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Via Cosby Sweaters:

There has been a long-standing argument over the political correctness of several sports teams’ names–none more-so than the Washington Redskins. The team was named by then-owner George Preston Marshall in recognition of head coach Lone Star Dietz in 1933. Dietz was supposedly part Sioux, but the historical correctness of that is not fully known. Marshall, on the other hand, greatly opposed the integration of the NFL and was a known racist, so that doesn’t help the Redskins’ case very much.

The Kansas City Star has not used the “Redskins” nickname for a long time, and now, the Washington City Paper has decided to dub the team the “Pigskins” instead of calling them their official nickname. From the Washington City Paper:

Over the last week, 1,125 of you voted on which of five names we should go with, and Pigskins—a.k.a. Hogs, in a tribute to the team’s great offensive line of the first Joe Gibbs era—stiff-armed the competition like John Riggins did to Don McNeal in Super Bowl XVII. The name won 50 percent of the vote. Washington Monuments came in a distant second, with 16 percent; Washington Bammas got 13 percent, Washington Half-Smokes, 11 percent, and Washington Washingtons 10 percent. There were a few late entries that we liked, such as the Washington RG3skins—inspired by the quarterback’s touchdown run last Sunday—and the Washington Americans.

Whether the NFL is going to ever change the name of the D.C.’s team has yet to be decided, but, if it does, the people have spoken and they want the “Pigskins.”

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  • This is hilarious, the REDSKINS will be around long after these newspapers fade into oblivion
  • And that should be fairly soon, as newspapers are becoming obsolete.
  • I have a great idea.... GET OVER IT !! they are the
    "WASHINGTON REDSKINS" period end of discussion..
  • and why n ot the new England honkies and the new york hymies or the new jersey dagos
  • Breaking News, we are changing the Jacksonville Jaguars team name to the Blackskins, and the Steelers to the Yellowskins

    The Packers, will be called the Meat Pudgers from this point forward. The San Diego Chargers, will be called the Sandy Eggo Chicken Chokkers
  • you punk ass bitch you cant even use you own name . i will just call you tag romney you punk ass coward
  • skkkoal Knee Gars with a Cigar.....
  • Don't vote for Half Black Alabama, evit that half knee grow back to the projects in Chicago....

  • Washington Bammas is not referring to Obama. In DC, people use the word bamma all the time. Calling someone a bamma is an insult and has been around long before Obama was even known.
  • Wow. A total of 1125 people voted to change the name of an organization that they have nothing to do with. What about the other million or so people in the area? I guess that they feel the same as me. STFU and mind your own business and do away with this stupid political correctness that is destroy the minds of smart people.
  • joe, heck of a lot more than 1 million live in this region. This is a publicity stunt, and that yardbarker is even mentioning to get on MSNBC, epitome of trying to stoke up publicity. Lived here 42 years, never even heard of this rag.
  • Seriously!! The Washington City Newspaper? Only reason I've even heard of it is because they were in the news last year because Snyder was going to sue them. That paper is a joke
  • I have been a die-hard fan since i can remember (and I'm 65+) and the REDSKINS will ALWAYS be the REDSKINS!!!! "GO REDSKINS" !!! AS a fellow DC-born please don't even think of changing your name !!!!
  • I hope they dont do to my beloved Redskins like other idiots forced the North Dakota State University Sioux to change their name. If they make them change it years from now do it to the Atlanta Braves and FSU Seminoles. Leave things alone all you PC people.
  • NDSU are called the bison, its the UND sioux that you are thinking of
  • I shouldnt get those mixed up my mom is from ND.
  • Well I'm a pig and pigskins offends me. So I guess you will just have to stick with Redskins.
  • Will Washington's Jewish fans be offended by "Pigskins?"
  • Silly... Washington has no Jewish fans. The Jews are fans of the Jew York Giants and Jew York Jets.
  • To puts this in persepective, 1st off KC Star is not a dc paper so really who gives a rats @$$ what they put for the team. Why even put them under that caption. 2nd the article fails to mention that the City paper has been fueding with the redskins owner who sued them 2/3 yrs ago (for defemation I believe). The paper is a weekly that has been around since 1981 and may reach 50000 people (Im probably being generous) And now decides after the fued with Snyder that the Redskins name is racist? Total Bull...Please Yard Barker tell the real story behind this.

  • Isn't KC's team known as the Chiefs and doesn't their mascot dress up as an Indian and ride around the satdium? How come the paper doesn't push to change that?
  • I live in Florida and several years ago some people tried to to a very similar bit of tom foolery with the Florida State football team: Seminoles, named after the Seminole Indian tribe. They were trying to say that naming the football team was degrading and denigrated the proud heritage of the Seminole tribe. This argument of course fell apart quite rapidly when the chief of the Seminoles spoke up and said that the tribe was extremely proud and honored that Florida State University decided to name their football team after them.

    So I guess the moral of this is just leave the name alone, it's not as offensive as you might think. And if you do find it offensive then there are plenty of other countries you can move to as to not have your delicate feelings trodden upon.
  • no more offensive than honkie
  • Sorry thought my post was deleted
  • you should learn to form a sentence before you write in a blog
  • Lets not forget these are probably the same people who managed to force the Washington Bullets to change their name years ago because that sent a bad message about violence and guns.
  • Considering I live in the area, I have never even heard of this rag. It's Washington Post and Washington Times along with the Baltimore Sun in this area. This is PR by this rag.
  • Are these the same groups that cried for the St Johns Red Storm to change their name from the Redmen, even though it's origin was because a bunch of white guys wore red uniforms in their early years?
  • As always I have been on the losing side on the name issue. In high School I was a G.F. Central Redskin, but that group that has nothing better to do than spoil things decided to change the high school's name because it might offend someone. The name was good for us for over 50 years, but these simple pimple minded PC turds had to ruin it for us. Then my "University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux" were Blackmail by the NCAA that they could no longer have any postseason, or tournament play because they found the name offensive. We went to court, and lost because they didn't keep us from playing only from having, or going to other venues wearing our nickname logo. Also there was the little matter of being without a conference to play in as the majority of them seem to be afraid of those old con men in Indy. One Day they'll learn that we don't need them anymore as most tournaments are sponsored by businesses who for the last 25 to 35 years have done the heavy lifting when it comes to college sports.
  • Sadly, some liberal idiots have nothing better to do with their time. As soon as Romney takes office, he can put this issue to rest.
  • What, he'll change the name to the DC FlipFloppers?
  • then you can name them the washington lying mormon
  • Why would we do that? After all we didn't start calling them the Washington Lying Muslims when Pres. Obama took office.
  • I was born in Washington and have been a skin fan all my life. My uncle was in the original Redskin marching band in the 40s. The franchise was originally in Boston before moving to Washington,so it was the Boston Redskins. The name "Redskins" is a reference to those Americans who dressed up as indians, boarded a British ship, and threw cases of tea overboard to protest the British tax on tea. It was called the "Boston Tea Party" and was part of the prelude to the American Revolution.
    So the name is only indirectly connected with Indians, and certainly was never meant as any kind of racial slur.
  • Change it to The Washington Assholes in honour of their government.
  • this country is going to politically correct ourselves out of existance. Enough already! The Redskins are the Redskins. Becasue no one likes bills, should we rename the buffalo team junk mail? Oh wait, no one likes that either. Maybe the buffalo emails?
  • Let's take this political correctness to the next level...."Pigskins" will definitely offend the jewish football fans. Also, as I think most of the government workers there are totally unfit for what they are paid for (I refer to the elected politicians), I'm offended by the name "Washington". How about we move the team to LA and call them the "Californians"? Or does that offend the Idahonians and the New Mexicans? Better yet, let's got off this political correctness BS and play some football.....Ya Think?
  • sure you ignorant honkie
  • Do you really think that by calling everyone honkie that you are either helping your own cause or actually offending anyone? Get over yourself.

    Update: October 21, 2012
    I find it amusing when people such as yourself display their own ignorance by using the word ignorant to mean stupid or unintelligent. The word means uninformed or uneducated about a specific thing. You are obviously ignorant of this. Also, if you feel the need to display your own obvious racism toward the white man perhaps you might try using a term that is actually found offensive to whites. Honkie is so lame it has always been laughable to us. Try using Cracker, it at least is a term that whites actually do find offensive, not that most whites are overly disturbed by racial epithets but at least you would be using something derogatory. Now, I have enlightened you and lifted the veil of your own ignorance at least a little, I hope this helps you.
  • I am a longtime Cowboys fan (1972)and have always loved the competition between these two teams. The PC has gone too far. The Redskins should always remain the Redskins. To change their name (out of political correctness)is doing a great diservice to generations of NFL football fans regardless of their origin.
  • I'm about P.C.'d out. Its a foot ball team, for crying out loud. I bet that the majority of people complaining aren't even American Indians. I am part Indian and have no problem with the name.
    This country is becoming so soft.
  • Grow up. The irony is a certain portion of those who are passionate about maintaining the 'redskin' name were offended when a mosque was set to go up 'too close' to ground zero a few years back.

    It's not a matter of political correctness; it's a matter of respect. A major reason this country can't completely get over it's race relation issues is because of a lack of respect and a low level of intellect/social awareness (as has been shown on this comment board.
  • It was just announced that the team will officially be changing their name next season to the Tampons. This is because they are only good for one period and have no second string...
  • The way I see it, if all this is racist towards the American Indians, then it is very racist for these American Indians to wearing the white mans clothing. The should go back to dearskin or buffalo skin clothes and moccasins.
  • you stupid honkie asshole , is that p.c. ??
  • I've called them the Foreskins for a long time, why not use that?
  • Might as well change the name to the Washington Foreskins, or will that offend people who are circumcised.

    People who are offended offend me.
  • I guess that Green Bay's team needs to change their name too. They are named after a meat packing company and doesn't that offend the homosexuals?
  • Who cares if its Redskin or blueskin or pinkskin its a football team that I Love and Im not from D.C. so call them whatever you want..They are the Redskins....Period and always will be

  • just leave it The RedSkins,or in honour of The Tea-Baggers,change it to the Washington "UNAMERICANS"
  • my god the world is making me sicker everyday.....i for one sure don't want to offend all the little piglets in this world by calling the redskins the pigskins.....i would give 10 years off my life to live in an age when we didn't have political correctness.....not racisim people...but political feelings are hurt #uckin hoo!

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There may not be a more racist sports team name than the one of the Washington Redskins. One of the NFL’s longtime franchises adopted the racial descriptor for a name back in the team’s second season while still calling Boston home. I know, I am as shocked as you are when it comes to where [...]

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