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Too often we forget that there is a human element to sports that goes beyond the final score of a game. This week, a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens is giving us a reminder about that very theme.

Courtney Lenz is a 5-year veteran of the Ravens cheerleading squad, according to ABC News, and she'll be retiring from her role with the Ravens at the conclusion of this season. Despite that, she did not receive an invitation to join the team in New Orleans for an opportunity to cheer for the Ravens in the Super Bowl. However, on an appearance on "Access Hollywood", Lenz claimed she was barred from the Super Bowl because she gained weight.

"During the season, I was 124. That was consistently, they wanted me to get back down to 121, 120, which is what I was at when I was 18, 19, when I started on the team," she said. "That was the only disciplinary action I had during the year. I got benched because of my weight, and they said that was the reason. Anybody that had disciplinary action taken during the season was automatically disqualified [from the Super Bowl]. However, there are some girls on the team that were also benched for their weight, and are going. So they just aren't consistent, it isn't fair. That's why I brought this to the attention of the fans because what they're doing is not right."

The team issued a statement saying Lenz's weight gain did not factor into their decision to not bring her to New Orleans.

"As set by the NFL, we are permitted to bring 32 cheerleaders to the Super Bowl. Our selection process was based upon three criteria: seniority, performance ability and personal conduct throughout the season. As much as we would like to take the whole team, we are unable to do so, due to parameters set by the NFL."

Sure, many cheerleaders are left out, but one would think that a 5-year retiring veteran would be a sure lock, right?

Many fans are outraged by the apparent wronging of such a dedicated member of the cheer squad, and have started an online petition to send Ms. Lenz to the Super Bowl. At the time of writing this, the petition was just shy of 4,400 signatures.

Although it appears Lenz will not be heading to New Orleans, the story does serve to remind us all that there are people behind the game, and in this case, I think it's important to reward loyalty, dedication and hard work. Apparently there are about 4,400 other people that completely agree.

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  • Most executives think about not pizzing off their bosses rather than what's smart or right. I wonder what she didn't do that kept her from the SB. Good for her. I was going for the Ravens, now it's go 49ers.
  • According to another news source, she's fat. Yeah, go on to their website, find a photo of the cheerleaders and PLEASE point out to me the "fat" cheerleader, because I don't see her.
  • Presento, nobody gives a F**K about your little wannabe get rich quick scheme. Honestly I wish scumbag commenters like you would have just stuck to the crazy tabloids with the aliens and stuff where nobody actually listened to you. I find it absolutely pathetic that you get paid for commenting, or more likely making a bot that comments for you and annoying the rest of us. Please, help society out by getting a REAL job.
  • honestly she is just crying boohoo because there is a small possibility if the Ravens win she would miss out on a superbowl ring that she can sell at the local pawn shop.....
  • Cheerleaders don't get a Super Bowl ring you moron.
  • Fiddler, you've missed the point: Fat people are ugly. I notice you root for the 49er even though they practice discrimination and don't allow freedom of speech.

    Did you know that Eddie DeBartolo, the uncle of their owner, and their former owner once raped a woman. But that's okay. Fat; good, rape: okay.

    You have some screwed values.
  • Source of Truth, you misread. I said, I was going for the Ravens, but because of this stupidity by typical business management suits I'd go for the forty whiners instead. Because she is not going management is hiding behind rules that change at the drop of a pom pom. Soon lawyers will be involved.
    "Fat; good, rape, ok." It's sports. Major big bucks are involved here so literally anything goes that ups the bottom line.
  • Dont defend yourself against this douche!!! He is an idiot and thats all that needs to be said. You are right he is wrong in every way!!
  • You are a sad person. You are so shallow and hypocritical.Ray Lewis is an accused murederer! You talk about values, you have no virtue and probably are the ugliest person (personality) there is. So stop embarassing yourself!
  • 1st of all~if there is a weight limitation, and this young lady chose not to do what was necessary to return to this weight limit~ then that is her fault. Secondly, Ray Lewis was not found guilty on these charges,and I wish people would let it rest.How many players on other teams have had run ins with the law? We don't have those players talked about for their actions all the time. But everyone wants to beat up on Ray Lewis. Everyone deserves and should get a 2nd chance. He earned his and made his team and his town Proud !! This man has given back to his team and his town in ways that many aren't even aware of. Remember one thing People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
  • I think the weight limits are a little excessive but the real thing is that other cheerleaders who got in trouble for weighing too much ARE allowed to go so that is hypocritical. I'm sure the players have issues with the law...noticing the dominate race in the sport usually have these "run ins"
  • SourceOfTruth, she weighs 124 pounds and you think she's fat and ugly? At 124 pounds? They wanted her to get down to 120 or 121 pounds so they benched her...for three or four pounds, lol. It's no wonder we have so many young girls with eating disorders with people like you around. Talk about your screwed up values. Good grief.
  • Accept the fact - she got fat (according to their standard), and thats not permissible. Regardless of how we feel, there are standards in certain fields. Requiring staff to be slender for a specific role is ok. Even if we don't agree.
  • to the contrary to allow a woman to be treated in this way is considered descrimination. Women will gain weight because that what happens. We should be screaming this from the rooftops ITS NOT OK!!! Just like it is not o.k. to drug test someone randomly at work in order to get your paycheck. What you do on your own time is your own business. we cannot sit down and shutup while corporations take our money, time, medical benefits and our jobs on such petty grounds. Come on 6lbs? We all gain 3 to 5lbs in a day from water weight alone!!! Give me a break. You can sit down and shut up but us women should never allow this type discrimination, ever!!!!
  • Cheerleader is an SPORT!!! sports required to be fit!!!! more this one that what you are showing is your body!!! please of course if you gain weight even 2 or 3 more pounds they need to look at someone else and more for the superbowl. they do not want a cow jumping on the screan please!! this is not discrimination this is bussiness and sports! people do not be ridicolous. I never saw a ballet dancer fat or with 2 or more pounds over is required a certain type of body, if this lady can not get that then toooo bad stay "fat" and go home. if she can get it then she should stop crying, shut her mouth, start dieting and exercising, if not she can look for another career. Because for what it seems this sport career is not what she is made for, she is looking for her 5 minutes of fame on reality TV.
  • Do you seriously think if she put on a measly 3-4 pounds that would have made her look "fat" onscreen and need to be kept from the SB? lol Give me a small break. You and I both know you can retain that much in water in a day. Yes, this profession is considered a sport but no way 3-4 pounds makes someone that conditioned appear unfit. The girl got jipped for whatever reason and needs to sue.
  • She may have gained a few pounds and this may be against the policy. Her complaint isn't that she couldn't go to the Superbowl, but that there are other cheerleaders who gained weight that ARE going to the Superbowl. She want's to have the chance to go before she retires. Besides, she doesn't look fat. If you look up the definition of fat, you will notice that she doesn't fit the discription.
  • She should talk to a lawyer and sue them for descrimination
  • hemloc...this is the very thing that ticks me off about the "fat" moniker. In her line of work, for her height and camera and looks, she is not "fat". This is disgusting. 124 pounds on her is not the same as 124 pounds on others and the Ravens cheerleader squad should be ashamed of themselves. It's a cheerleading squad, not the Nevada Bunny Ranch on Sundays. She's fine, perfect weight, worked hard, has seniority. Let her freakin' cheer. It's her moment too.
  • Again is there are rules that these young ladies have to follow, and maintaining a weight limit is one of them then that is her own fault. That is not to say that 124 lbs is fat, and she certainly is not ugly, but she didn't adhere to the rules and was made to pay the price.
  • I hate to point out the obvious here but they let others go who had been over the limit or had been benched for other violations.. Please pull head from dark place and breath before trying to illuminate us.
  • Your an idiot!!!!!! Fat may be ugly but because its a source of stored energy it can be used and underneath the fat lies beautiful sleek and toned muscle (especially if you are a dancer. Guess what else? Your weight fluctuates between 3-5lbs everyday. A face that is ugly cannot be lost, but that does not change the fact that an ugly person can have some serious talent at something. Let's take football players for instance, just because about half of them are not good looking ATTTTTT ALLLLLLL! Does not mean that they are not talented at what they DOOOOOOO! So therefor You are one to talk about screwed values when you play into propaganda that all women need to be stick figures to be beautiful. You are wrong and an Idiot!!! Go Away.
  • Who says fat is ugly? hey I happen to know a lot of over weight people and they are beautiful inside and out. What ever happened to manners in this world? just let people be themselves, fat, thin, dark or light who the hell cares?? Maybe just men who really aren't real men just jerks with no brains..
  • They always get mad when they get fat
  • I don't know why the NFL even needs chearleaders. The owners are making money, the players are paid millions of dollars and that should be motivation enough for all of them. It's not high school.
  • I had to laugh when I saw this story about the cheerleader. This girl is in TOTAL DENILE!!!! I mean at one time she looked really hot tone and in shape. But if you look at the video she is FAT!!! and an embarrassment to the Ravens organization along with the whole cheerleading squad.

  • "DENILE" wow, spellcheck. All i can say is your thought process is about as smart as you are! She is not fat, so she gained 4 pounds, she is still in decent shape and no she doesnt embarrass anyone. She is a real woman, i can't even say with curves because she is actually still pretty small in stature. I bet the people ridiculing her are way bigger!! Just a hunch. LOL
  • Ok. Let's get the story straight. "Banned from the Super Bowl?" Don't think so. I am sure, if she paid the airfare, hotel stay and a ticket for the game, she would be welcomed.
    But, here we have the media trying to write a story to get people agitated so they can drive up the author's ratings. Not buying it. She is retiring for a reason. 5 year veteran or not, cheerleaders retire for different reasons. One is physical ability. I am sure they offered the trip the the best fit. After all, they do represent the Ravens. Good luck to her in here retirement, but sweets, You are not banned from the Super Bowl.
  • You're not buying it by replying and running up the author's ratings? Pretty sure you just did!!
  • You sir are an inconsiderate JERK. I am quite sure that if things were reversed and YOU were the one being slighted at the end of your career at Wal-Mart or where ever you worked faithfully for many years, YOU TOO WOULD BE PISSED OFF. I would venture a guess that if you were NOT ticked off, there would be a very good reason something like YOU DID NOT REALLY CARE FOR YOUR WORK ANYWAY. Have a nice day knuckle head.
  • It stinks and she is a beautiful girl...definitely not fat. But, let's face it, she did not work for Wal-Mart. She was a cheerleader in the NFL for 5 years. She knew the rules. It never bothered her in the past years that she was judged by her weight. Suddenly now when she is left out it's a problem. I think she just wants the attention.
  • she's only 3 0r 4 lbs over weight 120/121 to 124 get real.. And besides what makes them think men dont like fluffy women. Sterotype 120 121 Get real Give me Rosanne Barr
  • Amen!
  • Bravo on your comment to "the knucklehead"! And, to add my two cents, don't ever believe for a minute that when selecting the 32 it was based on ANYTHING other than her weight gain - I would bet that before they selected the 32 that would be going, they picked at least ONE....Ms Lenz...who would NOT be going! Incredible jerks! So, after 5 years of loyalty and service to the organization, let's send her away with a bad attitude toward us. SCREW any organization that thinks and works that way. But, they have no conscience anyway, so we are all bellyaching to get it off of our chests because they will not read this!
  • OMG! I don't know where you live, under a rock maybe? The Baltimore Ravens, including their cheer squad has one of the best organizations in the League. And again the young Lady chose not to play by the rules. She knew what they were, and she ignored them. And to blame this on the whole Ravens outfit is ludicrous. What the heck has conscience have to do with it? How many people went to see the 49's off to the Super Bowl? How many 49's were in suits when they got off the plane in New Orleans? The Ravens had 1000's of people at a rally to see them off. The whole team was there dressed for a Business meeting. The cheerleaders were there, So if you don't know what the Baltimore Ravens are really all about, then you should keep your opinion to yourself. And if Ms. Lenz has a bad attitude toward the Ravens it's her own Fault. You didn't hear her complaining for the past 5 years have you?
  • Again i have to point out that there were other girls on the same squad that were benched for weight and other infractions. She was one of several not the only one. I dislike people that want to bend a story to suit there views and conveniently leave out all the facts.
  • Bring on the "Mean Machine" Cheerleaders. It's time.
  • Look who is calling who a knuckle head. Again, when these young ladies sign on for this "job" they agree to maintain a certain image. For many years the Ravens had one of the OLDEST cheerleaders in the league. She was able to perform all of the routines,she made the personal appearances, she maintained her weight. She did the job she signed up to do. If this young lady didn't see fit to perform her job,as required by her "contract" , then she got what she deserved. I guess in the long run, she didn't have the faith in her team that they were going to make it to the Super Bowl, so at the time it wasn't a priority. Now it's too late.
  • Dumbo, maybe she's retiring because after 5 years she has other goals in life. I use to coach wrestling which is very weight restricted and I know an average person can't tell if someone is two or three pounds over a certain weight. This is total BS.
  • Well Said!
  • WOW........Glad to know she's not actually banned from the SB.
    Great u were able to figure that out.
  • She can come watch the superbowl with me, at my house.
  • yeah buddy
  • This really looks like balanced reporting. Typical for the national media to hate on the Baltimore Ravens. Lets review here are your top stories on the Ravens:

    1. Ravens cheer leader not allowed to attended superbowl
    2. Flacco could kick Ed Reed off the team
    3. Ray Lewis used banned substance
    4. Flacco does does not like outdoor superbowl
    5. Flacco used the word Retarded

    I guess the Ravens have nothing positive to offer. Give me a break I hope your reporters are not going to officiate the game. Do some research and get off of Baltimore's back. We are in the NFL and we are here to stay deal with it. Thanks for making us the underdog, right were we like it!!
  • Go Ravens!
  • If they let a murderer play in the game everything goes for the support staff!
  • Who is a murderer?
  • Ray Lewis!
  • He is NOT!! He was cleared of all charges. Don't be dumb!
  • Ray Lewis is a MURDERER and any of you that believe otherwise probably believe O.J. "didn't do it". you people make up the enormously uninformed segment of our country and that is how we end up with our current underqualified president. Ray Lewis should never had the opportunity to thrive in the NFL as he should of been raping men in prison not on a football field.Michael Vick went to prison for killing dogs yet Ray kills two human beings and he goes to the Super Bowl.Ray Lewis is a prime example of not being able to take the ghetto out of some who escape it.
  • Again you did not do your homework. He (Ray Lewis) was not convicted of murder. He was a states witness and was in "protective custody" because of his stature. He was cleared of any wrong doing. Just hanging out with bad company (a person he did not know). He testified for the State and was allowed to return home. There are NO charges on his record at all.
    Thank you.
  • the report I read stated he in fact did know the people he was "just hanging out with". This is simply another case of rich and famous getting away with murder (literally)
  • He was charged with obstruction of justice. THe two "friends" he was with were actually charged with murder but were acquitted of the chrages. So ultimately no one involved with Ray was found guilty of murder. As for the cheerleader, the type of body image issues caused by this kind of discrimination is messed up. Less than 5lbs over the expected weight is as most people would probably agree. Yes she is a cheerleader, yes they are expected to be very attractive, she is. Also other cheerleaders who are going to the SB were also benched for being overweight at some point during the season, how is that in any way fair?
  • please prove it billyboy62. if you don't know what you ae talking about.......you need to shout up billyboy62. stop hating!
  • Yes he is, he just took a plee bargain like most professionals and celebrities that get out of trouble because they have money. If it were you or I we'd still be in jail. The NFL will be better off without the Criminal Ray Lewis and that is a fact, he is a criminal.
  • Where is the almighty Goodell who's mission is to make the league safer? Might as well parole Rae Carruth and O.J.and get them on the field. People like Ray Lewis who are guilty as hell always hide behind GOD in public and praise the Devil in private.Ray is a killer a cheater and an overall PUNK. Go to Hell Ray the NFL is rid of you this Sunday night and it will be a better place without your ass in it.
  • show me his murder conviction...oh yeah, you can't!
  • you too are an idiot
  • No you are an idiot!!! But you know what , we are all entitled to our opinion. So as far as I am concerned Ray Lewis is the best thing that ever happened to the Raven. I am glad that Art Modell and the organization stood behind him and kept him on the team. I am proud to say that he played 17 years his whole career for the Ravens and I am sad to see him retire.And if you consider him a Punk, I wish we had more Punks like HIM on our team. He has made something of himself, he was not convicted of any wrong doing, He has been committed to this community and this state and his fans. And he will be missed. But he won't be gone for long Guess what fella, he is going to be an analyst on TV for games next season. So you'll be seeing him around. And may he'll be better off without you face 'm ass in it,,PUNK
  • once again......prove it billyboy62!
  • This really looks like balanced reporting. Typical for the national media to hate on the Baltimore Ravens. Lets review here are your top stories on the Ravens:

    1. Ravens cheer leader not allowed to attended superbowl
    2. Flacco could kick Ed Reed off the team
    3. Ray Lewis used banned substance
    4. Flacco does does not like outdoor superbowl
    5. Flacco used the word Retarded

    I guess the Ravens have nothing positive to offer. Give me a break I hope your reporters are not going to officiate the game. Do some research and get off of Baltimore's back. We are in the NFL and we are here to stay deal with it. Thanks for making us the underdog, right were we like it!!
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  • he was not cleared he plea bargined to testify against others. He was there when the murders happened and due to his lawyers was able to avoid jail time. Anyoen else would have been in jail for obstruction of justice in a double murder. In PC America it does matter what you say.
  • Moss is self centered and thinks he's the greatest and some other SF player made anti-gay statements. Not completely one-sided.
  • This is such BS. These alleged "supervisors" or "decison makres" need to be replaced....there is no rule that cannot be granted a varience unless there are incompetant people in charge, seems to be the case here. Plus she is beautiful, great, knows the stuff...ok, let me be kind...they must have idiots in charge over there....
  • Do not feel bad! The Chicago Blackhawks told ALL 14 ice crew girls that they could NOT attend the 2010 Stanley CUP Parade held in their Back Yard in Chicago. Some of the girls were on the CREW for seven years!! When Blackhawk management was approached they had no comment. These girls were some of the biggest Black Hawk FAN's. Why Not write about this story. Everyone is afraid of Wirtz, Blunk and McDumbya....Why do we allow this type of discrimination????
  • I like the part where the team selected the group based on "cheering talent". Really... talent! Ha.
  • Ravens have a larger squad than most teams because we have a stunt team. Taking the stunt team and showcasing cheerleaders and some of the members on the dance team is important. So, when you make a snap decision about talent, thinking you are only talking about the dancers... it isnt fair to the stunt team.
  • I'm trying to figure out why everyone isn't allowed to go? It's the freaking Super Bowl and for the most part, a once in a lifetime opportunity for most player and less likely for cheerleaders/stunt teams. You guys don't get paid much, attend all kinds of things FOR the ORGANIZATION/TEAM, practice, and now some don't get to go to the Super Bowl! I'd be pissed!
    Step-dad of a Cheerleader
  • I'm not a fan of thre Ravens,but this sucks.She's retiring and that should have been her retirement gift.Most NFL teams and owners are really classless.Show some goodwill for once for christ sake!!!
  • Don't feel bad...The Blackhawks Ice Crew girls (ALL 14) were not allowed to attend the Stanley Cup Parade. Some girls were on the Ice Crew for 7 years.....Thanks to Hawk Management.. AMaybe there should be an investigation for discrimination. What do you think all you REPORTERS!!!!!
  • The Super Bowel is a joke when it comes to the fans.All season long it's the fans that support their teams and the NFL but when it comes to the Super Bowl most fans are left out in the cold and it turns into a corporate Bull **** game.
  • Is this an important issue?
  • good point
  • I think it's the Raven's decision and nobody elses including Yardbarker since the Raven's own the team.
  • So if u own it u can do whatever, hmmm, sounds like a old southern slave master to slave mentality. Owner's decision's and pawn management should be closely watched and broadcasted.
    On this issue people would donate money in behalf of the cheerleader to veto the morally challenged idiots!
  • I'm sorry. Let me get this right- Even though you own the team, and make a decision... if it's not what the public think is ok, then it's not a valid decision- and akin to slavery? really?

    She also retired at the end of the REGULAR season. Super Bowl isn't in the regular season- she's already technically retired. besides- at the bottom of the decision, there are reasons for everything. Are you 100% sure that you know what they are, or that Mgt is doing something immoral?

    -and why on earth should they broadcast and monitor Mgt and Owners? They (as any business owner) makes decisions for the company- in the best interest as they see it. people are hired to make judgement calls. They aren't always popular.

    Your omnipotence is truly amazing. Who is going to win? I have a bet I'd like to place...
  • You call this reporting?! I call this unbalanced sensationalism. You should have stopped when you wrote that the Ravens only chose the best of the squad. What about the woman who was better but didn't get to go because the retiree who was less qualified took her spot? What will it take for the bleading hearts (including the press) to understand that we reward excellence if we want excellence. What next?.... will you advocate that the Ravens start their older, second string players because they may not have another season or another Super Bowl opportunity?
  • I couldnt agree with you more tom. This is media trying to drum up some "shocking news" when there isnt any.
  • Wow...Guess Only The Football Players Get The Ultimate Treatment,Money,Perks...Etc... This After Ray Lewis Got Away With Murder,Got Like 15 Kids To 6 or 7 Women...And Now He Is Accused Of Doping, Their Is Supposed To Be Proof That He Doped So He Could Get Back From His Injury For The Playoffs. I Don't Want Either Team To Win, But All The Ravens Are A$$es... GO NINERS!!!
  • The NFL cheerleaders are there to degrade women in the eyes of men and create sinful thoughts in adolescent boys. And these women do it for low pay and no benefits, except for being gawked at by perverted drunks. Gee, aren't they swell.
  • Murderers, animal abusers, thieves, druggies, bullies, cheaters, social leeches, etc...I used to love watching football. Now it's just a bunch of jocks with no necks and no brains, covered with tats that you can't see because there isn't any contrast.
  • Same group of people that you work with and that are your neighbors.

    What's the problem?
  • Wow are you kidding me? Ive been reading these rants back and forth and ive got to say... LOOK AROUND YOU.... just like the person below commented. Everywhere you look is a title of what your claiming the that the football teams are! Im pretty dang sure your not a saint either everyone is a sinner reguardless of the extremes or not. You should still enjoy watching the sport why do you guys care so much about the peoplein the sport thier lives are thiers not yours to worry about. Get off the ravens back and stop listening to so much gossip (bad reporting). Im pretty sure you have enough problems in your own lives to were you shouldnt add more nonsense to your guys plate.
  • What a babe.:p
  • Damned right...let's have some respect for the next Super Bowl Champs.
  • I have a special place at my house for her to sit and watch the Super Bowl. Plenty of good food and drink too!
  • Let me start by saying I am die hard bleed black and gold Steelers fan. Having said that, I think it's pretty crappy that the Ravens front office isn't going to let this cheerleader cheer for the team at the top of her career?! To be fair I believe that ALL teams are like that, always looking to save a buck (to pay for the overpriced "talent" they have on the team). How much do these cheerleaders make anyway? Do they even get paid? Wearing skimpy outfits and standing, jumping, dancing, pretty much the entire 3 hour game, in the cold, rain, heat, snow. They are always positive, always smiling. I can remember a time when having seniority meant something, that you worked hard and had earned the right to be on top.

    By the way, I can't believe I am about to say this but, GO RAVENS! OMG! I just threw up a little. Seriously, Good Luck Ravens!
  • Well, Now Since the Ravens don't seem to want to be morally and socially reasonable about sending a "Soon to be " retired Cheerleader to the game Then the other Chearleaders should stand up and not go either---Sooner or later the Raven head ducks will do the same or something else to the rest of them.---UNION-IZE AND GET IT PUT IN CONTRACT tHE WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY IS GOING TO WISH THEY HAD A UNION BEFORE IT'S OVER HERE--IN THIS COUNTRY
  • So I guess the brainwashing is complete. It used to be that only the best in this country were rewarded... promoted... allowed to participate in the game. So now we see outrage when mediocre performance is not rewarded. Oh... it's not fair is now the cry throughout the land... not... May the best person win!
  • I am a 17 year PSL Owner and didn't get invited either. It would be nice if the Ravens could have invited all of us but ... Hard to feel too much sympathy for a cheerleader who as a result of CHOOSING to shake her pompoms (yes sometimes in the cold) she gets unprescidented exposure (including television, national news, etc.), resulting in endless opportunity for modeling, public appearance, employment opportunity, annual trips to exotic locations for the Ravens' calendar shoot, and the list goes on. Really, there are thousands who would love to have been in Courtney's position for five years or five days. It seems to me that if the rewards for being a Ravens' cheerleader were not significant and were not many, a smart woman would not take the job. She should retire with grace and style and be thankful for the opportunities she was given.
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  • For the record, no, these girls don't get paid. They are responsible for their own expenses. Why they do this, I have no clue, but I think it would be reasonable to think that after 5 years of service, they might do the classy thing and shell out a trip for her send-off. Come on Ravens, how much money have you made this year that you can't spare a few for what basically amounts to a volunteer?
  • From the web site ...Yes they do get paid....

    Are the cheerleaders paid for games and appearances?
    Yes, each cheerleader is paid $100.00 per game.
    Yes, each cheerleader is paid per hour for appearances as well

  • What no one has taken into consideration is her performance. Like in any job we are all rated on our performance. We don't have all the information in this case. The media is not going to give you both sides of the story, as always they will spin it to benefit there story! Just like the gun stories, no one will mention that the USA has dropped in murders by 50% in the last few years, doesn’t sound good or support the story. What we don't know is why she is retiring, is it because she is not doing a good job and is ready to hang it up? Well if that is the case you don't reward poor performance. So can we stop speculating because she is hot as he#%. Since Denver got knocked out and should have, I could care less who wins. As for Ray Lewis, not the example I would want my kids to follow!!!!!
  • Courtney said she was retiring at the end of the REGULAR season. So, since we're past the regular season, she's technically already retired. It's not the Ravens' fault she didn't say she was retiring after the post-season.
  • Exactly. Thank you! Finally someone commenting with some commen sense.
  • Sooo many times I have seen this happen. What people dont really get is she has ALREADY put her time in and DESERVES to go and cheer at the superbowl. Why is it when ou retire from a job you are always passed up. Geez you have already put into this (5 YEARS) the NEWBIES have not yet earned to go or get the perks that the "about to be or is retired have.
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Kyle Orton shaves his epic mustache

Florida State beats Notre Dame 31-27 in thriller

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WATCH: Rams run punt return trick play for TD

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