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Found January 30, 2013 on The Victory Formation:
PLAYERS: Michael Oher
TEAMS: Baltimore Ravens

Via The Victory Formation:

Were you aware that Michael Oher was the subject of a movie called “the Blind Side?” It was a book written by Michael Lewis, and Oher’s part in the book was the inspiration for the movie. Did ya know about it? Michael Oher is sure knowledgable of it, and he is kinda sick and tired of it.

All the interviews that take place during the week of the Super Bowl, especially on the notorious Media Day, are pretty much rehashing of information that is already out there. Besides reporters trying to get players to make a Joe Willy Namath type prediction, they just hit them incessently about backstories on their lives. Oher’s is probably as well-known as anyone’s not named Ray Lewis. The Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle wants to move on from the movie that brought him into everyone’s living room.

“I’m tired of the movie. I’m here to play football,” Oher said early during his media session on the floor of the Superdome. “Football is what got me here and the movie, it wasn’t me. I always knew how to play football growing up. It was different personalities, stuff like that. Playing football is what got me to this point.”

You mean, that movie wasn’t completely honest? I thought Oher just learned how to play football once he got to high school. Damn movies. Aside from that, you can understand why he is sick of it. He’s starter on a Super Bowl team, and that story is kinda old at this point. He’s also answered all these questions for the last few years. His teammates won’t let up about it either.

“They (his teammates) joke about it, jokes here and there,” Oher told SI.com’s Don Banks. “It’s all fun. I knew they were going to enjoy it and have fun with it. It’s crazy because when it first came out, nobody said one word about it. I don’t know if they didn’t know what I was going to say or think. But now these last couple of years they actually joke around and kid around about it a lot.”

Can’t really feel sorry for Oher, but it is understandable that he wants to move on from it. Unfortunately, for him, if the Ravens do end up winning this Sunday, you can be sure that the Tuohy’s will be front and center with their adopted son and this will just be another chapter in the story.

  • Go Michael!
  • Sir Michael! I watch for you on the field. You are an inspiration to many. So, just stay focused man! You are a great player and I'm glad you and The Ravens are at the Super Bowl!!! I msut say that I loved the movie Blind Side too and the movie inspired me to support The Ravens.....

    The movie however doesn't define you sir. Your integerity and character does! GO RAVENS!!!!!
  • Please, Michael, be proud of the Blind Side movie.
    I live in Boston & should route for the Pats, but because of the movie, I route for the Ravens every week. I always watch for #74 on the field. You don't make touchdowns, so I don't hear your name, but an ESPN analyst says that you're unstoppable when you're on your game. The only names I know on the Ravens are Lewis & Placco, and now Michael Oher. I don't know any other names on the Ravens. My husband is happy that I finally took an interest in football. I'll be watching #74 specifically on Sunday night, & it's because of the movie. Michael, you inspired more people than you know.
  • You are obviously a white woman. Otherwise you wouldn't take that movie as seriously as you do.
    Remember the movie LEAVING ISAIAH? White women lost their Sh*t over that too. They make another one of these movies every 6- 10 years.
  • No, I disagree....judging by the poor spelling and broken English, I'd say it's a woman of color. :-)
  • @spaztikcolon - Are you a woman of color? Your english is worse. The pot shouldn't call the kettle black.
  • Or the stove calling the fridge white
  • your an idiot! Why woudl you feed into this!?!?!
  • wow I thought we were in 2013, color is still a concern to show caring?? oh that's right black people don't care that's why the jails, homelessness, foodstamps, and wellfare checks remain the same... Go Mr. Oher for some rich white people saving you from a drug addicted mother who lived in the ghetto !!! want to keep complaining.... go to the department of children and families and see how many kids aren't like you and donate every penny to those poor babies who weren't and never will be blessed as you were !!! Blind Sided ?? I'm sure you're well aware of the horrible conditions our countries children have to deal with, you were one of them
  • Stop being so dramtic! You said alot of nothing in your post but showed that your feelings were hurt by the previous person's comment. Get a life and don't wear your feelings on your sleeves. Also, I guess you are woman of color too because your english sucks!
  • Why every time white people try to make a point about African-Americans they associate them with Welfare and food stamps?? Last time I checked the majority of Welfare recipients are white. African-Americans spend more money than other ethnic group and everyone everywhere who owns a productive and profitable business has African-Americans and their associates to thank for their growth. So KISSit02 stop with the negativity... Its 2013 not 1713..
  • First not every white person tries to make a point about African Americans by associating with food stamps. Second the reason why there are more white poeple than black people on food stamps or well fare is because there are more white people in the country. If you looked at it say at percentage wise then the story is different. I was talking with a woman who was raised in Great Brittan..big slave owners and traders back in the day..yet they do not have anything like the rhettoric we do about race in this country. She believed the difference was clear..everyone wants to be from somewhere else...In the UK they don't call themselves African-British they call themselves British. We are all and should be from now on Americans and no-one being entitled to anything the other isn't. But make no mistake that most white people would rather chew off their left arm then come off as racists while people of color seem to be more racist than ever.
  • Why every time white people try to make a point about African-Americans they associate them with Welfare and food stamps?? Last time I checked the majority of Welfare recipients are white. African-Americans spend more money than other ethnic group and everyone everywhere who owns a productive and profitable business has African-Americans and their associates to thank for their growth. So KISSit02 stop with the negativity... Its 2013 not 1713..
  • how many "african americans" actually live in this country? if you were born in america then u are black american get it right.
  • free747...and you are obviously black, and racist to boot! Why throw out the race card? What does race have to do with the comment? SMH
    You did nothing but confirm your racism and ignorance with your comment!!!
    Next you will be complaining about racism in this country!
  • simply put, your an idiot!
  • Racist much?
  • What a racist remark -
  • why is it ok for you to be racist? Do you really think only 'white' women lost it over the Blind Side or Losing Isaiah? WOMEN of every color are emotional creatures who were made to feel more for a reason. Our mirror neurons are popping off the charts but I don't think that is a bad thing. I love the fact that I have so much compassion and love that I can feel someone elses pain and if nothing else try to put myself in their shoes. This is not a White or Black thing its a female thing and shame on you you racist pig!
  • I enjoyed the movie also. I never heard of Oher before the movie. He is an awesome player :)
  • How ungrateful to bite the hand that feeds! While he is a talented football player and would have made an amazing living in the NFL whether or not the book and movie were made, NO ONE would know his name! There are Hall of Fame offensive linemen that the average football fan has never heard of. People know who he is because of the book and movie. Too often, people become "famous" and then decide they "dont want it". Well, give back all the money and hope people forget your name...be careful what you wish for though!
  • I agree.
  • You hit the nail RIGHT ON THE HEAD Captain C...!
  • @Captain C, I don't think that he's being ungrateful. He has a point though, its getting old. Besides who wants to keep being reminded that their mother abandon them and had drug issues. His adopted parents benefited from him as well. He worked hard and made it to the NFL and I'm sure he pays his family handsomely for saving his life.... So the idea of giving the back the money has no merit in your argument he earned that. All he's saying that he's tired of hearing about, hey aren't you the guy the movie Blind Side is based off of?" Ask Vince Papale is he tired of hearing about Invincible....
  • Now if he could only play like the stud depicted in Blind Side, the Ravens would be ecstatic with him.
  • Wow, turn your back on Sandra Bullock, cold dude.... The movie was inspirational just like Manti Teo's "The Blindside Part 2" will be.
  • he sucks period
  • The "Blind Side" is the best movie ever if you are some wal-Mart shopping Saltine snowflake stuck in the 70's....For everyone else it was just another hollywood pos painting sandra bollocks as some super hero when the truth is she has sucked more brain cells(and Cash!) out of the American public just so we can ALL share in her "Vanity Fair". When she Dries up and blows away, lucky us...some new overly happy with them-self hair-do will replace her...and the worship festival will repeat...over and over and.....
  • What an asshole comment...what the hell do you have against Sandra Bullock besides everything you just said above?
  • dang...hate on Sandra Bullock much?!?!
  • Moaning about a movie that helped make you famous?? Wow, I am sure most of the world wishes that were their biggest problem. What a cry baby. You want to move on and not be remembered for "The Blind Side", well be careful what you wish for. All it takes is one devastating injury to end your career and you will get your wish, then you will just be remembered as another "has been" football player, maybe for a year or two anyway. Get a life and be happy for what you have, half the world would trade places with you any day. What a jerk.
  • From someone who adopted a child much like Michael, maybe I see it differently. My son didn't make me famous, or rich. Matter of fact, he put me in the poor house. But I love him anyway. I see the Blind Side as a movie about people taking chances on people. Michael just happened to be blessed to have people who love him and a great talent to play football. I wish you the best on Sunday Michael and I will be watching.
  • Lets remember these people were very well off and rich before Michael ever came along...better watch the movie again and get all the facts before rambling like an idiot!
  • teehee!!
  • He may have known how to play football but there would have to be some truth in the movie. Did that family really take him in because he was living on the street? Send him to good schools? Get a tutor? If so, then the other questions or question should be... if he went to a regular high school and played football there, would he have been drafted to play football in college? Would he even have gone to college? I am sure that I would be tired of the same old "blind side" rigamoreroll too but heck, if it happened it happened. Shouldn't he be grateful then?
  • Wow how did we get from a movie to foodstamps and welfare! This country is in big trouble! I think Michael is just tired of the constant reference to the movie..see him for who he is now. Just like Ray Lewis....get on with your life...you can't keep living in the past and yet people continually keep bringing up the past. Haven't we all at some point in our lives gotten sick and tired of something repeatedly referenced? I think that's all Michael is saying. Sorry Michael but that's just the way people are sad as it is. Michael don't let these folks mess with your head ...block it out....stay focused on Sunday!Or picture the 49ers offenssive line saying these things and GO GET 'EM!!!!
  • well said dustygirl
  • Wow. Just wow. Reading some (not all) of these comments makes me sad for us (collectively). It's so easy for people to be mean spirited when there is a level of anonymity. Racism will never be a non-issue with deep rooted hatred, fear, and bigotry as is represented here, and this is only a tiny sample of American voices. And when I say racism, I am not refering to black or white or any particular color. Be the more evolved, inclusive, loving person.
  • Michael, you are entitled to your own opinion as well as everyone else who has commented, myself as well. I will not comment on anything others have said because they all have a right to express themselves, whether I agree with them or not. I have lived my whole life with people who only want to remember the negative things I have said or done in life. I will not be remembered for things I have done right. In today's world you have to be so selective in what you are going to say or do and especially when you are BLINDSIDED by the media. I feel this is what happened to you. The media has ways of turning your words around just to get a story for the day. After a story has been released, sometimes it's useless to try and do damage control. Michael, be very careful when approached by the media because they are only looking for dirt to report, never nothing good like who you are TODAY, what you are doing TODAY, how things are going for you and football TODAY. After all, this is what you are all about.. football, football, football!! Have a good day everyone, and good luck to you Michael on your upcoming game!
  • WTF is broken english, all races speak different than others. So just because blacks don't speak like whites it has to be broken? Blacks grow up different than whites, We choose not to speak your so call proper english just so you can understand us. We are black so I guess we would speak different.
  • Michael - did you meet Sandra?

    This just in!!!! Michael Oher is dating Sandra Bullock. Oh wait, are we on MSN? Oh good...

    This just in!!!!
  • I live in the great state of Miississipi. What a load of sh-t. If he were not a huge prospect for football, the Touheys could care less,
  • I am just amazed by the comments here by both blacks and whites. It seems that somehow race is a bigger issue than it has been in years. Why can't people just get along...respect each other even if their ideas are different. It's really a shame that after 4 yrs with a black president that things are worse not better. It's really sad to see what is happening in this country and not just black and white...white to white and black to black and everything in between. Someone is always out to jump on the next person about anything and everything from your job, your guns, your religion, what you eat, even the tv you watch. Leave Michael alone
  • Did it ever occur to anyone commenting thus far about the article pertaining to Mr. Oher, that these issues being argued, have, as usual, degraded to nothing but one race calling another a bunch of bigots? This at the expense of Mr Oher!?! I wonder, what does he think about all this negative talk?
    Not knowing Mr. Oher personally, I can not assume to understand exactly how he feels about the movie or what it has been like for him since its' showing. I can imagine for myself though that after awhile it would get a little old having nearly every knuckle-headed sportscaster (or anyone else for that matter) ask the same lame questions about it and not be able to come up with something original.

    Maybe it's time to move on and let this chapter come to a end for Mr. Oher. He has worked hard to get where he is and what he has accomplished.

    Job well done so far!! And good luck this Sunday!
  • Be clear that Mr. Oher could not care less about our discussion here, so please do not be delusional enough to think otherwise. I don't see a racial issue at all...what I see is a person who has instant name-recognition to millions of people and a keen awareness of how this positively impacts him and his family's quality of life. Once the benefits of fame have been received, it is very easy to pretend to want things that really matter such as privacy and a peaceful existence. The problem is that while these things are important to many of us, others trade them for a few bucks...once the money is spent, do not complain about the lack of privacy and peace!

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