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Found May 26, 2011 on Larry Brown Sports:

Via Larry Brown Sports:

Former Giants running back Tiki Barber had a lengthy profile run in SI this week, and true to the pattern of anything Tiki-related lately, there was a controversy. The piece by L. Jon Wertheim is extremely well done and worth your time. In it you get a glimpse of who Tiki is and what some of his problems were. He comes across as a guy who tried hard to be a part of high society and make it a point to his teammates that he was different from them. High society accepted him until they learned he was a fraud, and now he’s been left without much of a place. That’s a big part of the reason he’s trying to come back to the NFL.

But getting back to the interview, he made an extremely poor and despicable reference that has created a controversy. When describing what it was like hiding out from the media after news broke that he left his long-time wife for a 23-year-old NBC intern, Barber told the magazine that he and his girlfriend were at his agent, Mark Lepselter’s house. “Lep’s Jewish,” Barber said, “and it was like a reverse Anne Frank thing.”

That is such a stupid comparison to make. Anne Frank was hiding from the Nazis to protect her life. Barber was hiding from the New York press to protect his image and ego. The two are about on the same planes as asparagus and frisbees.

As Wertheim noted in his article, the horrendously ill-informed comparison was Barber writ small. “He has the wit and smarts to make an Anne Frank allusion and the artlessness to liken himself—an adulterer trying to elude gossip columnists—to a Holocaust victim,” Wertheim wrote.

 But that’s not all about Barber. There’s this description from former Giants lineman Roman Oben.

“But we’d beat the Cowboys and fly home. Guys are yelling, playing cards and watching movies. Tiki’s sitting there, legs crossed, reading Wuthering Heights or whatever. Come on. Some guys let you know how bad they had it growing up. Tiki wanted you to know the opposite: Hey, I’m not from the hood.”

Right now you no doubt have images of Kanye West’s college dropout in your mind because Tiki will always have his degrees to keep him warm at night. I don’t even know him and I want to punch based on that description.

The article also makes Tiki out to be a sad figure who lost his way after his divorce and firing from NBC. We’re told “[Tiki] bought a Harley. He inked up his body, tattooing his mother’s directive PLAY PROUD on his rib cage and FIERY-TEMPERED KING, the meaning of his name in an African dialect, on his chest.”

Does that sound like Tiki to you? It sounds to me like someone who didn’t know how to respond to all the issues in his life.

Barber also explained why he wants to return to the game. “It’s about self-fulfillment,” Barber says. “It’s about having a goal, trying to do something that maybe hasn’t been done before, returning to run the ball at a high level after four years away.”

The whole article is worth a read because there’s so much more than just one quote (first seen at Deadspin to promote the piece). Getting back to the crux of this post, this quote is not as much about an offense to Jews (even though it is). It just really shows how sophisticated Tiki tries to be but how unsophisticated he really is. Perhaps if he just tried to stay true to himself the way his brother has, he’d be a lot happier.


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  • I don't know much about sports or the dynamics of sports. But I just want to say that I went to college with Tiki and he was one of the nicest, kindest, smartest, most decent guys you'd ever want to meet. He really made an effort to treat people well. He always struck me as completely genuine and he was not full of himself at all. He was the exact opposite of someone who had a big ego. He was just a nice person.

    Has he made some mistakes since undergrad? Yes, it sounds like he has. But who hasn't? Is he a perfect human being. It doesn't sound like it. But who is?
  • Sorry. If he was "One of the nicest, kindest, smartest, most decent guys you'd ever want to meet", he would not have left his wife for a 23 year old NBC intern. Nice, kind, smart, decent guys "Do the right thing" and that does not include leaving your wife for another woman.
  • Plenty of people - both men and women - leave their spouses for other partners. Is that really what everyone is hung up on about Tiki Barber? Because he left his wife? With a 50% divorce rate in the United States, there must be an awful lot of villains running around in your world.
  • also if he was the "nicest kindest smartest most decent guys" he would never compare something to anne frank. its one of the most insensitive things to say. its as if he said "my long hair is like the reverse of cancer" thats def not ok AT ALL.
    No one is perfect but their is a standard level of sensitivity that most people ad-hear to.
  • His "I'm better than everyone else" attitude is a UVA thing, anyone in Virginia knows what I'm talking about. They think they are at an Ivy League school, when it is really just a slightly-above-average state school. But all first year students there are required to take a course in d**chebaggery and if you get less than a B, you have to keep taking it over again.
  • That is so strange, I graduated from UVA, and live in Virginia. Not sure where you get your information from, but do some more homework before making negative comments about "the University".
  • Why is Tikki "trying to be sophisticated" because he reads "Wuthering Heights"? Are you offended because he does not follow the White man's stereotype of all Black athletes being stupid and only into sex and drugs? His choice of reading material is simply that: a matter of preference. And if he wants to distance himself from the ghetto, why not? Furthermore, why does anything referring to Jews cause such a stir amongst the general population? No race is perfect!
  • Actually its a good analogy, the jews just don't like anyone thinking that their self induced suffering was worse then theirs. Fact is both incidents are very similar, a coward of a man hiding out, and a race of cowards hiding out rather then fight for their freedom. This holocaust crap is as about endearing as the white man's keepin da blacks down diatribe by the blacks. Tiki's probably a nice guy but he's a flake, and jews should have fought it out instead of hiding and letting themselves and families be herded off to their deaths.
  • You have got to be kidding me. Your ignorance of history is a perfect example of why mankind repeats these tragedies over and over again.
  • This is why kids should stay in school and stop taking bong hits.
  • Not all of us using a bong is an anitsemite or an idiot...some of us do have a brain left...
  • This is why kids should stay in school and stop doing bong hits!
  • Tiki is a nice guy? He left his pregnant with his kid wife to be with his s-k-a-n-k h-o-e girlfriend?
  • xxx1xxx is the reason that I don't usually read comments or listen to sports talk. We get baseless "opinions" from far too many uninformed idiots without much of a life. Hey xxx, go back to the couch and beer, stay off the computer and no one will know how stupid you are.
  • mcbeck - You couldn't have said it any better!
  • Obvioulsy you are mentally crippled and have no idea what you are saying. This is exactlly why the mentally ill shouldn't ever have a computer...go back to your play-dough...it will be ok...
  • okay..enough..you've had enough oxygen. Now stop breathing and save it for humans that aren't criminally stupid.
  • High society kicked him out when they found out he was dumb as dirt. I am glad to see him try to leave his past instead of players like Vick who still hang with the trash that got him in trouble.
    UVA is a snob school with the worst, non-supportive, football fans who empty the stands at half time if UVA is losing, which is most of the games. That's why no Bowl wants them as they won't buy tickets or attned the game. It's the only school where at several home games, I heard drunk. white trash. daddy's punk, boys call opposing black players "BOYS" with extreme emphasis while their mindless, plain jane, girlfriends giggled.
  • maybe the nazi's herded the jews off with help from d-bags like XXX1XXX, you uniformed piece of s***
  • I was just getting ready to say the same thing. I have never read such an ignorant comment. So sad.
  • Sadly, this is so typical of black men- especially in entertainment and sports.
    Tiki wants to better than others (mostly his own race) he doesn't actually want to be better-period! So, like so many black males, he does showy pretentious things like chronic interracial dating/marriage (often trading one non-black trophy for another). And reading prententious books and strange times. Like white liberals women who always whip out the Maya Angelou book or fashion models pulling out books on philosophy backstage at fashion shows. Sure, these folks can genuinely read these things, but you most often find they are posers whose bad racial attitudes or coke snorting, bulemic choices say "that book don't prove squat".
    IT'S NOT ABOUT NOT BEING GHETTO. ITS ABOUT PRETENDING TO BE SMARTER AND BETTER THAN OTHERS- WHEN YOU ARE NOT!!!Tiki is no smarter or better than the other black male athletes (OJ and Tiger included). Until they really work at being better people- instead of BUYING books, suits, golf clubs,and a NON-black women to SHOW others that they are better- black male athletes will keep making fools of themselves, claiming victimhood, and proving the stereotypes about them true.
    {PS- spare me the "so interracial dating and reading is trying to what you are not?"- you know what I'm saying. Its the truth}

  • im saying u might want 2 do a lil reading urself- mabye ralph ellison wud be a gud place 2 start
  • Explain.
    Otherwise, you are just a black guy calling me ignorant or an uncle tom because you can't disprove what I said.
  • invisble man does a very gud job of explaining how difficult it is 2 be black when "blackness" itself is a construct- read the book 2 better understand- point is allow him 2 create his own understanding of his time and space- the lens u are viewing him thru is itself tainted- unless u really accept there is only 1 way 2 be black- ie we all like fried chicken
  • That's just a slightly poetic way to say I am ignorant of my history and another black man needs to be excused for his behavior because its not his fault.
    I don't need abook to know how difficult it is to be black. I am black. Tiki Barber does NOT have a difficult life! He has it easier than most whites. I'm sick of hearing how hard it is for evry black man. What is the point of working hard and advancing in this society- if you will always be a messed up head case who others need to forgive?
    I refuse to allow Tiki to "create his own understanding of his time and space" (poetic jibberjabber)if his choices undermine the progress of other blacks. Don't claim Tiki's actions- his superior by way of being better than other BLACKS- doesn't affect blacks. Its ridiculous to be told that you can't call out black males because it hurts them in this society. But black males can do ANYTHING and ultimately it is their business and their struggle.
    The stupid comment about "fried chicken" is also your way of trying to mark me as bigotted. Save that ploy for someone else. To be called limited in my thinking about black people by someone who is trying to defend a guy who tried to demonstrate how much better he was than other blacks around him by reading classic novels at silly times and practicing OJ style interracial dealing- is backward logic.
    I don't think all blacks eat fried chicken (my posts make that clear. TIKI DOES!
    [MAYBE YOU SHOULD TELL TIKI TO READ RALPH ELLISION INSTEAD OF BRONTE! Strange that you think he is on the right track in his reading, but I need to "get black" to my heritage with mine.]
  • better explanation another time- but if u agree that black ppl r still interconnected which u seem 2 by saying his actions affect other blacks then y wont u allow him 2 determine 4 himself what black is 2 him- the different ways we can be black in america including his way even if its not real 2 u
  • Equating his desire to prove he's "not from the hood" with displaying intelligence is a joke. Being from a certain area does not determine or predict one's intelligence or lack of. Tiki could have 20 degrees - he's still an ignorant, egotistical, should have retired earlier ass. The comment was unnecessary, inappropriate and typical.
  • You are an idiot. The Jews had no army, weapons, or borders to defend themselves with; The Jews that were rounded up and murdered included Russians, Polish, Italian, Romanian, and GERMAN. There were many politicians and rich people that supported and funded the Nazis. There were Hitler Youth Groups (ie. kind of like military Boy Scouts) in New York City. The U boats were sinking our freighters and the only thing that kept Hitler from America was the Atlantic Ocean. People the approx age of your great grandfathers died on Nomandy to save thousands.
  • Thank you. Well said. Too many people cooperated with the nazi's....Tiki should have been reading a history book instead of fiction...perhaps he will learn humility...we can always hope..
  • Atiim K. Barber is a jerk.
  • Tiki reminds me of black people I knew who would try to present themselves as better than other blacks by saying stupid sh*t like " I don't listen to rap" or..." I can't dance.".
    Ok? Great. Its a free country and a lot of rap sucks. But are you too stupid to realize that you just basically supported racist stereotypes in order to establish that YOU!! YOU!!YOU!! are not like "those people".
    There's an old black saying (with many versions)..."If you want to TRY to keep negroes out of your club, put guards at the door. If you want to SUCCEED in keeping negroes out, put a negro on the board.
    That's Tiki, OJ, Tiger, too many other black males....
  • Do all black people listen to rap? Or dance? You sound like the stereotyper here Free747. Stop trying to stand on the backs of your brothers and stand for yourself. If you don't want to be "stereotyped" stop being the one who's doing it.
  • i actually just created an account 2 respond 2 this- wait what fake pc clown world we live in now- he used anne frank as a refrence 2 make a broader point- so what! he can only use her name in pursuit of noble and just causes- get ur panties out of a bunch and grow a pair! that comment causes a whole ww2 history lesson- man im from the hood and fall under damn near all those steorotypes- firm believer in keeping it real in the hood- but if thats not the mans upbringing u want him 2 fake it?!! let the man be who he wants 2 be- isnt that a intergal part of the american dream? being able 2 transform urself into who u want 2 be- u r a fake n the very definition of what we call in the hood a HATER
  • Why not put this idiot in a concentraion camp starve him beat him then put him in an oven and be done with him LOSER
  • Or gas him...
  • *code for wh*re
  • Maybe he should have been hiding like a cheeseburger from a fat kid, or a cucumber from a librarian, a farm animal from a red neck, a brother from a math test, a fair deal from an Indian, an NBA contract from Mitch Goldstein, a gold medal from a white track star, or a Jew from a Nazi- nope used that one already. Get over it my people, he made an off the cuff remark equating the media to a bunch of Nazi’s that doesn't make him a d-bag, it makes him right. Leave it to a ‘Nazi’ to persecute him for it. Do you not see this? So what if he isn’t black enough for the ghetto, or white enough for the Connecticut suburbs. He played sports, he played for a long enough time and made enough money to say that he was good, and now that he realizes that there’s probably nothing better out there then what he had, he’s want another shot before its way, way, way too late. I say good luck to him, and stop over thinking it to all you cry babies.
  • give em a tissure r sumptin
  • Exactly! I created this account just to agree with you. My god people.
  • There are also asians who want to prove how cool they are by saying the are crappy students and not nerds like the others.
    Great. But saying that YOU are stupid won't make you cool or end the silly stereotyping of asians.
    Stop using your own race to boost yourself! If someone says some racial blanket statement, fine- bring up that you did crappy in math. But you don't have to walk in the room and tell us how NOT asian you are every ten minutes and the black guy doesn't have to let everybody know how blond his girlfriends are when no one asked or cares.
    Its all about trying to hard to be something you are not and begging at other ("better"- by your standards) people's table. Just work on yourself.
  • I wish Tiki and others like him would realize that spending money on country clubs, interracial trophies,Republican campaign donations (Charles Barkley), and Saville Row suits doesn't prove you are not a ghetto thug- if you make babies, leave the baby mamas, take up with anything blond, get arrested or end up in court, and try to dodge child support (which Tiki is now)!
    Sure other races do some of this- but let's be honest......that that's considered Jerry Springer ,"ghettoness".
    PUT DOWN THE WUTHERING HEIGHTS AND PAY YOUR CHILD SUPPORT TIKI (even if its too high- you left the woman while she was pregnant!). THAT MIGHT PROVE THAT YOU ARE BETTER THAN YOUR TEAM MATES!! {Oh wait...some of his team mates are still married or support their kids. Hhhhm?}
  • Why all the interracial crap. Why don't you get over yourselves and you stop being racist. People want who they want. Why is reverse racism okay?
  • Okay he said something stupid lets flog him and if thats the punishment for the crime EVEYONE has comitted we all would have the scars on our backs to prove our stupidity
  • Uhh...
    it wasn't just that. I think you know that.
    You don't compare yourself to a Holocaust (or slavery or Rwanadan genocide victim) because the press won't leave you ane your college coed mistress alone - while you fight your wife and kids to avoid child support.
    Come on...
  • the fact that he left on his terms and tried a different approach 2 the typical route of a athlete(ex) showed he was trying 2 explore his world and doing more than what was expected- we shud applaud that black or white- esp in a country that elected the "terminator" 2 run 1 of the biggest states in the union
  • How did he try a different approach from other athletes?
    Many go into announcing! Shaq, Magic Johnson, and others have gone into TV, Movies, and TV hosting gigs.
    How is Arnold S. (a arrogant, morally hypocritcal, cheating jerk) bad and Tiki (a arrogant, morally hypocritical, cheating jerk) a "troubled brotha"?
    Arnold hid his dirt for a long time (like Tiger Woods) and he has been knocked down once it came out (like Tiger). Tiki didn't even hide his crap (let his trashy blond go on trips with him and brag on her FACEBOOK) while his pregnant wife was at home.....THAT (and his disrespect of others he decided were beneath him) is why is is being called out.
  • Oh maybe you mean most black athletes don't read English literature, smile, and enunciate.
    OJ was described exactly the way Tiki is. As "different", better, more all American, and higher classed than other black athletes.
    Like Tiki, OJ wasn't. It was a put on. Both men would have done better truly working to improve their minds and their morals rather than using props (certains books, certain women, certain addresses) to give the appearance.
    If the insides matched the show they put on, no one would care what they read or who they dated, or how they spoke.
  • What do you mean by "genuine"? That he was nice to YOU?
    Or that he was a nice person? I think his wife knows who he is better than me or you. His kids' lives will be affected by who Tiki is. Not by what I say or how nice he was to you- or his mistress.
    As for everybody else doing the same thing. Yea, its around alot and when it is exposed THEY get called out for it too.
    NOTE TO SOCIETY: Stop claiming EVERYBODY is bad, immoral, selfish, violent, abuses their partner, neglects their kids,drunk drives, gets arrested, whatever..... to justify the actions of someone YOU LIKE.
    This is a sad world, but do you have any idea just how bad it would be if what you claim was REALLY true?
  • How many of you have called someone a Nazi before? Your boss, a rude customer service person...your boss. I know I have. I'm Jewish and know the horror of the holocaust. That doesn't mean I can't use Nazi as a description of someone. His reference to Anne Frank was juvenile. That's all. I bet if he really understood what he was saying, he might have come up with a better analogy...felt like Bin Laden..felt like Bill Clinton...felt like Martin Luther King(who was a cheater too) They just don't like Tiki.
  • Geez...
    its not just the stupidity or insensitivity of the analogy.
    Its the fact that this showy, media hungry, athlete openly paraded around with his college coed blond mistress, let the woman brag about their relationship on FACEBOOK, then (once he realizes people aren't impressed with his sexual conquests- with a wife at home) he actually believes he is being attacked and stalked like a Holocaust victim!
    If Tiki had used a slavery reference it would have been offensive! If he has said "I feel trapped like the people in the World Trade Center"- it would have been pathologically self absorbed.
  • BTW- Bin Laden is a stupid analogy, since he was not known as a cheater and Tiki doesn't think he is evil or even bad.
    Bill Clinton is not an analogy- that's a direct comparison to a very similar situation. Even Tiki is smart enough to not go there.
    Martin Luther was a cheater- but again what's the connection? MLK wasn't stalked for cheating and he wasn't innocent (a cheater as you mentioned). MLK was a very important figure whose cheating was documented to be used against him and the Civil Rights movement. Tiki runs fast with a ball and is photogenic. I suspect you just wanted to tell people MLK was a philanderer.
    Tiki used Anne Frank because he wanted to say he was an INNOCENT victim of extreme persecution. He made the right choice -for his motives. And folks are right to take him to task for it.
  • Why in the world was he being STALKED to begin with!!!!!
    I used Bin because it would've been better than Anne Frank. I used Bill C. because it would've been better than using Anne Frank. You're right about MLK.
    I'm talking about hiding from the Papparazzi (Bill C) because he didn't want to own up. Bin Laden because we hunted him down...like the press is/ has done to Tiki are you getting it now? Again..Why is he being stalked anyway. Isn't his life still his? Does he not have the right to f'it up if that's what he wants. Just like Bill C, it isn't our business, it's his wife's. Get a life!
  • Expect Tiki to pick up the English Lit. and the blond coeds- when it suits him!!! and whip out the African warrior king tattoes and references - when that suits him too.
    I'm all for freedom of choice and options, but I hate racial hypocracy and racial manipulation. These changes shouldn't happen when you get into trouble or you are trying to get into the country club.
  • Shocked this post got this much play. I guess Tiki is still news in NY.
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