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Originally written on thepigskinreport.com  |  Last updated 11/20/14

Via The Pigskin Report:

Fresh off a Super Bowl victory and capturing the game’s MVP trophy while playing in the last year of his rookie contract, Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco‘s agent believes that his client should be the highest-paid quarterback in the league. Joe Linta, Flacco’s agent, told CNBC that he believes his client's body of work has spoken for itself and now it’s time for the Ravens to pay him accordingly.

Of course it’s an agent’s job to try to secure the most money possible for his client, but Linta makes some solid arguments for Flacco to be rewarded handsomely in his next deal.

“When you do a contract of this magnitude, you look at what the player’s body of work presently. And what are the expectations going forward over the next four, five, six years. Joe wins on both accounts,” Linta told CNBC.

Flacco now has as many career playoff wins as Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning. He has as many Super Bowl titles as both Manning and New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees. Joe Montana is the only other quarterback to record 11 touchdowns and 0 interceptions in the playoffs during a single season.

Some will argue that Flacco struggled during the regular season and he didn’t throw for as many yards as either Manning or Brees. However, Flacco was hamstrung under former Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron. Once Jim Caldwell assumed the role of offensive coordinator, Flacco’s effectiveness increased.

Flacco also plays in an offensive system that doesn’t really require him to put the ball up as many times as Manning or Brees. Flacco attempted 531 passes this year while Manning attempted 583 and Brees threw 670 passes.

The other issue to take into account here is age. Flacco just turned 28. Brees recently turned 34 while Manning will turn 37 in March.

There will likely be Flacco doubters as far as the eye can see. He’s the only quarterback in the NFL to take his team to the playoffs in each of his first five seasons and couldn’t have done anything more than was asked of his this year in his team’s Super Bowl run.

The Ravens took a gamble this year by not extending Flacco’s contract at the start of the season. They lost that gamble and now it’s time for the team to pay the man, whether they like it or not. There are a handful of teams around the league that would love to pay him, if they had the chance.

  • No way in HELL should Flacco be the highest paid QB in the NFL!! One Super Bowl does not make you the highest paid QB, Eli Manning has two and is not the highest paid QB, what makes this guy think that Flacco should be?
  • yea, Eli Manning hasn't taken his team to playoffs in every season he's played for them ... as a matter of fact the Giants just missed the most recent playoffs ... I agree with the article, while Flacco may not deserve to be the highest paid QB he does deserve to be one of the top five highest paid QBs ... but that's just my opinion, there are those who are convinced there will never be a QB better than Peyton Manning or Drew Brees or Tom Brady when Flacco may just be better than all three, only time will tell ... I do know that Flacco is well on his way to being an elite QB and he has a lot of good years left in his career, I believe this year will not be his only superbowl ring, again I could be wrong about that, but I don't think I am ...
  • Die in a fire troll. People like you guarentee I will never use this site.
  • The only reason Fluff-o made it to the SB, is because Pittsburgh didn't make it this year.
    Nagata took out some good key players throughout the year. That is the only way the Ravens made it to the SB.
  • Don't forget that Cinnci beat you too. Pittsburgh needs to invest in Geritol.
  • I agree !!! Flacco is no better than anyone else..one super bowl win..come on man..
  • He won "A" superbowl let's not overreact here.Frankly he damn near lost the whole thing to a second year QB with minimal experience.
    Lets see a few years of consistency, not just one, and we'll discuss contract.
    Ask KC what happens when you base a QB contract on one years performance.
  • Flacco did not almost lose the whole thing to a second year QB, if San Francisco had won it would not be on Flacco ... Flacco did everything you could ask a QB to do in a game to win ... remember, football is a team sport and if San Fran had won that game it would be all on the Ravens defense.
  • But San Fran lost. You can speculate all you want, but Kap knows he made some bad choices and it cost him the game. That's the difference between, veteran and rookie. Kap is a great QB, but I will guarantee you, if he keeps rushing, as he does, a defensive player will get him sooner or later. It's just a matter of time, but it will happen. Defensive players are always looking to take a QB out. Kap is no different. I sincerely hope he doesn't get hurt too bad. No different than the old west. Someone was always out to be the fastest gun.
  • Kap is not a running quarterback. Time to just accept it. He is an excellent passer. Like any quarterback including Brady when the field is open he'll try and get what he can. He just happens to be faster on the run than any other pure passer. Make no mistake a running quarterback like Vick, RGIII, Cam, or Wilson would have attempted to run (as he should have) on that last series to at least advance the ball to make it easier on the next try. Kap tried to throw it under too much duress like a pure passer would have. I'll bet Brady would have dived forward just to move the line of scrimmage forward a yard or two. Keep in mind also that both teams played well for a half and poorly for a half. The 49ers offensive unit did outscore the Ravens offensive unit 29-27. The special teams touch down was the difference. People seem to forget this. The Ravens scored three touchdowns and extra points and got two field goals (27 points. The 49ers scored three touchdowns, 2 extra points but they had three field goals (29 points). Their special teams lost the game with all other things being the same. 49er offensive unit stats are all better than Ravens offensive unit stats. So 49er fans have a lot to be proud of. We got stomped in the first half but we did the stomping in the second half. We could have erased that kickoff return with better execution but both our offense and defense did play well enough to win if not for that amazing kickoff return.
  • Flacco did not almost lose the whole thing to s second year QB. Joe Flacco did everything in that game anyone could ever ask a QB to do in order to win the game ... you have to remember that football is a team sport, and if San Francisco had won that game it would all be on the Ravens defense, Flacco can't be on the field to stop the opposing QB, all he can do is score points when his team is on offense, which he did plenty of in the superbowl ...
  • Consistency? Just remember, a QB that has 5 straight years of playoff spots is pretty consistant in Football. Everyone needs to know, Flacco will probably get the $20M, but as all players, they MUST produce the work for that amount. Doesn't mean Flacco will make $20 guaranteed, but I do feel, he has the calmness and hieght to be one of the greatest in Football. After all, Baltimore has one of the best fan bases out there and that helps drive any team to know they stand behind them to produce, which the Ravens did in this year's Super Bowl. After the drafts are over, we will see, once we are into the season, whether or not, the Ravens can keep the drive going. I, for one, think they are going to be a hard team to beat, next season. That's only my thought and I am sure every other fan has that hope for thier team. It's called being a fan. I have never said anything negative about another team or player and will never understand how a REAL fan's team loses and the fans just want to blame everyone instead of just realizing it was a loss. Not everyone can win all the time. What fun would it be. Records are out there to be broken, and they will. Just back YOUR team choice and don't worry about the refs or the other teams. Again, Flacco's agent can ask for whatever he wants, but decisions will be made. And remember, if he gets it, he must produce, and I do believe, he can.
  • They aid the same about McNabb and look what happen, junk after that superbowl. The Eagles were great because of Jim Johnson and his blitz scheme and stout defense. McNabb and Ried were never great once Johnson left, they were average and underachieving because they were overrated.

    Ravens team is about defense, Tsizzle, Ngata, Ed Reed, and Ray Lewis. Flacco go one lucky pass from broken coverage to Jacoby and grossly under threw the ball. Another TD run by Jacoby for 14 points, nearly 1/3rd of the points in the game. They also got an interception and fumble recovery.
  • Hey, the guy is great! Pay him or lose him. Period, end of story. He's the best thing the City of Baltimore can talk aboout.
  • As a Steelers fan, I'de like to see Flacco stay in Baltimore. :D
  • Like losing that much to the Ravens do you?
  • We beat you with our third string Quarterback and almost beat you with our second string quarterback who had broken ribs. Remember 2011 playoffs 21-7 at half Baltimore leads Flacco totally falls apart in the scond half Steelers win and go onto the Super Bowl. Remember you can take the team out of Cleveland but you can't take Cleveland out of the team. I hope he signs for 20 million a year to bad he won't have Boldin, Pitta, and others to save him.
  • And where did the Steelers rate in the AFC North this year? You should thank God for the Browns every single day, otherwise your sorry team would be in the basement.
  • How is Rapistburger doing these days?
  • when the ravens win 4 more super bowls then you can talk and by the way its always been the ravens defense that's gotten them to the playoffs, not just flacco
  • The past is irelevant to the present. BUT Flacco isn't anywhere near the top QB , NOT yet.
    stealers says it all
  • Check the Ravens playoff record against the Steelers!
  • Typical stupid comment from a Squellers fan.
  • Ok first things first. If you're trying to call a Steelers fan a squealers fan then learn how to spell it. Squellers ain't a word nor am I offended by it.
    On to the rest of you. Flacco had a great year. His best. Not an elite quarterback. Maybe top 7. If hes top 5 then Roethlisberger is top 3. Flacco is unproven. Until he can produce without a solid offensive line and his "acquitted" murderer spiritual leader then we will see.
    ibjonnyc. Ben is 7 and 3 against the Ravens. What's Flaccos record against us. huh? I thought so.
    Enjoy the Superbowl win. I know it feels pretty good. Just know you'll never ever be there again.
  • as most true Raven fans...I have a lot of respect for the Steelers...we know when the two of us get together its a bloodbath...I don't know what the term elite means...mostly I think its a term made up by the tv pundits to get fans to argue...facts are facts...Ben has 2 rings...Joe has one...Ben should be ranked higher than Joe...I know Ben is 7-3 against us...but I remember when he was 7-0...so I can see the improvement on our part...Its not much of a rivalry if one team wins all the time...I'd say both teams have a lot a work to do in the off season to make sure everybody gets paid so we can start kicking the hell out of each other come September.
  • Lose him? to who, the Jets? Joe would take a pay cut before going to NY. Give him a raise but I wouldn't put him in the top 10.
  • Compare his stats over the past five years to those of Brees. He's not even close. Bree's has best stats over past five years than any QB in history.
  • Stats don't win games. Joe wins games.
  • Joe can't build a DYNASTY
  • Dynasty? Don't use words that you don't understand.
  • Lose him? To who? I say pay him what he wants. I don't go to his games and I won't have to eat the increase in ticket prices to cover this guys salary. Anybody remember Chris Johnson at Tennessee? He had a good year, got a huge contract and hasn't done anything since except buy gold teeth. Watch, he will get the huge contract that will prevent the Ravens from keeping other players and then he is going to get hurt and he will be done, as will be the Ravens. Go for it Ravens..
  • No he should not be paid those numbers. Yes he should be paid more for the SB win though. Regular season is is a very avg QB .. The greats were good all season long for years not one super bowl run. Just how i see it.
  • He deserves to be paid as much as Manning at least. He still has a lot of good years left and should continue to enrich his organization.
  • Flacco deserves a raise for doing a good job. Just don't get too greedy. Just be thankful that you stay healthy, which is far more important than all the trillion dollars in the world. Like this billionaire who was involved in an accident that resulted in both legs paralyzed. He said one day, "I would give a billion dollar just to walk again".
  • If his agent gets too greedy they're going to let him walk. Teams still have to think about salary cap, and the rest of the team... Those numbers have to work as well...
  • No more than a 3 year for 35 million. When he is 31 and proven himself for 3 more years maybe then.
  • He should get a new contract but I feel all the players should earn their money based on performance and the contracts should be more incentive based. You have a good year you make more you have a bad year you make less but you have a base to rely on.
  • Finally, someone who's got it right. All of those big contracts for all sports should be performance based. They all want more for a good year but no one has ever said take some back because I had a bad year.
  • Go back and look at his stats from the previous three years. He should not be the highest paid QB but I do believe the Ravens should pay him. He made a good playoff run and that's the time when you want your QB hot.
  • No.
  • Well if they don't wish to pay him maybe Jerry Jones might pick him up. Cowboys could use a QB like him.
  • My exact thoughts, many have stated on here who would take him? Well if the Cowboys wouldnt their beyond stupid, I am NOT a Cowboy fan but i have setback over the last few seasons and wondered why are they keeping Romo? The Cowboys are alot like the Ravens, only with a better D, add onto the Cowboys who need him, Cleveland, The Rams, Arizona, and Jags just to name a few.
  • YES
  • you are an idiot
  • Joe , should probably be paid about 10 mill , per year , 4 year contract. Just a reminder, don't put all your eggs in one basket, the ravens need to replace Ray, and a couple of other players, need to be resigned. If he doesn.t like the deal, go to another team.
  • He's good but Tyrod Taylor who sits the bench can take over just as well.
  • get real
  • did you just start watching football a week ago??
  • Please pay him as much as he wants then see what happens when you can't pay other key players. I am a Steelers fan the more he gets the better I like it.
  • Agents are hysterical. He should be in the top 6 maybe. A QB isn't the only player responsible for making the playoffs. If he played for KC, I doubt he'd make much difference. I would take Brees, Brady, Peyton, Luck, Ryan, over Flacco. He ain't flashy and doesn't make many mistakes, so he should get good contract, but not the top.
  • keep ryan and his 1 playoff win in 5 years...who cares if he won 13 games during the regular season...the goal is the superbowl.
  • If he decides to test free agency, I'd actually love to see KC try to lure him there. His "ain't flashy and doesn't make many mistakes" style is perfectly suited to the Chiefs, and would be a big upgrade to ANYone else they may be considering right now.
  • You forgot guys with upside like Newton, Wilson, Luck, Kapernick and other like Roethlisberger, Rodger, and two Manning brothers.

    That means Flacco isn't even top 10 and a few young guys can supplant him, which means he's a middle of the road QB like Alex Smith, while Vick, Romo, and Rivers having down years or on a downward slide.
  • Of course his agent thinks he should be the highest paid cause guess what? The agent gets a bigger payday too if that happens. Wish players and owners and yes, even agents would get back to reality and quit this bull. A quarterback may be worth a lot but it's time to stop how high we can go. You are going to ruin the game if u keep it up.
  • Top rated QB's Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees. I'd say ol' Joe has a ways to go.
  • He and his team won SBXLVII, but he is nowhere near the best. So, no, he shouldn't be the top-paid QB in the business. Worth? Maybe $8-$11 million a year. Elite QBs like Rodgers, Manning, and Brees are worth more, maybe $12-$15 million.
  • I seem to remember Joe going into Denver in cold weather and making Peyton look like a joke. IDIOT.
  • And the joke Tommy Brady.
  • Remember this. Baltimore ranks in the multiple list of teams winning the Super Bowl. Flacco and the team have been in the playoffs 5 years in a row, since his signing. That is called producing. Name any players that have achieved that. You won't find many if any. Everyone seems to think if players leave, your team falls apart. If you know anything about football, players are drafted every year and some are super players. It then comes down to picks and trades. That is where teams are put together. Then you have the coaching roster. Baltimore has one of the best right now and it doesn't appear to be changing.
    I am looking forward to next season and the Ravens game card. Very few Super Bowl teams have gone 2 or three years in a row, and I think it's time for a Ravens run. We will see. It's football. 2 teams playing. One wins, one loses.

  • Really?????? He can't compete with Peyton's stats???? Did Peyton win any extra super bowls when nobody was looking? I think they're tied with one each...However, Joe's already won more playoff games than Peyton has and he did it in 5 years...Maybe you better shake the ice out of your head and check your numbers...You shouldn't hate Joe just because he came into Denver and kicked the Bronco's asses...you should really be mad at that defense that played like they were the three blind mice!!!
  • Not a chance ..Flacco doesnt start on at LEAST 18 teams on deosnt make the roster on 10 of them..Highest paid ..not even in The Arena League or the CFL
  • Really???? What color is the sky in your world goof? In the 5 years he's been here, he's started every game...won 63 lost 30...including going to the playoffs each of the 5 years...more road playoff wins than any quarterback in NFL History...more road playoff wins than 19 NFL FRANCHISES have!!!! Don't worry...he ain't going anywhere...and we're just getting started...I'm loving spending all the money you experts bet against us in the playoffs...you weren't right once...Thank you...Thank you...Thank you....LOLOL
  • Oh please...he's got ONE s.b. ring big deal..when he has THREE let us know...
  • I like Joe Flatco's coolness and presence in the pocket. 'nuff said; time for my nap with my cat B__
  • wake up guys,it's just an agent shooting off his mouth.on the bright side I'm happy for Joe,low key,just does his job.My son went to Delaware & saw him make the exact same play,rolling out being chased & completing about a 35 yard pass at the right sideline just before stepping out of bounds.Plus he has the strongest arm in football.
  • Thought I saw more people wearing Baltimore uniforms on the field than just Flacco. Didn't realize he won the game all by himself
  • I don't think you give him top QB money..A lot of his throws in the SB were pretty luck if you ask me...He just lays the ball up there a lot...Many times it goes the other way!
  • broncofan111 - Flacco's been in the league 5 years and has as many superbowl wins, superbowl MVP's, and playoff wins as your current QB!!! Stats are nice, but it seems like Flacco has way more upside (being that he's 28) than your QB! Are you even sure Manning is playing next year? I can see why your opinion is so strong being that the Ravens came to Denver, were 9 1/2 point underdogs, and beat the Bronco's... Don't worry, there's always next year.

  • after spotting Peyton 2 TD's
  • The highest paid QB no not yet but in the top 5 he should be. If not mistaken he has taken his team to the playoffs every year. He has only one ring but that is a start. Eli has a couple of rings along with Brady and the walking sexual assualt weapon out of Steelrs country. I enjoyed Flacco when he came into the league glad to see him have the early career he has had. Very nice QB glad Dallas didnt draft him so Jerry Jones could screw him up. Lets see how he responds this next year see if there is a SB hangover.
  • Of course the "agent" is going to say Flacco should be the highest paid QB in the NFL, his fee will be bigger.....Flacco is NOT an elite QB at this time....
  • Here's what you do with Flapco! Pay him $100,000 per year for the next five year and if he can produce 3 super bowl wins in the next 5 years then pay him (retroactive) 12 million dollars a year for the five years.
  • Why does everybody give so much credit to Peyton Manning and what hes been able to do over his career? Hes won a single superbowl title and consistently has choked in the playoffs his entire football life. As Aaron Rodgers said, you earn your pay check in the regular season and you create your legend in the playoffs. But screw whatever Karen Dodger has to say #go Vikes
  • You look at performance overall, not just the number of superbowl rings. Else you'd be left suggesting that QB's like Dan Marino (who won none) were just not all that good, while totally ignoring their performance, the teams in general, etc...

    I haven't heard anyone suggest that Marino's lack of a SB ring made him bad or anything like that. If that was the only criteria one looked at, those are the implications one could be left facing. And I doubt many would buy them either...
  • The only person who can answer that question (that matters) is Steve Bisciotti.
  • I am a diehard Steelers fan! We play Joe Flacco twice a season and have met him twice in the playoffs. By no means do I think Joe Flacco is an elite, or even really good QB. He is a "good" QB and that is it. However, I hope the Ravens go ahead and waste $20 Million-plus a season worth of cap space on Joe Average especially since they will no longer have Ray Lewis and likely lose Ed Reed. Tying up big money in Joe Flacco will mean that Kruger will also likely not be resigned. GIVE FLACCO ALL OF THE RAVENS MONEY!!!!!
  • That really is the only way that you can envision the Steelers ever beating the Ravens again.
  • hey concretejimmy. guess you do not know much. took Brady one year to win first SB. Thre of first four years. does what he does with no defense. see how many div titles. How mant conference finals. How many super bols. See who hold most single game and season records. Joke. Yu are the comedian. It is OK to like Flacco, but come on. Took 5 years with great defense and yes, he is a good QB. Wake up.
  • Being that im a cowboys fan..yes, i think flacco should be the highest paid, next year!!! and possible a few more years..not sure if i would sign a 6 to 8 year contract....and i think its ridicolous that he has to pay 25k for a corvette that was given to him for winning the super bowl MVP award....it should have already been included...just our gready government!
  • How can aneyone think Payton Manning is good I'll take Flacco any day

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Seahawks could wait to address Russell Wilson's contract

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