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Via Larry Brown Sports:

Remember the jersey that you see in the picture above? Of course you do, because back in the summer we made you aware that these bad boys existed. That’s right, Broncos fans have come up with the brilliant idea of customizing Tim Tebow jerseys by putting the name of the most important man in Tebow’s life on the back. As expected, the jerseys have drawn a mixed reaction from people who think it is disrespectful to the Christian faith and others who see it as humorous or a compliment.

“Sports is one thing, and Jesus is another thing,” Traci Yown, a mom out Christmas shopping for her son, said according to KTVQ. “I like to have their names, their last names on the jerseys. I’m a Christian, but I mean I wouldn’t want people going around having Jesus on the back of their jerseys.”

Not all Christians share Yown’s feelings on the matter, however. In fact, Rev. Marcus Buckley of the Riverside Baptist Church thinks people who have a problem with the name Jesus being printed on the back of a jersey must feel that it’s wrong to express their love for Jesus.

“To me it just shows a cultural bias against Christ and Christianity,” Rev. Buckley said. “It’s not saying that he is Christ, it’s saying he’s trying to demonstrate and live that out and as Christians that’s what we're supposed to do. You can pretty much believe whatever you want to in today’s society. But as soon as you begin taking a stand for Christ, then that’s not acceptable anymore.”

There you have it: Two completely different opinions from people with similar religious beliefs. Whether you think Jesus jerseys or Tebowing are disrespectful or not, we can all agree that Tebow Nation has an interesting way of spreading the Christian faith.


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  • I'm not anti-Christian. I AM a Christian, and I hate this kind of consumerist junk produced "in the name of Christ." I believe this t-shirt denigrates Christ, his life, his message.
  • Oh brother, if we want to talk about denigrating Christ we can talk about OBama, half the music we listen to, the websites we read.....Get over it, don't buy it. This is how Tebow has lived his life even at Florida, how awesome that he has strength to wear it wherever he goes and those who support him do to.
  • wow this is stupid. i agree with this comment...but arguing about it is not going to do sh*t. he can do what ever the fu*k he wants, and i suport the fact that he believes and he is willing to show it.
  • look at it this way, the mother who was xmas shopping for her son said she wanted the players last name on the jersey, right? If Im going to spend 50 bucks for a jersey - players come and go - JESUS is forever !!!
  • Do u even know what Christian means? IF u did u wouldnt be dropping F bombs. Cant SEE Christ doing that, hello! For those who like it at least go to dictionary.com before you say your something.
  • Foxden...President Obama denigrating Christ? Seriously! What planet are you from? Maybe the websites YOU read or the music YOU listen to. Denigrating Christ, huh! Your just spewing personal propaganda.
  • Obama's ancestory is Muslim. He says that America is not a "Christian Nation", and prays with Muslims. He has recently started having his speaches scripted by Hollywood writers so he can come across as a Christian. His plan to keep Medicare afloat from government "borrowing" from Medicare for pork barrel projects is to have "cost effective" evaluations and telling the elderly and disabled to forego antibiotics, nourishment, and hydration so we will go ahead and die. That will save a lot of money for his Muslim friends to party on. How many Muslims has he put into appointed offices? Americans have no confidence in his abilities to "run" America's government, so we can't get out of this recession we are in. Yes, he might have inherited a lot of this, but he's had 3 years to correct it. How has that worked?
  • Well, you must be one of those Occupy people who spends more time crapping in the park than watching the news. I heard with my own ears, and you must have been in the park. Who is in control of the congress, now? Muslims are trying to annihilate "infedels" in America. What would a child of one do in the office?
  • I like how we are called infedels in America when the actual definition of an infedel is a non believer in GOD and a non believer in Christ.Oops,we must have a different dictionary over in these parts!
  • That's what THEY call us.
  • You watch too much propaganda TV my friend, I am Muslim I have no intention of annihilating anybody !! I am as offended as many other people when Jesus " Peace be upon him" gets insulted or maybe not in this case.
  • Rashid. I'm sorry. I didn't mean ALL Muslims...I'm like a lot of people...we generalize for the sake of time and/or space. The things I hear on news is that Al Quaida is fighting "us" for that reason. I don't hear your side of it because you don't make the news. Why don't you, and some of your friends stand up and tell us those things? If all we see is taliban, that's what we are going to think. Just because you see the fake christians more than the rest, you might think that all of us are that way. We need to stand up, too, I guess.
  • Thats not correct. Those following Christ are successful and it has EVerything to do with how they perform their job. WHy Tebow prays for the game and we pray before big life events. We want GOd to use us for something greater than we could Ever do ourselves
  • Wasn't this conversation about a football jersey? Good lord, people! Now we're on politics, religion and other nonsense. PLAY BALL!
  • I know thats right!!
  • The jersey controversy is over the word, "Jesus" on the jersey. That's religion, isn't it?
  • If ignorance was bliss , then surely most of you would be in paradise ! You strain at knats and swallow camels . It is clearly seen by the ridiculous things that come from your mouths that lack any type goodly knowledge.
  • where did you get all these facts from? please sight your sources. and do not tell me Fox-news because politifact.com has dubbed them less reliable than the magic 8-ball. and what the hell does Obama even have to do with a Jesus jersey? So mot the article for this
  • Steevo, while President Obama states he is a Christian, his actions say a completely different thing. I also don't believe he's a muslim. If anything, he's devoid of any believe system other than his own political career and celebrity. There has never been a president, ever, that was more ANTI-Christian. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all has been replaced with Life (unless you are unwanted or a burden), Liberty (unless you don't agree with ME, and the Pursuit of Happiness, (unless you don't agree with how I want to live my life).
  • You are nothing but Trash witha capitol T sorry this was meant for the idiot whose words were below you.
  • Can't wait till he throws a touchdown pass to Moses or Sister Mary
  • @Foxden, Jim1Lin: Matthew 6:1 Judge not or you will be Judge. It appears that you are lacking in the Word; and your pastor if you even have one should be very embarassed to have you as a member. I wonder if you even tithe 10% of your earnings. I wonder if you even know how many books are even in the bible if you have one.
  • TalkingtheReal, aren't you judging Foxden by assuming he doesn't tithe a decent amount of his earnings and implying he has a lack of knowledge of the bible because he might not have a bible? Hypocrisy is a fickle beast...
  • Yeah watch out, dont run with the wicked brood of vipers pack. They be no good man. They nailed the Christ to the cross. Easy to do if we're not surrender to Christ!
  • Wow, not sure if sarcastic remark or actually being serious. lol
  • you are right and could go to hell for doing this and I think he should be kicked out from the nfl!!!
  • really??? Tebow should lose his job over his religious views and the outward show of those same views??? so then, all the players that drop to a knee and say a prayer of thanks for getting into the end zone should also lose their job for thanking God for helping them succeed??? Good thing you're not the Commishiner, or the NFL would be out of business!!!
  • What happened to freedom of speech orlife ,liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If wearing the name Jesus makes him happy and he plays with power and might whether he wins or loses, what's the problem?
  • Here read this freedom of speech TEBOW SUCKS
  • So do you! lol
  • I realize this is way back (so yesterday), but I decided to point out something about THAT attitude. We are guaranteed the right to speak, (I believe that was in referrence to The government not infringing on our right to discuss "religion" (in ANY context) nor the free discussion of such. Even though we have free speech, I was raised to believe, also, that it is better to remain quiet and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. Speak with kindness and respect. (I have exactly the same right to free speech that you have). Intellegence is sometimes measured by the ability to know when to speak, and when to freep your kigging mouth shut.
  • And, by the way. What if my happiness depends on watching the blood gush out a slit in your throat? Should the government have the right to abridge my right to life, liberty and the persuit of happiness, just because that might abridge YOUR right to life. The government needs to exercise SOME control over our freedoms.
  • NO he should lose his job because he SUCKS at it!
  • Man grow up!! lol I don't see you out there trying to play ball!!! lol
  • Why should he be kicked out of the NFL? Get over it, you fricken moron. That isn't Tebow in the picture. It isn't a jersey he wears. Nor are they anything he has anything to do with selling. Imbecility knows no bounds.
  • Damn, theright_one! You TOTALLY beat me to it! That's exactly what I was going to say!

    Tebow is a self proclaimed Christian and proudly shows his love for Christ. Not to mention that he has NOTHING to do with the fact that this guy ordered a jersey and customized it how he wanted. AND....what if his name is Jesus (read Hay-zeus incase you're that big of an idiot)?
  • My upbringing doesn't appreciate the first word in your post, but I agree, too. Hey-zeus is a common Mexican name, and a lot of people have tattoos of The Christ on their chests, and arms, and backs and go out and rape, murder and cuss like crazy. I object more to those peole than someone wearing Jesus name on a jersey. How about people who wear crosses on chains around their necks, or earing crosses?
  • Read this TEBOW SUCKS
  • I love religious folks, they warm my hart, specially Muslims with all their complicated ways of loving their Deity, but you Christians get a gold medal in my book; the way you love one another is simply unique, may all of you simmer in your own personal hell,….
  • What happened to "love one another" and "He who is without sin must cast the first stone". Guess you missed that part. GOD created muslims as well as christians. I didn't realize you yielded the Book of Judgement by your side. You must be pretty awsome for GOD to have given you such a privelage.I am truthful when I say you have already commited your sin for today and will again before the sun goes down.
  • Jesus is not religion.
    Religion is an overused, and best described as "A set of Man Made Rules and Regulation.
    You say the Christians should get a gold medal, and I would agree with you. Most Christians, give themselves that title, but have you ever met a man or women whom leads a intential life for Christ.
    You really might not be able to tell by what he is saying or what he is doing, but you certainly would know by looking at the perverbial "Fruit" in his life. What I mean is. Have you ever seen an apple tree produce a rotten apple? No it only goes bad once it is cut from it's branch. Fruit in this case would be considered, his or hers relationships, finances, childred, character, integrity.

    Just because your in a garage, doesn't make you a car. I hope that you will possible see the christian, as your everyday, making mistakes, farting, beer drinking, cursing, man or woman. But a true follower of Christ, will be one that is trying to stop.
  • Jesus wouldn't have a problem with it, because He knows the heart of the man who's wearing it. You're either for Him or against Him, Jesus that is.
  • AMEN!
  • You are so right! We've had a golden opportunity as Christian's (the Body of Christ) to unite and be on one accord to show, witness the love of Christ to others and one-another, and yet we fail once again because of our defferent opinion.
  • amen
  • Hey Nice, In the name of Christ?? For all of the people that are on here trying to argue their points, does the jersey or the number say anything about "Christ"? Jesus is a NAME!! People are still naming their children Jesus today. Wake up! Its 2011 stop being closed-minded drones and think for yourselves for once.
  • Do you think Christ would go to Church wearing a Denver football jersey
  • Only if he liked the team my dear! There is a time and place for everything and there is always time to express your love for GOD and Jesus Christ. Let us never limit our expression for either.
  • It is a name, but it is the saviors name. Have you ever wondered why people curse and use, God Damnit, Jesus Christ. Who are they talking too. Is it just an expression of unbeleif or anger. How did that originate. Why not use fiddly sticks, or fart knockers? I'll tell you why, because it is the name that carries all the power. Those of us who believe use the name Jesus, like a carpenter uses his hammer. Those whom have no relationship with Christ, can't give a reasor for why they started using it, they just do it. It carries so much power, people are compelled to use the name of Jesus in all types of ways, and none with a purpose.
  • Ain't that the goddamn truth! haha
  • If this is wrong then all the cars and trucks out there with bumpper stickers and the fish sign on them are being anti-christian? Get over it. Its great to show your faith.
  • It's amazing how it is okay to wear a cross around your neck on the football field but to wear Jesus' name on your shirt seems to be some sort of abomination. Either sends the same message that you have love for Jesus, believe in what he had done, and that he is not forgotten by any of us.
  • please do some research.the son of God the most high name is yahshua. pronounced yaa shu a english translation is not jesus.
  • Thats the sound I make when I sneeze...YAAAAA SHUUUUUU!!!
  • Wonder how those Colorado people would feel if someone wore A Bronco uniform with Bin Laden on the back
  • Great, Are you going to throw the dollar bill in your pocket away, because it has the name God on it. Does that denigrate your money.

    Would it be ok, if Jesus was on the front, and Brocos on the back.

    The first line in the 2nd most sold hardback book in the worlds history was written by Pastor Rick Warren. It reads, "It's not about me". Purpose Driven Life, is the title, and the # 1 selling book "Bible".

    Tebow is saying, I don't want you to worship me or my abilities. If you appreciate what I do on the field for you, then worship the one whom is responsible, JESUS. You may not agree with what he's stating, but that is the intention of what he is stating.

  • I agree. Why must people complain so much about those who express themselves? SERIOUSLY! This is America! We're supposed to be free to express ourselves without all the whining!
  • You are an idiot. This is America. And America's constitution clearly defines the importance of seperation of church an state. This man has every right to where this shirt. Goddamn first world problems. Who cares?! It's a shirt. He obviously liked it and no one's life is effected by it, besides those who wasted their precicous time on earth reading this article.
  • Have you ever read the constitution Smile? Nowhere in the Constitution is the phrase "separation of church and state". This is a mistake people make all the time. Thomas Jefferson wrote that the 1st Amendment erected a "wall of separation" between the church and state. James Madison said it "drew a line". The 1st Amendment Jefferson is referring to is "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for redress of grievances."

    This means that the government cannot establish a religion. It does not state, nor mean that religion and state MUST be separate. It means the government cannot establish and be or run a religion.

    Just like everyone else who loves to scream "separation of church and state is in the Constitution", you are also incorrect. Please take the time to read the document you so inaccurately quoted.
  • Looks more like he wants to be recognized as Christ
  • America is a made up Nation...lets be honest. God didn't name it America, MAN did. God didn't create the constitution, MAN did. God didn't make the jersey, MAN did. God didn't create the bill of rights, MAN did. He can put whatever the hell he wants on his jersey. Suck it up.
  • And God made Man you dumb butt you left that part out
  • So because God made man, all that stuff was made by God through man? WOW. I don't know about you but my parents made me. Sperm, egg. And technically God made the first man, Adam...not everyone "DUMB BUTT."
  • You're right though...the jersey was made by God, thats why Jesus is on the back..LOL
  • I'm going to make a Denver Bronco uniform and put Hitler on the back of it
  • Well, according to wkw1995, Hitler was created by God. :D
  • Why would you write something like that when he killed millions of people
  • You are missing the whole point Bearhass, Jesus on The TEBOW uniform is making a statement of they worship him. I in particular do not care for him or their fans for promoting him with the use of the lord.Maybe i will just use SADAM on the back does that make you feel better or do you even understand?
  • Hmm, seems like no matter what you put on the back of the jersey someone's gonna get offended. Hitler, Jesus, Steve (Jobs), Stalin, Bin Laden...etc.
  • Get a Life
  • So many exclamations. Ya mad bro? LOL, trololololololo
  • THANK YOU! I thank the Lord we can express ourselves, now. I hope it stays this way.
  • heavenonearth, get laid
  • here here
  • There is such a thing as being reasonable with exexpressing ones self
  • Yeah - Resonable would be not yelling "FIRE" in a theater.
  • Feel free to leave the country
  • dont cuss its not nice:) Besides what does it matter it is important to live out your faith and this is just one way of doing it!
  • Do you know why there are cuss words? So limited minds can express themselves?
  • No so people can express themselves and show how upset they are you IDIOT
  • God created cuss words because he created everything. So cussing is okay.
  • Jesus created a "STIR" back when he was here physically, with the Pharisees & Saducees and anybody else that didn't understand Him. So yes, He will cretae a "stir" now too. But you're right, but if you're a Christian and you have a problem with the name of Jesus on the back of a shirt, then you need to get a closer relationship with the one you serve, or do you serve Him?
  • Sounds like you serve Tebow. You probably pray for him to win
  • you are wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Good thing another diety wasn't shown. Like Muhammad. That kid would be dead now. It's only good if it's the Jesus diety, right?
  • Hey, I'm Mexican and my Grandfather, Uncle and Cousins name is Jesus!
  • And your point is !
  • Anti Christian? please! Get over yourself. Tebow is just retarded and wants attention. No one likes him and he's being a baby. As for jesus, f*ck that, who cares? The bible is just a book and NOTHING MORE!!!
  • A cuss word, another limited mind expressing its self.
  • Please tell me how Tebow wants attention? Tim is low key. could care less who hates on him. Being a baby?? Lol I find that comment humorous. Makes absolutely no sense, but hey...everyone is entitled to their opinion. I would love to know the persons reasons for referring to Tebow as a "baby" or "retarded" and "no one likes him"
  • For all you unbelievers, on the day you leave this planet you will be a believer, unfortunately it will be to late for. You will have made GOD your judge of where you will spend internity by your own choice of unbelief. But because JESUS CHRIST died for your sins and paid the price for your soul you still have an opportunity now the you are still breathing cuz you don't know what tommorrow will bring, with an open heart ask HIM into your life. It's easy as ABC, Accept the fact that your a sinner, Believe that HE is the SON of GOD and that HE died and arose from the grave, Confess your sins and ask GOD for forgiveness and to come into your heart. Allow GOD to show Himself real and HIS love for you. HE is faithful and just to forgive you and wants to be part of you life and have a relationship with you. That's what it is all about, relationship not religion. As for the greatest country in the world, the United States of America, it will countinue to get worse until we as a nation quit omitting GOD from the picture. If you take an honest look at what's been happeining to the U.S. you will see that as we have rebelled against GOD and removed HIM from our lives and our leaders[government] lives this country has gone down hill. So it's simple, repent and return to GOD, II Chronicles 7:14 - if MY people who are called by MY name would humble themselves and pray and turn from their sin, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal there land. So give the LORD a chance to show you HIS great love for you and you will see that HIS word is real and HIS word is truth, with an open heart you can become part of HIS wonderful family and have HIM as your FRIEND and not your JUDGE. It's your choice, he's not gonna force you, thats how much he loves you and me. GOD bless you and I pray you make the right choice in JESUS name.
  • I thought this was a discussion about a jersey...haha. Your soapbox is a little too high, might wanna get some oxygen. :D
  • On the contrary "Black Knight" [great christian "handle" btw ?wtf}..."anti-christian"
    folks are much more likely to find these jerseys very humorous. First of all Tebow needs all the help he can get! He is awful! Sweet Jesus on the jersey has NOT and will NOT help him. Second, its just another perfect example of christians not being very christ like. How much was that customized jersey?!? It's like all the people with their silver and gold crosses etc.! Thats not what he talked about!!??--"C'MON MAN!"--Lastly, non believers likely appreciate this type of identification. Let's us know who is living an illusion right off the bat! Probably alot of "good christian" hustlers out there too who know a sucker when they see one. I just hope you donkies make sure and thank Jesus every time you lose a game. Now you will all be forced to acknowledge the obvious truth that "the gods" have no involvement in the NFL what so ever
  • Jesus is as non-existent as Tebows NFL prowess.
    Sounds like the perfect jersey to me.
    Either name you put on there is fine. They are both equally fraudulent in their repsective positions. Hahaha
  • I'm pretty sure he thinks Satan is non-existent too. So now what should he change it to? :D
  • Tebow only needs help because he was behind Orton in the pecking order and will grow to be a great QB!! I think it's rather funny how many people are ticked off over this! what would happen if someone put the F word on a jersey? or other title, such as "Rapist" or "Dog Killer"
    let them have the name, let them have their appreciation of Christ or Tebow, none of it affects the game or the score!!!
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