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Via Checkdown Chatter:

Mike Vick had it tough against the Saints Monday night, taking a number of hits behind a struggling offensive line in a must-win game for the Eagles a week after there were many calling for his job.

It's been a tough week and we can understand if he and his family are frustrated.

You know what Vick doesn’t need, though? His baby brother -- a guy who wasted his own talent and has been prone to making bad decisions -- creating problems for him.

Marcus spent much of the night on Twitter lambasting the Eagles for their line play, decision making, etc. but his tweet of the night; this beauty:

An ill-advised move, given the climate in Philadelphia and the very likely potential that Vick could be on his way out of Philly after the season and having to search quite hard for a team willing to give him a shot as the starter.

One would assume that Michael won’t be pleased with his brother’s comments and it's just another example of how the public forum of Twitter can cause problems for athletes; even when they aren’t the ones running their mouths.

Comments 1-100 (of 135):
  • Why is his brother tweeting that "they" want out of Philly. Dude, get a job and move if you're unhappy being in Philly. Do you need your brother to take care of you your entire life?
  • I have been to philly..I would want out too...
  • A real team player does not complain, and executes his position regardless of how good or bad his team is! Let the bastard and his dependent brother go! Also, why is it that Michael Vick is allowed to own a dog again after killing them for sport??? What idiot judge allowed this??? Maybe jail was a better venue for Vick???
  • Your the asshole roggerodger, get a life for yourself and leave Vic's brother have his freedom of speech. Nut job..
  • I'm not a fan of Vick. He did his time in prison and is trying to right his life. I believe he also donated money for a playground in Philly. Everyone deserves a second chance, otherwise, we'd all be in trouble. BTW, a judge cannot stop him from owning a pet.
  • UH..you're wrong a judge can stop him from owning a pet if he doesn't want a parole violation but I think it's been lifted.
  • Dude are u serious? A dog? White People Hung Humans,black people from trees for many years.Even set churches on fire while they inside prayin for them devils to stop.And u still talkin about a dog? Get a Life
  • 20 years ago Vick's participation would have been acceptable just as prohibition was in it's era but it don't make it right
  • hey big dog, i hope you choke on that big, throbbing bone that's in your mouth. Anyone that doesn't like Philly, just can't handle Philly.
  • leefu....wow it's that serious huh??? You're just a little nutty, Hahahahahahahahahaha....I Love Philly and their pethetic dog killer QB. Hope he and Philly never win another game. I just Love that. And the Cheese steak stinks too.
  • Really!!! Who gives a phuck what marcus wants.
  • I am always happy when Vick loses...he is a loser. Glad the Falcons and the Saints beat the Eagles. Vick is and always will be a dog murderer.
  • You are happy when he loses and Dog murder. I guess you woke up on the floor this morning instead of the bed. When can a person make a mistake .. realize what they did was wrong.. pay the debt to society and move on? Oh! without assclowns like you pulling them back to the lowest point in their lives and dancing like it was just yesterday. Everyone has made mistakes. and Vick is probably more accomplished than you on his second try at life than you on your first. Give it a break.
  • vick didn't make a mistake!! he killed those dogs on purpose!!!!!!!--and why is it only celebrities get the 2nd chances with people?? i bet you had friends who wronged you in the past you'll never talk to again. i love watching vick lose too!!!!!!
  • ya and i bet your an ass clown to hermie
  • you're another jealous loser with no talent and unhappy cause you can't poke the gals and live in luxury like he does.
  • Maybe because ur a LOSER!!!
  • Get over it is loser
  • The only mistake Vick made was getting caught. And he didn't "realize" he was wrong....he knew it all along. Just kept doing it until he got caught. Then denied it until the evidence was too strong. So he messed up bad by doing something he knew was wrong, and lied to everyone! Those dogs didn't get a second chance, did they?
  • The only mistake he made was getting caught! If an attorney, police officer, insurance agent, teacher, etc...is convicted of a felony, their career is over. Why should it be any different for someone who plays in the NFL? Vick is scum, and always will be BAD NEWS if you know what that is in reference to.
  • The people you mentioned above deal with public trust. Vick deals in a sport. After doing time, he has a right to make a living. However, no NFL team is obligated to employ him.
  • The difference is that someone (a team) was willing to give Vick a second chance. That's not Vick's fault. Take issue with the eagles staff.
  • A mistake is when you do something that
    you may not have intended to,that you can
    be forgiven for,CHOKING,HANGING and SHOOTING
    dogs was not a mistake,so as you can see,there
    are others out here that feel the same about him!

    What has he ever accomplished,other than playing
    football?By the way he doesn't do that as well
    as CHOKING,HANGING and shooting dogs,DOG.
  • And i'm sure you have accomplished a great deal in your life. But now its time for you to get over your hatred and move on.
  • Its time to electrocute Vick? He's lost 4 games in a row and per the rules he made his dogs live and die by...lose and get electrocuted, hung, slammed to the ground and drowned. He deserves the same! People will forget what he did when he can bring those dogs back to life. He is a worthless scab that took advantage of defenseless animals. He is a torturer, a murderer and he is getting what he deserves. I hope he keeps getting sacked and when he gets older...he'll be a vegetable with spit running out of his mouth.
  • What Vick did was wrong but he is not the only one who has been involved this sort of activity. Since you feel so strongly about what he did i suggest you start an organization to end illegal dog fighting that way your anger and enery will be spent doing something more productive. Now is your time to take action. You can make a difference. Spouting your anger towards one man who got caught and did his time and moved on will not prevent this from happening again. There are many people out there who havent got caught yet. Maybe you can be the one to bring them to justice! And in doing so you can get over your hatred and move on.
  • thank u!!!! finally hear from someone with some damn sense!!
  • Assclowns? You are the epitome of an assclown. Just saying

    Yo bozo I found your nose up Vicks ar se make sure to retrieve it.
  • Dear UcastMoron, a mistake is when you forget to carry the 1 when adding....willfully funding, managing and promoting dog fighting, for several years is not a mistake. It is a continuing and ongoing choice. Morons like you are what drag down society,
  • @greyfel........ Seriously???? LMAO... You know what Mr. live-in-the-past I will take Mikchael Vick in Dallas right now... And as for you bringing up news that is 4 years old... I bet you are divorced or had a girlfrien (who cheated on your monkey ass) and you still sleep with her picture.... LOOSER...
  • Loser is w/ one O. Just like DUMBA$$ is spelt w/ one U.
  • Dude, "spelt" doesn't work; but "spelled" does!
  • lol
  • i thought it was spelled...NOT SPELT.Spelt is actually a type of wheat...now who is the dumba$$!
  • i agree with what you've said greyfel.
  • hermie suck a fat one
  • bump you, Vick is the best..kill yourself
  • You are a loser, get a life.
  • You have no idea what you are talking about. You are the biggest loser.
  • no, you are.... childish.
  • He's not a loser he's a very talented MAN. What about the innocent children killed daily and if some are able to forgive why can't ppl forgive him? A soul vs an animal> In today's society ppl care more about animals than a HUMAN LIFE, geesh get over it already!!! Pray for him don't disgrace him....
  • correction.... WAS a very talented man, when the bird on his helmet resembled a falcon, not an eagle..... and i'm an eagles fan... paging Mr. Foles, Mr. Foles you have a call at the front desk.
  • Good one!!

  • People care about animals because when people like Vick impose their will on them they have no avenue of defense. They are caged, starved and forced to fight. Where is the compassion in that. God created life...life is everything that breathes. Yes animal abuse is everywhere but it does not make it right! The fact that Vick was given another chance to play in the NFL...a chance to thrive (something he did not extend to those defenseless dogs)..makes me sick. He doesn't have to answer to me or anyone else on these threads...but he does and IS answering to a higher power for the disgusting acts he committed.
  • @ kewlbreezer Dude are u serious? A dog? White People Hung Humans,black people from trees for many years.Even set churches on fire while they inside prayin for them devils to stop.And u still talkin about a dog? Get a Life let the man live.No one is perfect
  • I like your answer. Hopefully he has learned his lesson. Vick's brother is another story; one who has wasted his God given talents.
  • OMG..shut up already...what the heck is this world coming to when people care more about animals that humans. That man served his time in prison. I agree his bro needs to shut up but you need to shut up about the dogs. There are very few atheletes that havent made a mistake. If he gave you an autographed jersey I bet those shorts would be full of spunk cause you would be so excited.
  • Autographed jersey...no thank you. I am glad he plays in Philly and hope he never makes his way to Houston or any other team. He is a bad seed...
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  • I think Marcus should shut his trap!!!Michael WANTS TO PALY for the EAGLES !! Instead of firing coaches they should start with the ENTIRE O-line...Even Dan Marino couldn't complte passes lying on his back
  • I agree completely! In the pre-game show, ESPN focused on how Vick gets creamed after literally every play. After that, I watched the game and they're right! 7 sacks! God knows how many hurrys and knock-downs. But something else I noticed is that he got up, didn't show anybody up by yelling in their face, and kept playing. I thought it was a courageous performance.
  • i want to PALY for the eagles, pick me.
  • Both brothers as 'acorns' evidently didn't fall far from the parent tree...But, Michael to his credit has been a good corporate 'soldier' so to speak.
    Now, for brother Marcus a real 'dimwit' he should be very careful for what he wishes. I, for 1, would grant his wish if I were the owner of the Eagles. Vick is too small to be a consistent play-off QB in the NFL...chuk70
  • no matter what without blocking no quarterback is going to accomplish anything except laying on his back when the bad defensive guys just waltz right in and surround him. yes once in awhile they can outwit the defense and make a play happen when their line breaks down but there are not that many that can do it time and time again. Probably his athleticism kept them around longer than they should have been. Lousy coach and no offensive line.
  • Finally a real fan of football!! its all about his offensive line doing their job~!
  • You are a true loser. Vick wasn't around for most of the dog fighting, being an international superstar athlete will cause that,and wasn't murdering dogs...... he was fighting them, which is a sport that has been around long before you and will be around long after your death. He was busted and served his time......that is how it works in America. He has paid his debt. If you don't agree with that then move to China, or Iran and take part in their system because America is for the strong and the forgiving......... Nobodies Perfect!
  • I am truly sorry for you, because dog fighting is not a sport it is a brutal torture of dog, the fighting dog is starved and beatenand they are trained on other dogs (like cockers poodles etc) non sporting dogs so they can get a taste for blood you may call it a sport but is NOT!!!
  • hey lucylu, i'm leefusluce... nice to meet ya.
  • And i am sorry for you because dog fighting is something that people do for sport. It may be illegal and downright wrong but there are people out there that do it for sport. I'm sure mike vick isn't the first and damn sure isnt the last person who has been involved in this sort of activity. He got busted and did his time. Get over it and get over your hatred and move on.
  • Justin,

    Obviously you are not in the loop about the whole dog fighting thing. Vick did indeed kill dogs,smashing their heads on the floor,electrocuting them and hanging them. Why do you think a judge ruled that he wasn't allowed to own a dog anymore?)Although he does have one now for his daughters). That aside he is not the great QB everybody keeps saying he is and I am all in favor of him being benched for the rest of the season and then traded at the end of it.
  • Yea put the rookie QB in. The offensive line still sucks. No QB can fix that can they?
  • Sorry, but Micheal admitted to slamming dogs on the ground, electricuting them, and drowning them until they were dead. Try using the facts next time.

  • He was around enough. If his dogs lost, he hanged them in trees, and if they didn't die, he drowned them in a pail of water while hanging! Maybe we should treat him the same way. If he loses, like last night, he should be euthenized.
  • Dude are u serious? A dog? White People Hung Humans,black people from trees for many years.Even set churches on fire while they inside prayin for them devils to stop.And u still talkin about a dog? Get a Life
  • It is barbaric and illegal it is cruel and most of the gentlemen of that caliber are your wife beaters, alcoholics and any other social outsider it is not the fighting as much as the training you idiot it gives them pleasure
  • It's obvious you're far from perfect. Dog fighting is NOT a sport! How about we force you into a ring with another fighter til the death. Ohhhh...and if you happen to lose, get ready to get electrocuted, hung and slammed to the ground til you die. Now isn't that a great sport?
  • Thank you I am so glad others feel as i do Micheal Vick shld never been able to return to the NFL the world dumps Lance Armstrong but hugs Vick as if hurting defenseless animals is nothing
  • learn how to spell before you make comments about vick
  • hey beth123, i just read an interesting study on internet use... nobuddy nose howw ta spelle ennymoor.
  • No one feels the way you do except a bunch of no brain idiots.
  • Ah, good reference, so true!
  • Lance Armstrong did it to him self!!! I'm glad they gave him another chance, MAN WITHOUT STEROIDS ABUSE, DESERVES ANOTHER CHANCE!!!
  • are you kidding me? 1st...this is obviously the idiot brother. although probably hard to tell them apart. vick was lucky to have another chance in the nfl (which he NEVER should have gotten for being a convicted felon) and now his own brother is trying to get him fired? haha what is family for? oh right, to mooch off the millionaire. 2nd) never never NEVER take the "inside football" outside especially to the media. didn't this idiot watch stupid giselle after the superbowl when she trashed her prima donna hubby's line? this guy can't play in the nfl but he is gonna tell you what is wrong? pfft. and justin? really? you think america is strong and forgiving? ok...we are sooooooo not that way. this is a man who made money off of dogs dying for a SPORT. defenseless animals that were brought up just to kill. not like hunters who eat the meat, use the fur, etc...bred just to die. and you think that is ok cause he "did his time"? you are the type of guy who would allow his kid around a pedophile who has "done his time" right? speaking of losers...
  • You make no sense. It's people like you who are haters. That's why kids grow up the way they do. Get a job and a life you idiot
  • You are a LOSER
  • Dude are u serious? A dog? White People Hung Humans,black people from trees for many years.Even set churches on fire while they where inside prayin for them devils to stop.And u still talkin about a dog? Get a Life do u feel Whites should never be around humans or a church again?
  • What Vick did was NOT ok. Yes, he did his time. So now it's time for you to get over your hatred and move on. Have a good one.
  • Vick did not kill one dog but dozens, the only reason he regrets his actions is he got caught. He was into racketeering and gambling but people tend to ignore that part. From a pro football standpoint, he sucks. So there is that. With regard to, "Nobodies Perfect" at least not in terms of grammar, and I disagree that he paid his debt, only legally not morally.
  • So how does he pay his moral debt to you?
  • Some people just write crap without looking up to make sure they were right./ Michael ick confessed to killing at least two dogs. Look up the truth before you call others a true loser. You are welcome to your opinion, right or wrong but name calling is for people unable to have a conversation intelligently so they resort to their only weapons, trash talk

  • See ya, dopey. Hit the road, both of you scummers. conVICK wasn't a good QB when he was a Falcon...and that was a long time ago. Good riddence to bad rubbish.
  • Wonder what team would actually want to take him on? Maybe the Jets?
  • Whether he trained dogs to savagely kill or killed them with his bare hands makes no difference to me. It still shows his lack of comappasion or regard of a living creature. Makes me sick. I could care less if he plays another ball game or drops of the face of the earth but I'm disgusted to read that "he was not killing them but training the dogs to fight or die and with the same breath call it "a sport". Wonder how you would feel to be beaten, tortured, starved...etc. and have someone claim "Well, it is a sport." Pure ignorance.
  • Some HUMANS experienced the same torture years ago and some face it now! So does that excuse the fact that some of the human race are'nt sick bastards themselves?? Yeah I thought so!!!
  • No, I was not excusing killing. obviously there are alot of sick humans in this world.
  • @ Kmpd2012Dude are u serious? A dog? White People Hung Humans,black people from trees for many years.Even set churches on fire while they inside prayin for them devils to stop.And u still talkin about a dog? Get a Life
  • Apparently this is all he knows how to type...racist moron.
  • Racist? Where the hell did all this come from?? Killing antoher human being is sadistic and evil PERIOD. Killing dogs for fun is evil as well. Do I hate Vick? I don't hate anyone but I do hate what he did and then to read someone comment that "oh it's just a dog" your sick. IT IS NOT A SPORT!!!! Now ok, get back to your Eagles. He is no hero, but let him go wherever he wants. I could care less DUDE.
  • gee we did not know he was even out of jail.
  • Little does he know many of us eagle fans also want him traded and out of philly.
  • Later, for all of you haters. Until, you can "walk on water," you are still human, and subject to mistakes. Live to forgive; forgive to live - try it - it works!
  • and here's my foot right up the kazoo as you fade into the dismal world of idolizing a murderer.
  • You people, please leave Vic alone. Do not say anything about Vick being a killer and if you eat any kind of animals (chicken, cow, turkey) you are no less of a killer than Vick if thats how you view him. I do not like animals at all and a human life is much value than an animal. It seems that some forget that a certain race of people murdered and kill black people for fun and now Vick killed an animal and everybody wants to bring up this old news. There is no constant reminder of the ones who killed the native americans and blacks in your country and those dropping bombs on countries like Iraq killing civilians,etc. Make sure you do your own research before casting stones. If so passionate about animals stop eating them and that makes you a killer too.
  • First of all, people kill animals (chicken, cow, turkey) for food, NOT for a so-called "sport"!!! What Vick & company were participating in was cruel & illegal!! He did his time...so be it, BUT as Kozmosis pointed out, if a Cop, Teacher, Fireman or another high profile position was a convicted felon, they would not be allowed to retain their position once released from prison and neither should Vick!! And trust me, there are definate CONSTANT reminders of a "certain race of people murdered and kill black people"!!!! And that was over 50+ years ago. In my profession, I see just as many black people murdering "a certain race of people" but that's another conversation...
  • VickFan is a complete moron, no point in responding to a fool like that.
  • @topgun Dude are u serious? A dog? White People Hung Humans,black people from trees for many years.Even set churches on fire while they inside prayin for them devils to stop.And u still talkin about a dog? Get a Life.And this all wasnt 50 years ago but two years ago in mississippi
  • AGAIN... My point was that Vick should not be allowed back in the NFL because he's a convicted felon or any other person regardless of color!! I see murders all the time...all races killing all races. Stop trying to make racism the answer. That in itself is being a racist...
  • Well its been millions of people that was convicted for dog fighting befor vick so stop thrashing him like he only one that do it.But let me guess yall all want to go after the black man. Me my self dont agree with it and didnt think he would be involved in something White people in the south started many years ago and mainly do.
  • hey greyfel you need to shut your mouth and stick to the subject. if you want to go there let's talk about the cops that killed the guy in New York and got nothing. the fact of the matter is Vick has no O line. just stick with the subject and keep your other opinons to yourself.
  • I shall follow you where'ever you go VICK!!! TRUE FAN I LOVE THIS MAN...... NOBODY'S PERFECT!!!
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