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Originally written on Larry Brown Sports  |  Last updated 10/22/14

Via Larry Brown Sports:

Brian Billick of FOXSports.com puts Pete Carroll in the ‘Coach’s Doghouse’ over the fake-punt call.

The Seattle Seahawks rolled to victory for the second week in a row, blasting the Buffalo Bills 50-17 in Toronto. They became the third team in NFL history to score at least 50 points in consecutive weeks, and they may have hurt some feelings in the process.

With less than 13 minutes left in the game and his team up by 30, coach Pete Carroll let his team run a fake punt. Michael Robinson took a handoff after the snap and gained 29 yards to take his team down to the Buffalo 14. The Seahawks ended up kicking a field goal on the drive to make it 50-17, which was the final score.

After the game, Carroll was apologetic for what many felt was an unsportsmanlike act.

“I feel bad about this,” Carroll told the media after the game. “I hear from the guys about the fake punt. That was part of our game plan. It was something I could have called off and I didn’t. It was an automatic for us, and I didn’t do it. It just happened. We’re trying to make first downs, so I let it go. It’s unfortunate that it comes across that we’re doing something wrong there. That’s my fault totally for not stopping it from happening.

“It was a very well executed play, we were looking forward to doing it, and when it popped up, it was just late in the game,” he said.

Carroll has no reason to feel badly in our eyes. Back in the day, I would have called this act unsportsmanlike, but I’ve seen way too many improbable comebacks in the NFL to complain about teams going hard despite having a big lead. There are professionals on both sides of the ball who are paid to go hard for 60 minutes, so nobody should apologize for that. I will, however, call Carroll stupid for letting his team run the fake punt.

Carroll could be seen smiling on the sidelines after the play was successful, and he even told his assistants “good job.” He knew exactly what he was doing, and it’s actions like that that can come back to burn them in the future. Buffalo will remember this, and they’ll be ticked the next time the teams meet (as long as that’s not in 3 or 4 years). Don’t lie, Pete, you knew what your team was doing and you were happy about it. Just give a Bill Belichick answer next time and say you don’t apologize for always going hard.

  • This isn't high school - run up the score. If you hurt feelings maybe the NFL should "grow a pair" like they used to have 10 years ago.
  • "What's your problem Dude"?? Pete Carroll to Jim Harbaugh when Stanford ran it up on Southern Cal after SC had done it to everyone else previously....what a joke Carroll is!!
  • OMG stop B@#ching!!! this is the NFL we are talking about not some pop warner league... thats whats wrong with the world today men are trading in there wallets for a purse, there levi's for some tight assed skinny jeans!! what ever happened to the clint eastwood's,charles bronson's and ul brenners? get some balls old dude
  • Nothing to feel sorry about Pete! You were hired to win games, not to keep points low. Football is a tough sport and you do what you have to do. The fake punt was just practice in an already won game, so be it, but it might just become real against the 49'rs. I say Well Done Pete! Don't lose any sleep over it!
  • no thanks
  • How do you break and set new records if you stop playing after a comfortable lead. The commenters during the games need to announce the plays--not when or how to play.. If I were a team and the other team went soft--I would be offended..
  • pete carroll is, was and always will be a disingenuous fool.

    any apology from him means nothing, and he would look better had he not issued one........

    let him go rah rah back to the college game where he belongs.

    i am so looking forward to his team getting waxed in their first playoff game
  • Go back to California where you belong.
  • LOL!!! A fool? Yea, okay...last time I checked, he is one year ahead of the game plan on rebuilding a team that was pretty dismal when he took it over.

    If that is being a fool...I hope he gets more foolish each year for as long as he wants to coach here!

    Bet that "fool" is more successful than you!
  • play to win till the finnal whistel or risk the other team comes back the bills are no pats but look at the 49ers and pats sunday night game...more coaches need to put the pedal to the metal and dont stop till its over...all sportmanship will get you is a "L"
  • you're a moron. 30 points down with 13 minutes left....really? A comeback? Just like last week when Carroll had his team passing when they were up by a huge number late in the 4th quarter. Yeah...embarrass the other team - remember when Carroll comlained to Harbaugh when Stanford went for a 2 point conversion against USC! Carroll was outraged! But it's ok for Carroll to pile it on. Carroll has always been a punk....all the way back to high school - and he always will be a punk . Why did he leave USC? Do you remember? Because he knew the sanctions against his program were coming down the next season. Pete Carroll has always been a lowlife
  • way to go pete
  • I have no problem whatsoever with this call. However, lets not be silly. There was not going to be a comeback from 30 points down with 13 minutes left.
  • LOL are you nuts? I've seen the Bears score 21 in 45 seconds before. Denver during the Elway era was notorious for their 4th qtr comebacks. It aint over til the fat lady sings. I almost turned off the Pats/49ers game last night. The 4th qtr was fun and wild.
  • tHE bILLS deserved to be embarassed at that point. If this doenst convince mgmt. to FIRE CHAN GAILEY, DAVE WANSTEDT AND BUDDY NIX, NOTHING WILL.
  • I can remember when the Seachickens used to be the ones whining that teams were running up the score! Funny how things play out differently when you've won a few games, huh Pete?
  • Ah...a loser from the land of the new moron of the NFL...JerryJonesville!
  • If I had spent Billions of dollars buying a football team, spent hundreds of millions of dollars in salaries and my team didnt push for a touchdown on every single play or snap of the ball. I'd be pissed and looking to change up the coaching staff. Those guys aren't paid to take it easy they are paid top dollar to score.
  • hopefully someone will run the score up on you one day, tough guy!
  • Really? A touchdown on EVERY play. Obviously you are an 18 year old who knows absolutely nothing about the game of football.
  • LOL, oh yes, I bet he does!
  • ???
  • carroll is going to get his --- handed to him for this crap!!
  • Don't be so sure a team can't come back from 30 points down. The Patriots came back from 28 point down on Sunday night against the 49ers.
  • New England Patriots vs New York Jets. 11/22/12. NE scored 3 TD's in 52 sec.s
    Could this have happened yesterday possibly, probably not.
    But coach I have question for you if this happened, so 17 + 21 = what coach? Take off your shoes and you will see that 38 to 47
  • Feel sorry for the Bills defense, not Pete Carroll for doing his job.
  • I agree Carroll needs to make no apologies this is the NFL these guys get paid alot of money to play well if they don't it's their problem the other team shouldn't let up on them and only run the ball, Oh thats right, Seattle did only run the ball. The reality is there is no such thing as running up a score in the NFL there's only winning and losing. I agree that Carroll is alittle optimistic when the team loses close only counts in horseshoes and slow dancing, not football.
  • Your a Moron. Find something else to whine about hell it maybe insulting to see 2nd string come out for 2nd game in a row. I expect the team to play its best as a fan. and at the very least they were able to test a play as they prep for playoffs that there may have never been another chance to try. Pete Carrol dont appoligize for crap. Tell everyone to man up this is not your moms sport
  • You don't have to apologize...this is the NFL...not a local kids league.
  • No apologies necessary. 49ers were beating the Patriots 31-3 yesterday, and Patriots came back to tie the game in less than 15 minutes. 49ers still won, but goes to show, you cannot stop let up on your opponent until the game is over!
  • exactly! Well put.
  • the people here that are in favor of running the score up have an ego problem. they think the worse you beat someone the tougher you are. it's the bully mentality with a poor excuse. in any competition you honor your opponent, by not embarrassing them purposely. What is really to be gained by doing so? perhaps propping up a pathetic, deflated ego.
  • Umm, this isn't backyard football, it is the pros.
  • it's a game. Sometimes you win by a little, sometimes you lose by a lot.. Every team is in the game to win, not lose. Crazier things have happened in the NFL than a comeback from that far behind - it happens. They are out there to play their best - period. If they don't keep trying, no matter what the score is, then they lose their standings in the stats, which affects a lot of things, including drafts, pay scale, and marketability of a player. It is professional football, not tiddly winks.
  • trcoa1 I would have taken your lunch from you every day back in school you wimp.

    " If you ain't first you're last "
    Rickie Bobbie
  • Why not call a play that in a tight game could be risky - especially if you are way up in points. It seems to me that that is would be the best time to try out a risky play. Feel bad for the Bills' coaches for not catching the fake, if you want to, but games are played hard by all teams. Pete should not feel bad or apologize AT ALL. That could be a play that they need to call in a playoff game, so why not practice it at a time when you are up on points - no risk and if it works, then you know it can be well-executed
  • "Whats your problem dude"? Pete Carroll to Jim Harbaugh after Stanford PUNKED Southern Cal....ironically, Carroll ran it up on every overmatched opponent up til that point.....funny how some shoes don't fit well when the "other foot" has to wear them.....HIPPOCRIT comes to mind as a description of Cheatin Pete Carroll....NCAA is coming to call?? run for Seattle Pete....runnnnn!!!!!
  • Ah...all the whiners coming out in force. What it boils down to is the rest of the league once again annoyed because the Seahawks are threatening their little power group, and potentially making the rest of the league shuffle around a bit to allow them inside the room.
    Well...in case you haven't noticed, we're no longer ASKING to be allowed, we're coming in...so shove over!
  • Seahawks suck and so does Pete Carrol! You don't have to like it cuz I don't care. The chickens drop 50 on two crappy teams and now every Seattle fan thinks they got a team. Let's see how they do in the playoffs, then come talk trash.
  • Look out your front window, yup thats me "sayWHAAAT" camping out in your driveway looking foward to "talking trash" after we win our first playoff game.

    oh and by the way let your ol' lady know I take my coffee black with sugar. now "chop chop".
  • I f*#king love it, love it.
  • Let's see....this is pro ball....we must play every down to score a touchdown!!! So...experts....explain to me the "kneel down?" What? The game is over?? But you just said the game is NEVER over (an owner pays good money and wants you to play for a touchdown on every play.....so those that kneel down should be fired)!
  • this is about the 49ers game when is this so called commisioner going to do anything the player number 10 on the forty niners is a dirty player he tried to take the pats players lively hood away buy trying to brake his knee what a scum bag if you want your hoodlum mantality to show then not at the game he is an ass he should notplay football but then look at the coach just like father like son he was an ass also
  • Pete Carroll is not to blame here, the Bills are. I have been a Bills fan since 1965 and there is just no excuse for the way they played yesterday. The offense, defense, special teams, and coaches were absolutely dreadful and unfortunately this has become the norm within the Bills organization over the past several years. I'm sick of the mediocrity this organization continues to display year after year. I can't really blame the seahawks for running the fake punt, after all they may get the chance to try it against a real NFL team so why not practice it. Thank you Bills for another year of false hope and BS excuses. If I displayed as much professionalism as the Bills players have over the 40 plus years I have watched them I would spent 30 of those years on welfare instead of pushing myself to be the best I can be.
  • This is stupid. Unsportsmanlike in the NFL when the players on the opposing team are being paid millions of dollars to stop the scoring? I don't care for Pete the Cheat and am not a Seattle fan, but Buffalo made a big deal out of buying up free agents to be competitive, so perhaps they should compete instead of letting the punt team run over them (heck, everybody else ran over them, I guess the punt team felt like they were getting left out). This isn't high school or college where the levels of talent are vastly different. This is a group of millionaires vs. another group of millionaires. They should earn their pay and stop whining.
  • I would of done the same damn thing..... why not? its football you get bent out of shape over a fake punt? oh but the 30 plus deficit is ok.... i think it was a great way to practice. dont like it? watch something else.
  • He's not paid to think about Chan's feelings, I think that all Pete was trying to do was make other teams take the time to prepare for it. And now he has to prep. for it also as the 'Neeners did the same to the Pat's. NFC West love, 3 of Pat's 4 losses, Cards, Neeners, S'Hawks.
  • I hate Peye Carroll. I never seen such a cheerleader on the sidelines from a NFL coach. They ought to give him some pom poms and a skirt, and make him a Sea-gal. What an a__hole!!!
  • I used to see this fake punt play back in the day and not a word was said. The name of the game.....to win. I hated to see last weeks score of 58 zip but this time at least BOTH sides scored. Beside, the hawks need playing time under this coach. As far as the whinny announcer, he flat pissed me off! HIs remarks were uncalled for and no one gives a rip if he feels it fair or not. We can make up our own minds! I thought it cleaver and add a bit of spice. No big deal, no effect on the game as it was over and the hawks had won. I don't care if you people don't like the coach, it is not important to anyone but yourselves. Here we are making a mountain our of a mole hill. This is PRO football and about winning games, especially if you have a chance at a play off! Come on, stop whinning!
  • Pete Carroll is a cheap shot artist. He used things like telling his players to lay down fake inj to slow down the momentum of the other team. He pulled this stuff while at USC and NCAA knew about it and didnt do anything. The NCAA let him get away with lots of things, When Bush got caught red handed accepting housing for his parents they let him play out the season and win the heisman. Its just sad that the NCAA let it go on. I have no respect for either.
  • I don't know who the bigger scum bag is, Pete Carroll or Kiffin. I guess the common denominator is USC.

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