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Oh no he didn’t! Over the past few years, one of the most popular insults in sports has been calling your opponent a “fake tough guy.” Thanks to Baltimore Ravens cornerback Cary Williams, the phrase was used once again after America’s biggest sporting event. The Ravens were able to score points against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII, which is something teams had very little success doing during the regular season. After the game, Williams called out the Niners for being phonies. “The 49ers are pretenders,” he said according to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “They’re fake tough guys. They’re a push you in the back type of team.” There was a lot of chippiness and pushing and shoving throughout the game, but it was the Super Bowl. Rather than talking smack about his opponent and winning without class, Williams probably should have been counting his blessings that he wasn’t ejected after shoving a referee in the first half. Personally, I’m not a fan of players rubbing salt in the wound after beating a team. The Ravens have done it before as well, with Terrell Suggs unloading on the New England Patriots after the AFC Championship. When you beat a team, there isn’t much you have to say. That’s the idea behind letting the play do the talking. The post Cary Williams: 49ers are fake tough guys appeared first on Larry Brown Sports. Related posts: Cary Williams shoves referee, avoids ejection Ravens CB Cary Williams: Complaining Dez Bryant needs to ‘be a man’ 49ers, Ticketmaster give Super Bowl tickets to couple scammed over Craigslist

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  • Once again, Ravens Don't know how to shut up after a win. Without some help from the zebras they would have gagged this one up. Just zip it and act like you have some class.
  • 'Help from the zebras' is the stupidest explanation for a loss, period. I could explain that 15 different ways and it would cone to the same thing.
  • all that matters is who won the game. ha ha
  • what happened to Randy Moss, why didn't he play ? I thought he was the greatest
  • Your a Moron! Randy is the Greatest. The 49ers lost because they did not use him enough!
  • Rice had 14 1,000-yard seasons. Moss is second with 10.

    Rice, who played the first 16 of his 21 NFL seasons with San Francisco from 1985-2000, holds virtually every significant receiving mark. That includes most career receptions (1,549); yards receiving (22,895); total touchdowns (208); and combined net yards (23,546) in his career with San Francisco, Oakland and Seattle.
    Let's be alittle more careful with the word the GREATEST. This is not counting the three rings that Jerry has accomplished. Jerry ran every route not just ups. Jerry Rice blocked. He never took a play off.
  • Before you play the Joe Montana card. Moss was on a team with Cris Carter, Rob Smith, Jake Reed with Dante Culpeper throwing...
  • Hitting Flacco out of bounds, no flag, slamming Pearce to the turf out of bounds twisting his head, no flag, diving into the piles late all night,no flags, twisting legs and heads after play whistled dead all night, no flags....sf is probably as dirty and Houston. There is something to be said about being tough but you guys are closer to being dirty than tough, don't confuse the 2. We didn't piss and moan about it we just figured out how to win. That's why Wlliams called sf fake tough. Think about it.
  • if Flacco was out of bounds how come they kicked the field goal from the 2 instead of the 12.
  • Because not only was he hit out of bounds, he didn't even have the ball. He had already thrown it away.
  • See they don't want to own up to what everybody else does wrong,just what the Ravens have done.But it's all good in our hood.I think I'll go down to the stadium to see and touch the Trophy. Hey Hater Nation,come on down to B-More,but remember you better be more carefull
  • it is now the worst bowl game ever playied and I've seen them all
  • you sound dumb as hell!
  • and crazy you where watching what game?
  • Really! if any body was gettng away with **** it was ravens! that's all you have to do is count how many flags got throwed aginstr the niners compared to the ravens!!! and williams should have been ejected from the game!!!!.....there asses are the fake ones!!!!!that paid for there victory!!!!!..... they got away with murder, just like ray lewis did!!!!!!
  • ALL YEAR LONG People's have been downing the Ravens, so Ravens speak your minds!!!!
  • What game were you watching?If the zebras helped,they helped the 49ers just as much if not more.Flacco smacked out of bounds,Pierce smacked out of bounds,every time Boulden pulled down a reception,he had the defender all in his chest before the ball.They were on T.Smith like a cheap suit.Old boy that opened his stupid mouth about gays did so much holding I thought he wanted to kiss Boulden.
  • And had the "Zebras" seen the holding by SF DB's against Atlanta receivers in the NFC Championship game, there would not hev been a Har-Bowl. So what is your point? That the refs are human and miss calls? Or that your are whinning because you hate Baltimore so much?
  • Hey Moron the NFL is where CLASS goes to die. Get over yourself...
  • It's certainly dead in raven land and its not about me TOOL.
  • You are a tool. Maybe you could use a tool to zip your mouth up.
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  • I totally agree. Torrey Smith got cheated out of a TD. And that blackout was BS
  • Did you really just criticize the 9ers for stabbing people. Thats funny!
  • lol:)
  • all too often people see what they want, the comment by " the deal is an example. I'm not a fan of either team but the ravens committed alot of cheap shots too. Be honest fool or shut yer mouth yer mom might catch you lying again. Oh I guess only certain teams can shove a referee and not get called 4 it.this is football not PKA or the MMa octagon. cary williams didn't show any real tough guy stuff all he showed was a childish lack of poise and control. And by running his mouth after the fact his cowardice. this is another guy Ill point out to my kids as a real loser and example of how not to be. yeah there are alot of fake tough guys but C Williams is a fake..MAN
  • can you also tell your children that a lot is two words!
  • This coming from a guy that shoved a ref, which is supposed to be an automatic ejection! Surely, especially after showing such poor sportsmanship with his comments now, the Comish will fine him after the fact for shoving a ref! I guess it is understandable that he is upset though. His team is old and this was their last hoorah. They were one play away from being losers! In truth, they never should have made it past Denver! So the Niners are "fake tough guys" and the Ravens are a team of pure luck. I would rather be lucky than right, but he is bragging way more than he has earned. I do hope the Niners play them next year and that Cary Williams is in the game! The Niners are a young and talented team and will be back, I would say in next year's Superbowl. Where do you think the Raven will be? That's right, not even in the playoffs next year! So enjoy your victory punk as it is the only one you are going to have in your pathetic career.
  • Hey idiot were have the 49'er been the last 5 yrs. The Ravens have been in the play-offs and play in the toughest division in football. Your 49'ers have played in the softest until last year when Pete & Jim joined the wild west show. Pete's a cheater and a crook of the Bill Belichek school and Jim I hate to say it is starting to look like a whiner of the Brady/Belichek ilk. You guys may be the bully's of the left coast but remember you're dealing with the bully's of the NFL. They have beeen so for a long time and will continue to be so. You guys have yet to prove anything. And no we ain't talking ancient history here. Lucks ass, 11 td passes no interceptions, a 114+ quarterback rating, that's ability. Luck has nothing to do with it.
  • Gee, I hope I didn't hurt your precious feelings? Let me guess, Cary Williams is your boyfriend, right? I knew it! Talk to me after the Ravens have won 5 Superbowls. You won't be in another Superbowl for at least 10 years, probably 20, whereas the Niners will win 3 or 4 over the next five years.
  • Please the niners wont win 3 or 4 in the next 5 years, they will be lucky just to make it back to the superbowl. They have a very long road to go cause the seahawks have their number, san fran couldn't stop them to save thier lives. The Rams even have their number. So they will be lucky enough to win the west next year. Talk about luck they needed it to comeback and beat the falcon so don't talk about luck. But you can say what you want to say cause quite frankly who won and who went home without a ring. So just shut up about it already. Just about all niner fans sound like the packer fans did after they lost to seattle but they had a real complaint unlike yall. Cause if it wasn't for the black out the ravens would have blown them out and there would have been no comeback at all.
  • They may have been in 5 Superbowls but not in this century!! And stats show that very few teams make it back to the Big Show the following year.

    I just can't believe that 2 brothers can be so different.
    1.)John Harbaugh is the definition of class and Jim is the definition of NO class. The Ravens arrived in New Orleans looking like they were on a Business trip, Suit, Ties the epitomy of Class. The 49's showed up like they were going prospecting. Not a tie on the plane. Oh! maybe the Pilot.
    2) John Harbaugh gives the credit to his players, his coaches, even the 12th Man- the Baltimore Fans. He is full of Praise for his Brother and his ability as a coach. All Jim wants to do during his interviews is complain about the"NO CALL FOR HOLDING." He may be a good coach, but just like Belichek, Pete Carroll, and Tom Brady ~ he is a whinning Little Boy who has a lot of growing up to do. I am sure if it hadn't been his brother on the other side of the field and he lost he wouldn't have walked to the middle for the congratulatory handshake after the game. That's just the kind of POOR Sport that his is.
  • wearing a tie is the same as class? I suspect that Ray Lewis wore a tie when he was talking his way out of a double murder charge.

    As far a Jim H being a whiner: you don't seem to understand the difference between intensity and passion and whining. Grow up little person
  • wearing a suit and tie,fat bank account dont mean class.teams really do take up their coaches,leaders persona.jim is afake tough guy and that is what the 9ers are,fake but with some talent.get under your skin and take advantage of it.as for the zebras,they did a good job,nobody got the calls and everything was even.both teams chippy,but nocalls.it is the super bowl.if you are going to call it one way you have to call it the other way too,or not call it.
  • maybe but they are in the AFC
  • Who plays in the toughest division in football? The same division with The Cleveland Browns? (I mean the NEW Cleveland Browns, of course. Since The Ravens are the original Browns...) The occasionaly good Bengals? And the OLD, over-the-hill Steelers? How exactly do The Ravens play in the toughest division again?
  • True pushed a ref, right after he got off of the 49ers player #74, who he was punching if you go back and look at the replay of that fight. Then once the 49ers players got him off their teammate he tried to get back in to it and pushed the ref. I can see why #74 was pissed and got the 15 yard penalty, after getting punched while he was down. What a class act of a player.
  • He hit me...He kicked...He pushed me...please 49er fans...have some dignity...your team loss...all is fare. Football is one of the most physical and aggressive games played these things you whinning about are going to happen the refs are not on the field to catch every penalty its not possible they are human. If you believe that one or two missed calls is why the Ravens put up 21 points in the first half you are sadly mistaken. The Ravens defense is not the fastest,not even the most talented but they do one thing very well...they intimidate the opposing teams offense and defense. The Ravens get teams out of focus, worried about who pushed me after the whistle, he grabbed my facemask in the pile. When they should be on the sidelines looking at film and getting blocking and coverage assignments together, teams are focused or retaliation for what is deemed dirty play. While thats going on Boldin gets wide open,Pierce gets around the corner, Smith gets deep, Torrey gets deep, you get up the middle on a kickoff return. Its all part of the GAME.
  • This punk got run over by Crabtree in the 3rd quarter because he doesn't know how to tackle. He won't be in the league in 2 years.
  • Yeah but he's got a superbowl ring.....and I wasn't impressed with any of the boys that yoiu guys call DB's. Williams really didn't like one of your idiots stomping him in the back while he was on the ground. I think it was your mouthpeice receiver Crabtree but truly was unable to tell from the melee that was going on, maybe he should have been ejected also? I wonder. The winners say play on and losers say wait until next year...
  • Neither will Crabtree as a punk like him will end up in prison. What did it cost him to get out of trouble after the GB game
  • He is the fake one as I saw a replay of him punching #75 of niners as he was on ground several times before the schrum broke up that is why Miller went after him secondly.
  • Its a game its over. They are all fake tough guys, I don't see them in Iraq or Afghanistan the soldiers are the real tough guys lets not forget
  • Agreed!
  • airborne!!!!!
  • Just showing what a classless team they are...
  • You are entitled to your opinion. But THE BALTIMORE RAVENS and JOHN HARBAUGH are the epitmoe of class. They showed up in New Orleans in Suits, Ties and smiles. They were ready for the fans and the media. They handled themselves with class and dignity. Unlike the 49's. Jim Harbaugh was like a puppet, Randy Moss was and idiot and proved it Sunday night when he let Ed Reed Intercept that pass. When they played the game, they gave what they got. As far as I am concerned, when you hit a player when he is down, they the next time he gets a chance, he should take it. All the other players do it, they even put bounties on players, But when it's the RAVENS we have NO CLASS? When the game was over, John Harbaugh had nothing but praise for his brother and his team. All Jim Harbaugh wanted to do is complain about the lack of calls. Well guess what quite a few of them went his way against the Ravens. So I would stop complaining. And move on. John and his team have more class in their little fingers then the 49s and Jim have in their whole bodies.
  • I'm surprised Ray didnt show up in his white (with Red Spots) suit! Makes me sick to hear his BS! Please tell Ray at the parade, it was God who shut off the lights, but the fires of hell will burn for him for eternity! Congrats to you fans and the rest of the Ravens. But make no mistake, your team is no classier, they too would act like a bunch of classless jerks if they lost that game.
  • at least they have their whole bodies not like the guys your really classy murderer, raymond did to two other people.
    plus come back when you win 5 super bowls. you are the most outrageous ,ignorant, and just flat out no class bum i've ever read here.. stay where you are and ray will protect you. Hope john gets invited to the AT and T like Billecheck did last year , like to ask his real opinion of you murdering supporter fans.
  • Well if anyone would know about fake tough it's Williams...
  • well comming from a bunch of player's that has a murder on board well lewis how does it feel to get away with murder and then he is born again well the devil never refused anyone
  • wow, let's talk about all football players here and the fact that a majority of them have been accused of multiple crimes. I'm so sick of people pulling out the murder crap just because they are sour that Ray Lewis will be one of the best line backers of all time. waaa waaa waaa. He went out with a ring. Haters gonna hate. In the end you either show up or shut up. And the ravens proved their power by being the underdog..hmm let me see 4 times? wow that says something.
  • You are an IDIOT! Ray Lewis, is not a murderer. If he was he would be in jail. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was exonerated of any wrong doing! He has played for the Ravens for 17 years. I do not think they would have let that happen if he had in fact killed anyone. There have been many players accused and found guilty of crimes< they have served their sentences< and returned to the NFL, and you don't keep hearing about it all the time. But then again, He plays for the Baltimore Ravens, and as far as everyone is concerned we don't deserve anything, Hell as far as everyone was concerned including good old Tagliabu, we didn't even deserve a team. Well we got one, they are OUR TEAM, we love them and you are not even worthy to kiss their a**es....
  • Thats the point, what sentence did Lewis serve? He paid, not prayed his way out of jail. Be real about it, he knows what happened, how would you feel if it was a member of your family who died with no explaination? Oh yeah, its ok because Baltimore won a superbowl ring!!
  • Like my coach used to say; excuses, even legitimate ones, are for punks and pantywaists, not for football players. The best team in ANY game ALWAYS wins EVERY time. On paper, and in the minds of many who think they know so much about the game, the 49ers may be a better team, but Sunday, on the field, they simply were not. There is only ONE thing a team has to be 'better than' the other team at in order to win: scoring points. Everything else is for conversation and analysis, and of course making lame and silly excuses.

    Regardless of cheapshots (whatever), 'bad' officiating (yeah, right), blackouts or cockroaches in the locker room, if the 49ers had played better they would have won, simple as that. Analyze it any way you please; when the clock hit zero, the Ravens had scored 34 points and the 49ers had scored 31 points. That is the ONLY reason the Ravens won and the 49ers lost.
  • Pretty classless act by Williams & this is coming from a devout Ravens fan. Win with dignity & shut the hell up !
  • From one DEVOUT RAVENS FAN to another. You take a cheap shot,and see if you like it!!
  • Until any of you arm chair quarterbacks have been out there yourself quit talking about something you know nothing about. It's so easy to watch on television but do you know what these guys have gone through to get there; obviously not.
  • It will be another 10-12 years before he Ravens make it back to the Super Bowl
  • Not a Raven fan here but at least they won this year!!
  • You know what, you may be right. We are going to be going through a lot of changes in the next few years. We will be loosing players because of the salary cap, some will be retiring and so forth. What's the 49ers excuse!.
  • Larry, that last paragraph about says it all.
    Hey, it's also just your opinion and Carey Williams has an opinion too. Me too.

    The 49ers could not put it in there with the world championship on the line. That's all.
    1st and goal from the 7.

    Also apparent from the very start of the game was the 49ers were put off guard by not being able to push the Ravens around like they're usued to more or less as part of their game plan. Hardly, as evidenced by the first half which reminded me of the Ravens Pats game. The Ravens strapped it on the Pats, like it or not. Same here 1st half.

    Being a great team on the way to being even better, the 49ers will no doubt be back soon enough.

    Oh yeah, and John coached way better than Jim.

  • Mr. Williams, Why don't you go to our (SF) Chinatown and eat some big sea worms, snails, chicken feet TOUGH GUY!! Let' see how tough you are!! I bet you will be saying YUKKK!!! Now be quiet the game is over!!! Ravens may have won, but the Niners woke you up from your bliss little black bird moment!
  • What a cry baby. Win the championship and cry. in my book you are a loser.
  • so are you!
  • Everyone needs to get over themselves. It was the Super Bowl. 2 teams left and one winnner and one loser. Ravens won, and 49ers lost. I am sure, if it was any other team, than the Ravens, that beat YOUR team, you would still be whining. As for telling any children about this Super Bowl, you will be telling them one thing and the media will be telling them the other. This Super Bowl was the MOST successful in history of Football and the Ravens came out as winners. People are people and can say whatever they want. Problem is, if you are not in front of the person stating, anything, you shouldn't comment on third party informtion. Then of course, most of you think everything said on the internet is "true". So give it break. You can say what you want, but it shows how lame you are. Ravens are already in the books as Super Bowl XXXXVII champions and gearing up for a next year run. Just start thinking about YOUR team and don't worry about the Ravens. They will be there next year, to beat your team. Live with it.
  • for any and all to see if you think the supper bowl is not fixed go sbnation and watch the video of Cary Williams shoving the ref a lot of players have been ejected from games for a lot less and would have had fines leveled on the player by now and nothing it goes to show what you can get away with win the refs want you to win
  • does that mean that the 5 times that SF won they were also fixed?
  • Just one of the many reasons I hate the Ravens. They all love to run there big mouths. Sure glad we don't have to watch anymore of the stupid-A_s Ray Lewis
  • Again just another sour non-ravens fan. It's okay, Ray Lewis is a hall of famer who has two rings. Hate all you want, sad excuse to put forward knowing that there are many NFL players accused of crimes.
  • Only difference about Ravens fans is they aren't as foul mouth as people like you, that call yourself a fan of any team. You should think if your team would want anyone like you rooting for them, Most teams don't like sore and whining losers, such as you.
  • Williams is a little puke, just another over paid idiot shooting his mouth off. It was a one sided game thanks to the refs. I thought the replacment ref did better.
  • Why, oh why, does this forum ALWAYS devolve into kindergarten playground name-calling???? Discuss the topic like ADULTS!

    It was obvious to me that the zeebs had been told by the NFL brass to "let them play" by not throwing flags on punches in pileups, late hits and hits "just" out of bounds - and, of course, fighting. And I think the players got the message pretty early on, because their behavior would have resulted - during the regular season - in about 150 unsportsmanlike penalties. But they couldn't very well have multiple flags every other play in the Super Bowl. If nothing else, the TV people wouldn't've stood for it. I've watched every single Super Bowl, since before they were CALLED Super Bowls, and this was by FAR the dirtiest, most out-of-control game so far.
  • Yea, but he's right. They're just like their coach...loudmouthed whiners with little class and no style.
  • Fortuntely you are only a very, very small percentage of people that show the kind if hate you have. No one really cares what you say. It only shows the type of person you are. Look in mirror. You proud of the fact that you can get on line and show how much hate you have and not a clue on how to handle conversation? You can say what you want, but it will not change one aspect of the most successful Super Bowl game in history.
  • ravens won because they played better . simple as that. they have no class though and cary williams should have been ejected. feel free to disagree- you will be wrong and i wont bother to argue with a wrong person.
  • As a Ravens fan I must say that I am somewhat hurt about all the negativism seen above... wait, we WON the Super Bowl and have the trophy, NEVER MIND!!!!!
  • Lots of ignorance posted so far. Blaming the officials is about the worst thing you can do after a loss. You could be right, sometimes are, but it will never sound like anything but a sore loser when said. I was a little shocked Williams wasn't tossed after the push. It was obvious he didn't know it was an official, but still. He shoved an official pretty hard. Intent normally doesn't matter there. What would you say, "Sorry, I was trying to fight that guy, not you" In that case, it's ok . . .
  • Actually, it was obvious he DID KNOW it was an official. If you watch it again, he looked right at him and shoved him. It is not OK.
  • Ravens = No Class...just look at Lewis, Suggs, and now this Nobdy as proof...Williams should have been ejected from the game. Even in the photo above he looks like a 5 year old crying about something.

    I am no 49ers fan, but I was rooting for the 49ers to shut Lewis and his loud mouth losers. Now we have to llisten to these idiots brag all summer long....

  • NO CLASS?? Do you even know the meaning of class. This group of gentlemen represented they team and their state with class, in appearance, they way they dealt with the press, they way they played the game. There were quite a few flagless calls against the 49's. They took Flacco out aftere he had passed the ball, there was holding against Jones in the first quarter. There were quite a few late hits, but I didn't see John Harbaugfh acting like an idiot.

    Ray Lewis was never convicted of a crime. He did not kill anyone. Suggs and Williams may have spoken out of turn.

    But at least they didn't post tweets on anyones page after their brother died stating that it was a "Blessing he died".

    Those two players called it as they saw it. Tom Brady is definitely a cry baby ~ and so are the 49's and especially thier coach.

    To say that we did deserve to win ~ incredible. Joe Flacco played has played every game since he became our quarter back. Since he teamed up with John Harbaugh we have gone to the play offs all 5 years. We one all 4 games that we needed to win. 11 completed passes for touch downs, no interceptions. All because of his talent and the players around him. That is an ELITE team. And guess what , they have the right to brag. And not only that - Their first ever draft pick made it to the Hall of Fame this weekend on his first year of eligibility. way to go J.O.
  • Sounds like it was all set up for the ravens to win
  • Yes it was, It was our time everything that the 49er fans are complaining about has happened to the Ravens in the pass. No calls, bad calls,late hits and down right out cheating. But, as a team they resolved to rise above it, to use those mishaps as motivation for the next season, they never gave up every year they went a step farther than they did the previous year and this was the year that they would not be denied. You have to score more points than your opponent and that makes you VICTORIOUS. Just look at the score, if the world had ended at the end of the first half the Ravens would have been the WINNERS, If they had called the game at the Black out the Ravens would have been the WINNERS, They tried to help them with the Black out but the 49ers just could'nt do it Why? Because we wher the team of DESTINY, forever the underdog, thanks we like that don't give us a chance and we'll show you what we can do Didn't we? We are The Baltimore Ravens the 2013 Superbowl Champions and there's NOTHING you can do ABOUT IT
  • No, you don't
  • The Ravens deserved to win, enough said. Being the underdog 4 games in a row and having Flacco step up shows what this team is capable of. Lewis will go down as being one of the best line backers of all time and he went out with class. Can't say I have seen any other team who showed any really closeness as much as I've seen with the Ravens. Well done boys, you earned it!
  • Ray Lewis is a hypocritical, crying asshole who should be in prison instead of a Super Bowl Parade. Sorry to change the subject but every time I see his face or hear his name I want to vomit.
  • I guess your throwing up quite a bit lately huh? You don't go to prison if you don't commit a crime. He killed no one. He did not deserve to go to prison. He believes in God! What's wrong with that? He was retiring after being in the league for 17 years with the same team. That in itself is an accomplishment in this day and age. He has two super bowl rings. He went out with style and grace. And yes! He does deserve a SUPER BOWL PARADE and he is getting in today. From the town that Loves and Admires him and always will. And in 5 years he will be in the Hall of Fame. So be ready to puke again. Asshole!
  • You don't go to prison if you commit murder if your name is O.J. or Ray Lewis. You are just another one of those starry eyed football jackoffs who think that because your team, not you shithead, won a super bowl that people like Lewis walk on water. 6 weeks from now nobody but mullet heads like you will even remember who won this stupid game and the only reason you will remember is because you don't know or can understand anything else. I have added you to my list of things that make me vomit, you are number 2, Ray Lewis will always be number 1.
  • And you are??? and your contribution to society is???? Enough said
  • if you refer to Super Bowl as "this stupid game" then you are not even a football fan...go put your head in a toilet somewhere or even better your lap and vomit. No one will remember you.
  • you refer to the Super Bowl as "stupid game"..you can not call yourself a football fan. Go put your head in a toilet or better yet your lap and vomit, no one will remember you in a minute.
  • Your mother should have swallowed

  • God only forgives those who repent. Ray doesnt have gods forgiveness until he 'fesses up!
  • To what? get the facts and stop listening to other misinformed people.Know what you're talking about before you start talking, It makes you look stupid, you aren't stupid are you?
  • What it comes down to is, the Ravens won! The only way to win a game is not to leave it go to the cards, get the knock out! Then if there is any questions after that who cares! Ask the Seahawks about that, the played the Steelers and lead in every statistic in that game and left it up tho the zebras by not handing over the knock out punch. Im not saying there wasn't bad calls that were called both ways, but one of the reasons we love this game so much is that anyone on any given Sunday can be a hero. On the other side of the spectrum someone has to fail or make mistakes, including the refs. there where bad calls that would have been called the same way in the regular season so if your going to rate a team on there play for a whole season to make play offs and Superbowl the rules should be consistent. I think the refs will make mistakes but it was no different then the regular season. As far as the lack of class it goes both ways, SF coach is crying about calls, way to take the sense of accomplishment away from your brother who deserves it, and to the Ravens CB, you should keep your mouth shut because your lucky you got to play after the obviouse mistake by the refs and letting keep playing the rest of the game. Im willing that he would never call SF fake tough guys if Willis, Smith, and Smith where in the same room! Good job to both teams for making it to game that they have lived there whole lives working harder then most to get to, and Great Job to the Ravens. I think for the most part everyone here is a fan of the game, and judging by some of the post are very passionite about there teams! Keep it up because without the fans there is no NFL!
  • Ray had charges dismissed...was not charged with murder was charged with obstruction for not ratting out others...wrong...I think so...but even those charged with the murder not guilty ... self defense . Ray has led a clean upstanding life since then and has played outstanding ball. I suppose it is jealousy that keeps people dredging this up...13 years later...lots of players have been charged with varying degrees of crimes in this league just as regular people are in life. Hopefully we are all allowed to move past mistakes made in our youth. He is a hall of fame player and a inspiring leader to his team. He didn't make all this about him....the media did that....so blame them for all the news on Ray Lewis going to the Super Bowl. Ray stayed focus on the game and his goal of winning it. Baltimore loves and respects Ray Lewis for his work on and off the field. It was Baltimores time...Ray Lewis' time...Flacco's time...Jone's time..the team's time. They fought hard and overcame obstacles and in the end they endured.
  • You have moved into the number 3 spot.
  • Go ahead vomit, but being misinformed and ignorant of the facts is sad. I feel sorry for you,because it's obvious that you don't think for yourself nor do you make it your business to get the facts. You are making assumptions based off of what???? Put yourself in his place would you want that to happen to you?
  • If the 49ers are "fake tough", that must make the ravens "fake super bowl" chumps.
  • All of youcalling the 49ers dirty are idiots. The Ravens had just as many "late hits" and after action "plays". The problem I have with the whole thing is that the Ravens had 2 huge personal fouls that by rule would have ejected the players involved and that didn't happen, and 3 penalties on one player n the end zone on 4th and goal for the niners, and not one of them was called. Really? The play where people think Torrey Smith was "robbed" of a TD is a joke. There is no gaurantee he make the catch, and if he does, there is no gaurantee he takes the ball to the house. Also, he had been pulling on he defenders inside shoulder which is offensive pass interference and this is why there was no flag. I in no way saying that the Niners would have won the game at the end, but the refs DID help the Ravens by missing any of 3 infractions in the endzone on the same play by the same Raven defender. I have watched the game several times and can't come up with anything that changes my mind about that last SF posession with goal to go. As far as Randy Moss being the greatest?....He is the greatest.....at running his mouth. Jerry Rice is the greatest 49er receiver and overall receiver of all time. Randy even amitted that he had at least 3 down production years....2 before retirement, and 0ne since coming back. It is ludicrous to think that he is better than Jerry Rice. I think Rb Gronkowski is a better reciever than Moss, and he plays tight end. I wish people would think before they post, and make sure facts are straight before they spout off. Most of the posts here favoring the Ravens are from Ravens fans, and they wouldn't admit the errors if they were paid to do so. If the Ravens had lost, they would be pointing at the blackout as a reason, and blame the Niners somehow. Anyway, that's my rant. The game is over, Ravens were declared the winners. congrats to them on being Superbowl champs, but they and their fans need to show some class. There should be just as much class and grace in tems/fans when they are victorious as there is in a defeat.
  • See more comments >>

Jason Kidd to be named general manager of Bucks

USWNT romps Japan 5-2 to win third Women's World Cup title

Report: JPP 'severely injured' hand in fireworks mishap

Blatter: European politicians helped Qatar land World Cup

Report: Cavs considering trading for Joe Johnson


Andrew Quarless found hiding in plant after firing gun

Odell Beckham: I don't want to be known only for 'the catch'

Borland on retirement: Health 'more important' than money

Three NBA teams that improved most early in offseason

Adam Eaton gets 4th of July surprise from brother

Clippers in talks with JaVale McGee, Amar’e Stoudemire

2015 All-Star starters announced, featuring four Royals

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Kansas to wear new USA jerseys after request from FIBA

What can the Saints expect from CJ Spiller in 2015?

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4-Star LB commits to Kentucky, zings Louisville

Clay Buchholz not worried about trade rumors

All hope isn't completely lost for this year's Milwaukee Brewers

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Jason Kidd to be named general manager of Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks general manager John Hammond has been one of the most integral members of the organization in its turnaround from bottom feeder to playoff team over the past couple seasons. According to Dave Begel of OnMilwaukee.com, Hammond is on the verge of being rewarded by finding himself replaced by Bucks head coach Jason Kidd, who will reportedly be named the team’s general...
Via Sportsnaut
1 hour ago

USWNT romps Japan 5-2 to win third Women's World Cup title

The United States has beaten Japan to win its third Women's World Cup title.
Via Gamedayr
2 hours ago

Report: JPP 'severely injured' hand in fireworks mishap

New York Giants defensive lineman Jason Pierre-Paul reportedly suffered a serious hand injury in a fireworks accident on Saturday night. According to Andy Slater of WINZ 940-AM in Miami, Pierre-Paul sustained a “severe injury” to his hand. While there has not been an official announcement made, speculation is building on Twitter that Pierre-Paul mangled his...Read More
Via Larry Brown Sports
6 hours ago

Blatter: European politicians helped Qatar land World Cup

BERLIN — FIFA president Sepp Blatter said in a Sunday newspaper interview that French and German presidents applied political pressure before the 2018 and 2022 World Cups were awarded to Russia and Qatar, respectively. Blatter told Welt am Sonntag that “there were two political interventions” from former French president Nicolas Sarkozy and German counterpart Christian Wulff...
Via NESN.com
6 hours ago

Report: Cavs considering trading for Joe Johnson

The Cleveland Cavaliers are apparently ready to cater to LeBron James in an attempt to build a better team than the one that found itself two games from winning the NBA title this past season. With James still waiting for the team to work out a new deal with Tristan Thompson and add another veteran or two before engaging in contract discussions, the Cavaliers seem to be interested...
Via Sportsnaut
6 hours ago

Andrew Quarless found hiding in plant after firing gun

Like many people, Packers tight end Andrew Quarless spent his Fourth of July weekend in south Florida. Unfortunately, his holiday included being taken into police custody. Quarless and another man were involved in an incident after approaching a car with several women inside. An argument followed with a witness hearing voices from inside the car...Read More
Via Larry Brown Sports
8 hours ago

Odell Beckham: I don't want to be known only for 'the catch'

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. became a household name last year after he made that spectacular one-handed touchdown catch against the Dallas Cowboys. That freakish display of athleticism by Beckham has since been referred to by many as “the catch.” However, that is not the only thing that Beckham would like to be known for in the NFL. In a recent interview...
Via Sportsnaut
9 hours ago

Borland on retirement: Health 'more important' than money

One of the more surprising moments of the NFL offseason occurred back in March when former San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Borland retired after just one year in the league. For Borland—a former first-team All-American at Wisconsin—the decision was about much more than money. In announcing his retirement, the linebacker had this to say: “I just honestly want to do...
Via Sportsnaut
10 hours ago

Three NBA teams that improved most early in offseason

We might be less than a week into NBA free agency, but a whole heck of a lot has happened around the Association. From LaMarcus Aldridge joining an already championship-caliber San Antonio Spurs team to the Milwaukee Bucks making their first major free agent signing in what seems like decades, some teams have improved a great deal from a season ago. Here are three of the most-improved...
Via Sportsnaut
17 hours ago

Adam Eaton gets 4th of July surprise from brother

Prior to their 3-2 victory over the Baltimore Orioles Saturday, the Chicago White Sox honored members of the military by stationing them on the field with the home team. Among the uniformed that made their way to the field was Air Force captain Zachary Eaton who is, you guessed it, the older brother of White Sox center fielder. “That was a little shocking when I first came...
Via Hall of Very Good
21 hours ago
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