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A silly stunt by a senior at a high school in Florida resulted in swift punishment and the withholding of his diploma after he Tebowed during the school’s commencement ceremony.

During the graduation ceremony at Bishop Verot, a Catholic high school located in Fort Myers, Fla., senior Chuck Shriner struck the pose, made famous by New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow last season when he was with the Broncos, as he crossed the stage and approached the school’s principal. Despite the laughter and applause from those in attendance, Shriner’s diploma was withheld from him and he received the punishment of having to clean the school’s gymnasium, the location of the graduation ceremony.

Shriner had no idea his little joke — which he admitted he did on a dare and for $5 (although insisting he would have done it regardless of the paltry financial compensation) — would cause such a stir. And such a punishment, saying, “”I just thought it was fun” and adding, “I was just doing it to make graduation memorable.”

Later that day, Shriner posted the following message on his Facebook page a message that showed he had no regrets for his impromptu pose: “Moment in my life I’ll never forget, getting my diploma taken away for doing the Tebow on stage in front of (Principal John) Cavell. So worth it.”

According to Shriner, officials at the school told him that the harsh punishment and withholding of Shriner’s diploma was the school’s attempt to dissuade future graduating classes from pulling the same or different stunts:

“They said what I did would give underclassmen inspiration to do something else, that it might lead to something else,” Shriner said about the administration’s reaction. “So they were trying to set an example.”

School officials informed Shriner that they will consider giving his diploma to his mother. Fair enough, right? But here’s where the story takes a bizarre turn: the idea of the punishment came from Shriner’s mother, who happens to be a math teacher at the high school. Harsh.

Shriner’s mother eventually picked up her son’s diploma on his behalf, but Shriner told the Naples News after cleaning the gym on Monday that his mom was still “really mad,” but even with his mother coming down hard on him for his Tebowing, maintained that “it was worth it.” Good for you, kid. And at least his mother can take solace in the fact that he didn’t take a cardboard cutout as his date to prom, right? Imagine the controversy that would have erupted from that stunt. Yikes.


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  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Catholics are NOT the same sort of cultists that people who call themselves "Christians" (as a way of concealing the fact that they're Evangelical Fundamentalist Protestant) are. They are actually THE original Christians - the only Christian sect that was actually started by an apostle of Jesus Christ. No other "Christian" denomination can say that. The Evangelicals are actually break-aways FROM break-aways, and thus have absolutely NO right to the label. The Catholics have done and said a LOT of stupid things over the last 2000 years (being human, rather than divine), but unlike the Evangelicals, they remain a religion of love and inclusion, rather than one of hate and exclusion.

    If this jerky kid really wanted to "make graduation memorable," he could have just taken a dump on the stage. At least that wouldn't've been a deliberate insult to REAL Christianity.
  • Jockmama - nice troll there. I smelt the bait as soon as this article refreshed the Liquid Crystal Display....

    Your comments have the likeness of mad ramblings that one may hear from a homeless person or in an asylum?

    I am going to pray for you, whomever you are and because I care enough to pray for you, to have GOD work in your life/heart and bring you closer to him. I know you may not want this from me but you see despite what everyone says Prayer can be done privately and it will be a long long long time before those rights disappear along with the other rights we have lost and will give up.

    GOD Bless you!
    Peace and Goodwill toward all!
  • Actually my dear friend, you are wrong about the Catholics being the first Christians. What about the Greek Orthodox Faith. Look it up.
  • Let's take a collective look on religion. We all know god exists. But thats where it ends. All this christianity crap. If you look at the bible it's been changed way to many times that its original meaning is distorited and watered down. I feel Jesus was a good man and a great profet. I don't need to go thur him to get to god. If you look at the new testamnet writings they have many good things that a man can learn from. I do believe that people followed him. But if you look at the facts. There were some who felt the need to make him a deity. Fear is what is the overwhelming theme is. I'm still looking for the right religion,if there is one someone let me know.Meanwhile i'll keep searching for the right one. otherwise i'll be satisfied just me and God!!! Peace
  • Hi Muzakman, I used to be where you are. I actually believed in God but did not believe Jesus was the Son of God. I know that this article is about this kid pulling off a stunt at graduation but it's only speculation that an underclassman would try anything. That kid has no control over that. Punishment for something like this is ridiculous. Kids are kids and he did nothing to harm anyone. You brought up some great points. I wanted the truth and I found it in Jesus Christ. I didn't need religion because it did nothing to lead me to Christ. Jesus was about having a relationship with man and saving Him to achieve eternal life. This is open to anyone. He was 100% man, 100% God. He gave up His spirit on the cross and rose on the third day. His spirit was not taken from Him. Every prophesy in the Old Testament was fulfilled. If you look at Psalm 2, it describes the crucifixion in detail 850 years before the Persians adopted it as punishment and then later the Romans. David had no idea what he was writing. Don't look for religion. Just seek Him and you will find the truth. Thank you so much for your comment! It inspired me to witness about the Lord to you. Peace indeed to you.

    Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. - John 14:6

    God Bless You! Regards, Anthony
  • I used to reach out too until my family got burned pretty badly from a church had cult-like attributes for lack of a better word. They were caught up in wanting money all the time,and god forbid if you buy something for yourself like a shirt or shoes. you should't have bought that unless gave to god first was what They'd tell us. Then they tell us confess all your sins to your brothers.Then they use the bible to read the way they wanted it to read to suit thier arugment.They have us get into bible studies with others of different religions and were told to convince others their religion and beliefs were wrong. Your not a disicples are you??? that statement still pisses me off The church kept asking us to reaching out for sharp people ( Another words the ones with money)I Challenged the church by sayin jesus didn't care what people wore or what they had, he reached out to everyone.When i told them that, they contered with someother scripture justto put me in my place . WHO AM I TO QUESTION THEM! The final straw was when my mother-in-law past away it was a year later.They to us that we had to come to the conclusion that since she was'nt a "Disciple"that she was in hell. We broke from the church the minunte that came from their lips.They told us you not leaving the church your leaving God. and your wife might get a heart attack and your song might get into a car accident. anyway thanks for letting me vent i feel a whole lot better now Take care Anthony
  • How utterly ridiculous.
  • I hope this kid goes to college on a football schlorship and makes it into the NFL and gets paid millions of dollars and tells this school and his mother "kiss my ass!!"
  • I would like for someone to explain to me how a diploma that has been earned by meeting the states graduation standards can be withheld. Utter nonsense by the school. I have attended a H.S. graduation and I could not belive we were told not to applaud. How absurd. This is the Seniors Moment. Not the Schools.
  • The school, by making such an issue of this is what will inspire kids to do stunts in the future. If they had not made such a big deal over this it would have been forgotten rather quickly.
  • As far as I'm concerned, Black_knight, the only person who needed to get his head out of his collective ass is the senior who lamely Tebow''s actually getting embarrassing, the amount of people who do that in an attempt to be "cool." The only person who doesn't look stupid or disruptive Tebowing is Tebow. I admire the mom in this situation. There's nothing wrong with some good old fashioned following the rules. If the kids were told not to do anything disruptive during the ceremony, then why is it so hard to follow that? Kids these days are unfunny assholes if you ask me.
  • Darby Mo having a bad day are we. This may have been a dumb stunt but no one was being hurt. I think his Mom was just embarresed and over reacted. With so many horrible things happening in the world today this was mild. Wonder what he will do if his future son or daughter pulls a similar stunt years from now. Pay back you know.....
  • Get a life DarbyMo, sounds like a kids name to me. What is wrong with Tebowing? Shows he respects God and it is suppose to be a Christian school, right?
  • this kid didn't Tebow to show respect for God. He did it to be a clown. I agree this is much over nothing but don't think that this kid did it for any other reason but to get attention.
  • "...these kids are ...unfunnny...'

    so are there parents
  • Seriously? Kids will be kids, it was a nice thing to make the ceremony memorable without being overly disruptive. And why are you so sanctimonious and unable to appeciate a little levity? It happens at high school graduations everywhere in one form or another, that is what makes our experiences so unique!
  • Catholicism has never been and never will be Christianity. That is one of the most common myths about Christianity. I do agree with you the punishment was excessive and unnecessary.
  • What the h--- does that have to do with the article. Get off your soapbox and stick to the issue in the article.

    I can't believe this was the mom's idea, not allowing him to receive his diploma. She needs to get a grip. Where's her sense of humor? Geez. Did she forget what it feels like to be a senior at commencemet?
  • Amen to that commcowboy; I agree, they Roman Catholics have killed more christians, real christians and Jews then any other religious group, the pope is just a man and nothing more
  • Really, Catholics were never Christians. True, some Catholics aren't very good Christians, but which religion was the first Christian religion? Who do you think are Christians...Mormons with the magic underwear? The con artists on cable? Hey, I'm an atheist myself and I think punishing a kid for kneeling and praising Jesus at a Catholic school is ridiculous. It would be like not graduating a Naval Officer from Annapolis for saluting the flag.
  • This kid was NOT praising Jesus. He was just being silly.
  • So what is Catholicism then? Enlighten us.
  • in the scriptures it says be ware of false preists and don't show yourselves like the pharises and sadrises who feel the need to wear their fancy robes while praying,saying look at me. i wonder who that sounds like
  • What the hell is wrong with FOLLOWING THE RULES? Or is that only for "those others" who are not "us"?
  • He was not thanking God. He was being a clown.
  • REALLY?!! A Catholic High School punishing someone for striking the praying stance. His mother needs a kick in the arse.
  • He didn't strike a praying stance. He admitted he only did it on a dare with a $5 bet. I'd call it disrespectful.
  • Typical over-reaction by modern day school officials. Tell them to mail it to you.
  • I like the kid' attitude - It was worth it.
    What they don't like Tebow ?
    Mom will get over it and laugh about it. Congratulations you graduated - my Grandson also is Class of 2012 !!!
  • Religion. Says it all right there.
  • No, Reaction to religion...
  • One idiot acting like another idiot.The kid needs someone to mimic other than tebow
  • Give the kid a scholarship somewhere. Fire the principal. Fire the mother. Boycott the school. And split the five dollars with me for all this advice.
  • Why? Because the school doesn't want kids to act like clowns?
  • There is no end to the ridiculousness.
  • Maybe it would have been better if the kid just flipped off the facalty or pulled a Robin Williams and cut the ass end out of his robe and wore nothing underneath.
    I think Tim Tebow is and inspriation to young sports players. He strikes his pose for a (personal) purpose. He doesn't act like a Dennis Rodman coloring his hair or kicking photographers in the groin just to get the publicity. There are many more proffesional sports players who want two things, publicity and the greed of money.
    If I had a son and he struck that pose I would be proud of him for following someone who has real beliefs.
  • Oh please. Enough already. Everyone is making this kid out to be a religious kid who was kneeling down thanking God that he graduated. That's a bunch of crap. He did it to get attention period. Don't kid yourself. Maybe the Catholic School didn't like the idea that he was using someone's way of expressing his thanks to God as a way to get some laughs. Think for a minute.
  • I see nothing wrong with the "Tebow" pose - UNLESS - the students were all warned prior to the ceremony about any "grandstanding". If they were, accept and move on to bigger and better things. He still graduated.
  • cute stunt. far less radical than many grad pranks. i can say with certanty ,had it been me and that moron principle withheld my diploma, after 4 years of hell to graduate, he would have recieved the worst ass beating he ever had. right there on stage. and mumsy who sounds like a complete asshole, would have been next. we can not allow the system to criminalize human behavior the punishmnet for doing so must be swift violent and directed at bureaucracy, such as this.
  • You sound like a complete moron.
  • As I was taught, don't do the crime, if you can't handle the time. I do not believe he Tebow'd to thank God, I think he did it to grab attention. He was not given his diploma until he did his punishment, which he did. He states even after the punishment, that it was worth it. I am sure his mom is not going to ruin his college or employment chances by not allowing him the certificate. Basically this boils down to "if you don't follow the rules, you get punished". He didn't, he got punished, he served the punishment, time to move on.
  • There are no words for how absurd the administrators are at this school. Be proud that a student chose an upstanding, respected, law abiding, RELIGIOUS individual to emulate.
  • I just have to let you all know what MY high school graduating class did. This is 1983. In South Dakota you could drink 3.2 beer at 18. Half the class at least was 18 when they graduated. So they hid cans of beer under their robes, and when the traditional throwing of the caps usually happens, our hats were accompanied by a shower of shook up beer spraying in the air. I knew what was happening, but I was still 17 so I had to just watch and enjoy. That was the last year that you got your real diploma as you crossed the stage. The next year they had to wait until they turned in their robes. Probably a good idea because the class of 84 would have mooned the audience or something that was actually illegal.
  • Hell, it was a backassward Catholic school and the kid was emulating a backassward Protestant. Mom needed to pull her head out of her ass as well as the rest of the faculty and administration and let the kid have some fun (something frowned upon in these concentration camps known as Catholic schools).
  • It's amazing to me... A school would punish a kid for tebowing, however, I'm sure there were pregnant girls in that kids' class that got their diploma and were applauded. Wooohooo thanks girls for being a slut so us taxpayers can support your asses. But damn the kid that is tebowing. What the hell is up with this country?
  • What are you talking about? You sound like another moron!
  • Welas a parent i would supported my two kids . and others as long as they were not disrespectful, or tearing any thing up . they have earned the right to celebrate and make there graduation one to remember. there is nothing wrong with giving credit to GOD for helping them through all there years of school. The school is just going over board. school officles need to put there panties on and grow up .
  • Do you really think he was giving thanks to God? Or do you think maybe he was being a clown?
  • Nothing wrong if it was done in the right frame of mind, but the article calls it a joke. Shows he was being disrespectful and this is why he was punished. I would speculate about it if the parent did not support it, but this shows even more that what he did was out of disrespect. Can't believe people are getting on the principal and mom's case when they are just trying to make a point that disrespect will not be tolerated.
    He showed no apologies or statement as he was not trying to be disrespectful and only was giving credit to God. I could see his side if this was the case. Then again, no one writing here was there to know what was truly in this young man's heart when he did it. Only he and God know that and that is all that matters. Someone thought it would make good print and evidently they were right, because we are here reading and writing about it.

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