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Found February 07, 2013 on Larry Brown Sports:

Via Larry Brown Sports:

Colin Kaepernick just started his offseason, and he is not wasting any time adding to his tattoos.

Kaepernick tweeted the photo you see above on Thursday. The San Francisco QB added a tribal design around his pectorals and trapezius. The photo below via tattoo artist Orly Locquiao shows what designs were added:

According to a post by Locquiao on Humble Beginnings Tattoo, Kaepernick was tattooed until 2:30 in the morning. Locquiao says the tattoo represents Kaepernick’s “family, inner strength, spiritual growth, and humility.”

Kaepernick’s tattoos became a source of controversy last season after a Sporting News columnist questioned the quarterback’s ink. Kaepernick’s parents were upset with the writer, and Kaepernick says he started the “Kaepernicking” trend in response because he is proud of his tattoos.

Locquiao also owns Cukui boutique in San Francisco. The clothing store sells designs inspired by Pacific Islander and Chicano cultures. They worked a deal with Kaepernick to sell shirts and sweatshirts inspired by the quarterback’s tattoos. Needless to say, business has been booming ever since.

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Photo credits: Twitter/Colin KaepernickOrly Kukui

  • Yummy!! he looks awesome!
  • "Proud of his tatoos??????" What-the-hell is there to be proud of? sitting on a couch and letting someone pierce your skin? He is a very good quarterback and took his team to the Superbowl - now THAT is something of which to be very proud. Tatoos, to me, on the other hand, represent immature showmanship and bad judgement. They're simply stupid.
  • Give me a break. Poor judgement is judging other people for what they do with their own bodies.
  • lconn, that's a really stupid statement. What if someone robs a banks, or rapes someone with their own body. Or commits suicide or does so much PCP that they feel no pain and cut an appendage off.

    Your comment is not well thought out.
  • Judgmental much?
  • It's legal and if he has probs with it later, that will be his problem too.....no worse than unkempt long hair...Tat's have been around for a long time.
  • abortion is legal...is it right?
  • Shame on you for being so judgemental! I have tattoos, my husband has tattoos and they symbolize us! If you don't like them that's fine. Don't be so quick to put ppl down for having them. It's not stupid and ppl like you make me ill. I love his tattoos and they represent his heritage, and he does not need your approval what so ever and neither does anyone else that has tattoos. So if I have them, it makes me stupid then so be it. They are for me to enjoy not you or anyone else!!!
  • I agree. I think the are about as stupid a way to spend money as booze. I've seen cute young women covered with the damned things and they look like they fell into a pool of mud. They just look filthy and if one of them ever tried to serve me in a restaurant I would leave.
  • I totally agree with you. Nothing to be proud of here.
  • Those tatoo design is from my Samoan culture. Please do not judge my culture as stupid. I respect everyone's culture, I'd like the Same respect back.
  • I agree... You just have Tattoos that's all and wait till you get old it's going to look all wrinkled and ugly... By the way he doesn't have an ounce of Samoan in him.
  • Wth are u talkin about? He's proud of his tattoos cause of his culture. SomeTattoos aren't just designs, they also mean something important!!
  • Ignorant. Ignorant. Ignorant. I'm trying to teach my Grandkids to respect their bodies and not to deface them and then a public figure does this. And I'm from Nevada also. Terrible example he is setting.
  • what's it matter if you're from Nevada? he was raised in CA and went to college in Nevada
  • oh!... Nevada , that explains everything
  • You're calling Kaepernick ignorant because he has tattoos??? Props to you for teaching your grand kids to respect their bodies, but maybe you should teach them to respect other people and their bodies as well. He is embracing who he is, an excellent example if you ask me. It is, however, a terrible example to be so judgmental of other people based solely on how they look.
  • well put!
  • Yes, Ignorant maybe you should teach you Grandkids not to judge others and that everyone is entitled to express themselves however they decide to do so.
  • he is a grown man.. he should be able to express himself with tattoos if he wants to. At least his tattoos represent something positive. Most rappers and other celebrities get tattoos that are negative and inappropriate.
  • That tattoo makes him look like he has man boobs.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Let me guess what it says. Douche? No wait, Loser? No, Douche? Ah I have it! Its a self portrait/picture of the leader in "MARS ATTACKS" done on his back just like what Stevo did. Captain Douche!!!
  • All this neg. vibe is uncalled for. There are plenty professionals out there that have tatoos and are proud of them. Now he has more than most but it doesn't brand him as an outcast or a bad role model. I attended a class this summer for ed. psy. and it was at the master/phd level and every one of the practing teachers had at least one visible tatoo. Get a grip people. As for respecting their bodies it causes no harm to a body. Booze and drugs are a different story focus you engery there and at risk sex, not a professional with tattos
  • Wow. If he only had dedicated that much effort on Super-Bowl Sunday.....Nah, what am I thinkin? Alex Smith shoulda been put in 1/2 way through the 1st period....Matter of fact, Harbaugh shoulda been rotating QB's throughout the season....they do it with a majority of other positions...Why not QB?? Huh Jim??
  • Smith hadn't played for 9 weeks, he couldn't have done as well as Kaepernick did. There are a lot of professionals with tattos. To each his own on the tattos. Just because he likes them doesn't mean you can talk bad of him. Give him a break, its his money and body!
  • You can't argue with the results of Kap during the regular season, but his immaturity and inexperience showed in the SB. Too big of a stage for a punk. Alex would have been a much better choice to start, get them out of the box, & (I agree) THEN rotate. But Jim knows best, right. That's why he has all of the off-season to mourn...
  • Seriously, who cares? He looks great and if he wants to be proud of them, why not. It's his body, no one elses.
  • Thank you! you're right.. its his body.
  • Good God , he was sleazy looking enough with the previous nasty tatts all over now! He really looks like a thug punk from the hood now with this extra scht on his body.
  • That's a ridiculous statement, have you been any where to see what a thug looks like? He is an intelligent, successful young man, what he decides to do with his body his is choice. To many people tats are a form of art and a way to express themselves.
  • Totally in agreement!
  • Nice looking tats and tits...I just don't like tattoos. Would never get one myself or date anyone with a tattoo. Just my preference. It's his body and his choice, not mine.
  • immature! i'd rther have alex smith
  • I have no doubt that tatoos,like smoking cigarettes,using illegal drugs and otherwise engaging in high-risk,self-destructive behaviors,reflect an underlying lack of healthy self-love and self-respect. I would never date a woman who smokes and who has multiple piercings and tatoos. Peace and love to all.
  • how the hell cares at least he didn't murder any one next year he'll get a number 6 tattoo
  • I absolutely am estatic about the tattoos. All of these people, including this great quarterback, will be having me take all of that stuff off, when they are 50 or so. I cannot wait to do it. It will cost though, and a lot.
  • at that age people have their memories dont show off much of their bodies so why would they even bother having them taken off?
  • I don't see what the BFD is, its his body and he can do whatever he wants with it. Go Niners!!!
  • Humility? Kaepernick doesn't know the meaning of the word - this is a contradiction of the definition, as well as his kissing his biceps when he scores a TD.
  • he's not kissing his bicep, he's kissing his tattoos
  • thank you for clearing that up for the people that THINK they know;)
  • yes they are so my body will have plenty...thats why its my body.....dont like dont look....isnt that easy;)
  • Makes beautiful women look like skanks!
  • WOW... amazing how judgemental people can be. So he is proud of his tattoos and this makes him a bad person, REALLY???? Get over yourselves.
  • I carry myself very well,I have great manners,and I'm not bad to look at.Im a very respected person.My parents did a great job!!!I have my whole back tattooed and my stomach and both my sides.You cant see any of that unless im in a bathing suit,which in the summer I usually am!!People with tattos are expressing themselves let them do it!Who are you to judge?Really..look in the mirror..do you drink,smoke,lie,steal,or are you fat,ugly,skinny,well ur kids and other people see that and you're judging this guy for some ink?!spend more time on judging yourself and less on other people.;)And for the men that wouldnt date me because of my tatts that are covered up,wow I dont even need to look at you,just hearing how you talk makes you unattractive!!
  • I like the way you think and that you are not afraid to speak your mind. I also have tattoos (2) and plan to get one more to commemorate something I hold very dear to me - sobriety. One of my tattoos is for a medical condition so that if I am unable to communicate, EMTs will be able to idenfify what is wrong. I see nothing wrong with tattoos. It is a matter of personal choice, and if others want to judge me because I chose to get a tattoo, then I don't think that I want to know them.
  • San Fran : Land of fruits, nuts, & flakes... Wait, that's ALL of California... Do I see a Ray Lewis in disguise, playing QB? He probably grew up in a house with little attention...
  • There is a great song about Tattoos like his.

  • ok i have sat back and read all of these crazy comments and i am truly amazed. since when did any of you become God? Im sure you all have plenty of things you people can find to pick you a part with esp. considering that most of your comments are bashing tatoos. The word is a crazy and ugly place. We are to love one another like God loves us. It always amazes me to hear how we juge people but how upset we get when we get treated that way. As i teach my children. Treat others how you want to be treated. Dont call people names that you dont want to be called. and never bully someone because one day some one could bully you and then you will know how much it hurts to be un wanted.
  • true;)
  • God condemns tattoos in scripture.
  • Scripture condemns eatin shellfish too...do you still eat them?
  • He also forbid cutting hair and not eating anything which bleeds. Seriously if you are a old testament Christian and these are your beliefs fine, that's on you.
    Not everyone is a Christian and last i checked you don't have to be Christian to believe or have god in your heart.
  • Regardless of the Tattoos, 49ers fans have one hell of a quarterback and he should only be judged by his character and his play on the field. Both seem to be outstanding, he has a bright future. I was very impressed with his performance in the Superbowl when I expected him to crumble. I am a die hard Ravens fan and that kid played his heart out.
  • Tattoos are nothing more than self mutilation and demonstrate a complete lack of self respect. Why does it matter to me? Because I have to look at that crap if I have to look in that person's direction. That's why it's offensive. The attitudes and behavior of professional athletes and the college punks that take up the lust for tattoos are dumbing down common decency and social mores for the kids who are taking all of this in. It is hard to believe that the commissioners of these privately owned sports leagues are allowing this because it is not helping their image. In fact, it just makes all of them look like prison thugs and gang bangers. They don't respect themselves so why should anyone else show respect to them? They would never make it in the corporate world with such blatant disregard for their own bodies.
  • SO DON'T LOOK. I work in a law office with a girl who is fully sleeved - she wears long sleeves every day (even in summer) to cover her tats, but does an amazing job. You have no idea what he may do with his life after football - could maybe end up in the corporate world.
  • hello mr.high and mighty...getting a tattoo does not mean disrespecting yourself.A person does things for what they get out of it whether its beauty,or a want.A little girl getting her ear peirced,A lady getting stretch marks on her body from carrying a child,or do you have a son well did you get him circumsized....well why you just put your son through pain he didnt need togo through,and you didnt give him that choice did you!!Tattoos are a choice I hope your daughter or son if you have one....puts you though the pain of watching them walk around showing off their tattoos!!!
  • I told my sons several years ago that if they ever got a tattoo or a piercing, I will immediately disown them. End of story.
  • "Tattoos are a choice..." So are many other things,,,abortion, murder, stealing...etc
  • You are so right on!
  • bmorefaithful STFU!!!!!!!
  • Who else wants to see this aged 70 years?
  • Amen! Our young children are being exposed to such vile and repulsive behavior more and more. Basic human dignity starts with self respect. Why ruin the wonderful body that God gave you with disgusting ink? You lovers of this kind of crap talk it up but take note that the tattoo removal industry is booming. It's the kind of behavior you expect from superstitious savages on some remote island in the South Pacific but not from educated people in the 21st century.
  • It looks like a halter or bikini top or something... kinda weird.
  • I don't really care what people do to their body and I like Colin but I don't understand how a tattoo can represent "humility" Isn't that like screaming out "I'm humble"? A bit of an oxymoron, no?

    I also can't help but wonder if this will one day look like a bra.
  • what is his tribe? is he pacific islander or chicano? no pacific islanders do that, pacific islands history only maoris of aotearoa and samoans of samoa islands tattoos, it's culture, even those cultures you cannot just tatooed cause you felt like
  • People who try their best to look different especially through mutilating their bodies through tattoos and piercings are really very insecure. It's not just a cry for help...it's a top of the lungs scream, "Help me. I'm insecure with myself and I don't know how to handle it." Think about it...there has to be something really wrong with this guy to want to screw his body up and force anyone who wants to watch the game he happens to be in to look at the garbage on his body. I don't care if his tattoos say that Mary had a little lamb, they are hideous to look at as are ALL tattoos no matter how little or how large. The cute little butterfly makes a woman look like a slut of the first order. Same with a guy who wants some idiotic "ink" on his body even if it is the size of a dime. It makes them look like trash.
  • Wow!! Listen to yourself. You are really taking this to the heart. Did you have some trauma in your life regarding tattoo issues? Someone that you love/d with tattoos?
  • Inked up bodies certainly are not for everyone but that is what makes us all different. If you do not approve of body ink then do not partake of this self-expression and do not criticize others that exercise their freedom of choice and attire themselves with ink body art.
  • Why is this moron even getting publicity? He was the LOSER of the Super Bowl. If he had spent as much time viewing DVDs of previous games of the opposing team (Baltimore), instead of shaving his idiotic looking beard and nurturing his "body art" he would be the super bowl hero, instead of zero. Only stupid retards get tatoos. They all make you look ghetto and worthless.
  • Looks like a thug. He is no Montana and cerrtainly no Flacco. Some talented linebacker or corner will bring him back to earth. Not a Ravens fan but certainly glad Harbaugh/Kaepernick talk is over for this season.
  • I like the tatoos I have Tatoos and i get coments on them all the time I don't care what people think its my body. The tatoos on the 49er guarter back are awsome tatoos They are how he feels
  • Colin, How about having your exact tats on a leather jacket tattoo'ed. Yes not screen printed, BUT TATOO'ED in the leather.
  • And I suppose you live exactly as the bible says? When was the last time you slaughtered a bull? Lev 4 i know itll probably be tough for you but read the whole chapter...
  • He should get a tattoo of a clock so he can learn how to manage the play clock...
  • Introverts! These people who put tats on their bodies are crying out for help,they're insecure, they're also empty on the inside. Most people with tats are very short sighted, and most of them are criminals/losers.
  • I thank God that he gave us all free will to do what we like. I think his tattoo is hella Sexy. He's young fresh and he's rich!! Sounds insecure to me. If the niners would have won the Superbowl you would have said. "Why didn't he tattoo Superbowl Champion on his chest". Get real in a real world.
  • Do you know that the fastest growing profession is Doctors that specialize in removal of tattoos. You people make me wish I was young and a Doctor. Wow I could get rich.
  • All of you with your negative comments need to take a seat and keep quiet. Kaepernick is his own individual! He can express himself and who he is in any way he pleases! He's the one who is paying for it and has to live with it. Whatever he choses to do with his body is HIS business. Do you think it matters to him what your opinions are?! OBVIOUSLY NOT! YOUR ARE OPINIONS AND COMMENTS ARE IRRELEVANT TO HIM. No matter what, he is who he is. He's has the right to express himself in anyway he likes, if you don't like it.. WELL THEN DON'T LOOK. People are so quick to judge others who have tattoos. YOU PEOPLE ******* STUPID. You don't know the story behind them, or what they mean.. or they can simply just have a tattoo JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN! So ******* get over it. Whether they regret it in the future or not. THATS THEiR PROBLEM! NOT YOURS. KAEPERNICK is successful. He's jus not some bum/ low life scum off the streets. His dream was to play for the SF 49ERS since he was a kid, AND HE MADE THAT DREAM COME TRUE. HE WORKED HARD TO BE WHERE HE IS TODAY. SO just because he's tatted he's some kind of loser?! LMFAO . yeah right.. stop hating and let the guy be.
  • A lot of people have been getting Samoan tattoos lately, it's a fad I guess. Kind of like how people get Chinese characters tattooed on themselves. Samoans are enjoying the spot light while it lasts. One day having a Samoan design tattoo will be yesterday's fad, but to my people, it is part of our culture,

Colin Kaepernick got a new chest tattoo

Colin Kaepernick’s tattoos have been the source of controversy from some crotchety old folks in the media. That’s been a well-publicized fact. But don’t think because of that Kaepernick is going to quell his enthusiasm for body art. Kap, possibly to cheer himself up after losing the Super Bowl and becoming the first 49ers quarterback ever to throw an interception in the big...

Colin Kaepernick's new hot model girlfriend J Marie

Word on the street is that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has a new model girlfriend named J Marie.  Clearly this is a modeling name, but we are determined to find out who this chick really is.  For now all we know is that she is an Asian bikini and glamour model.  That's good enough for me.  Check out her hottest pics in the gallery below. ...

Colin Kaepernick’s new tattoos (Photo)

Now that the NFL season is over, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick added some more tattoos to his body.  I think they look pretty good. I don’t have any tattoos and don’t plan on getting any, but I do enjoy looking at the ones that other people get. Need NFL Tickets? var _CI = _CI || {}; (function() { var script = document.createElement('script'); ref...

Colin Kaepernick Adds Tribal Tattoo to His Body Collection After Super Bowl Loss

Colin Kapernick is getting over his Super Bowl loss via ink. The 49ers quarterback, whose tattoos has been the subject of some scrutiny, recently added some impressive tattoos to his frame. Around the words “Against All Odds,” which was added to the 25-year-old’s frame not too long ago, Kaepernick added a tribal design, according to USA Today. His newly-acquired print was...

Photo: San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has a new chest tattoo

Less than a week removed from a humbling defeat in the Super Bowl, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is adding some new ink. The rising star posted this picture of his new chest tattoo via Instagram on Thursday.The new design surrounds the "Against All Odds" tattoo that he previously sported.The work was done by artist Orly Locquiao of Humble Beginnings in...

Kaepernick ready to get back to work

Colin Kaepernick won’t spend much time dwelling on the 49ers’ excruciating Super Bowl loss. He’s already prepared to move on and get back to work on the future – and what a future it appears to be for San Francisco after the emergence of the fleet-footed, strong-armed youngster as a dynamic 21st-century quarterback that the franchise will build its offense around for years to come.

Kaepernick’s New Tattoo:Sexy-licious

“Colin Kaepernick was shirtless” sounds like a good start to any story. This one ends with the words “…getting a new tattoo.” Apparently while some 49ers fans were drowning their sorrows (and setting trees on fire) after the team’s Super Bowl loss, “Kaep the cutie” was drowning his chest in fresh body ink. Whether you care what the final product looks like or...

Suggs now a Kaepernick believer

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs proclaimed himself a Colin Kaepernick believer after playing the 49ers QB in the Super Bowl.

Terrell Suggs calls Colin Kaepernick ‘the truth’ at QB

According to Baltimore Ravens line backer Terrell Suggs, who faced Colin Kaepernick in the Super Bowl, the young quarterback is “the truth” (Credit: AP Photo) After beating the Colin Kaepernick led San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs had nothing but positive things to say about Kaepernick. During an interview this week with Jim Rome...

Terrell Suggs: I didn’t Believe in Kaepernick before the Super Bowl, but I was Wrong

  Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs has never been known to hold his tongue when asked an opinion on a topic. Always good for a quality quote, T-sizzle had this to say when talking about San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Per the Jim Rome Show: “Going into the game, I thought it was all hype,” Suggs told Jim Rome. “He’s only had nine starts...

The Post Super Bowl Email Chain

On 4th and Goal, down by 5 points, San Francisco went for the win on a Colin Kaepernick attempted pass. While his pass was ultimately incomplete, there is unquestionably a ton of controversy on the call due to what appears to be an obvious holding penalty on Michael Crabtree by Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith. What are your thoughts on the call? Putting your personal bias aside, would...
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