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Found September 23, 2011 on Jocks and Stiletto Jill:

From Jocks and Stiletto Jill:

I have to say, I wasn’t shocked to find out that Deion Sanders and his wife Pilar are divorcing after 11 years of marriage. Most athlete marriages end in divorce and while the union appeared to be solid, that’s not surprising. What was shocking however, is the fact that it’s Deion who filed for divorce.

A few weeks ago, rumors surfaced that Deion was cheating on Pilar with a 19-year old woman he met via Twitter. NFL player Adam “Pacman” Jones was supposedly his wing man.

Deion’s alleged reason for filing divorce:

“Enough is enough. I never signed up for all this. Enough is enough. If I wanted a model or a television star I would have married one a long time ago. All I wanted was a housewife.”

The confusing thing about that statement, Pilar IS an ex model/video vixen. Maybe he forgot:

Then, there’s the equally confusing fact that he and Pilar had a reality TV show -- Prime Time Love:

I guess he’s ignoring his contribution. This was Deion’s second marriage. Pilar released a statement to Hello Beautiful:

It’s unfortunate that my husband decided to take this course of action…I’m surprised and hurt… As I said to my children, we must take a minute breath and Trust God.”

I guess we’re about to see single, retired Deion in action.


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  • This nickel and dime wannabe player is a joke.He is two faced,afraid to tackle one on one and he gets into the HOF,what a joke.I hope his wife takes him for every penny he conned the stupid football owners to pay him.
  • But he's still the best one on one cover DB who ever played the game ! Deion wasn't paid to tackle ! He was paid to shut down star WRs which he did effectively !
  • he wasn't hardly the best! deion was faster than any corner to play besides darrell green. deion always covered an area never straight up on a receiver. because of the speed, qbs were scared to test him. most of that fear came when he played in san fran and dallas. check the tape in atlanta and you will see people attacking deion a lot! in sf he had a good corner on the other side named eric davis and a safety who was really a corner in merton hanks. that helps! in dallas he had kevin smith, darren woodson, and brock marion. it's easy to look great with those supporting casts. also go back to deions interceptions and you will see 80% to 90% of those were not the result of him actually covering someone but because the quarterback threw to a space and he ran to the ball. when deion lost a step, ordinary qbs lit hit ass up!
  • you must have bump you head somewhere in life and the effects are still showing. You whole comment is a ball face lie. Every player and coach, defense and offense, around the league said that Deion is the best corner ever to play the game; old school and present day football. You obviously are not from Atlanta, I am. That crap you talking about lighting him up was the neon signs dude 'cause you don't have a clue.

    Because you are jealous of his accomplishments, that's your problem but keep your lies and crooked eyes to yourself.

    Rodney Pete attacked Deion on Monday night football and got intercepted and every analyst, former player, and coaches etc. said that was the bone head play of the week and the century.
  • Sanders was extremely fast. However, it is my feeling Darryl Green was a far superior corner. I have no comment about his marital situation.
  • I bet u never played a down of organize football! but we knw u can lie on the internet!
  • Somebody sounds a little jealous to me!
  • I completely agree. NEVER made an effort to tackle...quite the wuss actually. Worse is having to listne to him, Mooch, and Rich 'idiot' Eisen. Go away'Slime Time'
  • I agree with you. It is unfortunate that Deion doesn't see how foolish his actions have been. He is only focusing on what he thinks his wife should be doing, but he is forgetting his responsibilities to his marriage. He is missing the whole picture, in his actions of committing adultery he has hurt his marriage for more than if his wife didn't take care of the house. Who is he kidding? If you commit adultery you are not taking care of your home, your marriage, and yourself. He should be thankful that Pilar was willing to forgive him for cheating in the first place. Even now, she has shown integrity, honor, and respect and her response to the public. She did not speak badly about Deion, but looked to the Lord for her strength and encouraged her children in the Lord as well. During this trial she is still showing to be a beautiful, godly woman who Deion should be thankful to have in his life. She is a blessing in his life to be appreciated, loved, and respected. The Lord will take care of her and Deion will regret this the rest of his life, if he continues down this path of divorce instead of choosing to repent of his sins, seek his wife's forgiveness, and reconcile his marriage. Keep the faith Pilar and God Bless you and your children during this trial. Deion, please think twice about your decision and do God's will, not your own. Remember, with God all things are possible.
  • Hey you must forgot that Deion was also marry to his first wife Carolyn Sanders. and he let that Jezbel spirit of adultery come between him and his first wife. what was the problem their. the same crap he did to carolyn with that Jezbel.{Pilar} you reap what you sow. because that marriage was not call by God. and i was surprise that it last this long it was trouble from the beginning after all they both are still caught up in the secular world crap. but they are two people supposely Love God.again God honor marriages. so she is getting what's coming to her.the children are going be alright. and Dion need's to go in his closet and seek God about this not in another women are friend's nor marriage counselor ok.get a life you too
  • This women should be dumping him she is gorgeous!!
  • So what is gorgeous who gives a _ _ _ _ she not a good wife. To many women think you just have to look good. It's enough for men to stay with them long term.
  • Oh come on!! The guy is a typical pro athlete idiot! He is trading in his wife of 11 years for a much younger model and claiming that GIRL can be a better wife.
    The same stereotypical behavior again and again!
  • How do you know that she's not a good wife? Theres two sides to every story. If your'e going to put your foot in your mouth, wash them first!
  • she not a good wife stated from the Husband she married.....the only Person who it matter too.
  • men bitch if we don't look good. I live in Dallas and Deion holds himself out to be such a "Christian" when he want's to be. Doesn't he remember "till death do us part?" or is that unless a 19 year old comes along. He ought to be ashamed. She was a good wife. You probable don't have one either!
  • This is a dumb statement for a married man to make (all he wants is a house wife) this is slavery kind of mented talley for a black to make. Some people don't know when they should keep your mouth closed. It better to stay quite than to speak and let everyone know what a fool you are.
  • NO its not a "slavery" statement. Maybe because you are not black... When we men say we want a "house wife"... we want a woman not to worry about anything else... help take care of the kids they make and help him after he comes home from work. The woman have the option to work, go to school etc. But if you think about it... maybe it because there are so many divorces is that there are women lying to themselves and their husbands that they are fine being a housewife. HOnestly, most women have no problem being a house wife if they feel comfortble. You won't find a housewife with a man earning less than $50,000 a year, heck even if they earn less than $100,000 a year. But you know for a fact (if you are a woman) most women would not have a problem at all quiting their low paid careers to be with a love one, espeically if he's pulling in $10-50 million a year.
  • Uhhh, no they don't have the option to work and go school. That is the point! Deion claims that she could not be a "house wife" AND do some modeling/tv stuff (which is not a full time thing anyway).
  • Truth is, someone is lying. I can't blame him no more than her. In general, no man would want to trade in a 11 marriage for a new young thing.... unless the marriage is bad. Bottom line is... people get divorce all the time, its not a time to enforce a woman to make a man pay money. That's what's wrong with our country now. Everyone wants to get paid for basically doing NOTHING. Child support is one thing and I agree to it to a certain extend... if he's still rich then pay $2,000 a month. After all, if you want to throw in "their use to the life style", then I think he sould be able to "get head" from her several times a month... afterall, "he's use to a certain life style".
  • Thank you brotha for talking stupid.
    Deion did this before. So do most of the homeboys in sports and entertainment.
    Why don't you try to actual make a point with some evidence to back it-instead if just saying "OJ is innocent" for every idiot athletes.
  • Homeboys? meaning what exactly? If I misunderstand please correct me, the fact of the matter is that many athletes/entertainer of all colors (both sexes) get caught up in their egos & fame & their mess gets played out in the media for the simple minded masses with nothing better to do than speculate about someone elses life (& therefore ignore the misery that is theirs). In the meantime, you ignorant ones who have your silly prejudices & jealousies of blackmen get to stupidly point out their inadequecies as human beings & try to blame it on their skintone! Knock it off ...holes! Black & white (& other) do the same sh.., but as usual it makes for better commentary to blast it when the "black" guy does it! Heres a fact for anyone that didnt know, Deon's wife is an ex video vixen, my opinion: He fell for the package, she fell for the package, The supeficial has probably been wearing off for sometime now, & since he found a younger version (& the kids are getting older) he has decided to move on to the next. summary, Mr, Sanders in the end will be a lonely bitter man in the end but I guess we can say he had fun while it lasted right? So long ignorant masses!!!!
  • oh my God, finally, somebody said it. How many women especially black women, would love to be at home, just being a housewife. For the most part, many do not get the opportunity based on whatever. However, even if they did have the choice, who wants to be totally reliant on one per to take care of you in this society of disrespect toward age. Hell, my young son will have to wait on finding a wife his own age because all the old farts are dipping into his pond. Just a joke, and a little exsagerated, but you know what I mean.
  • SERIOUSLY! Try spell check next time....you sound as stupid as he does- I believe you mean 'mentality' and 'quiet'"!?
  • Its just spelling geez! This is an opinion site- not Its Academic!
  • No, spelling is something you do every day. It is not that hard to do it correctly. It also helps you try and get your point across...
  • Man, that's all you can come up with "mr. spelling bee". I hate to see you when someone is talking bad about you... come on, spelling...hey... it is, what it is.
  • It's obvious after 11 years she hasn't fulfilled her end of the marital union. He probably couldn't take it anymore because she most likely sat at home, did nothing, shopped constantly and failed to have meals and romance waiting after his hard day at work. Women take too many hard working men for granted, thinking "Oh, he'll never leave me because I'm pretty and have children by him". We can't judge him because he probably couldn't take it anymore and unhappy beyond repair. She's no longer a model so she should have done something while she was home to enhance things. Or if he's cheating he found unnecessary fault in her and justify his actions by blaming.
    Whatever, another broken marriage in Hollywood, wow!!!
  • You are stupid!
  • Are you stupid? Do you know anything about this guy's history or these pro athletes? Did you read the article. He said he wanted a house wife!! She was that for years!
    Are you one of those "OJ, R.Kelly, Chris Brown. etc is innocent and misunderstood" types?
  • LOL... you say she was a "house wife"... listen to the guy... he's asking for a housewife... I guess she wasn't being a "housewife". Maybe she was being a mall rat?
  • Makes sense..since he said he wanted a housewife- so that PROVES she wasn't one. YEA!
    If a cop says "The guy had a gun."- that PROVES the guy had it.
    If a woman says "He beat me!" - That PROVES he beat her!
    Why would anyone lie? YOU ARE A GENIUS!!
  • What if she did everything you say,what would be the excuse then?Your statement about women is sterotyping and not true for all women.
  • How in the hell do you know intimate details about their life behind the front door when it's locked?

    You and the people bloogging there opions about what details that lead Deion to this point are funny as hell. YOu all are trying to say what did or did not go on between them behind closed doors. How stupid and soap opera'ish is that?

    And for goodness sakes, don't believe what the press says. That is flashing, "I am an Idiot" sign over your forehead if you do.
  • Some men are not going to go be satisfied no matter what you do as a wife, their egos are such that they can't be satisfied. They need to be admired and doted on, hence the nineteen year old. It will be very interesting to see how long this love affair lasts. lol! So when you ask, what could Pilar have done differently? The answer is NOTHING. A man with money and a out-of-control ego is going to do what he wants, regardless of who he hurts, children are collateral damage, he'll just make more....
  • Not a Black man, I wear blinders. She is absolutely gorgeous!
    We however, do not know what went on in their personal lives that led to this divide.
    In any event, am sure neither one of them will have a problem finding a compatable person. Just hope all goes well for them and the family. Family is foremost.
  • heyitsmsallen, hell, I forgot to spell check.
  • Deion is going through a mid-life crisis after that young girl gets tired of his old damaged body, no energy to keep up and deion tighing up his wallet then the young girl is gone.
    What does Daddy do then go crawling, begging back to Pilar.
    Pilar God is good don't give up on ur man he is lost but prayer will prevail
  • I agree with lexiedo357 about Deon's mid-life crisis, but I can't stop laughing long enough to complete this sentence, I am still laughing at the statement made about his "Old Damaged Body. LOL
  • I agree with lexiedo357.... A 19 yr old baby girl has no idea what SEX should feel like, so he is a STAR.. Ask a woman in her 40's !!! I think we are called cougars..
  • Everyone thinks that he wants another "relationship" or even marriage right now.... have you all ever heard of a "cut buddy"? Whow haven't went through a bad relationship or even marriage, found someone who's willing to give you some attention??? SO, she's 19, know what d**k taste like...LOL. In her head... "i'm banging a millionare..."... in his head, "...I still got it...".
  • 11 years! She could have divorced him after she had the first child and gotten a fat check- if she were a gold digger. She stayed with this dope who just wanted her to sit home while he acts like a clown and bangs groupies.
  • nope, gold diggers will stay as long as it takes... the longer they stay, the more money they can get, especailly with more kids. Now, they may not act like they are in a marriage, but they know how to play the role and stay, bug you to death and make you file the papers, so everyone can say... "oh look at me..." Heck, who haven't dreamed about the spouse crashing one day, just so you can get laid and have money on the side? LOL
  • Thank you brotha(not!)! Another "My boy is innocent.....gold digger, whitey, po-leese, set him up to take his money and bring him down"
    How about some accountability for once?! Is there any way to prove these guys DID do the wrong thing?
    Oh I forgot....they are human. So, of course they do bad things....just not THIS time...or the next...or the next..."
  • Let me shut you all down, TSmith got it right on the money. I've known Pilar since she was in elementary school. She did beauty pageants, (her sister also), since she could walk. Not faulting her really but she was basically groomed to be a gold digger. Trust and believe she was the biggest brat growing up and hasn't changed much as an adult. Although she has 2 other siblings, a sister and brother, she was always doted on by her parents, she was the youngest and absolutely gorgeous. I always knew she would marry well she was a very determined girl. She knew the game and played it accordingly and tho she is very smart with a good educational background we came from the hood of Elmira, New York. She has a great family, Nice mom, brother, sister and tho her father is gone he did not play. If Moose were still alive i don't believe Pilar would be the way that she is. I don't know where Pilars personality came from cuz she's the only one in the family like that but what you see on Football Wives is really her. I'm not surprised Deion filed. I caught a few clues in that series that led me to believe it was coming.
  • Thanks Deon! One more stereotype fulfilled! Now lets see you fight to NOT pay child support as the "Free OJ, Chris Brown, R. Kelly" sets post comments claiming Pilar is a gold digging W8hore who set Deon up for the last 11 years......"cause der is two sides ta e'ery story you know!You wasn't der!"
  • You can put a monkey in a suit....but, it's still a monkey! This is why I left the USA...I don't have to look at these animals!
  • yawn. That had no real value/ credibility.
    {{{TROLL ALERT! He's just looking for a fight! Ignore!!}}}
  • Black athletes (entertainers,clergymen....) do the exact same sh*t over and over again and we say the same thing everytime......."we don't know what happened.....we weren't there.....only god can judge..."
    Look...this is not racism OR ROCKET SCIENCE! [and these guys have a huge influence on generations of NOT RICH black boys who think- "hit it and quite it....its never your fault" is a valid way to live and love.]
  • Ok, it doesn't matter about his pass career. The fact is that many people enter in a marriage, and most of the time one person deicdes to stop "playing the role" and show their true colors. As he stated, that he didn't want a model or a tv show girl... he just wanted a housewife. Meaning... be positive, educated, faithful... help take care of the kids and have a healthy desire for him in the bed. After all, if your spouse is making several millions a year... you aint doing no cleaning. YOu have a maid, cook, etc. All she has to do is "sit pretty" and support her man... that's he wanted. TO bad a 19 year old sees that.

    How many people have got married and either the wife or the husband don't want to have sex with them? Even myself before I got divorce, I told my wife, "...a full man doesn't go out to eat..." My wife treated me like a roommate... so I could imagine that she might have treated him like a "partner in business" since he's so rich. What do she have to loose? Nothing. Several years of child support plus a 24 month of aliomony. THere are a lot of gold diggers out here...some will use a guy who only makes $20,000 a year... what do you think is going to happen to someone making $10 million a year?

    but I'm not saying she is a gold digger... I don't know him or her... just my opinion. I will end with this... there is always two sides of any story.
  • Thanks brotha- for the standard "he didn't do it" response.
    Of course Deion (who was married before) is not to blame. Of course Pilar wasn't being a faithful wife and not giving him sex and slept with Jay-Z and gave Chris Brown an STD , and did drugs with Kato and Faye Resnick....of course!!!
    Speculation stories and conspiracy theories make more sense than saying that another rich brotha is doing that tired sh*t again and dumping a woman and his kids so he can sleep with a teenage (who you will claim was a made up story until Deion is photgraphed with her at some movie premiere).
  • She was a model and video vixen when he met her!SO was his last wife. He didn't look for wives in the church!
  • LOL... I'm not saying he didn't do it or anything. Pretty much everyone knows who they are getting involved with. Just like you said, she slept with people etc. Im sure he did too. Look at Will SMith and his marriage, they have an open relationship. But even looking for women at church... most of them are the biggest sinners of all. Just because the woman is out doing drugs and having orgies, and go to church doesn't make her wife matieral...LOL
  • Stupid!
    I never said she slept with other people.That way you being a brotha.
    I bet you think Rhianna hit Chris Brown and gave him an STD and that's why he defended himself.
    Does it ever occur to you that black men aren't helped by always claiming they are innocent or no worse than anybody else? If that were true, they, their kids, and the communiity wouldn't be WORSE off that others.
    If the brothas with money and options can't stop being baby making dogs, how can you ask that of men who are young, broke, and bored with their small lives?
  • I'm not sure a 19-year-old sees anything other than dollar signs. I can't be too sure, but at 19, I probably would have agreed to be a housewife for life if a middle-aged man with lots of money offered me the opportunity. At 31, I am a housewife temporarily, ONLY because I have an infant son. Next school year, I will be back in the classroom teaching, not because I have to but because I want to. If she was working (regardless of the field) when he met her, even if she agreed to stay home and be a housewife for the duration of their marriage, she has every right to change her mind. I don't have a clue who is to blame for this----time will tell. Just from reading the statements that they have made, we can all take a wild guess.
  • Thank you, finially someone who can tell the truth. Most people would agree to be a housewife if the person makes "enough" money to support the family. In general, women go for older guys. Even when I was dating, I was turned down by women, because they wanted someone in their 40's. But I was in my early 30's earning $90,000 a year. I didn't want a house wife... I believe everyone should be doing something. But it was no ill feelings... just a fact of life. Some women want to be taken care of and be a part of the household and some just want a man to be a ATM machine. Everyone is different. thank for your imput.
  • God you are an idiot!
    You live in that "brotha got it harder" fantasy land.
    Most black women DON'T marry rich (or richer) old men. Most of them marry men whose incomes mean the WOMAN has to work! You know that!
    In fact, black women often earn more than their husbands.
    Don't say "Whose talking black oe white?" You are so transparent- its insane!
    Stop with the crazy "brotha" facts!
  • Ditto-
    Except Elin didn't waste 10 -20 years with Tiger and Tiger didn't fight her over money or claim Elin failed him! Elin gets to be young, blind, and rich (and marry more rich men).
    It is very different if you are not so blond or young.
  • Well none of the senario played out in Deion life............Stop and take a look at the worthless life you been living and stop giving a dam what others are award in divorces. Don't worry you won't every live in their communities.
  • Knew Deion when he played college football..why do you think he was givin the nickname,...Neon Deion...(in college..then prim time)...he loved the public life..his name in neon...Hes been quite for to long..so now to bring the neon back around...Yes he was the best at his football game..not game of life...Housewife...you never grow up Deion....Just saying..he may have met his match....Both into money lol lol
  • Isn't he a self-ordained minister?
  • Haaha! I forgot about that!
  • wow, i dont feel sorry for no one but the kids. that has to suffer . she thought she had it going on cause of who he was and not focusing on what he wanted...typical..he just wanted someone to take care of his children and home..its ok to shop and look good. but keep it in perspective.she did it when she first married him and now she is trying to be more in the limelight than he is. its called overshadowing..that s why its not working for him anymore. i dont feel sorry for her at all.
  • You are another stupid black woman and jealous.
    I'm glad I don't have that blind loyalty. Or maybe you think Deion will want you. He has black Barbies and trades them in every 5-10 years.
    "He aint do it!....It not his fault" "Gotta support our men!"
    This is Deions second wife and he's cheating on Pilar!
    Go write letters to OJ and cry for Chris Brown after Rhianna set him up!
  • Hey free747...how long you been single? You are the most disrespectful woman I know. And this is coming from a man who was divorced. You can't go around calling people "stupid".... it shows how ... the lack of respect you have for other thoughts. In short, I'm glad this is only a blog. If we had to see you face to face, we would enter you into Tosh.O
  • Hold your head up high Pilar, plan a trip to Freeport, Grand Bahama. Deon is a cockroach who will be squashed a teenager in due time. Good Luck and keep on keeping on.
  • your advise is so positive..............I bet you're not married why i'm not surprised.
    Pics: Carolyn Sander

    Pic: Pilar Sanders



    I wonder what the 19 year old looks like. Is she another housewife?
    [[[NOTE!!!Deion has a 19 year old daughter who had nude pics of her posted online. Wonder if dad saw them and almost "friended" her]]]]

  • This is sad for the kids and Pilar! Obvious by her statement, she doesn't want a divorce. Deion is definately going through a mid-life crisis..a teenager! That's just nasty on both ends. Pilar is not lazy nor is she a gold digger. She was a model when they met so Deion's statement really makes him look dumb! He and Pilar were both very involved in the Church and making a positive impact on many. Obviously Deion's tired of being a good guy and that's what he simply can't take anymore! Hang in there Pilar!!
  • Deion was a minister for 2 seconds. Black ministers are even more about bling and show business than the athletes. They cheat just as much too.
    If Deion is a minister, his church family will forgive him and ask how Pilar could have done a better job.
    The church will also be there when he marries the college coed.
  • Preacher,please. Just because you live in a hen house doesn't make you a chicken.Deion has enough love for himself,ample.He doesn't need a female for emotional love,maybe for the physical aspect.Grow up narcistic individual.
  • HUh?
    So you are saying he didn't cheat on the SECOND model he married, impregnated, then dumped for newer version?
  • Its obvious dat 19yr old put it on him and ran game telling him wht he wanted to hear. Lets not 4get dat sadly wen a man is unhappy he seems to tell the "other woman" all of the negative things of his home life with his wife. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out what he wants after that. At the age of 19 I became a house wife and i can tell ya its not an easy job as some may think. Its more than having dinner ready and sex. But i did it well at my yung age cuz dats wht i choose 4 my life. Im still to dis day a house wife for 15yrs now. So dont get it twisted dat its all Dieon's fault (midlife crisis) every woman is not fit to dedicate their lives to their husband and kids fully.
  • That made no sense!
    Is this a joke/fake ("dis....dat"?
    Completely contradictory ending- compared to moronic beginning.
    You are a dude! :/
  • Deion, repent now before you become reprobated! Once you said you were a minister; you will be held to a higher standard by God!
  • Amen.
    [let me save the idiots time....."You aint god!!!! So you can't judge!You need to read YO Bible! I'll pray for YOU!"]
    Stop using pretty young women as trophies and photo props while you live ANOTHER LIFE behind the scenes!
    [As a matter of fact, every man whose ever been to the BET, SOURCE AWARDS needs to consider this. This behavior is ridiculous and WORSE than hockey, NASCAR, tennis set. A lot of these guys do it. The problem: the homeboys do it MUCH, MUCH, more and their kids get financially and mentall screwed! Look at Deion's 19 year old daughter- Deiondra! Bad role model for his kids and poor black kids]
  • Ya know, I have to say that they both are at fault. It takes two to make a marriage and it takes to to break one. If they really loved eachother they would have done anything to keep their family together. What I saw from their "Prime Time Love" reality show is that she is a pampered princess that doesn't like to do any hard labor. He likes to show off his things, and she likes to spend his money. I wasn't impressed at all. They both made me sick. I didn't really get a sense she was a homemaker type. Making babies can happen. Unfortunately, some should stear away from it. Especially if your to infatuated with yourself. Both seem very shallow. Oh lets get married. Sure the marriage lasted 11 years. How I can't emagine! She absolutely protrayed herself as a bimbo, self absorbed, princess that wasn't good for anything around the house. He just needs to stay unmarried. Don't feel sorry for people who act and behave the way they do. I hope your d**K falls off and Pilar you will get what you have coming to you.
  • my whole meaning is ya reap what you sow! People who have moral values and a strong belief in family and the sanctity of marriage are the ones who stay married and grow old together. Not these type of people. People who value marriage, value what marriage is and what it neans to their children and childrens children. Its never meant to be easy. Marriage is very hard at times. So hard you can have thoughts of divorce, but the love and respect you share with you spouse is worth everything. "To death do us part" its not just words and its not just paper. Its a vow, a promise and a covanant under God. They probably didn't read the fine print of their contract. LOL IDIOTS!! Both deserve what they get! Hopefully they will find their way back to eachother. However, they will both have to do some sole searching. I know its in there somewhere in side them.
  • Sure! She is a classic footballers wife! So is Victoria Beckham!
    She looks pretty and spends money and lives the ballers life with her husband. That is what they BOTH wanted! This is his second carmel colored, 6 pack abbed, model-wife. He didn't want a real, modest woman.
    But Pilar thought they had agreed to marry and live the baller lifestyle together until they were old. That's why she stayed 11 years when she was already entitled to half his fortune after the kids and the 10 year mark!
    Deion is to blame for cheating -again- and deciding to get a new model- literally.
    Both agreed to be bling happy, shallow a-hole TOGETHER!

  • Free747 You obviously have a problem. You have used the announcement of Sander's divorce as an opportunity to insult anyone whose opinion differs from yours. Are you the "brotha" expert? Perhaps you are jealous and resentful because you have a meaningless life, but you can change that if you want to. Try with a little introspection . . . you know what I mean. STOP BEING A HATER; YOUR RACISM IS SHOWING!
  • If anyone forgot he had a reality show prime time love on Oxygen and on there he rode his old ass on a scooter around that big ass house and Pilar was a good wife mom and housewife and did her charity work on the side and took care of home at least that's what Oxygen and Deion whated everyone to think BC they didn't have a maid she did everything in the house cook clean laundry....he's making himself look like an ass if that's his reason for divorcing her be he wants her to be a housewife the real reason: HE GOT CAUGHT CHEATING AND DIDN'T KNOW WHAT SHE WOULD DO NEXT!!!
  • If Deion were a true minister and student of the word, he'd know marriage is a covenant (unbreakable bond) he's still marriage to his first wife according to the new testament - so he's been committing adultry for 11 years.
  • Deion... keep your wife and family .GOD had bless you ,enjoy your blessing.**** the past none of us perfect.Wifey,you,me,nor my wife.Man I look up to you,On & off the field.From one bro to another I wish I could be with my children everyday unfortunate my ex. which is my kids mother made it hell for me.My wife kids are mine but they luv there father 1st.So brother you giving up alot especially with our boys we spoil our girls but make men out our boys.Man hang in there god have bless you .Don't let that DEVIL devide you from your family you support system brotha.Listen good there nothing more important than our kids.
  • Please! old man + young girl = - wife
  • had so much respect for Deion but a 19 year old !!! at least L.T. didn't know
  • I read all the comments listed but the only thing everyone fells to realize is MARRIAGE is a union built on love and trust. Here we have 2 people married for 11 years with 3 beautiful kids, and the number one thing that I know that they both love the lord and this will be the time for them to get on there knees and trust that god will rebuild there marriage. A lot of times we don't realize what were doing until it's to late Deon needs to think do I want to take my kids through what I've done in the pass be a man and take pride in your marriage everyone is stuck on MONEY and why she doesn't want to be a housewife everyone need's there own independence in life and raising 3 kids is a very hard job no one is really looking at the facts and we will never know the real reason why Deon wants a divorce he needs to take a good look at himself and get off his high horse and if he says he's a man of god prove it. This is just I feel nothing against anyone else be blessed.
  • The only intelligent comment that can be made here, is not a racist one. Don't comment about his marriage situation, because in reality, you don't know either of them. If you did, you still shouldn't comment. If you wish to comment about his athletic prowess, remember it's only your opinion.
  • Why must racism and religion come into play and surround every controversy? Really, aren't we more intelligent than that?
  • No, unfortunately I don't think we are. Every forum I read about ANY story always ends up with idiotic, sometimes racist remarks. For such an supposedly industrialized country, we are neophytes when it comes to resolving our issues, racism being a big one. Instead of folks commenting on the sad status of another marriage ending in divorce, all you get is speculation on the why, and that immediately turned into a Black thing. I'm surprised someone hasn't Blamed President Obama for the marriage ending. Apparently he's to blame for everything that's wrong in this country. Maybe one day we'll get it together so that the rest of world will stop laughing at us.
  • Redskins rule! Redskins rule! They will kick Dallas all the way to DC Monday night.
  • Can we pray for this beautiful couple to stay together , this gentleman is also a role model to his children and the world...lets hope they can work it out ...a great athlete of our time and a georgeous woman ...she's goota be sweet too
  • I think most people overlook the big picture. What many think is on the outside such as beauty miss the point. It's what is on the inside that counts. It may be time for Dion to move on, but don't let Pilar's resume stop him just because of her outward appearance.
  • FFFF
  • She is truly, a lucky woman.
  • If a man is tired of the same old stuff from a woman then get another one if you can afford it be happy looks don't mean everything. she had a good run and get some money to boot a house what more do she want? You people destroyed Tiger Woods because he had sex with a different woman most of the time one woman can't take care of a man on the move, don't beleive me ask a U.S President!! How did that song go " I'm not your superwoman " Then go find a job and stop complaining !!!!
  • See more comments >>
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Jags name Chad Henne Week 1 starter

In some less-than-surprising news, Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley indicated Friday evening after their third preseason game that Chad Henne will be the starting quarterback Week 1 against the Philadelphia Eagles.  Gus says Henne week 1 starter. — Ryan O'Halloran (@ryanohalloran) August 23, 2014 The Jaguars have remained consistent throughout the entire summer...
Via Sportsnaut
5 hours ago

Report: Jon Bon Jovi's bid for Bills over $1 billion

Mike Ozanian of Forbes.com reported earlier in the day that all three of the nonbinding bids the Buffalo Bills have received from prospective buyers are all under $900 million. According to Ozanian, the three bidders are: Terry Pegula: $890 million. Toronto Group (Larry Tanenbaum, Jon Bon Jovi, Ed Rogers): $820 million. Donald Trump: $809 million. Ozanian mentions that the ownership...
Via NFL Trade Rumors
1 day ago

Shaq feels Dr. J is greatest player of all time

Recently, Brandon Jennings made a completely misinformed statement that Kobe Bryant is the greatest player in NBA history.Brandon Jennings says Kobe is the GOAT & had less "help" than MJ. Agree or disagree? http://t.co/rxa2swNq1e pic.twitter.com/7heExg9UK4— Ballislife.com (@Ballislife) August 21, 2014Because there's nothing going on in the NBA right now this became...
Via Celtics Life
16 hours ago

Miami Central HS football coach receives racist letter

Miami Central Senior High School football coach Roland Smith received a hate letter, containing the N-word, in advance of the team’s nationally televised game on Saturday against the Hoover (Ala.) Bucs.  The letter, which allegedly came from a Hoover Bucs fan, also said, “Take up your chicken bones and red cups on the way back to Miami after we beat your ass,” according to Al.com.
5 hours ago

Wife of Angels pitcher makes Twitter crack after lost no-hitter

Matt Shoemaker is, by all accounts, having a pretty decent rookie season for the Los Angeles Angels. His beard game is tremendous, he’s got that 12-4 record and, based on this tweet to Will Middlebrooks Thursday night…his wife, currently expecting their first child, is top notch. Shoemaker’s wife Danielle sent out the “butthole” message shortly after her husband gave up...
Via Hall of Very Good
14 hours ago

Report: Manny Machado to have season-ending surgery

The Baltimore Orioles are on track to win the AL East division for the first time since 1997, but they might have to embark on a World Series run without one of their best players. Third baseman Manny Machado, who’s battled injuries throughout his brief MLB career, might not play again in 2014 because of a knee issue. Source: Manny Machado expected to have surgery on knee within...
Via NESN.com
10 hours ago

What if Andrew Luck had entered the 2011 NFL Draft?

Starting on February 14, 2014, Sam Quinn and The Sports Post have decided to run down the 52 Greatest What Ifs in NFL History, one per week, for the next year. For a list of published What Ifs, as well as the introductory piece, click here. I don't think Carolina is really complaining about Cam Newton, but in 2011 the Panthers desperately wanted Stanford quarterback Andrew...
Via The Sports Post
18 hours ago

WATCH: Bucs rookie Mike Evans involved in brawl outside club

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. I must admit I laughed when Mike Evans slide across the car like he was in a bad movie. TMZ has the details. It all went down outside Dream Nightclub … where the #7 overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft was screaming at bouncers. We’re told Evans had been partying inside the club moments before the video begins. While Evans —...
Via BlackSportsOnline
13 hours ago

Former Olympian walking again after ATV accident

Back in June, former Olympian and Fox Sports Radio host Amy Van Dyken-Rouen was involved in an ATV accident in which her spinal cord was severed. It was a very scary situation, but Van Dyken-Rouen kept a sense of humor about the situation and vowed to walk again, despite what seemed to be impossible circumstances. This week, the impossible seemed possible as Van Dyken-Rouen stood...
Via Awful Announcing
16 hours ago

Le’Veon Bell to cops: ‘I didn’t know I could get DUI from weed’

Le’Veon Bell was a bit confused as to why he was getting a DUI after smoking weed. This could have been the effects of the weed or he just genuinely didn’t know the law. I will let you decide from some details from the affidavit : Affidavit: @L_Bell26: "I didn’t know you could get a DUI for being high. I smoked two hours ago. I’m not high anymore. I’m perfectly fine...
Via BlackSportsOnline
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