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Former New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath can’t believe that his former team actually traded for quarterback Tim Tebow.

“I’m just sorry that I can’t agree with this situation. I think it’s just a publicity stunt. I can’t go with it. I think it’s wrong,” Namath told 1050 ESPN Radio on Wednesday, per NFL.com. “I don’t think they know what they’re doing over there.”

You know things are really not good with the Jets when one of their most famous players of all time believes they don’t even know what they’re doing.

It seems like ever since head coach Rex Ryan took over, the Jets are becoming more of a joke every year.

  • leroydyno123

    Jets have claimed every player that hits waiver wire G.M. justs keeps rotating parts until something works or does not. Tim Tebow is a nice guy in a dirty business hope JETS treat him with the respect, he is in need of a quarterbacks coach who can work with his mechanics and train him in x and o's. He is a project and will run threw a wall for you. Right now he is a athlete not a qb but you wish you had 10 more with heart like him.
  • What the HELL is up with these old egotistical asshole QB's? Elway wanted him gone because its "HIS" city and didn't want to to become Tebow town which it is/was easily becoming NOW Namath. Oh wait, he's a drunk so nevermind.
  • It is painfully apparent that you have no clue about the game or business of football. Because if you did, you would not show your ignorance here. Elway, Namath, et all (except for uwishuwere) know that Tebow is a horrible quarterback. Just because he is a great kid does not mean he has what it takes to compete at a high level for an extended period of time. Not to mention the fact that Joe, along with everyone else, except for you, knows that Mark Sanchez has a fragile psyche right now. So bringing in Tebow will only hurt Sanchez and the rest of the team as well.
  • DeadPull Hitter---as if you do? I'm thinkin that you're just another one of those couch potato critics
  • Does your high school know that you are using your computer lab time to surf the net?

    Not a critic at all...only point out other's ignorance.
  • UwishUwere: Tebow won a Heisman Trophy, a national championship in college, and took the 1-4 Broncos to a divisional title and a playoff victory over the Steelers -- in his first full year in the NFL. And he did it in style. I know, I know... he was very lucky. And he's not a consistently accurate passer. Nonetheless, these facts speak louder than your critique! The evidence of history accumulates, with greater mass than your words.
  • The guy was a Heisman Trophy Winner so he got potential. However I don't think a Heisman Trophy Winner should be playing backup. How long did Eli Manning sit on the bench how about Sanchez how long did he sit ? This is ridiculous the guy should have a starting job on some team that is the only way he is going to get get experience not sitting on the bench for 3 long years. I dont' think that he should be playing Robin Hood either going around stealing peoples jobs based on his popularity. i would say that would be very UN-Christian of him. This guy could be a winner if placed in the right environment. I think the Jagguars or Miami even Cleveland would have been perfect for him not NY. Jets Management is drunk right now. They make foolish moves and fooolish statements just like a drunk, dont blame my Hero Namath he knows what he is talking about.
  • Yay! Someone else out there sees it! Elway and Namath are AFRAID! hahahahahaha. Their egos are so wrapped in this and it is completely obvious. For a guy, Tebow, who supposedly cannot play .. Tebow took 1 and 4 Denver to the playoff's! and rallied the team with his ambition. Amazing.
  • Joe, I'm praying for you.I hope you repent to Jesus Christ and make him your Lord and Saver. Because, Jesus Love you. I quess you forgot that you made a deal witrh the DEVIL for you to win the Super Bowl for the J.E.T.S. JETS JETS JETS for the one time only. I forgave you and resect you. Please, Repent to Tebow and show Him respect like I did to you. that why JETS never won a Super Bowl. You made a SELFISH DEAL with DEVIL. Tebow will break the curse with fast, prayer. Declare Jesus Christ to break every curse you put on the JETS. The JETS will be BLESSED and WIN THE SUPER BOWL in the FUTURE. Joe read the Bible from the beginning Gen. to the end of Rev. You be a different men. Well Done JETS Every worker and Player are going to be Blessed. Tebow plays with Heart NOT WORDS or make a deal with the devil.
  • Sarcasim? I hope!
  • You never know anymore with these religious nutbags. Is it satire or sarcasm? Or does he really feel this way? Too often when you are SURE this type MUST be joking....you realize they are dead serious.....this guy [believe it or not] may really believe that human beings have, and do, negotiate with immortal super beings who are open to consider trading worldly requests to get a headstart on someones "soul". But then again, they believe people have lived in a whale etc. so I suppose nothing is too far fetched! Sheeeesh.
  • HeathenInfidel--It's definately apparent that you HAVE NO CLUE who GOD is--you belong to Satan--a liar and a deceiver of souls who really has you blinded-- and has got you where he wants you--REPENT--cause Jesus Loves You in spite of yourself!!! Sheeeesh! BTW--we're not all RELIGOUS NUTBAGS--because God Despises RELIGION!!! Religion is man made--and that's not what God is all about--it's a personal relationship that he wants from us--but if you knew HIM---you would know that! But God has been using Tim for years now--and in the End--TeBow will be an Excellent QB--just wait and see!!!
  • More sarcasm ?
  • You sure sound like a religous nutbag to me.
  • This blog is about football, don't you bible thumpers get it?
  • REALLY???
  • So you read the whole bible, yet you are unable to write one simple paragraph? I'm sorry, but it was like reading an essay from a 1st grader. BTW, are you really that naive that you beleive Namath sold his soul to the devil and now the Jest have been suffering from a curse? LMAO! Do yourself a favor, get off the crack.

  • take your religion somewhere else, this blog is about football.

    BTW, I don't resect you...
  • Joe, Your remarks are simply a reflection of your anger with the Jets of old. You may remember nobody gave you much hope when you came along and you defied non believers of you and your team then. I say to you don't hate the person who in a lot of ways may have the same make-up you had back then. He has a lot of heart and determination to go go along with those unrefined skills he has. Welcome to New York Tim!
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Who cares what Joe Namath thinks about anything? It's obvious that he's taken to many pain killers and drank to much alcohol to have much of a brain left to comment about anything. Tebow has more ethics in his litle finger than you do in your entire body. Namath needs to keep his nose out of other p[eople's business and pay more attention to recifying the damage he's done to his family over the years.
  • I'm a long time Denver fan and all I can say is when the Broncos come up against Tebow I will be root'n for Tebow.
  • Hey Joe, the Jets are a stunt!
  • Tebow, would make a great tight end ,blocker, passer receiver. now if they get maningham. with holms,an plexico. more passing to these 3, forgetaboutit.dreams ar for fools.
  • If I have a 15M cap number (Sanchez), I would have to be worried. The kid Tebow has a better record than any QB at this stage of his career other than Brady. Denver stupidly enough is 12 years older and egg-shell fragile at the most important position on the field. If ANYONE would know a publicity stunt it would be that pantyhose wearing drunk Namath. By the bye, at this stage of his career Peyton is Not the QB his brother is.
  • How do you figure that Tebow has a better record than any QB besides Bardy at this point? He is 9-7(16 games)as a starter. Sanchez was 9-7 in his first 16 starts. Sanchez was a true Rookie and Tebow had most of his starts well in to his second season.Plus Sanchez stats were better 6.6 yard per play to 6.1 yards per play. Sanchez's lead offense scored 301 points to Tebow's 290. Tebow only succeed when the changed to his college offense. He only beat one playoff team in his career, the Steelers at home and they were down 5 starters and a hurt Roethlisberger.Tebow is not an upgrade over Sanchez.

    If you look at the win/loss record of the current starters in the NFL first 16 starts, Tebow doesn't really know how to win more than any other QB. Tebow is all Hype, driven by the media, because he is a polarizing figure then people want to talk about, so I think Namath is correct, if you drop this guy in a polarized locker room it's going to blow up in there faces. This was not a football decision this was a media hype decision.

    Brees was 8-8
    Bradford was 7-9
    Brady was 14-2
    Cassel was 10-6
    Cutler was 7-9
    Dalton is 9-7
    Fitzpatrick was 4-11-1
    Flacco was 11-5
    Freeman was 8-8
    Gabbert is 4-10 (only 14 starts)
    Jackson was 10-6
    Kolb is 6-10
    Eli Manning was 7-9
    Payton Manning was 3-13
    McCoy was 5-11
    Moore was 8-8
    Newton is 6-10
    Palmer was 9-7
    Ponder is 2-8 (10 starts)
    Rivers was 14-2
    Rodgers was 6-10
    Roethlisberger was 14-2
    Romo was 11-5
    Ryan was 11-5
    Schaub was 4-11
    Smith was 6-10
    Stafford was 6-10
    Vick was 8-8-1

  • A I have Tebow at 8-5, not 9-7. The assertion that only Brady surpasses that mark comes from CBS Sports.
  • First off Joe is Right on this one ... No Way this ends well.

    And to you people getting on Joe .. sure he had his fair share of screw ups ... HOWEVER > He is the NY Jets ... no one playing today is even in his galaxey much less planet for What He did for the Jets ... so back off... unlike the jets of today ... Joe ACTUALLY backed up what he said.
  • and I see SARCASM in this statement--Namath was a fluke back then and a hater now--goes along with his lifestyle!!! I watched Namath play--and I've seen a whole lot better than what he EVER was!!!
  • Not always. I think the under with Suzy Kolber was the play. Tebow knows how to win. What he did last season was accomplished with no off-season workouts and virtually no reps until week 6. The lockout hurt the young players the most. Tebow was acquired in the fear that the Pats wanted him. Nightmare scenario Peyton injured and Elway genius tries life with Brady Quinn.
  • Sasoais-- I 100% agree with you!!!
  • Namath was the Jets, Revis is the Jets. Having someone like Tebow on your roster can never be a bad thing, except when fans make it so. Tebow is a solid #2 backup qb unless your comparing him to backups like Kyle Orton. The Jets should have tried acquiring a qb that could stand in the pocket and pass, Sanchez's best year was his rookie year, he had a named offense around him, Burress, , Holmes, Tomlinson, Greene, those are some pretty big names to be on the same side as you and he still they still didn't get it done. I believe Sanchez to have potential, otherwise he would have been drafted as high as we was, but he is playing at a mediocre level. Rex and his defense were rated highly during the years he proclaimed they were going to win the super bowel, his defense isn't getting any younger. Sanchez needs to step it up or the Jets need to have a talk with him if they plan to go to the super bowel with Rex's defensive mind.
  • The Jets are a mess on and off the field. Players taking shots at each other and a coach who over promises and under delivers are proof of that. Sanchez's numbers have improved the last 3 years, but the fans, media and even Jet players continue to attack him. The last thing a divided clubhouse needs is quarterback controversy just because management wants to run the wildcat.

    If anything, Namath is loyal Jet who has public voice to point out what is an obvious poor decision. Its also in pretty poor taste that people would take shots at Joe for being a drunk and minimize his knowledge of the game and passion for the Jets just because he made a mistake on MNF. Pretty sure you all have made your share of drunken mistakes and yet you all have no problem offering your opinions on this topic.
    Grab a drink and get a life.

  • Well said Paddy
  • Does anyone really care what this OLD drunk has to say??? Crawl back in your bottle joe and STFU!
  • "longislandtea" is criticizing someone for being a drunk. You gotta love the hypocritical thought process going on with this guy...
  • Can the Jets handle a 2 QB System. Sanchez/Tebow looks GOOD!
  • Joe .... have another cocktail and don't for your meds for Dimenshia!! Who cares what you think?? You are a washed up, over the hill, nutcase!
  • its relly not a bad move. Jets needed a back-up to do what tebow did for the broncos last year. media is just hype.
  • Joe Who??? Mr. One & Done.
  • Tim needs to watch out for the rudest people in the world.They are the rudest,most hateful idiots in the world.Tim is a very religous person,he can only bring good to them and to New York.I am a Dallas fan and we are friendly.If i was tim i would not go to the most hateful city in the world.

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