Found December 21, 2012 on Larry Brown Sports:

Via Larry Brown Sports:

James Harrison has had an extremely quiet season with the Pittsburgh Steelers, by James Harrison’s standards. His sack numbers are down, but he has also kept his name free of talk about concussions and illegal hits. The Pro Bowl linebacker says that is because he has been aiming a lot lower.

“I’ve really lowered my target area to where it’s down around the knees,” Harrison told Mike and Mike on Friday morning, via Pro Football Talk. “Situations come along where you could tackle the guy high. I don’t do that anymore. I tackle the guy low.”

Of course, Harrison didn’t have an epiphany and wake up one morning seeing things Roger Goodell’s way. Instead, it sounds like he had an agenda in explaining his new style of tackling. He then went into a discussion about how he strained Denver Broncos receiver Eric Decker’s MCL in the playoffs last year.

“I could have tackled him high, but if I had hit him high, I probably would have gotten a helmet-to-helmet or something and gotten fined,” Harrison said. “So I hit him low and strained his MCL. … They’re saying it’s a life-threatening injury to hit a guy in the head and he gets a concussion and so on and so forth, but I think a life-threatening injury is to go low on a guy and blow out his ACL or whatever, and he’s not able to come back the way he was before. Now he can’t make a living, he can’t feed his family, he can’t do what he does. That’s life-threatening to me.”

You can certainly make the argument that targeting an opponent’s knees is just as dangerous for their career, and I understand where Harrison is coming from. However, the NFL is trying to avoid lawsuits from players who suffer from long-term brain damage. A player’s quality of life after football is less likely to be affected by a leg injury than a head injury.

All we can do now is wait and see if hits like this one and this one have been put in Harrison’s past.

  • A guy can't feed his family. Football has never lasted forever. Sometime players have to retire. Then they have to do someting to feed their family. Even if they made obscene amounts of money when they played, many of them blow it and can't feed their family. Get over yourselves! Work for a living at what you supposedly learned in college. Sounds like he has a head injury already, downright delusional.
  • Your post reeks of jealousy. haha

    Sounds like you're mad bro...
  • Harrison has been the dirtiest player for years. Never mind Ndomakong Suh - his kicks are small beer. Harrison is out to maim on every play, and the NFL has GOT to watch the films and see how often his "tackles" lead with the helmet, not the hands or shoulders. He's spearing almost every time. This was SUPPOSED to be outlawed. This man belongs in an asylum, not a football stadium getting paid millions.
  • You obviously couldn't tell a good football player if he hit you in your head. Harrison plays the game the way it was meant to be played. All you morons out there that call him a dirty player only do it because he kicks you teams a** and your team sucks.
  • I agree.
  • Dirty player idiot, truth hurts and I'll be one of 1St LMAO at him if he gets his knee taken out.
    P_Huck the Steelers and their stupid fans!
  • The last sentence of your rant is being performed by your Mama.
  • I would say the team that sucks this season is the Steelers.
    But good season or bad season Harrison is a constant. He's always an A**hole.
  • They only look like they suck because we are getting used to 12-4 seasons.

    It's too bad that we are getting used to superior play and when we see an average year, it looks horrible. Oh, the trouble with being a fan of the best franchise in sports.
  • Take a pill dude You'd love this guy if he was on your team
  • Hey look kids captain moron is on here again. Dude, you don't know football if you are throwing out things like this about Harrison.
  • Here's a good about you TACKLE rather than launch yourself at the ball carrier? Wrap your arms around the guy and drag him down. MUCH more effective way to do it anyway. You don't make Sportscenter and get worshiped by 12 year olds who have never played sports in their lives, but you also don't miss as many tackles and allow the ball carrier to break loose for 30 yard runs.
  • Harrison rarely if ever launches at players. Have you ever played the game, apparently not. There are times when the offensive player causes himself to be in a vulnerable position and you cannot wrap him up like you should and you actually try to avoid a dangerous hit. People do not understand, the one delivering the hit takes a risk himself and there are times that the hitter gets hurt more than the hittee.
  • And the Saints got tagged for bounties? This guy just ADMITTED that he is out to deliberately maim someone, possibly for life and he still gets to play? Double standard don't you think?
  • Too bad you can't see through your homer, Steeler-tinted glasses, cause otherwise you'd see how ridiculous Harrison sounds. He basically just said he doesn't know how to hit or tackle. There's this whole area of the body that is between the head and knees that he can hit as hard as he wants with no repercussions from the league offices. But nope, he decided to go to the other extreme and go for the knees. You obviously didn't understand what Harrison was saying, because HE is the one saying he thinks low hits are just as dangerous, not Goodell. Someday you'll understand. Maybe reading comprehension wasn't your strong point in school. As far as being a "game for faggots"...grow up. Whatever argument you thought you had is completely moot as soon as you pull out childish slurs. Your mother must be so proud of you.
  • Ever see a game? when you go for that mythical area that you speak of, the runner lowers their head and you get the same penalty again...
  • So what else is new with the Steelers,they have been doing this for years ask Carlson Palmer.Another thing the Steelers are good for,is holding a ballplayer up so their team mates can come
    in and put a good hit on them.I used to root for the Steelers but no more,too dirty.
  • If you are referring to the Kimo VonOlhoffen hit on Palmer, you probably didnt see the play. Try to look it up on youtube. You might notice the guy blocking Kimo into Carson as Kimo is falling down.
  • What linebacker [or any player] has ever won a Superbowl running an interception back 100 yards for a TD: In the Steel City, He's our kinda guy...
  • Your kinda guy is a THUG! He's a criminal that if a real person on the street came running up to you and head butted you that's your kinda guy that would be in jail. The Steelers' Harrison did get something right, wearing that urine and black uniform was perfect for his next stage in life.
  • Must suck to root for a losing team. I guessed that because you sound like everyone else who is jealous of the Steelers winning tradition. haha
  • Well if you go back and do scans on players coming up into pro football, you'll see most of the damage was done in college so they could get to the pros. I think we need to change it from the nfl to the flag nfl for poor little girls who play this rough game, which pays them one year more than i can make in ten years. bunch of puss's.
  • So what to say when a human being confesses that his aim is to dish out a life threatening injury on another human being? That could be an indication of how far we have deteriorated as a civilized race. One would think that sports professionals would have some kind of comaraderie within their group, but I guess those days are over. Now it is every man for himself. What you said is not something to be proud of Mr Harrison, not a position to be proud of.
  • No suprise to me the Steelers, especially Harrison have always been known as a dirty playing team and then blame it on others that they can't play a man's game. This psychology does not work. How does permanently injuring someone who may not be able to walk unassisted prove that you are a man? Only someone that worships a team like that think that is cool. Dirty players are dirty players.
  • Well, you gotta admire this guy's honesty....
    You RottenBurger Fans must be so proud to have this guy on your team...
    too bad he and Donkey Kong Suh never face each other
  • Steelers are dirty players especially Harrison then blame their dirty play on others. Well intentionally and willfully maiming another person does not make you a winner. It certainly does not make you a man. Oh I forgot that the steelers fans measure greatness and respect with super bowl rings. Oh that is right they are so good because God knows they have reminded me time and time again. But in real life, greatness and respect comes with humility. You cannot maim respect into someone. You have to earn it.
  • Suspend him and all the coaches for next year. His actions are detrimental to the game and his coaches know about and did not stop it. Oh and the owner also, he paid him to do it. I have no proof you say, well Goodall does not need proof why should I?
  • Sounds like you are in the division and are trying to finally win it... by taking the Steelers out of it. haha
  • Please lets pray this guy gets taken out on the knees by some other psycho.
  • Whatever happened to just stopping your opponent without crushing him into the turf and (lets be real) intentionally injuring him? With very few exceptions it's clear when excessive force is used to bring someone down. Carried to it's logical conclusion we will all be paying inflated priced to watch 2nd stringers. Is that really what we want?
  • Are we talking about the same sport? The men who played this game since its start have always tried to crush the other team. You might be thinking of golf.
  • This joker is a real dick head!!!!!
  • Harrison has been a dirty player for years - no I wouldn't want him on my team - however----how about another alternative---have all players sign releases that they won't sue the league for any injuries that are an alleged injury caused during their playing days----this would allow the players to play this violent game as they wish---my guess is that the players association might exercise some intiatives from within their organization to reduce injuries and punish playes like Harrison for unecessary cheap shots - as it stands now the players blame everybody but themselves for these injuries---as long as the deep pockets of the NFL are available to the players,they will constantly blame everybody but themselves - shut down the revenue stream and you may shut down some of these players.Why should the NFL have to be responsible for doling out punishment---why isn't the players association responsible for the behavior of their players and initiate the appropriate punishments for their players - the Saints players "beat" the system through unsavory legal representation and brag about it!!!! - if you want to see an permanent reduction in injuries and enhanced player safety "charge" the players association with developing the programs and punitive action for their "dirty" play---if they understand that they are destroying their own organization, destroying the lives of their peer group and there is no free $$$$ at the end of the rainbow--------they might alter their behavior -

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