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From Larry Brown Sports:

The information shared in a private conversation between Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett (pictured) and a fan became public when the fan, eager to share his story with friends, wrote about the experience on a blog, forcing the coach to deny their meeting.

Hardcore Redskins fan Rod Denny was staying at a hotel for his daughter’s Hampton Roads volleyball tournament when he saw Jim Haslett hanging out in the hotel’s breakfast room. Denny says he did not want to bother Haslett, but then decided he should say something.

Haslett turned out to be very kind and open, chatting with Denny for about five minutes, even discussing the team’s quarterback plans. A few days later, Denny, who never disclosed that he planned to write about their conversation, wrote a story about the meeting on the Redskins fan site Hogs Haven.

Denny spent two paragraphs providing the background to their meeting and five paragraphs on the information he learned regarding the team’s quarterback plans. Denny wrote about the meeting in a “FanPost,” which is separate from the site’s main page which is more closely monitored by the site’s actual writers and editors.

In his post, Denny shared some inside information, saying that the Redskins were not interested in free agent Matt Flynn, that they were interested in Peyton Manning, and that they were disappointed with the quarterbacks in the draft aside from Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III.

Not long after Denny’s post was published, Washington Times reporter Rich Campbell called Haslett to ask about the story.

Haslett denied the information, telling Campbell “This must be a joke.” Haslett distanced himself from the report by saying he is a defensive coach and has no knowledge of the team’s offensive plans.

At least four more Redskins reporters contacted Haslett about the story, and he denied having knowledge of the team’s offensive plans to all of them.

Denny stood by his account of their conversation but understood why Haslett distanced himself from it.

“When I saw it was getting this much publicity I felt bad, and my wife got on me about it too,” Denny told Mike Wise on 106.7 the Fan. “I had no intention of going undercover or getting him in trouble or anything like that.

“If that were me and I found out some guy had put it out on the airwaves, I would probably deny it too,” Denny said. “Basically all it was was two guys talking football, and I really had no idea that it would be this big.”

So whom do you believe: the fan, or the coach?


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  • Well that's perfect. A coach gives a fan a little of his time and even talks football with him and what does that "fan" do? He blabs it all over the internet just so he can feel important. It's no wonder most of the sports celebrities don't have any time for the fans because guys like this ruin it for the rest of the other fans!
  • True he did give him the info and like a giddy child he spilled the beans, Haslet shouldn't have said nothing and now he tries to go into spin control. As long as the Skin have Snyder throwing money around and not thinking on how to run a team with players who are team oriented they just like the Cowboys aren't going nowhere!
  • I belive the redskins will win only 3 games this new season... this is how bad this teams at....great D and no O...its a ownership that just dont care for YEARS....MIKE AND SON SHOW is not the solution...DRAFT A COACH WITH CONFIDENCE..The Elway Days are Gone...PLAYERS COACH
  • I believe thius fan is a complete classless IDIOT and represents the typical exampole of why cellebs don't talk to fans. WHAT A PUNK! If he lied he's a classless liar. If he didn;t lie he's just a classless Moron. What's the dif?
  • I read that "interview" and with the exception of Haslett saying that they only liked the top to QB's this year he really didn't say anything anyone else already knew. These are taken from that very blog, make what you will:

    - Haslett said at least twice, that they were discouraged by this year's QB class.

    - He said, they have already talked with Jeff Fisher about the possibility. (of trading up with the Rams)

    - The Redskins are also seriously looking at acquiring Peyton Manning.

    - Although Haslett did not commit to this, he did say they liked Rex's knowledge of the offense and his ability to move the ball. (On Rex Grossman)

    Ok, that's it guys and gals. Where's this deep insider info??? This is coming from Paster Denny's blog himself. Imagine this:

    Denny: "Are you going to draft a QB this year?"
    Haslett: "Well we really like the two guys at the top, you can build around those two."

    Denny: "What do you think about Peyton Manning?"
    Haslett: "We might go that direction, we are looking into eveything right now."

    Denny: "Nice! Are you going to trade up?"
    Haslett: "We might, again we are exploring everything right now."

    Denny: "What about Rex? Are you bringing him back?"
    Haslett: "We think he did a fine job for us but would like him to cut down on the turnovers."

    Pastor Denny wrote an ENTIRE blog about this, and as an "excited" fan probably saw the conversation a little differently then Jim and elaborated on that. He did go on at length to say how nice Jim was and how humble he was, but beyond this the media went bananas. I do feel bad for everyone who does want to come up to any sports figure or coach and just want to say "Hi!" because what this blog does is ruin that. Jim could have said "Sorry, I'm eating breakfast" and come off as rude but he didn't. He took the time to embrace a fan and it came back to bite him in the butt.

    - Ray
  • Rod did not post anonymously. He posted this on Hogs Haven and he meant no harm to anyone.
  • as a dad of an nfl player i have learned that you NEVER TALK TO THE 'PRESS' they twist every thing for a scoop .....
  • Rod Denny is not an idiot, he is not the press and although I have never met him personally, I have no reason to doubt him. He is a member of the Hogs Haven Website as am I. He is a Christian man, in fact, he is a preacher. This story is over two weeks old. He had no intention of throwing anyone under the bus. He is a die hard Redskin fan like myself and he had no idea this would be as big a deal as it is. We talk on the "blog" quite a bit about our quarterback situation and Rod got a little excited about the fact that he talked to Haslett.
  • If it made it to the internet it must be true.
  • this is the reason why people in professional sports won't give regular guys one second of their time , because of people like this, that's why there so cautious, Thanks Rod Denny
  • I am sure the guy meant no harm, but it might have been better if he had cleared it from the D coach, prior to posting it on the blog.
  • Dan Snyder, Owner of the Redskins is a jerk.
    His team, as one would expect, exemplifies pure jerkism.
    Mike Shanahan, Kyle Shanahan, Jim Haslett, Bobby Turner, Danny Smith Bob Slowickle and Bobby Slowickle are jerks.
    How can these guys continue to hold NFL jobs.
  • I miss the part where one person can FORCE another person to lie...
    What a load of lily-livered crap
    The "fan" and the coach just reached a higher level of douche-ness
  • Well, it's not like Haslett gave the guy the Redskin playbook for next year. And for crimony sakes, it's the Redskins. They have sucked for years under Dan Snyder. What's the big deal. Not like they are Super Bowl bound anytime soon.
  • Not a true Redskin fan if i were lucky enough to meet any of the coaching staff and they gave me info like that, i would not post it...... Dumb ASS!!!!!

  • Life long Skins fan! I'm not sure there are any secrets here. If Manning is healthy 80% of all NFL teams would want him. Matt Flynn did look great in (one) game. Other than RG3 and Luck the other QB's in the draft are not first round picks. So even if he did say it "who cares".

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