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Via The Other Paper:

It was bound to happen since everyone and their bookie has an opinion about the Tim Tebow-Mark Sanchez quarterback controversy and now the Leader of the Free World has weighed in with his own thoughts about it.

During a campaign stop in Ohio, President Obama made a call into radio station 97.1 The Fan in Columbus Thursday and he had a warning for New York Jets fans.

"I gotta tell you, I don't like the idea of a quarterback controversy at the start of the season, so if I was a Jets fan, I'd be pretty nervous," he said. "Sanchez is not Tom Brady yet, but he led them to the playoffs two years in a row.  I think Tim Tebow seems to be a wonderful young man, and he's got just a great winning attitude.  He really steps up when things count."

Does that mean the President is siding with Sanchez — the incumbent?  Shocking.

Obama sounded like he thinks Rex Ryan's executive decision could be a tough one.

"But there's going to be a lot of tension in that situation," Obama added. "So it'll be interesting to see how it plays itself out."

Jets owner, Woody Johnson, is a powerful fundraiser and big supporter of the Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

Who knows, by Nov. 7, two incumbents may be out of a job.


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  • Really Mr. President? The country's in the middle of a horrible economic crisis and you're dialing into sports radio shows? Why am I acting surprised by this?
  • WHEW!! I feel SO much better now that "obama" has spoken. This NYJ quarterback controversy is so critical to the rest of the country that jobs, the economy and all the rest pale in comparison.

    Glad to see you're on top of the IMPORTANT issues that affect ALL of us, you d1p$h1t.
  • As I am reading this article I am thinking... How many D-Bags are gonna post saying that "Obama has bigger things", "the country is in a crisis and he is talking football", blah blah blah. At the end of the day we are all human and love football. But you are all authorities and are correct, he could definitely solve all the coutries issues in the 5 minutes it took him to comment. Ugh! Doesn't bother me at all, because this country is f**ked regardless. Now please stop it.
  • This guy is just a useless Punk. Really you've got nothing else to do? Well I guess this keeps the attention on sports instead of the Disaster he's done with this economy. Hey Stupid Ass how coming up with a solution to lower our Gas prices to where they were at before you took office
  • Show some respect.


    Now. if we talk about Gas prices. When Clinton was president the price of gas skyrocketed to $1.27 !
    Under President Bush it fell all the way back to $4.05. Now under President Obama it has risen to over $3.50 ! This is what the democrats do. I bet Mitt could get the price back down to $ 6 or $ 7.
  • Fact gas was at $2 gal when Obama was inaugarated after 31/2 years time for ALL of congress and President Obama to take responsibility for themselves. Bush averted a major colapse after 9/11, because of the international chaos created by Clinton. He started the downward spiral of no respect for USA by sucking up to the UN. You know little to nothing about respect or facts use the internet for research before you share your opinion.
  • Sometimes it is easy to see an unlearned individual that just start talking and the historical facts and evidence for their comments are like loss water running down the stream ... if you get rid of this bigot congress everything will work out.
  • In November 2008 when Obama was elected, gas prices were $1.87
    Today they are $3.40

    Democrats hike the price to feed off the motor-fuel taxes.
  • mrojas: Really how we q ickly we forget. This great President has only been in office for a short time, to clean up a 10 year miss from the previous "smartand intelligent president". And we have a bigot congress who will not let the man do his job. Let it never be said that an intellectual black men lead the country to success and on into a great world power... now what!!
  • Evidently the concept of a free market escapes most of you. We live in a capitalistic economic environment gentleman, the president has no control over gas prices, the open market dictates gas prices. Remember from grade school, supply and demand, where there is a demand a supply is forthcoming. The Prez. has done a damn good job as every democrat does after the previous republican mess. We were losing 745,000 jobs a month when he took office, when the stimulus was signed that reversed and to an upward climb, now we gaining 145,000 a month in the private sector, how you like them apples, facts (i.e. #s) don't lie, yet, opions do.
  • Yea, He should be talking about the real american sport of dressage horses. Grow up dude.
  • should he talk about golf?
  • I do not know much about the game. I just know that UNEMPLOYMENT STILL HIGH. Obviusly THE TAX BREAK FOR THE WEALTHY IS NOT WORKING.

    TIME TO KICK OUT ALL CONS-ervatives (including Teabaggaers ) from office. No CONS-ervatives in office : THERE WILL BE NO BODY TO DEFEND THEIR BUDDIES.

    Now, do you want my personal opinion about Tebow ?
  • You are sitting home doing nothing because you voted this car salesman into office you mindless fool. Now you have a heathcare plan that we can't pay for to keep you healthy. Healthy yes, but still at home dumbass!
  • Don't care to hear anymore from you!
  • He's the president of the USA and he has a right to his opinion. Why does everything have to be so political? Truth of the matter, we're in this mess we're in because of 8 yrs of BUSH, bottomline. And why is when Bush was in office, it was considered unpatriotic to insult the President, now with President Obama is open season. REALLY, just admit it, most ppl that have a problem with Obama is because of his race bottomline. And all I have to say is I had to endure an IDIOT for 8 yrs so get use to the Black President. Now, back to the article, Rex Ryan should keep his starting QB.
  • This is what confounds me.... I do not agree with this President or his policies and yet it has to be because of his race... REALLY???? I don't care if he is purple.It has nothing to do with the job he is doing.I feel it is more racist to blame the fact that people don't agree with him on his race.
  • Your comments beg the questions: Do you think that it is acceptable that the president and vice president intentionally lied to the American people about WMD's in Iraq? Do you think it was right that this war, that we were lied into, was fought with mercenaries and by mercenary companies that from little pittly start up companies became billion dollar companies in no time? Do you know that the owners of these mercenay companies where all Bush and Cheney contributors? Would you agree that the unnecessary Iraq war largely contributed to our current economic malaisse and that we are still paying the price for this war? Would you agree, that a supreme court justice who refuses to excuse himself from the court when it comes to deciding a case involving one of his friends and hunting partners, is at least delusional when he claims to be impartial (while in reality he does not believe in democratic principles and is really a closet fascist)? And, let's do not forget that Baby Bush's war could have been easily avoided if he had just seen a shrink to deal with his inferiority complex and his need to proof that he was a better man than his Daddy , when in reality he proved to be not even 1/10 of the man that his father was.
  • are you keeping you nose out of sports when you are working? He is a man and not a GOD. Dont forget about the check and balance system. He cant balance anything if the checks are their for him to balance
  • The man is just a man who likes sports sometimes dealing with all the gas prices and things in the world he need a outlet point it's people like you who are the real disaster.
  • Let's cut the boy some slack, here. After all, he's had three long, grueling years of golf, vacays and campaigning. That's hard work!
  • Nothing is going to change and the economy is going to continue down the toilate. Look at the people Obama nominated to be his advisors, the same idiots that ran companies like Goldman Sachs back in 2008. He was also a major proponant back in Chicago for forcing Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae to give high risk mortgage loans to individuals who did not have the financial resources to pay for those loans. The man might have a silver tongue but he is a puppet, just like the last 4 presidents before him!
  • Hey, Obama didn't do it alone. What about the DJ, the people that built the station, the people that built the roads to the station, the people that installed the phone lines, the people that invented the phone...He did not do it alone WE ALL called the radio station together!
  • NICE TO SEE THAT WHEN A BLACK MAN SPEAKS EVERYONE LISTENS!!!. and no on NOV 7 he'll still be there to fight all the haters for aNother 4 YEARS
  • What a doorknob disgrace.
  • It's an interesting comparison. Obama makes people feel good about their personal failures. "it's ok. It's not your fault" Tebow just finds a way to do what appears unlikeky to everyone else. It's no wonder the President is luke warm re: Tebow. He stands for something better than the president has to offer.

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