people remember the product and the ad, whether they like it or not. tebow lovers/haters are all commenting on it, giving jockey more press. and that is what marketing is all about.
  • Who was the baseball player who advertised briefs? Palmer? That was sexy! Women buy more men's briefs than men. Yes, Tebow is modest and I love him and I respect him. But, give us ladies a little thrill.....can we see someone like Tom Brady in his 'tidy whitties'? I don't think Tebow's ad will sell underwear. I can tell you who would sell a lot of underwear...Peyton Manning. (Probably too conservative, like Tebow). How about Chipper Jones? There are many wonderful men out there who could sell more underwear by showing their fantastic bodies! Please the ladies when you want to sell men's underwear. Take a hint from all the ladies' 'sleepwear & underwear ads'. They are sexy! Show sexy men in their 'whitties' to sell men's underwear. A waistband just above the jeans does not sell underwear to me!

    Tell Tebow I love him!
    Lane Schmitt
  • I respect the personal convictions of Mr. Tebow and anyone else, however, it astounds me that so many want to publicly comment on behalf of Mr. Tebow's high moral character. I don't think he needs that from anyone; after all, humble piety is rarely as well-publicised as his.
    I also don't agree that modeling underwear makes you a lesser person as much as not modeling underwear makes you a better one. I'm sure Mr. Tebow had no moral dilemma when cashing the check, or while signing the underwear endorsement contract. If someone were to endorse, say, a Coke-a-Cola; it would be highly ineffective to have your spokesperson drinking from a paper bag with only the bottle cap showing. That could even be considered a deception. Still, I don't fault Mr. Tebow for wanting to make his dollar, or for managing to be an underwear model without modeling underwear...In fact, I commend him. Sometimes I wonder about those who buy underwear because they saw the branded waist-band on a celebrity. Then again, if it makes you feel like a football star, it can't be all bad. :-)
  • The very fact that all of you are looking at the ad and commenting in a positive or negative way proves that the ad campaign is successful. Effective marketing has nothing to do with showing a product, if it did Go Daddy.Com wouldn't be sporting Danica Patrick in a tight, short dress- but it does make people remember Go Daddy.Com. The Broncos are a symbolic representation of him being a Bronco and passing to Bronco's, i.e. on the team Denver Broncos. A man who has won the Heisman and two National Championships can't have too bad a passing game. Lastly, no guy would be standing in a field passing a football in his undies- but he would be shirtless and in jeans. Advertising caters to the consumer- that is why you guys get sexy women to sell just about everything to you. Women are a bit more discerning in their advertising and are the primary consumer for Jockey, as they make up the majority of the buying market. And, you can take this from a marketing specialist who has created and been very successful in many advertising campaigns.
  • I think it's pathetic that the use of "religion" is exploited on the football field. It seems shallow to pray for oneself who intentionally is playing a game for profit. With all the destruction in the world, starving children, homeless families, I would hope those problems would be more worthy of prayer than football. Tebow is just a kid who loves the attention on him, and this ad says just that. Look at me...I'll do anything to stay noticed.
  • God is not limited in His interest or abilities. He sees every sparrow that falls, and He knows every detail of every person's life.
  • Wow, are you ever confused. Tebow doesn't pray to score or win. He gives THANKS to God for his abilities. As for children and families, Tebow doesn't just pray for them, he gives of himself and of his earnings.
    Also, Tebow doesn't need to "do anything to stay noticed."
    When he scores, he has already BEEN noticed. So he chooses that opportunity to say "I don't want the glory for this. I am praising the God Who enables me."
  • Okay, "SpeakingTruth" you have many comments on here. I am a Christian, so I have and do pray for everyone, including my enemies. But, I also know how to put on the full armor of God and do battle against the lies of the enemy. So, "get thee behind me." Truth has already prevailed and other Christians will defend their own. Any attention given to Tim Tebow, he offers thanks and praise to the Lord. With all the destruction in the world- starving children, homeless families- it is nice to see a brother-in-Christ continue to use his resources to help those groups and many more- like all Christians are called to do.
  • Wonder how much this ad increased the price of the product to pay a guy who hangs out in a field, with horses...lol
  • Yeah... He was just hanging out in that field with those horses, when the Jockey ad people happened by....
  • Why should the company change the ad? Why should Tim Tebow drop his pants? The ad has just accomplished its goal. Are you not all discussing the ad? Is it not keeping Jockey and underwear as a topic of conversation? Tim Tebow's convictions only enter into the ad or football because there are so many people in the world that don't want to be convicted of anything. Enjoy his talent. Give him the freedom to worship as he pleases. Yes, I know you also have freedom of speech, but trust me, there some things out there that we need to talk about. Underwear is not one of them.
  • Ad executives saying he needed to drop his pants to see the product. I guess then the Hanes commercials with Michael Jordan were just as innefective? I think not. Good for Tebow ... stay with your convictions.
  • Yep... he is all about fame, "look at me"...and he stooped to his knee for what worthy request??? Shallow minds think that he is awesome...so sad. He's in the sports entertainment business, he will do what sells...and reap it's benefits.
  • Try to pay attention. Tebow doesn't bow to ASK for anything. He is giving THANKS.
    When he scores, he bows to his knee to say "Don't give me the glory for this. I will give the glory to God, who gives me the ability."
  • Like you wouldn't go outside shirtless! Hypocrite!
  • This ad isn't about religion or money. It's about imagination. For centuries it hasn't been about what you see, but, what you don't see. In this case, it's what you don't see that's nice to think about. One of the best ads Jockey has ever done.
  • Tebow sold himself as a devoted Christian...this ad is suggestive, that's selling "sex". He should have kept a shirt on if he wanted to "walk on water".
  • Suggestive? So you should be arrested for mowing your lawn without wearing a shirt? Too bad you've nothing to wear over your anti-Christian bigotry. 'cuz it's not pretty.
  • Tim Tebow has a bigger job that being a quarterback. He is to take up his cross and be a messanger- a beacon of light for the news of Jesus Christ and all he stands for. It does not matter if you are angrey, disappointed, elated, proud or at peace with what he has done. In all he has done, Tim has gotten you talking about Jesus. Jesus who will one day speak to you about your conversations, thoughts, job and crosses you either carried or left on the side of the road. Jockey-I am picking up my wallet, heading to a store and buying my husband, my son and my 5 nephews your product. I don't care what your intentions were in choosing Mr. Tebow, but willing or not, you are reading the Kingdom. Don't hate Tim because he is beautiful, because he loves you like a brother. Even you haters, God Bless you all.
  • If you are a deep thinker, you would figure out the bible and jesus is the devil in disguise...the trickery you are afraid of has happened...not going to happen.
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Russell Wilson 'would definitely consider' playing for Mariners

Solo, Rapinoe among USWNT stars up for World Cup awards

LBS on Sports Jeopardy! Here's how how it went

College football's 35 most patriotic helmets

A brief history of non-star All-Stars

With Love retained, the Cavs can take care of LeBron

Grading the deal: Davis commits to Pelicans

Obama Administration: Change name if Redskins move to D.C.

Deciding what the All-Star Game means

Odell Beckham Jr. offered professional baseball contract

Orioles keep finding a way to win

Lloyd sends USWNT to World Cup final

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