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The horrid play of Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez along with the team’s 3-6 record has some fans and pundits calling for the Jets to finally make the move and insert Tim Tebow as starting quarterback.

That might be a popular decision among the masses outside of Rex Ryan‘s tear-filled locker room, but inside, Tebow has anything but the support of his Gang Green teammates.

The polarizing signal-caller was ripped to shreds by teammates, albeit almost entirely anonymously, in a New York Daily News article.

“He’s terrible,” one defensive starter reportedly told the newspaper.

That’s only the beginning, though, as multiple sources spoke to the Daily News to make it known that they don’t have any sort of trust whatsoever in Tebow.

In fact, Tebow isn’t even viewed by his teammates as a capable replacement for Sanchez, given the fact that he’s not even a real quarterback.

“We don’t look at him as a quarterback,” another starter told the paper. “He’s the wildcat guy.”

Another player was asked if inserting Tebow into the starter’s role would make a difference, a positive one that is.

“Hell no!” a player emphatically told the Daily News. “You got to keep defenses honest. You just can’t line up in the wildcat all the time. That won’t work.”

Even so, there’s no denying Sanchez’s struggles and decline. The USC alum completed nine of 22 passes for 124 yards an an interception in a loss to the Seahawks on Sunday. He’s completed just 52 percent of his passes this season, with only 10 touchdowns to go along with nine interceptions.

Despite those numbers, the Jets seem to still stand behind their quarterback. The only player in the entire article who put his name to the quotes was offensive lineman Matt Slauson.

“It’s not even close,” Slauson said in reference to seeing Sanchez as the clear-cut No. 1. “All the other quarterbacks know it. I have all the confidence in Mark. We don’t have a choice.

Slauson was then asked about the two other quarterbacks on the club — Tebow and Greg McElroy — and whether or not they might be better options moving forward.

“We have Greg … and we have an athlete.”

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  • not like Sanchez is doing much better!!
  • Exactly!! How many teams do you know of that would bad-mouth each other like this?
  • I AGREE. And these guys on the defense should look at their own poor performances before they go bitching & WHINING about their quarterback situation! They think we don't notice the whining?? WE NOTICE! No wonder the team standing is going into the toilet fast. Tebow isn't the problem. It's the self-centered, less than manly attitudes most team members exhibit. Support each other.
  • I am a TEbow fan for him as a person, BUT it would be wise to trust what the players say.....They know his skills much better than any fan or sports writer. Tim in a very tough spot right now, catching it from all sides.
  • Then, why on earth did they hire Tebow in the first place? Let him go to another team that will at least give him a shot and if he doesn't make it as a QB, he can plan other position.
  • Maybe he can come to Texas to the Dallas Cowboys.....not sure anyone can be much worse than Tony Romo!
  • Tebow is a leader with passion and skills very few qb's claim except Elway, Manning's, even Luck. Sanchez has nothing going for him. Tebow would be 6-3 given the same opps as SADchez. If the "gang green" should shut up because they are also part of the problem without a solution except let Tebow do his thing.
  • the only thing worse on the jets team is wait, the coach, the offensive line, except Matt Slauson who has the cohones to actually "say it like a man" and the defense.
    basically the whole team sucks except Matt Slauson.
  • What a bunch of losers! First of all, Tebow didn't ask for any of this. The Jets did this. He's not showboating or rallying to be anything more than a member of that team. Why rip Tebow when he's done nothing wrong! If you want to state you support Sanchez, then say that. There's no reason to throw this young man under the bus. The Jets management screwed this young man and what has he done in return? Shown up and worked. That's it. It isn't his fault for the press or the fans questioning the decision to keep Sanchez as starter. Maybe if the TEAM worked hard and focused on what they should be doing, their contribution would help with wins. Just because you're pissed off, doesn't mean you throw blame on a young man who has never said one thing bad about an organization who has treated him terribly.
  • I think you are right on.
  • Like or Dislike Tebow...he never did anything in his football life anonymously.

    JETS = Cowards.
  • well sounds to me that the other Jets players don't want to play up to their ability as a pro player. It's called adapt to another QB when you have to
  • Sanchez is doing it to himself...he needs to get Tebow out of his head. That's all he is worried about. Obviously he doesn't have enough confidence in his ownself to let it get to him. Tebow is a good guy and for the team to talk the way about him is wrong, even if they don't think that he is the greatest they are still a TEAM!!!! There are to many **** strong attitudes on that team...maybe it's called Karma!!! Just saying....
  • I thought about this for a while and there's not anyone on the Jets team that has room to talk dirt on another player. What are they - 3-6 - the last time I checked football was still a team sport and it takes 11 players to win - 11 to lose.
  • You are right! The public comments seem to have a main theme & that is that the Jets have many internal problems in addition to on-field problems. Tebow may or may not be faultless or the main source of their problems, but I will bet that there's also some jealousy and immature behavior exhibited by Tebow's teammates involved there. The team is down the toilet this season and internal bickering & whining are only a part of their problems. And some of the immature players are too self-centered & immature to not make the proper amends. Maybe next season will be better.
  • I am not a Tebow fan, but players on his team bashing him is out of line. They don't even have the guts to put their name after the statement they make (with the exception of the lineman). The whole team is just like their coach, totally gutless big-mouth punks with no character whatsoever.
  • Didn't McElroy speak up about the crap that is the Jet's locker room a few years ago and get blasted by his "teammates" for it? It seems to me that the best things for the Jets would be to scrap this team (or most of them) and start over including the entire coaching staff.
  • Sanchez is a terrible QB. The team is not going to make the play offs so why not start Tebow. Won't hurt, but the way the players are talking about him I have doubts the team will step up and play their best for Tebow
  • Considering this is the NY Jets, what do you expect from them. If you can't even support your quarterback, move on. Lets see if they can land another job with another team. The Jets' management team thought he was good enough to recruit from Denver, so give him a shot. The NY Jets players that are ripping him shows what a great team they really are - NOT. Get a life and move on children.
  • Funny! If he is so terrible then why did he kick the Jets ass last year when he was in Denver. The sad thing is most of the comments are from defensive players that could not stop him and his wildcat offense!!!
  • Wow, what a bunch of gutless wonders. I don't know about Tebow's skills, but only one of them has the guts to speak on the record? If I were Tebow, I would be concerned about being left open to sacks if the coach did put him in to play. These guys are worthless.
  • To rip someone anonymously is the act of a coward, plain and simple.
  • Tebow had the same skill set at Denver where he won several games with an even less talented team. The kid deserves a shotnd he knows how to win. Let's face it, defenses are chomnping at the bit to play the jets. I'm sorry "anonymous defensive starter" maybe you should have some guts and take responsibility for your words because your defense doesn't on Sunday.
  • Like this bunch of losers and prima donas actually know what a real football player is with all the talent they are suppose to have look at there record.
  • Players blasting Tebow anonomously is classless and wrong.

    Rex Ryan, take a lesson from history:

    When Vince Lombardi took over the Packers they won only one game the previous year. His first year he took them to 7-5. He had three quarterbacks on the team: Bart Starr, Lamar McHan and the third stringer.

    That third string quarterback actually made the pro-bowl that year starting seven games at another position.

    At training camp during the 1960 season, Lombardi went up to him and said: "You're my starting halfback."

    That third string quarterback was Paul Horning.

    Tebow should be playing halfback.
  • No wonder these guys are anonymous. I wouldn't want to call attention to myself either if I was a member of the Jets. They have no right to criticize anyone or anything.
  • These jets players ripping Tebow are not very good themselves! Give your team a shoot rather than keep losing,bunch of losers! GO TEBOW!!!!!!!!
  • i say they try him out for a little bit and see how it goes i mean it never hurt to try anything if sanchez aint doing much we gotta do something
  • LIke, he's worse than Sanchez??? Shanchez stinks. As does every other QB out of USC. Who was the last GREAT NFL QB from USC? Emphasis on the "great."
  • This is not about liking Tebow because of what he accomplished in college, it's not about liking his personal habits or philosophies, it's about his abilities as an NFL quarterback. He just doesn't have what's necessary to get the job done but that doesn't make him a bad guy; he actually seems like a good guy. If he had the talents to succeed in the NFL he wouldn't even be on the Jets, he would have been picked up in a bidding war by a different team. The Jets got him and they got him cheap because no other team wanted him.
  • Hummm lets see last year with the Bronco's Tebow and teamates won 8 games when they put him in, he has done nothing but win when given the chance. However Tebow cannot do anything without the respect and hard work of his teamates. He knows that and everyone of those Bronco's knew that. Face it the Jets need to do some serious house cleaning in order to have a winning team put into place.
  • What a bunch of girls these jets players are, to scared to stand behind what they say, have to be secret that's why the jets suck, cause they got a big mouth coach (who is like his father) and a bunch of cowards who talk crap aboout someone and won't say who they are.
  • These Jets players all should be put out to pasture, they really are not football players but a bunch of whining spoiled overpaid fat bellied idiots! Talk about who the most over-rated is and you gotta look at Rex Ryan, loud mouth bully who should be home coaching pop warner teams. He might be able to win a game there once in awhile.
  • You know I have always been taught not to mess with a man of God. Tim is this through & through. Maybe the way you guys on the Jets team are treating him could be the reason YOU are so lousy!!You got to have an offensive team that is working and so far I haven't seen that. You might want to be careful with who you are calling "not a quarterback.'" Sanchez nor Tim are going to be able to do their jobs until you do yours!!!
  • Apparently none of these "men" actually acted like a teammate and tried to help Tebow improve. Just carp and criticize. Perhaps that's why they're such a bad team, led by their "coach".
  • Long time Jets fan and season ticket holder! I am so tired of the ego issues on this team, if you have something to say then say it, be a man. Second, Sanchez is terrible, timing of passes are off, and either high or low, he is not cutting it. As far as Tebow give the guy a chance it cant be any worse! He loves the game, plays wih heart, and wants a chance.
  • There's an awful lot of gutwind coming from the Jets' locker room for a team that's 3 and 6.
  • Hey Jets, you basically suck and if you had been doing your jobs and playing as professionals maybe you would be better the 3-6. Here is a act Sanchez is terrible. Maybe if the line would blaoc, receivers catch and backs actually do something maybe he would have looked better. Defense? Terrible. This team is a bunch of whinning little pukes for the most part. There are actually very few PROs on this team.
  • It's funny that the "Gang Green" is talking smack, especially since they are so "great" themselves! Their only bright spot is their pass defense YPG (#6 in the NFL). Run defense YPG is #30 which gives them a rating total defense YPG of #17 in the NFL. I guess it's easy to be #6 in passing when teams run majority of the time. Oh and how does it feel calling a quarterback that hasn't had a chance terrible when your defense is #23 in Points Allowed Per Game? The defense needs to just shut up and concentrate on not being terrible themselves (F*****G Hypocrites)!
  • the jet's stink, period. tim tebow won't be any help either, he stink's even worse. everybody say's what a nice guy he is and he's a hard worker and all that but as an nfl qb he's terrible. i've seen better high school quarterbacks.
  • Rex cried and the team has to come to his side and rip other players, typical Jets attitude! If Rex didn't have a hard on for Sanchez then maybe they could move past this drama, but until he is fired and I hope it's after this game. The Jets aren't worth the time of day. Fire Rex, put Sanchez on the bench and make him earn his spot back. Simple process and motivation for a player that the Jets team thinks is their No. 1 QB, am I right?
  • "Anonymous" Jets player is not a man. A man would say what he feels to the other man's face. I have no respect for anyone who will not stand up for what he believes. That means saying what you believe and doing it while the other person knows who you are. For example, if the "anonymous" player wants to know who wrote this, my name is Dale Sine, I am a retired LtCol from the USAF, and I live in Fort Mill, SC. E-mail address is dsine1@hotmail.com. I am not necessarily a Tebow fan, but he did win a Hiesman and a National Championship. If you don't like him, man up and tell him to his face.
  • stop persecuting the christian!
    the moron has sought out every camera he could find and now his lack of skills and brains is fully exposed.
    so the players can finally speak the truth about him not belonging on an nfl roster.
    this is the backlash for an attention seeker, NOW FACES JUSTIFIED RIDICULE.
    just ask the little boy he sponsored last season.
    THE FAMILY PAID THE BILLS THROUGH FUNDRAISERS. bonehead got gear from the team and all of the media exposure for doing nothing.

Jets running back Shonn Greene wants Tebow

On Wednesday, members of the New York Jets locker room semi-shocked the world with their shots against backup quarterback Tim Tebow. Since that initial salvo, various members of the team (including Tebow) have weighed in on the matter but nobody’s words seem to feel as honest as running back Shonn Greene’s.  Please Click Here To Read This Story

Tim Tebow’s teammates say he’s terrible

When you’re are the quarterback of a team and expected to be a leader, it’s a bad sign when your teammates have no confidence in you.According to the Daily News, New York Jets players believe Tebow shouldn’t be starting at quarterback, and going as far as saying, “he’s terrible.”There has been a lot of hoopla over the quarterback situation in New York since the offseason...

Anonymous Jets players rip Tebow

The horrid play of Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez along with the team's 3-6 record has some fans and pundits calling for the Jets to finally make the move and insert Tim Tebow as starting quarterback. That might be a popular decision among the masses outside of Rex Ryan's tear-filled locker room, but inside, Tebow has anything but the support of his Gang Green teammates....

Rex Ryan: Tebow Comments “Cowardly”

Per a report from CNN’s Sports Illustrated, New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan thinks the player(s) who called Tim Tebow “terrible” are “a cowardly thing.”  Ryans comments are in response to an earlier report of over a dozen Jets players and members of the organization anonymously criticizing Tebow. Ryan is absolutely right; if you want to call Tebow terrible, be like the...

New York Jets QB Controversy: Shonn Green Should Make Beeping Noise When He Backtracks That Much

The New York jets quarterback controversy took yet another interesting twist this week when many current players said that they had absolutely no faith or confidence in Tim Tebow, opting rather to stick with mark Sanchez as the team’s starting QB going forward. As bad as Sanchez has been throughout the entire 2012 NFL season, it says something when the Jets do not even support...

Rather than wasting time with Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow, the New York Jets should start former Alabama standout Greg McElroy at quarterback

After yet another putrid performance in Sunday’s 28-7 loss to the Seahawks at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington, it is more evident than ever that Mark Sanchez is a quarterback incapable of making the New York Jets a winning organization. … Continue reading →

Column: If not now, when is 'Tebow Time?'

(Eds: Corrects Keller's first name to Dustin in seventh paragraph. With AP Photos.) By JIM LITKE AP Sports Columnist Jets coach Rex Ryan is so competitive that he'd play Satan at quarterback if he was convinced the move would help his team win. But for some reason, he's drawn the line at Tim Tebow. On any other team, with any other backup waiting in the wings, there...

Pete Carroll feels bad for Jets' Mark Sanchez

Pete Carroll knows a little about the media pouncing on their prey. He took every attack the Boston media threw at him while he was head coach of the New England Patriots. After his dismissal from New England, he went back to sunny Southern California and built a powerhouse USC program that turned him into an icon in those parts. Carroll also knows young quarterbacks and Mark Sanchez...

Jets-Rams Preview

There's a strong possibility many NFL teams will be starting backup quarterbacks in Week 11 for one reason or another, though the New York Jets won't be one of them. That seems to be just fine with a few unidentified teammates of Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. Coach Rex Ryan's task of helping the slumping Jets remain positive is becoming increasingly difficult as they...

New York Jets at St. Louis Rams: Three Bold Predictions

Neither the Jets nor the Rams have been impressive of late. It’s been over a month since either team has earned a win. On paper, both teams leave a lot to be desired but there are few factors that will sway the odds in the Rams’ favor when New York travels to St. Louis. Here are my three bold predictions for the game.1. The Jets’ will help St. Louis get an easy win.On the stat...

Chilly Night For The New York Jets After Another Loss In Seattle

After another loss to the hands of the Seattle Seahawks 28-7, The New York Jets fall to 3-6 and last place in the AFC East. Playoffs are slipping out of reach and when asked about the quarterback position Rex Ryan after the game say's he's sticking with Mark, who according to Rex gives the Jets the best chance to win. The Jets have scored 1 offensive Touchdown in 2 games...
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The soccer world is dealing with a bit of controversy this morning, as ESPN’s Darren Rovell tweeted that a FIFA member is saying that Qatar has lost its 2022 World Cup bid. FIFA member now says he believes World Cup won't take place in Qatar http://t.co/y8NpciQAll — darren rovell (@darrenrovell) September 22, 2014 FIFA executive committee member Theo Zwanzinger, says that...
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