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It’s starting to become very evident that Antonio Cromartie has less math ability than I do. The Jets’ cornerback who fancies himself a moden-day Noah, trying to repopulate the Earth all by himself, apparently hasn’t figured out how to make his $8M salary cover the child support for his ten (soon to be twelve) children, [...]

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  • Would someone please cut off his gonads so he doesnt continue to contaminate the rest of the world

  • You are a freaking idiot, how did you derive race from the OP's comment? Also, OP is right.
  • YOU ARE A MORON but you already know that don't you?

    I didn't see anything in this article about race... The only thing I seen was a moron like you making it about race. You are prob the biggest racist here, you need a reason for being a Dum#@$$, so you got to play your cards.

    Go be a moron somewhere else...
  • Idiot.
  • What he said^ That is a disgrace! http://lionsdetroit.com/
  • typical pos nfl player
  • Idiota-pendejo.
  • Sounds to me like an NBA player, more than an NFL star. Enough kids already...I'm sure he's not married to any of the children's mother(s). This makes me respect the likes of Tim Tebow even more. You can laugh all you want about Tebow and his being a virgin, but at least you won't read about his having 10-12 kids out of wedlock.
  • While i dont condone the amount of children he's had or how many women he's had them with, I also feel the childsupport laws are unfair to the point of RETARDEDNESS! In mass its 30% off the top before taxes per kid! have 3 kids? YOU'RE SCREWED! Child support shoud not be just a standard percentage! The other person GOT LAID TOO! Any person who recieves child support should have to provide itemized expense lists for the child every year and then split them 50/50.
    Its easy to see how his $5,000,000 salary would not be sufficient. just because daddy makes that much does not mean it costs $25,000/month to raise one of his kids!
    The laws are totally unfair, all of his babby mammas got rich. No way they spend the whole check every month on the NEEDS FOR COMFORTABLE LIVING. I live comfy on 8% of that and i support 2 dogs and 3 people!!
    Child support reform is needed!!!!!!!!
  • well dumbass don't be an idiot like this prick and you can save a lot of money. and when the money runs out there won't be more on the welfare system
  • I agree. In my opinion, the laws and the amounts that are to be paid to the custodial parent - usually the mother - are based upon what a person earns at a particularly time. If your income diminishes you are still responsible for the prior payment amounts! This makes no sense to me. And I also agree that a non-custodial parent should not have to pay based upon his income but based upon what the child needs to live a good life; and that his should be apportioned based upon the incomes of both parents. Child support essentially becomes parent support when it is an excessive dollar amount. Cromartie clearly has made some bad decisions insofar as his ability to meet his financial obligations and his parental responsibilities. Unfortunately, he is a negative stereotype of black men who father children and do not participate in their upbringing (and I say this because I can't see how he could be considering the women and the kids are throughout the country). I am black and have successfully raised my two kids through college. I have a great relationship with my Ex wife and she and I are proud of how we handled our situation. I think it unfair and unjust that people on this site as well as other sports venues are piling on Cromartie. Leave the guy and his family alone. He has enough that he is going to have to deal with already. Have some mercy!>
  • You are black and you are making excuses for him? That is why this cultural downward spiral perpetuates itself and will never end; only continue to get worse within your community.
  • C'mon read the whole comment,he didnt make excuses for cromartie. He said... and i quote
    "Cromartie clearly has made some bad decisions insofar as his ability to meet his financial obligations and his parental responsibilities. Unfortunately, he is a negative stereotype of black men who father children and do not participate in their upbringing (and I say this because I can't see how he could be considering the women and the kids are throughout the country)"
  • @ DMzuzgo .. I agree the child support laws are unbalanced .. but really 30% per child . for every child. Do some research before yo make such a claim. Freaking idiot. So tell me then .. if you have 4 children .. then it is 4 x 30% = 120% of your gross pay. How does that work. lol u r a fool dude.
  • it true thats what i and many of my friends pay ... 30 percent off the top no excuses if you need more $$ get another jpb. thats what the judge said and i dont need to do anymore research than looking at my paycheck every week! THEY TAKE 30% and if i only work a partial week then it generally works out to about 50% NO JOKE NO LIE its experienced by me and many other mass residents every week!!!!! FREAKING IDIOT!!!!!!!! dont tell me they do it every week!!!!
  • My friend Joe has 4 children from a woman he was married to for 15 years. she cheated got divorced took the house the car and the children. he makes $28/hr as a framing foreman. He now lives in his parents basement (at 45) because his ex-wife takes 100% of his check everyweek! She has since remarried & recheated & redivorced & gets another check for her newest child! Oyeah,she doesnt have to work anymore cuase she makes so much in "child support" She drives a lexus, he drives a 1981 pick up that he borrows off his father 'cause he cant afford to live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS ALL THE RESEARCH I NEED TO DO!!!!
  • nooooo...men reform is needed...stop sleeping around...do you think most women know that a man they sleep with has 12 other kids?? now granted some women are greedy but please, he could have easily save himself some money. stop whoring around Cro..he's the Ho it sounds like.
  • so the women bear absolutely no responsibillity? everything is the mans fault? Oh yeah because women just cant say NO, i forgot 8 women sleeping with the same guy couldnt possibly know his past performance right? you sound like either a fat hetro thats been rejected by toomany men or a lesbian that chose women cause men wouldnt have you. your are a feminist man hating POS
  • I first read about kids #11 and #12 last week, which comes out to 12 kids with 8 different women. Now, I read he's lost a $135,000 house. With the tons of money he makes, couldn't he have paid cash, just a drop in the bucket for someone who makes $8 mil. So, does his Mom have to move? He bought it with her. How irresponsible this man appears to be and the women evidently never heard of birth control, are any of them now on welfare/food stamps/section 8? Typical uneducated athlete, no common sense, just some talent. I can't get over 12 kids/8 women!!!!!!
  • So why is this your problem exactly?
  • Because he has to pay for their meals, their healthcare, their incarceration, their teenage pregnacies and his being victimized by crimes of all kinds- just check the nightly news. That's why it may be more of his business than yours.
  • White teenagers get pregnant too.White people get locked up too.
  • Yeah, I think most people hate scum of all kind. Actually I know more white trash than anything, all types of trash destroy things.
  • Its everyone's problem...cuz when the NFL paychecks run out, all those kids will be on welfare and government healthcare...which we (well people with a JOB) pay for with out taxes and paychecks...and I'm tired of paying for people having kids they can't pay for...thats why!!
  • I agree, 12 kids with 8 women is redicullous! BUT.. at 8 mil a year he should be able to afford it.Child support laws need reform. $25,000 is way too much for just "child" support!!
  • The guy's a creep, but there's a chance he let this one slip on purpose. FL real estate values are in the crapper. Lots of people are walking away from properties.
  • Smells of racisim to me. Are the women white or black? Who get's more child support, the black ones or white ones? Did any of them know they could get pregnet by having sex? What was the avg. IQ of each "LADY"? Any pictures for evidence? How can the women get 30% for each child? They don't even know what 30% means.... Let me see, 10 to 12 children by 8 or 9 women. What a plan.. And what do you want to be when you grow up little one?
    I wanna be just like my Daddy, who ever he is.. And I want to be just like my mommy, "A gold digging B-etch.... And the world goes on and on and on....
  • i agree w/most of your comment
  • You know, 8 mil just doesn't go as far as it used to. Can't wait to see how he's going to pay support for the (by then 23)kids once his NFL career is over.
  • Major low life idiot, when his career ends, he'll be homeless and broke. His kids will end up on welfare. Moron, moron, moron. This guy doesn't deserve to play in the NFL, how don't care how talented he is. What a crap example he sets for young men, that aspire to make the NFL.
  • Why do you assume the children will end up on welfare? Some of the mothers are well-educated professionals. True, not so smart for having unprotected sex with him, but maybe they make enough to provide a good life for the child, even w/o his support (or lack thereof).
  • why would you assume that the mothers might have an education and a good job? The fact that he bedded 8 women tells me they were probably camp followers and when you are a poor ho, you look at the gift god gave you which is the horny rich guy who is willing to have unprotected sex with you which means that if she gets preggers, she has a paycheck for life or at least 18 years. Look at all the basketball players at the team hotel on the road, the rock star's bus and the politician's and movie star's bedrooms. He is stupid at best and they are not only desperate but stupid also. He needs a quick snip.
  • Typicle piece of trash..if you know what i mean.
  • maybe he'll die and the world will be rid of 1 more pos
  • I think this article in inappropriate. Remember, you are talking about people. His kids, albiet young, deserve respect. This continuous discussion of his private life is merely "piling" on. It is not your place to judge another human being. This is the worst form of journalism: this article is actually counting the dollar amount that he paid toward his mortgage? Come on already.
  • His entire paycheck should have been garnished some time ago for the kids sake. But Nort06 doesn't agree with that because he knows he too prefers Comartie's lifestyle.
  • Inappropriate, B.S. It is relavent Because he is a national news figure, like it or not. And his utter stupidity, having 12 kids with 8 diff. women. Now if he gets hurt next year and career is over, who is gonna pay for the upbringing of all the kids. Kids w/ no father figure r the ones (percentage wise) who end up gangbanging. which is our business cause it could affect me financially, having to contribute to welfare or assistance 4 the kids or criminally if one of the children end up in the system, for lack of home training from a mature father fig.
  • It really saddens me to read that yet another uber-talented athlete has fallen on hard times financially.

    With so many "third party interests" dipping ravenishly into Mr. Cromartie's pockets, couldn't someone on the New York Jets Management Team step in to help him?

    It is painfully obvious that he needs professional help to manage his salary and assets while he can still devote his attention to playing professional football.

    As we have seen happen all to often in the NFL, today's players are one serious injury away from the proverbial scrapheap.

    I pray for Mr. Cromartie that he might see his way through these latest troubles, and I sincerely hope that someone on the New York Jets tries to help him.

  • are you ever a sucker. you feel sorry for that low life trash. why should the jets help him? isn't he college educated (snicker)? hell he wouldn't listen anyhow. typical
  • How about all the kids. Maybe you should pray for them too.
  • you're as ignorant as he is if you believe what it is your saying.
  • Jets job is to pay him, not be a babysitter. How can anyone with half a brain fall on hard times financially making 8 million a year.

    He certainly has no trouble trash talking opponents. Nobody dips into anyone's pockets. He is the "adult" making all the decisions.
  • Totally disgusting!!!
  • Maybe Tebow can lend him a few dollars!
  • typical fool and these whores who are banking the money. not taking care of their children.they never do. they just get a tv show about basketball/football wives. all these people know how to do, is breed and breed and breed. they have no concience or souls to keep up this behavior as they do. why should they...the welfare system is their entitlement.
  • Get off his back! At least he is paying for the 12 kids by eight women. We are all paying for the offspring of most of his friends from the neighborhood. When are we going to start coupling AFDC and welfare checks with a mandatory contraceptive shot? We all know that having children is the pathway to increasingly bigger checks but only if the mother doesn't get married, hence the destruction of the black family. If ObamaCare stands on the argument that some people not buying insurance raises the price for all so therefore the mandate is constitutional, then that same argument can be used to prevent people from having children they cannot afford as it becomes an expense for the rest of us. I'd be willing to start giving the men a monthly check in exchange for taking the shot.
  • lol what????
  • Child support laws are slanted in favor of the mom, that's a given. But this bonehead and his lawyers signed the support agreement(s). When his playing and big money days are over he will be broke like T.O. or Travis Henry. When I lost my job 3 years ago I immediately petitioned the court to modify the support payments. The payments were reduced by 2/3rds. Ex was pissed but you can't get blood from a stone.
  • Do we KNOW he is paying his 'child support?' If he can't make a mortgage payment on a house he bought with his mother, he's not likely to support his kids.
  • exactly...he's not paying crap I'm willing to bet on
  • most people dont have a choice of weather or not to pay. The gov't takes it right out of your check b4 you even see it. and if they dont all the mother has to do is apply for it to be done.
  • What a great role model...
  • I'm sure Cromartie has been dissing Tebow. What a gigantic cultural divide. And it's widening. The education system has done everything it can possibly do. Although it is hopeless, the only hope starts where it does for you, I and everyone; at home. I feel deeply sorry for the 12 and counting kids he has fathered already. Yes and the mothers are equally to blame. But they are the ones with the consequence of being those kids only parent.
  • Consequence or $25,000 per month reward? Sounds like "JACKPOT" to me
  • While it disturbs me to no end that Cromartie and the women have unprotected sex in such a cavalier fashion, I do believe I'm more disturbed by the number of people who speak such negative statements about the children - "their incarceration" and "his illiterate children" to name a few. They did not choose to be here or the parents. Yes, he is a dumb ass. Yes, the women are dumb asses. But, the children should not be in the discussion, except to say, "I pray that God shows them favor and protects them against the mishaps caused by their parents."
  • well stated. "adults" who never grew up.
  • good comment
  • you play/you pay!! To bad he gets paid for his play, thank GOD he's gone from AZ. Maybe he can get the Barry Bonds Plan when they went on strike. Pros get to much advantage compared to the every day working guy!!!
  • oh booo hoooo on your complaining on child support laws..easy problem to solve or never have..STOP HAVING CHILDREN WITH WOMEN YOU DO NOT INTEND TO MARRY AND RAISE THE CHILD. You think a check a month covers what true costs of raising a child is? Idiot men...never held responsible for raising the kids they produce but still have the right to b**** and moan...get over and wrap it up next time you want to have meaningless sex.
  • I never said I felt sorry for him and the situation he created.my child was created in the sanctity of a proper marraige.the woman i married now makes over $3000 dollars a month off other childrens fathers,every time she needs more $$ she gets prego' from another man for another check.(ITS ALMOST LEGALIZED PROSTITUTION) LET SOME GUY NAIL YOU GET PAID FOR THE NEXT 18-21 YEARS!! (if your child goes to college you must pay the MOTHER until he/she leaves school)ive never had any others because im not married any more. but the child support laws are obviously unfair even to a woman paying it!
  • He will be serving up fries with that Big Mac in a few short years, homeless and broke.
  • The college or university that handed him a degree should be embarrassed. Many of these athletes are not smarter than a first grader and should never have been allowed to perform at the college level no matter how talented they may be. Giving this man millions of dollars is a waste of time. He's just ill-equipped to do much. He is irresponsible and without any morals whatsoever. Its tragic, but there needs to be changes made before accepting these young men into college or Major League sports. Its a disservice to them to allow them to get to this level only to crash and burn.
  • Ummmmm..... this man does not have a college degree. College and pro sports are BIG BUSINESS plain and simple. This is not tragic and if you hear this "man" talk, he does have some intelligence, but thinks he is above it all. Disservice to him----- thats a joke----- the disservice will be to these poor children who will have no chance.
  • I bet he didn't think he had to pay for it because he's Antonio Cromartie. Maybe he thought Obama would pay for the house.
  • calling the kids RUGRATS is shamefull! theydidn't ask to be born. shame on all of you who are also calling the kids names.
  • Makin' chillins. Gotta have a hobby.
  • Sounds like a bunch of jealous haters on here to me. I really could care less how many kids this dude has. It really isnt my problem. Most of the clowns on here spewing venom are washed up neverbeen athletes who are jealous because they dont have the ability to earn the money that Cro earns to play a game. Thats a sore subject for the haters. If this guy wants to have 100 kids and forecloses on 15 homes isnt your or my business. And if he becomes broke and homeless in a few years thats not my problem either. I pay my bills and live my life to the fullest. Hating another person because you dont have what he has finacially is just lame. If you had worked on your game as a youth maybe you'd be in a position to earn millions playing a game. But you didnt so you hate on the guy who did.
  • Your taxes will go to pay for his welfare women over and over. Just keep paying your bills and taxes while he does not and then pick up his tab down the road. Losers like this become America's losing business every day. A dumbass like you should know that since you live life to the fullest.
  • maybe im missing something, but... if child support DOES in fact take 30% per child and the complaints im reading say people can not afford these child support payments wouldnt anyone think of this AHEAD OF TIME and oh i dont know...have less kids? maybe a number you could afford to care for...properly? i mean how much do you think raising kids costs!!! ITS ALOT!!!

  • Someone needs to sit this genius down in front of a chalkboard and draw him a picture of exactly what causes all of these woman to get pregnant. He obviously is not sharp enough to figure it out on his own...
  • How's this for a solution?

    Remember the push to get illegal handguns out of the 'hood? How's about an offer of $100 and free storage in a sperm bank for a snip-snip? That way, the participant can bang with impunity without fear of having to provide for offspring, they'd be up a "C-note", and they'd be able to have kids when they've grown up enough to take responsibility for their spawn!

    It's a win-win-win!!
  • Cromartie should take himself over to the Leon County Health Department and ask to be referred out for a vasectomy. The cost? Around $1500 since he can't afford to get one from his own doctor.

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