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From Diehard Sport:

Get your popcorn ready. Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens announced on Twitter Wednesday night he’s going to play and become co-owner for the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League.

“It’s official, it just went down, I’m headed back to Dallas. That’s right IFL, here I come. Allen, Texas, here I come. I’m going to be me,” Owens said in a 22-second video posted on his Twitter account.

Wranglers co-owner Jon Frankel said Owens agreed to terms Wednesday night and he was in talks with the former NFL superstar player for several weeks.

“(Owens) has an ownership stake. This is a business decision. I’m glad everybody looks at the players’ aspects. I can’t believe T.O. will come out of that tunnel for the Allen Wranglers. He’s a great player, a winner and I’m a big fan. I want to make the Allen Wranglers the No. 1 attraction in Collin County,” said Frankel.

Wow. T.O. going from the No. 1 WR on the Bengals to the No. 1 attraction in Collin County.

Whether you dislike him for personal reasons, financial reasons, or professional reasons, you have to accept that Owens was one of the statistically best receivers to play the game. He’s second all-time in receiving yards (15,934), fourth in touchdowns (156) and sixth in catches (1,078) for five teams over his 15-year career.

The NFL is a shrewd business with tons of younger talent to take your job. The 38-year-old Owens has been good as of late, but is notorious for poisioning locker rooms and is coming off of a torn ACL that he suffered while filming his VH1 show. It is no surprise that not a single NFL team showed up for his well-publicized workout late in 2011.

However sad this might seem, the IFL could actually be good for Owens. It might finally give Owens some humility and help him straighten his life out. On the plus side, he now can sign an commercial endorsement deal with Wrangler Jeans, right? Favre needs to throw someone those passes in the mud.


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  • It just goes to show, there is a job for everyone if you want it. Nice to show the country T.O., that you are a man who is willing to take a step back to move forward. Life's lessons.
  • Maybe TO should call up Ocho Cinco and get him to play for the IFL also!!! How the 'mighty have fallen"..... this should slap him back to reality - yes you were great at one time and then you couldn't shut your mouth about how great you were...." oh well! "what goes around comes around". I hope you are happy in Texas!
  • Who cares?
  • Great for the NFL! How pitiful, TO had to buy part of the team just to be able to play - no one else wants him. Good riddance.
  • "However sad this might seem, the IFL could actually be good for Owens. It might finally give Owens some humility and help him straighten his life out."

    Why does T.O. needs to straighten his life out? Did he get arrested for doing something wrong? The only negative thing you can say about the guy is he can be selfish on the sidelines when things are not going his way? When you say this could "straighten" his life out you make it seems like this is a person that is in some big trouble off of the field. Not a good choice of words in my opinion.
  • Exactly what I was thinking. He puts on a media show, but I think he is generally a stand-up guy.
  • sausage wallet
  • Are you kidding me?!?! The guy has fathered like 50 children with 20 different women (exageration of coarse but still) which has put him in trouble with his finances with all the child support he has to pay. On top of that he has earned millions of dollars in the NFL but through mismanagement of his money he is going broke but hey he doesn't need to turn his life around. Everything is just peachy...
  • ummmm you're an idiot...he only has two kids...he doesnt drink or do drugs...he doesnt sexually assault women like other NFL stars we know...dont speak if you dont know what youre talking about
  • Doesn't do drugs? Wasn't he getting an ambulance ride for an overdose a few short months ago?
  • No, YOU are an idiot. T.O. has 4 kids from 4 different women. A bench warrant was issued for his arrest last year for failing to live p to his financial obligations to them. That does not include any "activity" of his since Nov 2011. He has never said he doesn't drink or do drugs.
  • Okay let's be real he is human just like you. He was accused of not paying child support not convicted! They issued a bench warrant for child support because he did not show up to court on the day of his hearing for a reduction due to the fact that he was doing a public training session in the hopes of being picked up by an NFL team. The number of kids he has or the number of mothers involved is not of our concern. The question should be did he pay child support before all of his financial problems started? Yes to the tune of $20,000 each (-1) monthly. Given his current state of affairs we all know he cannot afford to continue to pay this amount.

    He has a son he didn't meet due to issues with the mom. I know from first hand family experience that a woman scorned can make it hell on a man trying to be apart of his child’s life. Yes sometimes his attitude sucked but we were made aware of it during the games because of who he is and how he ran the ball. And we loved it! Cut him a break how you can down a man who is financially bankrupt mainly due to helping and trusting his friends. T.O. has been there for those around him. He is morally bankrupt due to trusting to many people. He is emotionally bankrupt because the future is unknown. He’s bankrupt and he’s concerned about his mother loosing her house. I’m a woman who knows what a dead beat dad looks like and he looks nothing like T.O. I pray this move bring him the piece of mind he deserves and that he trusts God.
  • Well for one I care...that's what wrong with this nation is NO ONE cares for one another anymore!! I blame a lot of this madness, turmoil, a players behavior on no one less than the NFL. These "players" are 20 year old kids, a lot of which have grown up with nothing and came from broken homes, the NFL promises them millions, gives them millions and expects them to now be responsibile adults. Give me a break!! There is NO ONE worth million, not the coaches and not the players. Put a cap on it so the average family can come and enjoy a game or two a year. There is NO job that's going to pay a decent 6 figure salary that these kids or coaches would come out of college and get, do you honestly think they'd turn it down if it were the same for everyone??? Players max out at $500,000.00 a year coaches a little more. What profession are they going to do if every team pays the same...this also stops trading and coaches leaving for other teams or better offers!! T.O. is one of the best to date the NFL has seen, it's a joke to let him walk from the NFL. Yes he made mistakes and yes he's arrogant at times but I think it says a lot about a man when he can admit it!! Unless you are error free in your life, hello Christ nice to meet you, or unless you've walked a mile in their shoes you have no right to judge!!! The NFL is like footballs Hollywood...they treat them like stars and untouchables until they no longer serve a purpose for them. Hollywood has their actor/actress dressing rooms filled with coke, clothes, skittles or whatever else they make "require" and when they end up with a problem or become a "public" problem instead of helping to fix the situation they wash their hands of them.... The rich running this country are a disgrace and because of their actions we all look like idiots!!!
  • It should be called the MEFL.How does he buy part of the team when hes behind in money for alimony. I don't know how he runs when his head is up his ass
  • Alimony? Really? No... When you buy a house do you pay up front. They know his value to the IFL and proceeded based on that. Where is your head?
  • Hello, your listening to WGAF, Americas who gives a F&%k radio.I'm Johnny Crotch.
    Now joining us on the phone is Terrel Owens. Former NFL player now moving over to the IFL.

    Johnny-So terrel, how's it hangin'?

    TO-A little to the left this mornin, a bit uncomfortable, but who cares right?

    Johnny- Right, I think, so anyway Terrel, why the move?

    TO- Well man, as everyone knows, I haven't been the most popular of late and I really want people to like me.

    Johnny- I like you TO.

    TO- Thats different man, Thats what do they call that ****? Oh yea, A man crush thing.

    Johnny- Take what you can get brother.

    TO- Thats what I'm doing little man.

    Johnny- Tune in next time when TO talks about his Mamma.

  • Well...I had to read your comment all the way to the end before you got around to blaming the rich...ie...the republicans...loser!
  • I am anything but a loser, I am very successful in my field and make a very nice living for my family and I! I didn't throw political slurs at any "one" individual so it's nice to see you also have class!! This is a much bigger issue than just you and I so I will refrain from the fat a$$ comments I'd like to say to your what appears to be a lazy a$$ and allow the readers to get back to the real issue at hand...liberal democrat aka what's wrong with this country!!
  • This is most definitely a fabulous idea. Terell Owens is a great, great man, endowed with the mind of an autistic child and many austic children, especially those with aspergers syndrome, grow to become legends by doing one thing, over and over to perfection. Terell Owens has taken bufoonery to new heights and we as a civilization owe him a debt of gratitute for allowing us to see just how far we've come in relation to his total lack of human progress. Jesus was a carpenter!
  • Such a harsh comment for someone who clearly doesn't understand that TV never tells the whole story or show everything. It is MADE for reality TV. They zero in on what sells. before you shouldn't pass judgement on someone you don't know personally.
  • If you dont want judgment passed on DONT OPEN YOR LIFE TO A REALITY TV SHOW...period.
  • We have seen this time and time again. A young man with tons of talent who can't seem to get enough attention regardless of how much attention he is given. His press clippings goes to his head and he begins to believe that he can say and do anything he wants to without a corresponding cost to himself . . . including destructive behavior to the teams that have provided him with the opportunity to capitalize on his God given talent. For some reason, not all of these young athletes seem to be able to learn from the mistakes made by other young athletes who have gone before them. I feel bad that T.O. has come to this but it may be for the best. Until he gains some humility and begins to recognize what he has cost others, he cannot become a truly compassionate human being. I wish him well and hope he achieves a more well-rounded outlook on life.
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  • Let this be a lesson to all you young, up-and-coming sports stars who think the wolrd owes you everything. T.O could have gone into history as one of the truly great ones and retired with honor and dignity and a fat network contract. However, he let his big mouth talk him off of team after team and evenrually out of everything he could have had. Now no broadcast booth, no speaking engagements no anything. Well deserved.
  • well for all t.o. haters, get a grip. the man hasn't done anything but perform on the field and everybody wants to dog him. if your a 49er then blame the owner for trying to misuse the cap and the reporters for asking him about j.garcia in the first place, if your an eagle then blame d.mcnab for not getting to the s.b. without t.o. and mcnab for not being in better shap at the s.b., a cowboy fan(myself included) blame j.jones for being so stupid as to think r.williams would be a better fit than t.o. and t.romo for not standing up for t.o. when he blatantly looked for j.whitten more and well the bills and bengal dont need to be mentioned because he wasn't the problem, their qb's performance was! t.o. should do everything and anything he wants to make money and advance but the point he needs to get his self together is ridiculous and shows bias towards him!
  • You said "well for all t.o. haters, get a grip. the man hasn't done anything but perform on the field " lololol what? And act like a total jerk in the process. Dont want to be called a jerk, dont act like one. If you want to refute his being a jerk I can attach MANY MANY articles proving my point.

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Lane Kiffin trashed in political ad

Details of War Machine's suicide letter leaked

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