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Tim Tebow's first meeting with Tom Brady didn't go too smoothly for the second-year quarterback, as the Patriots rolled to a 41-23 win in Denver.

After that game, when the two signal-callers greeted each other on the field, Brady told Tebow, "We'll see you again."

Tebow was reminded of that meeting on Sunday, and Boston Herald reporter Ian Rapoport noted that his reaction was downright biblical.

"He might've said something like that, so I guess he's a prophet, I don't know," Tebow said, according to the Herald.


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  • Why is Tebow allowed to put his knee on the ground to celebrate when Jarred Alled is penalized for putting his knee on the ground to celebrate? Seems like double standards to me.
  • when Timmy put his knee on the ground this weekend it not to give thanks, but its going to be to ask for forgiving for losing to the best team in the NFL
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • get a life
  • Should it really matter to you ? Most people make comments that are so ridiculous that complaining about someones Good or Bad Fortune has changed their Life. Everyone.. Please go get a Life and leave Tim Tebow alone. You have criticized or praised or both for what Tim Tebow does and what the MEDIA (Journalist) wants to make a big deal out of Nothing to Something to piss everyone off. Again ! Everyone get a Life.
  • Amen! Could not have said it better myself. Leave him alone!
  • I second that. Bona fide Bronco-dissing unbeliever here, witnessing for Tim. He's just a good guy, plain and simple. I wouldn't care less if he laid a cross on me and asked God to forgive me for my sins, however he defines them, because he's got nothing but positive, kind, genuine intentions for everyone he meets. Go Tim! I can't help but root for you!
  • Tebow does it after the game is over.
  • Grumpy 5 - You have no clue what your talking about... when Tebow scores a TD pumps both fists screams, then points to the sky. The only time he takes a knee during the game, is while he's on the sideline. It's pretty clear you've never actually watch him play a game, so why would you comment on somthing you have no clue about!?
  • All that is going on on a pro football field is VIOLENCE. All that is going on on the sidelines (with the cheerleaders) is SEXUAL DEGRADATION of women. And all that is going on in the stands is DRUNKENESS. No doubt, Tim Tebow is headed to HELL with the rest of the evildoers in his industry.
  • With all due respect I suggest you start reading your Bible. If anbody has given his life to Christ and is living the life the Bible prescribes..... then they are saved. If God judged on the jobs people have then He would have condemned His very own prophets while they were working for evil kings. If Tim is for real (NO MAN knows this for sure but the fruit of his life says he is) then he is a very good example of what Christians should look like.
  • With all due repect you need to learn know to spell or use spell check (anbody) is spelled anybody
  • this comment is so lame you should have refrained from making it--just criticizing over spelling--which means you have made NO contributing comment on the subject at hand
  • It's learn HOW to spell not KNOW. Before spell checking for someone else you should clean up your own shortcomings.
  • you need to learn to spell as well, it is respect!!!!Go Tebow!!
  • Jesus, Himself, said, "Why do you call me good? The only good on this earth comes from my Father." So, when Tim Tebow tells us what a great Christian he is in a book, he is making himself greater than Jesus. Jesus also said, "You cannot serve God and mammon. When you work in an industry that promotes violence, sexual degradation and drunkness, then you are MOST CERTAINLY serving mammon. Jesus gave the example of the pious man who wanted to be thought of as good, as opposed to the sinner who wanted to be forgiven. There is HOPE for Tim Tebow, but not in the EVIL NFL.
  • Oh, guys, I left out another SIN the NFL promotes...gambling. The Super Bowl is the most bet on sporting event in the world. Gee, I'm absolutely sure that the mafia controls the gambling, so Tebow is involved with THE MOB.
  • You're a freaking idiot
  • ditto's
  • now let me understand im guessing u never had a game in your life or even really had or taken the time to understand the game but yet the game is violence and all of that well let me tell you the game is about sportsmanship and the cheerleaders they take on the job of entertaining fans they take on the job themselves no one ask them too so please keep the dome remarks to you self
  • Yes. And the strippers who dance naked in front of men at strip joints do so willingly, too. But that doesn't mean it's not evil. I worked for the Dallas Cowboys the first year they had cheerleaders. I know that those women were putting evil thoughts in my mind.
  • I was going to let this argument go with my other comment, but your comment "I know that those women were putting evil thoughts in my mind" was too absurd to not be addressed.

    Who is in control of your mind? You or those women? People who say things like that are the exact kind who get arrested for statutory rape and then blame the victim. If you are as good a Christian as you say you are, then be accountable for your thoughts and actions and don't blame YOUR sins on other people.
  • Speaking of dumb, a "dome" is what is on top of the capitol building in Washington, D.C. Dumb is what you are.
  • Really? Tebow is heading to HELL? I don't think he's evil. I believe he is the very charater of what all Christians should be like, an example of how Christ lived on earth. Also you are false when you say, "All that goes on..." Not All of the plays on the field are violent. They don't stab anybody, shoot anybody, they don't commit any sort of violence. For the stands, not EVERYONE is getting "drunk". There are people in the stands not getting boozed up, they are there to have fun. How is that sexual degradation? They aren't doing anything that would degrade them as women? Do they express themselves as sexual deviants? You are foolish. End of Story.
  • Sounds like cabowaboman needs to get laid. Yikes!
  • And who you are to judge????
  • YOu really need to get a life. Stop passing judgement. All have sinned and fallen short!!!!!
  • Do not judge lest ye be judged
  • Wouldn't mind being 'sidelined' by a couple of the cheerleaders I saw during the game!
  • Hey Ice Man,
    Before you cut someone down for missing a "Y" in a word, you should read your earlier comment about Tim kneeling down. That is some of the worst grammer I have ever seen.
  • Sorry...I have to do it. The word is spelled "grammar"
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  • He was joking...My gosh...That part should have been added to the headline.
  • Hey Denver,

    This is the correct way to spell grammar
  • And why is this news ??? Tebow should just keep his mouth shut and play football.
  • The media should quit shoving microphones and cameras at him for every move he makes. Wouldn't be news without them! The poor guy can't even take a knee prior to the game without 10 camera guys running to take a picture. I truly doubt this is something he asked for.
  • My goodness. Tebow was making an off the cuff remark and it made headlines? Wow, really slow news day.
  • With the readily obvious observation that we seem to be unable to listen and comprehend simple sentences - especially the media - it was clear in both content and delivery that it was a somewhat self-effacing joke.
  • I am Pontius Pilote and I will have a little chat with Tebag after he loses the game!
  • I really thought this was a football game--not a religious arena--seriously, let's play football you nut case.
  • If you don't think the NFL is evil, look at who they have performing at the Super Bowl this year...the bad girl herself, Madonna Ciccone. I wonder how she will top Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction." There is a strip joint on Miami Beach named after Madonna. Now, that is something every girl should aspire to, huh, guys? The late columnist Colman McCarthy said, "It is the epitome of masculinity that a man of 40 would not want his daughter to do what he wanted other men's daughters to do when he was 20."
  • Cabowaboman,

    I have the perfect solution to your problem: Don't watch football.
  • If they let EVERYBODY else do there dances and flips and just whatever........then.....why is it that you all get upset about him thanking GOD??????? for whatever he may be thanking him for.......

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