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Tweet Sports teach us many things about life, rivalry, unity and many other things. Another thing that they also teach us is that fans sometimes get a little bit crazy and do some irrational things. Case in point is a petition that surfaced on the White House’s “We the People” page that asks President Barack [...]

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  • I have a better idea, how about a petition to get obama impeached. He's a freaking liar and has no problem throwing this country under the bus where Mexico is concerned. If his latest comments about how the US is responsible for all of Mexico's problems doesn't piss you off as an American....then you need to catch a flight out of this country. If he has his way he will turn this country into a socialistic society, yeah that's worked real well throughout history and is working well in North Korea as we speak. Then there's obama care, don't even get me started on that pile of shiit legislation. All the liberals who put him in office will be the first to call for his head when they realize they can't afford health care when the company they work for drops it by hiring part time employees and getting around the law. You fools who put him in office not once but twice need your heads examined. And he actually thinks criminals will obey the law and subject themself to background checks to buy guns. Ding! Ding! Ding! Hellllooooo obama, these people DON"T play by the rules...they're CRIMINALS!!!!! I served my country and I can guarantee you that our military can not wait until he is no longer their Commander in Chief, he is a disgrace, PERIOD!!!! Three years six months and twenty four days to go until we no longer have to look at his smug arrogant face. That is unless he gets impeached as he should be.
  • Oink oink you republican freak! Where were you when dubya was taking us into an unfunded war with lies about WMD??
  • Kiss my butt you cretins...if you believe there were no WMD's in Iraq then you are complete MORONS. Saddam systematically killed his own people, with chemical weapons, remember the Kurds?! The weapons inspectors visits were announced ahead of time, what a freakin' joke, so all they did was move everything. You know, put the stuff in trucks and take it somewhere else, too difficult for you Einstein's to figure out, DUUUUHHH!!!. You must have gone to school on the short bus. Your the kind of spineless twits that would allow other countries to just walk in and take over without a fight and you nauseate me, grow some balls and act like a man. You would also allow obama to take away one of our First Amendant Rights...THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS!!!! He actually thinks criminals would submit to background investigations to buy a gun, yeah right, tell me another one. I suggest you take a flight to somewhere else, maybe Iraq or how about North Korea, go kiss their butts. If you don't agree with America defending liberty and crushing assholes like Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden then go live with these creeps. But you wouldn't do that because they would cut your balls off and feed them to their dogs....Oh, that's right, you haven't got any balls.
  • Except it was the threat of nuclear weapons that they used more than anything. It might be easy to dodge weapon inspectors but not an entire invading army that still didn't find anything. And no they weren't moved to Syria.
  • @crymeawhine and Tigerripple

    Just out of curiosity, What is a WMD? According to recent Media reports you are allowed to call said weapon a WMD:

    if you are a Democrat and trying to win a political argument; the WMB classification cannot be smaller than a pressure cooker packed with firecrackers.

    if you are a Republican and trying to win a political argument; the WMB classification cannot be smaller than a 4000LB nuclear device stored in a weapons bunker surronded by high security troops willing to transport said weapon to an inter-ballistic missle facility on a moments notice.

  • Type in YELLOW CAKE Iraq and your favorite news place MSN into Google and watch what comes up. There were very large amounts of the stuff that WE, yes you saw it right. We found in Iraq. Only one reason to have Yellow cake and that for making the bombs.
  • Another thing these whiners don't choose to remember are the thousands of bodies unearthed in Iraq. Who's bodies you say.....why, the bodies of the people saddam had killed when he wiped out entire villages of innocent men, women and children. He was a modern day Hitler on a smaller scale but a tryant and a murderer none the less. People like him come along every so often in history, and countries like the United States of America ultimately snuff their candle. The jerk in North Korea's days are numbered also if he chooses to mess with us and the rest of the FREE NATIONS OF THE WORLD!!!!
  • Sorry teacher, so I typed First instead of second, sue me. My point is still the same. These Girly Men can kiss my arse. If you agree with then you should grow some balls also.
  • I love how these so called America loving poor Republicans talk some much shiit..... Son, and I call you that because you shine, Mr. Bush lied to us... Point blank, no sugar coating anything, he lied. If you can sit there and rant and rave about a President who was given a country that I LOVE and DEFEND, in such bad shape. No one could have done a better job... No one. You listening, if the people vote, and the man gets elected you respect the position. Not the man the position, he is our leader, our commander and chief, and we follow because WE are Americans... ALL of us, remember your oath.
  • oesbles;
    You are either a molested child or just plain dumb!Obama has done more harm to this country in less than two terms than all of the other Presidents since George Washington...combined. If our great, great great grandchildren survive the extraordinary damage that has been inflicted on them, with the support of dingbats such as you, we may rise from the ashes again...however nothing is for certain. We are lied to everyday by a sub level and very mediocre president who treats himself and his family and friends as if he is beloved royalty! It is such a disgrace it makes my skin crawl.
  • What you just typed is the biggest bunch of crap I have read in a very long time. First if you were in the service, How can you even call this man your leader. My son just got out of the army because the man was reelected. He said there are thousands doing the same. and the fact that things did not start to go bad until this country found out who was going to win the election. Look at the dates, and the numbers. you will see what I mean. Bush did some really stupid things. but his love for this country was never something I questions. As I would not of of Clinton or Carter. again really stupid things done, but loved the country. Obama hates us and everything this country stands for. Why you can't see that is what really has amazing me.
  • I served cesbles, and if I was in the service right now I would have to respect the office of the president, BUT, there is nothing that requires I respect the man. When you salute an officer in the military you are saluting their rank. You can disrespect the man or woman, but you MUST respect the rank. I knew good officers and bad ones in the service and I only had to respect the rank. I don't respect obama, PERIOD!!!! And Bush was strong when ALL Americans needed our president to be strong. Everybody wanted the terrorists to pay for their crimes, but some lost the stomach for it when it wasn't tied up in a nice neat bow in a couple of months. Well that's just not reality. Al Queda is a shell of what they once were because of what the Bush Administration started, but they are still a threat. And if you believe anything else your'e a fool.
  • You can always tell a lot about someone based on their education or the lack thereof. Your First Amendment Right is the right to free speech not to bear arms. You have been educated. Now go and educate the person who miseducated you.
  • There were NO weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq unless you include the ones that the US government tried to sneak in using 50 mercenaries. Of course our military zero'd in on them and blew them to hell. The operation was paid for through the Dept. of Agriculture and if you dont believe me lets release those DOA employees of their gag order and let them testify before the Congress.............. Nothing? ............. (Sounds of crickets in the background)...............Just what I thought. Nothing in response.
  • Oh, so they moved the WMD's when they knew the inspectors were coming. Hmmmmmmmm, which country allowed them to move them into their country, and I ask because, you idiot, where were they when we attacked their country, without provocation no less, and searched every inch of their land, water, buildings, bunkers, etc, etc.
    I get a kick out of stupid people calling others stupid!
  • U.S. soldiers did find a large stockpile of "yellow cake" uranium used for nuclear weapons. Just google yellow cake and Iraq to learn more about it. Just the facts...even though the "main stream media" won't cover it.
  • Another one with no balls and no brains either. You are a delusional freak if you actually believe saddam hussein did not have chemical weapons.
  • wow, if you're that unhappy here maybe it's you that should find another country to live in. i guess your reading comprehension isn't too good either, nobody is proposing anything about changing the right to bear arms. you wouldn't happen to be a republican by any chance would you?
  • First, what does this have to do with football???
    Second, I have always been of the opinion that the reason that the "Bush administration" went after Saddam was that he was any easy target. Osama Been Forgotten was put on the back burner because he was harder to find. The reason for the war was supposed to have been to get bin laden, and his crew, not just settle for the easiest target you can find. Ya, he was most DEFINITELY a very bad man. But not our target person t the time. Although, good riddence to bad rubbish.
  • Hey *******, the 1st Amendment is about "freedom of speech" and "freedom of (or, more accurately, from) religion", not the roght to keep and bear arms. That's the freakin 2nd Amendment, you moron.
    You can't evenm get that right, and you really expect anyone at all to believe any of your twaddle.....
  • NoFoolsAllowed, So sue me because I typed First instead of Second, my point stands. And your name is all wrong, because they allowed you to post on here.
  • Oops....I seem to recall George W. saying "he doesn't thuink about Osama Bin Laden," and it was the Socialist Kenyan that caught him and killed him. Silly me. And, you ridiculous imbecile, no one EVER said background checks were to catch criminals....background checks will stop a few mental patients from buying guns at gun shows (AND criminals would have to buy their guns on the street - not at gun shows). Moron. You retard - no one is coming for your gun (but the bogeyman IS under your bed right now!)
  • He was dead for many years before your king supposedly killed Osama. No one had heard from him in years. Ever since we leveled the caves on the border of Pakistan. Oh and by the way, No body, No DNA, No proof. Cut off the head and dump the body in the middle of the ocean. in the middle of the night. Yea sure I believe the whole story. Oh yea one more thing. What happened to most of seal team six on that copter that should be your second question.
  • You mean the WMD's that Saddam sent by train into Syria before we attacked, that are now being used against the Syrian people...you mean those WMD's?
  • Syria had chemical weapons since the '70s.
  • You moron libturd...where do you think all those WMD in Iraq went??? They were transported to Syria before Desert Storm was launched!
  • I think you might just be stupid. Desert Storm happened in the 90's. You said that the WMD were sent by train to Syria before Desert Storm, so then why did Dick Cheney say that they were in Iraq in 2001? What? Did Syria send them back? Hey Digger825, go back to digging in your ass crack!
  • and you know this how?
  • Thank God you're in the 6 to 8 percent lunatic fringe element in this country. Disagreeing, no problem. Disagreeing when you're facts are screwed up........sad.
    What Obamacare IS, is everyone in this country is insured. If your employer stops hiring full time, you WILL still covered. It is todays healthcare system that when you're part time, you aren't covered. That is what is going to change. There is absolutely NO DOUBT in my mind that you, and those like you, have no clue what the new national medical insurance program says, OR MEANS!
    Do you have ANY clue what impeachment is? Do you think for even one second, if Obama was impeachable, that the republicans wouldn't have sprinted to the forefront and done so?
    Climb back into Rush's pocket, with the rest of that dying right wing party. Every year the democratic party grows in numbers, and the republicans shrink.
  • I have to say that bradlestix here has a point. The DFL grows every years and so do the number of people living off the system. My Grandfather and his friends all voted DFL and were Farmers. But now the people that vote DFL are 48% non working Americans. Now the people farming today 81% vote Republican. And as long as the people that get handouts grow nothing is going to change. Now I severed during Desert Storm and Shield and I can tell you that during recon and that's all I can say is that I saw WMD in Iraq. Other then that I'm not a liberty to say other then when we finally got our forces into Iraq they were moved. Where I can't say. But they were there at one time. This was 3 days before Desert Shield changed into Desert Storm. And also it was the Liberal people like the French that stopped us from finishing it in one shot. Also it was that dumb ass Jimmy Carter that helped get Saddam Hussein in power during the OPEC dealings. And what party did he represent? So who's fault was this? Well if you want to point fingers I guess you need to look at the DFL party. And the Second Amendment was put in place to protect the First Amendment. It's not the right of the Federal government to disarm America there is a reason that we are made up of independent states. It was to make sure that the federal government never becomes a dictatorship. But the actions of the sitting President are pushing close to the a dictatorship with his executive orders. And one other thing people seem to forget in our oath first thing to do is say you with protect and/or uphold the Constitution of the United States of American and now that I'm not in the Armed forces anymore. So that makes Obama a person that holds the position of President that we the people put there. And can take him down from there also. His is to be for the people and not above the people. And never to have anything better then the people or different. Now the President and congress has decided that they don't have to be held to the standers of Obama care. That action there all by its self make Obama Care Unconstitutional and unless the US Supreme Court rules to change the law. Constitutionally we don't have to follow Obama Care Until they decided to follow the same rule set forth by Obama Care.
  • Headline: Obama's got Tebow's back if Tim converts to the Muslim religion.
  • You are an idiot and you still get to vote.
  • you got to vote didn't you. i voted and am still enyoying all my perks like my lb of weed and 500 green cards to sell. bet you did not get your gift. you sound like a broken record. 51.7 percent of the people say thumbs down to mitten and you. get over it and move on. we will have the white house for maybe the next 100 years.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I'd sign that petition!
  • Amen brother, Well put impeach that mother fer!!!
  • impeach are you crazy my 401 k is the highest its been in 5 years - and ill pay a point or two higher in taxes as long as my accounts keep going up 20 % every year - not a bad return considering we know live in a socialist country
  • Highest in two years but still down 40% from where it was 5 years ago. Oh yea your making money alright.
  • giantsrepeat you're an idiot. I am a disabled Vet. I served in the Gulf War as well as two other conflicts (Somalia and Bosnia). I didn't agree with everything Pres. Bush I did or Pres. Clinton but at the end of the day they were still the Commander In Chief and I respected that and upheld my duties. Soldiers like you make me sick. You are a disgrace to this country and our fine military. Obviously you must have been a low ranking individual because you speak with so much stupidity and shame. At ease PRIVATE and shut your damn mouth up. You idiot. If you don't like living here, go live in North Korea. It's soldiers like you that will let our enemies come over here and take this country. Get a life, you are worth less than a fart.
  • So jaya22, you just follow blindly. If you were given an unlawful order you would just obey blindly. I feel sorry for you. And don't question my patriotism you spineless excuse for a man.
  • Hey giantsrepeat, get some help you fu**ing moron.
  • You can kiss my butt also curly man.
  • Girly
  • giantsrepeat; You are absolutely correct in everything you posted! I have been trying to convince the blind-libs about the WMDs for years. I was there and saw the conventional weapons he had buried.

    Further, anyone who thinks a president should get involved with a sports team is just a loon! This one can't seem to do his own job very well, but they think he should waste even more time outside of his job. Perhaps he can call the team ON HIS NEXT VACATION!
  • What a lame ass. This is a sports forum and you make it political. I tell you what how about you crawl back to your NRA funded profit site and get lost so the rest of us can enjoy sports without you.
  • Come on Dallas the Isreal of America should sign TEBOW!
  • This isn't a political forum, douchebag.
  • No, but it's about the president being asked to get involved with something that isn't in his job description, so any comments along those lines are appropriate.

    And name-calling has become the mark of desperate liberals when they don't have an intelligent argument or can't argue intelligently.
  • Just a point or two. The Pres did call Collins when he came out to let him know he was behind him, that seems very stange for the commander and cheif to make a personal call that has absolutely nothing to do with running the country. I agree keep him out of the sports arena until he leaves office. On another note, Jacksonville should sign Tebow since NY was stupid enough to release him.
  • What a F!@#$% MORON
  • I watched the movie 42 and felt that the team owner and coach were really brave and upright men. They stood up for something they believed in. They took on a man that no other team would even think about. What happened to these men, where are they today. Is Tim Tebow that bad a ball player; I think not. He brought a team from behind to the play offs. He knows he didn't do this alone.


    The team owners and coaches need to concentrate on what Tim can do for the team and what he brings to the game and quit worrying his popularity.
  • Yeah, that is not government's job.
    These idiots want the government to rule their lives, move to one of the communist countries.
  • I don't think asking Obama is going to get Tebow on your team. Actually, Obama is just a man. He is not the savior. Try asking your team's owner to bring Tebow to your team. And if they don't, well then too bad. That's life.
  • Why does everybody want this man to intervene in everything that has to do with our daily lives? Every time you turn around it's where does BHO come down on this? What were his comments, Mr. president....could you comment on .........and on and on!!
    This is absolutley ridiculous! So now, NFL fans want the federal government to step in and force a private owner to pick up a talent which may or may not be of any use to the organization!

    This is absurd!
  • Kind of like obumacare,but you idiots are completely blind & still know nothing of this POS.
  • I live in north Florida. I have never been to a NFL game, but if Tim Tebow becomes the quarterback for the Jaguars, I'll buy tickets for home games for sure.
  • and im sure bring your rosary beads and pray as every pass is thrown
  • Your respect for the Christian community is overwhelming FreddyK
  • Seriously, don't we give Obama enough power? Now you want him to decide who plays on what team - bunch of sheep you are....
  • Giantsrepeat, you are right on the money!
  • Oh yes joanie, and you are all MAN aren't you!
  • First, when abbreviating "You are", as in "You are an idiot", it is: you're. Second, it is the SECOND amendment that allows people to bear arms, not the first. If you are going to make non-sensical political rants on a sports forum, at least be better informed.
  • When I read this article, I thought this was the dumbest thing I have ever heard, then I unfortunately read PTSD Boy's rant and thought, nope, that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Thank God we put idiots like yourself out in the world with weapons to "protect" freedom. Its a wonder the rest of the world hates us, no its not actually, its b/c of inbred morons like yourself. Go F yourself *******
  • So sorry your too much of a Coward to fight, maybe you should see how it is living in parts of the Middle East or North Korea....maybe Cuba or some other cesspool on earth. Then come crawling back to the US begging to be let back in. Spineless morons like you disgust me. Go F yourself ******* was your last statement, I'll bet you do, I'll just bet you do.
  • So, what happened to the days when the President of the United States took care of the country and wasn't expected to use their influence to get a quarterback signed? I think that the office of the President has turned into more of a celebrity post than a political one. This opinion was solidified to me when the First Lady accepted an offer to read the name of an Oscar winner and the numerous times that Barry has gone on late night talk shows to show what a man of the people he really is. I personally want my president to be "better" than 90% of the U.S. population. He needs to be someone that the people can look up to and not feel equal to. And by even asking Obama to try to force the Florida GM to sign the below average quarterback just proves my point that a lot of the population sees him as a drinking buddy that would abuse his power to get a player on their team. Way to go America!!!
  • I don't believe the President should intervene, but I believe if the Jaguar fans want Tebow, give the guy a chance! He has been treated poorly because he is a Christian, made fun of, ignored, treated badly. He does not deserve the manner in which he has been treated. Maybe ,just maybe, third time is a charm.
  • He also doesn't deserve special treatment for being a Christian. The owners pay guys to perform, and as a quarterback, throw the ball accurately.
  • Tim Tebow has not recieved much "special treatment" for his faith at all. In fact, the ammount of disrespect he gets for it completely overshadows any "special treatment" you might be referring to. And quite frankly, he has an underrated arm. It has gotten to the point where people are bashing his throwing ability with nothing to judge it on. He attempted eight passes with the Jets and completed six of them. That's nothing to judge any QB by.
  • Yeah it must be the socialist states of America where the government now picks the atheletic teams. The sheep are really taking form, things are getting ridiculous when We the Sheep are looking to the dictator in chief to pick their quarterbacks now huh? If Tebow were openly Muslim, OMG the team would have no problem picking him. But no he opemly thanks his God outloud so this makes him a bad person. This country is upside down.
  • I agree with the Muslim analogy. And yes it's a sad day when we go to our president to choose a quarterback. In fact, this is frustrating because if I were the GM of the Jaguars, I'd be even less inclined to take Tebow after this embarrassing thing. Why not petition to the leaders of the franchise rather than the president of our country...?
  • Giantsrepeat -- AWESOME post! I do believe we're soulmates... couldn't agree with you more! I'm going to smile when those who voted for this "healthcare reform" fiasco come running to the ER's for every ridiculous complaint, packing the waiting rooms and increasing wait times for EVERYONE... Are people REALLY stupid/naive enough to believe that handing out MILLIONS of "free healthcare" cards (...oh! - and there will be millions MORE added to the rolls, if Obama succeeds in shoving his amnesty plans down our throats), will result in LESS people abusing the ER's? Do they have ANY IDEA as to the number of people who come to the ER's even NOW, just because they DON'T WANT TO WAIT for an appointment with their primary care physician? How is that situation going to IMPROVE when we have even MORE patients, and LESS physicians? ... and I can't wait to see their slack-jawed response when they find out that their "free" healthcare does NOT live up to the standards of the "Cadillac" health care services that they've become accustomed to receiving in this country... or when they're hit with the realization that faceless bureaucrats will be making the decisions as to what services will and WILL NOT be provided to each patient, and which patients are the most "worthwhile investment" for the limited funds available. Churchill, unfortunately, had it exactly right when he said, "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter." It absolutely breaks my heart to watch our country being brought to its knees by this "smug, arrogant," affirmative-action FRAUD... and watching our courageous men and women in the military having to SALUTE him! (...and, no -- it's not Obama's skin color that I object to, but his dishonesty with the American people, his sheer, bumbling INCOMPETENCE, and his determination to “fundamentally transform America” into a socialist “utopia,” while disregarding and disrespecting our Constitution, which he has sworn to uphold! I would ENTHUSIASTICALLY vote for Dr. Ben Carson or Dr. Thomas Sowell, or any number of intelligent, honorable, COMPETENT, black men or women, if they ran for POTUS. (Giantsrepeat -- a VERY sincere "thank you" for your service to our country)!
  • I hear ya ERnurse_in_CA, but you can't tell this to people wearing blinders and living in their land of make believe. Socialism is where you spend other peoples money and all is great until the money runs out. Just look at the societies that have tried this and they have all failed. I also see that the Yard has been up to their old tricks and are censoring the site. Because a few of my respnses to many of these spineless idiots have been deleted.
  • People in this country are REALLY confused with the executive powers of the President, aren't they?
  • Enough,people,Enough Iam an idiot, stupid and imbecile you are all my BROTHERS!!!!!
  • Obama can make Tebow this country's Religious Czar.
    That seems to be what Presidents do when there is a popular person or cause that needs to be dealt with.
  • Hahahahahahahahhah!whos stupid now...
  • Good god these stupid people are insane!! Its a freaking game. Tebow while a high character guy, does not deserve special treatment for being a great guy. Guys get signed and paid based on talent, and in his case, throw the ball accurately. I wish the best for him, but also feel sorry for him because these jacks called his following probably will sabotage his chance to get another job in the NFL.
  • I agree fully.I think the guy does have talent,and he'sbetter than the experts give hin credit for.He hasn't had enough time as a starter to find his groove.He is a winnier,and if a team would go all in on tebow being their franchise quater back.I bethe would prove his worth.
  • While I am a fan of Tebow (proud Florida Gator), I wouldn't consider myself a jack looking to ruin his chances. He has not recieved much special treatment at all so if you could actually give a few examples that would be nice. Additionally, the man has plenty of talent to get signed and paid for.
  • I am a Bronco season ticket holder. While TT was here he was a huge distraction and while most of that was not his doing, he is a very polarizing individual. The 'fans' (most who are/were not season ticket holders) put so much pressure on the Bronco organization that they finally caved, benched Orton and started TT. Now that he is gone, the Broncos have re-focused on football. I do not blame the Jacksonville folks for not wanting to sign TT...you can see what a distraction he is for them and he is not even on their roster.
  • I'm a Bronco fan too, and I couldn't have said it better. Thank you.
  • I'm quite certain that when you were at those games or watching them on tv you weren't sitting there grumbling to yourself about how Tebow is a distraction...you were probably celebrating with friends and fellow fans over the wins he got for your team. How quickly you seem to forget that they benched Orton because he wasn't performing and started Tebow because he was winning them games. I bet you weren't thinking about the media surrounding Tebow as he brought your team to the playoffs and won the first game in them. No disrespect, but seeing as you're a Bronco fan, I seriously doubt you were against Tebow at that time.
  • Why don't all you Tebow huggers make weekly collections and just send him your money. Plain and simple Tebow is not NFL quarterback material. If I go out and play a round of golf better than Tiger Woods does not make me PGA worthy or rank higher than him amongst golfers? It's just a round of golf. Tebow had a good "short" run and that's it. Pull out your old Gator tapes and relive the glory days or be prepared to watch Arena football or Canadian football. Why didn't Denver keep him to learn under Payton? Why every year you hear about him going to a different quarterback coach or training? I can take all the golf lessons I can pay for and still won't make the PGA tour. For some reason everyone thinks Tebow deserves or must be given an opportunity. There are a number of QB ten times better then he is. This is what you get from people who worship other people and are arrogant enough to put a statute of him outside their stadium. It also has nothing to do with his religion he just is not an NFL quarterback. Get a life.
  • Using clever insults doesn't help prove any kind of point for you, for future reference. Can you tell me all the bad things he has done in the NFL? All of his many mistakes that he's made? Is it just a short run that he consistenlty (as in every game he started and when he was put in 4th quarter) brought a losing team with a failing QB back into a respectable winning record and the second round of the playoffs? Why is it that RG III and Andrew Luck are seeing so much success? It's because their coaches are playing them to their strenghts, the strategy that Tebow has coined but has yet to be played with.
  • Wow, I go to many blog sites, but this group of unintelligible right wingers is sad. They keep spouting their elitist crap as if they have the majority of the country behind them. If you want to know who this country is behind, just check out the elections. The sad truth is that the democratic is growing in numbers yearly, and that dying republican party is shrinking due to their support base dying of old age, and very few younger, new voters joining. The youth of America does not want to sign on with a party that wants to revert to "the way it was", no, they want to move forward with the rainbow party that has ALL the peoples of this country in their collective hearts.
  • its time the gop party face the fact that the president kick the blank out of their best and Evan took one debate off lol as far as tebow dude you cant pass a ball you could not hit the side of a barn if you was 5 feet from it
  • tim tebow will never be a good nfl quarterback, just a sideshow and a distraction.
  • They said Tim could not play in Fla. He won two national titles.
    They said Tim could not play Pro Football. Look at the records he holds at Denver.
    They said Johnny Unitis could not play Pro Football. Need I say more about JU
    Pro coaches want players to fit into a mold with style and play. Tim does not fit that mold. Like Johnny Unitis he just packs the stands and wins ball games.
  • Who said Tim could not play in Florida?
    Who said he could not play Pro football? No one. It's widely known that he is not NFL quarterback material. Can't make the reads and throws necessary. Every team has a QB with records. He needs to break some passing and winning records that stand in the "NFL" not Denver. And those records need to be against quality QB's not back-ups. Just keep buying your Tebow jersey and all will be well.
  • As a matter of fact just about every analyst and skeptic out there said these things. And yes these reads and throws that don't fit his play style at ALL probably won't work for him. Last time I checked, Denver was part of the NFL and competes in the NFL against NFL teams. For goodness's sake people, please realize that what these coaches are doing with Tebow is the equivalent of a small child trying to shove the square peg in the circle hole- it simply won't work! He has a new play style, but nobody will adapt to it.
  • the president thanks the jag fans for the laugh
  • There are more Christians in Texas than anywhere else. Let's get together and tell Jerry to sign Tebow!!!!! If god's on your side who can be against you? Tebow's like a voice in the wilderness! Let's go America turn to him are you blind?!
  • I love Tebow and think he is a real role model and alot of the other problem children in the NFL should learn from him. However Obama is not the answer to anything. He can't even run a country let alone put any influence in a GM of a football team.Give me a break people. This is the wrong person to ask for help in getting anything done. Besides that it is not the Presidents business of any sort to pressure anybody in football.
  • Type your comment here. WOW. Will you angry repubs and OBNOXIOUS elitist libs chill!!!
  • Oh why don't we have obamiwankenobi decide the next Super Bowl winner too. What a bunch of @%$ sheeple.
  • You people need to pull your heads out of your behinds and try to consider the real problems this country is drowning in for they are many. Tebow is not one of them. ...and oh, neither is obamiwankenobi (LOL) either. I like that, obamiwankenobi!!!!!LMHO ROFLR.
  • Give me a break. Who ever thought this one up is as stupid as Obama acts. He has a lot bigger fish to fry than being involved in anything other than the messes he has created.
  • All you people who think Tebow should be given an opportunity just because he is "Christian" I have a question. There are millions of Christians looking for work every day. If you were applying for a job anywhere and the person doing the hiring was basing their selection on the person who is the most "Christian" would you be hired? Tim Tebow is a human and has the same flaws as you and I. Read the word and stop worshiping individuals. If Tebow never took another snap in the NFL or football for that matter, what bearing does that have on "you" religiously? People want him on this team or that team. What is the most righteous team in the NFL? Shouldn't that be the one everyone would want him on? Who is the most righteous owner in the NFL? Most importantly, if they were all stack from 1 to 26 where would you fall in line? Oops! The word cuts like a sword. Are you bleeding yet?
  • I think I am bleeding...in my brain from the anuerism that gave me. Nobody is actually wanting to him to have an opportunity or a successful career because of his faith. It's only people such as yourself that even bring up the matter. You're watching the tv and it's talking about Tim Tebow back when he won the Heisman...it gives background info on him (like all Heisman winners)...it shows the charity work he does (like many famous athletes and nonathletes alike)...he mentions God and you flip your table. Take the advice of coldethyl and remove that tinfoil hat. Props to coldethyl, you said it better than I could have.
  • See more comments >>

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