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Terrell “T.O.” Owens, who is trying to land a spot with an NFL team this year, is $20,000 behind on child support payments and may be facing jail time.

WSB-TV reports former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver — who was recently released by the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League — didn’t show up for his child support hearing in Atlanta on Thursday. The judge was pretty upset.

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  • You know every time you see him, he has that same smug look on his face. It's mind blowing the amount of money this man has squandered over the years, and the way in which he treats the mothers of his children, with such disrespect, it's saddening.Owens has shown total disregard for his children behind his arrogant and childish ways, lets not leave out selfishness, he deserves all that's coming to him. This man has alienated an entire league, ruin his own reputation, and tarnished his image in the game forever. I feel for his children and their mothers, but in no way do I have a ounce of sympathy whatsoever for this childish pompous kid, to be called a man would be an injustice.
  • I am an african american woman, and one of the main reasons I dont involve myself with african american men anymore is because it is an epidemic of irresponsibility going around with most, not all. Terrel Owens acts the way that he does because people that are around him (family, friends) and mainly the woman in his life have supported his childish stupidity, yet the very women that are petitioning the court for child support seem to be in awe as to why he does not give a damn, remember the old saying if you dont smack the hand that keeps going in the cookie jar why do you expect them to stop getting cookies? I don't feel for him or the mother's I feel for the children
  • Really "elohim7ks"? With a nickname like "Elohim", your words definitely don't come from God. You sound very childish and judgemental. Don't act like your issues are not granted mercy daily? You don't know who he might be if given another chance. But be careful before judging others, you'll get the same judgement? God bless U!
  • this guy is really a DEAD BEAT guy...the NFL should just let him go.He has time to party hard but wont take of his kids.Guys like him,makes good father like myself continue to look bad.
    Lets just say for argument sake his father wasn't their for him, come man at least try and change the cycle.Sending you to jail wont change who you are however they should put you away for long time.you are a worthless (************)
  • Well elohim7ks, I agree to a point with you, about how "TO" acts, however why is it that all these athletes and other celebrities who have children, whether out of wedlock or not, are expected to pay so much for their children. If I were to get divorced and retain custody of my son from my husband then all I would get would be something like $500 a month, if I am lucky. That model who was in the news not to long ago, fighting over child support of her 5 year old with some french guy, she wanted $20,000 a month because this kid had around the clock nannies, and body guards. WTF!!!!!!!
  • Child support is income based. So I get $240 a month because my ex makes most of his money in tips or under the table. My sister get $8000 a month because her ex's income is all taxable and he makes lots of money a month. So if you make a lot you pay if you make a little you pay a little. Or if your a dead beat dad you pay nothing and you go to jail.
  • cwbysfn1976- The thing about child support for anyone is when you are awarded, it goes by a % of your salary either by-weekly or weekly. The more you make the more you are asked to pay. I do agree with elohim7ks, because it's not about Terrell Owens, it's about his children. And when you put yourself in a situation where you have several woman at the same time wanting money for child support than you have to dish it out, and not feel that you shouldn't pay. (The Law states you have to pay up until the child's Emancipation age of either 18-21 depending on the state) The sad thing is when the parent whether man or woman doesn't pay. "Look at, Halle Berry she was just ordered to pay her daughter's father alot of money and for what, when he earns a salary and the case is not even settled and he doesn't even have sole custody". For the women they new just what they were doing, because "no" two wrongs don't make it right with reason. See my child's father ran to court not to help with his child's college, but to stop paying once she started college and it's Pathetic as well as he is.
  • ITS really all about money for you women is it not,why god put you guys on earth is mind blowing. you cheat you can not keep your legs closed and the money you do get from your ex you live like a queen and your kids money. the money is not for you it is for the kids. god please give me my rib back please.
  • You are right cinemark55. I pay child support on a weekly basis and my ex or her boyfriend don't work so who am I really taking care of? I don't mine taking care of my son, but get off your fat a## and get a job like I did. Everytime I get a raise at work my x always find a way to get me back in court for a increse WTF. Why can't the judge order her to look for and get employment?
  • Well said :)
  • Child support differs and is income based,example: if the father makes 20,000 a year it is unlikely he would have to pay 20,000 a month in child support.

    If a child has lived a certain lifestyle prior to the parents divorce that child is entilteld to continue to live such lifestyle as long as the income of either parent provides that, just because the parents did not get along and divorced does not mean the child should suffer. Furthermore, if the bread winner with the highest income happens to be the father and the mother has physical custody then the sole parent is entitled to the amount determined in order to care for the child, and vice verse. If the father makes less money but has care of the child the mother must pay for the lifestyle. Halle Berry is an example of that, and many normal people who are not stars deal with this.Maybe you should pay attention to this model and gain a relationship with someone that can provide more than $500 for you and your children in case of divorce. Marriage and children is a bussiness of love which is why it requires a contract??
  • My ex isn't trying to get another NFL gig, and he owes me $14,000 in child support for his 3 kids.

    A dead beat is a dead beat- it's criminal, and should be punished with jail time. It's insanity that in the majority of states, including MN (where I reside) that a custodial parent is not allowed to deny visitation based on not receiving child support.

    My ex doesn't pay, so that when he has the kids he can treat them to all sorts of things- Amusement parks, movies, concerts and the like... I can't afford any of the above (besides the occasional movie)because I have to do things like pay for school clothes, supplies and extra curriculars.

    T.O. and so many other men (and some women!) belong in jail- IMHO don't do the 'crime' if you're not willing to pay!
  • i dont feel no one should keep a child from a parent regardless because of money. That never works out well for the child and yes i have a kid and his father pays child support all though its not what the big dogs receive it is what it is but i appreciate the fact that he has a father who actually enjoys coming to pick him up not because he has too but because he wants too.
  • thats a good man
  • ok, at least the kids get something, i.e. time with their dad and movies, concerts, and the like, so you want to throw him in jail and deny them what little he does give them? not to mention you still wont get anything. He sure as hell is not going to make 14 thousand while in jail. so now the kids are just as miserable as you seem to be. Sounds like you are somewhat jealous of the relationship between the kids and their father, just because you hate him does not mean the kids have to. Grow up, and do what needs to be done. you are just as much to blame as he is. you did not make them by yourself but women need to understand that you may damn well have to raise them by yourself before you decide to sleep with this guy.
  • sorry mot3 but no, how much child support do you think he can pay in jail, right zero. women automatically get custody unless she proven unfit, the man is unfit unless proven fit. if you divorce your husband you are not entitled to the same standard of living as when married, you gave that up with the divorce. you no longer may be a stay at home mom. your husband does not pay all your costs to live and raise the children, you have to pay half. if he pays 5k a month you have to provide that too. you decided to have children with him and are equally responsible for them, its not all on him.
  • This arrogant asshole should get jail time for not paying his court ordered child support, but for his stupidity as well.This dumbass has squandered more money than most ordinary people would have earned in their lifetimes.He needs a judge that has a deaf ear when he goes to court and give him what he has truly earned.
  • Terrell needs to show up in court to deal with the situation for his children. The children are important. If they are his by DNA testing, then he needs to care for the babies. As far as treating the women, I could careless, it's their fault for not only laying with an arrogant fool for the MONEY but also being a rebellious jezebel spirit. The family kangroo court system is designed to destroy the family not the benefit of the child. Women if you don't want to go through this, STOP THE HUSTLE. If you want to be with the man, know YOUR place of authority. Do not usurp the man's authority. If he's being a terrible and despicable cheating dog, then leave him and get him to pay support for your child. You have these problems everytime when the woman wants to be the man. So she uses the system to be the man. Especially BLACK WOMEN in general. So sad families cannot be together, thanks to COMMUNISM, SOCIAL JUSTICE, FEMINISM, and PROGRESSIVISM
  • I agree with you. If women would only start taking real control over their lives by starting with not sleeping around; going from one man to the next thinking he is the one. If women would take a stand and demand respect from the beginning, men would not take advantage and they would not treat us the way they do. It is sad that their over so many unweb single mothers with children and the children pay the price. If you watch the Maury Povich show explains why our society to falling apart.
  • Amen and NOW WOMEN are trying to act like men, fighting and brawling like men; especially the gangs do this and women join them to act tough! What a bunch of sheiss!
  • Let the Attorney's pay it. They are the ones who negotiated the deal. Yes he needs to support his kids. Not the attorneys! Be reasonable. The mother in question is probably looking for a freebie as coached by the lawyer.
  • This punk, that's right, he's not a man, he's a punk, should learn to face up to his responsibilities. Unfortunately, there are many more like him in professional sports.
  • Yeah, well why don't you get out there on the gridiron and take the hits administered by 300 pound rolling machines if you think you are so tough! Your mouth is the most dangerous thing about you. Don't let your mouth write a check that your fists can't cash or back up!
  • what a moron. pay up and be a man and stop increasing the child support "on your own" or else you will get into more problems. the other thing, what the hell does a child need with $20,000 a month? that amount is asinine. those children, and the mothers, will never need to work for the rest of their lives if they are getting that much a month...thats $240,000 a year!!! what the hell is that?!?! my wife and i make $100,000 combined with 2 kids! what a moron...go to jail for putting yourself in this situation and for your stupidity!
  • Black women use men, just as they were used by Mr. Jimmy! What I see is slave mentality. Get out of the slave shack woman!
  • No one can be used who doesnt allow themselves to be used. The problem with most black men is that they need their mammas or some woman that acts like mama because mama always babied him and protect their messes(criminal activity etc.), and when woman outside mama dont let them get away with their mess then it has be something wrong with the woman.Most black men need someone to blame for why they screw up,but men like Terrel Owens will be used by a woman of any race simply because he is nothing but a child himself, and I can tell that he is hurting on the inside because he shows it so often any time he speaks, and honestly he probably needs help for depression over his life.
  • look this man needs to take care of his kids and stop wondering where the money is going those kids are his sperm and im sure his childrens mother didn't beg for it. you mean to tell me he has all that money but cant afford condoms? everyones kids are a blessing to me and you cant put a price on them. but if you have money make sure their living like the parent who makes the money.and for the guy that was talking after the video you should be ashamed talking about black men cant be raised by black women. and those women on stage are getting all this money.look those are his kids. and he dont look like he wakes up cooking breakfast for them, or ironing their clothes for school or talking to them when their day is bad. or attending to them when they need a bandaid. all of that comes with a mother and he has free will dont blame it on his mother not being raised by his father. you cant make a black man stay or any man stay when your raising a child that is their choice. but yes we mother have to stay and wait for a check that might not come on time. kids dont stop growing and then continue when that check get there. and it dont have nothing to with raising a black man without a father. you just need someone in a childs life with some sence,wisdom and knowledge. he has none of these characters. when he get old and if one of his kids get famous and had money he would want them to take care of him too. what goes around comes around.
  • While I don't condone not paying support, I find it repugnent how the ex's can missuse the support for the child. My ex uses the child support for a summer home, 2 boats, a snowmobile and a new house while my daughter dresses like a bum.

    BUT I PAY EVERY PENNY. There ought to be accountability on both ends.
  • Yeah ! but you cant make her do with it what you want her to do with it, as long as you abide by the law and pay child support that's all you are supposed to do, and a control freak sits back and monitors the person that receives the support and what they are doing. which is why your relationshipprobabaly didnt work from the beginning.I dont know you but I garuntee your child has a roof over his or her head,eats well, and has a education. Cloth's are material and if mom has a new home, summer home, and boats your child has it too.
  • Terrell is totally at fault. Condoms are cheaper than child support.
  • So is birth control, it works both ways.And by the way these aren't "children" they are paychecks (child support) for the "baby mommas" as far as "T.O." typical irresponsible douche bag!
  • I completely agree, these women should want to protect themselves not only with birth control but with condomes, but not every woman can take birth control due to health reasons. Nevertheless, if that woman gets pregnant the man is the one who is held responsible for paying support if mother has physical custody and the relationship doesnt work out, so blame the woman all day and argue its not fair, but if a man does not fully know the intent of that woman it is up to him to protect himself from situations like this and not wait around for a woman to think for him especially if that woman has an agenda if he has money. However, not all women have an agenda, and those are the women that demand protection or sex doesnt happen unless both parties (man and woman) are wanting her to get pregnant.
  • You know its amazing how folks focus on how much a person like him should pay. It doesn't matter if that kid gets $50, $500 or $5000 The amount you get is based off the amount of money the person whose paying makes. So if your making the money he makes or made then the courts will take a precentage of what that money is and just because someone is getting 5,10 or even 20 grand a month doesn't always mean the woman is living off that money. Do you know if those women work or not? Why would you assume anyone is running over him or taking advantage of him.
  • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Be that as it may, this loose term goldigger is used so often when a man is angry about his situation. But the truth of the matter is most men of all races walk into this trap by their own free will. The writing is always on the wall, and there is something that the woman he is with usually says or does that gives him a clue that she might only want his money, yet he will remain involved with her anyway because she excites him in some way, its not until she does get him for his money that he wants to complain, blame and assume all woman are goldiggers. See, most men with money, not all men, bypass that woman that wants to love him for who he and not for his money.but he does not want this woman, so just as the goldigger has the right to be who she is (because its not against the law to be a goldigger) so does the man that got tricked have the right to play dumb in or out of court if it will help his situation.If playing dumb fails and he is ordered to pay be big enough to pay and move on, he brought the situation on himself by the choice that he made to be in the relationship, but the children have nothing to do with adult games and should not suffer.
  • Well dummy, because that is obviously what is happening here, unless of course you are a retard!
  • I like your comments, but I am sure you understand that the very people who focus on the amount of money that is going to the mother on behalf of the child, probably had a childhood that sucked, lacked joy or a decent income,or they are men that have to pay child support, or they are woman that dont get child support or enough child support because she got involved with an idiot dead beat.People do not like to take responsibility fro the choice they make and this is why they must criticize anyone that attempts to make a bussiness move on behalf of their children, the sad reality is this world is not fair and you must legally learn the system in order to survive it.
  • Bottom line is women allow men to have their way...unless women start to respect themselves more, value themselves more, men like him will continue to rule...
  • More BS from a woman's libber or a soft male raised without a father!
  • Terrell Owens...A.K.A..."T.O."..."Too Old"... Get a position at your nearest "Golden Arches",Request modification of existing court orders. Establish witholding order for child support based on current income. Burgers and Fries to boot!
  • Absolutely, the truth! Court ordered support is a system that penalizes the father and the children suffer, since the woman uses this tool to limit or stop visitation which any honest woman will tell you hurts the child; especially when the children are boys. Boys need a father!!!!!
  • I do agree, kadidlehopper but the court system is broken. He's already tried to get a modification months ago and the Georgia courts denied it.
  • I totally agree C_Love. The system is broken.
  • It is a shame when a man does not pay child support. Any man that fathers a child should help raise the child. If T.O. can't afford to pay b/c he's not with an NFL team, perhaps the court should make him have child support sent from his check when he does sign with a team. Maybe he should sell those ear rings.
  • Everybody makes a good point but nobody wants to concede that there are women out there who set men up. We are responsible for our own lust, true enough. But when a woman wants you to sex her up, she lets it be known. These women who I saw on "Dr. Phil" look like sea monsters who are on crack. Sure, they have kids. But $5,000 a month? Come on, man. I helped raise my kids, all five, and did it on less than $1,000 a month. Something doesn't smell right. Maybe they ought to douche.
  • I'm a big time TO fan(only because he's a gifted football player)! His stupity in real life is something to be greatly desired.His sipper and mouth both need to be pad locked. He's run out of footballl chances. I would say his best bet would be jail time on the chain gang picking up road side trash. He blow it Big Time It will be very difficult for him to muster up $15 G's a month for child support unless some NFL team picks him up ? Highly unlikely! $5000.00 per month per kid is a good salary for the bread winner of the family! I doubt if the kids see 1/8th of it? Party time Mom's!
  • He may know how to play football but don't know how to keep his pants zipped. And, what's wrong with these stupid women? Knowing that he has impregnanting anyone with a vag***, shame on them too for not taking action for protection.
  • Wow, 5 grand a month for a piece seems very high, considering the woman could be responsible for taking the pill if she's doin' it! Two, she has a responsibility to not overpopulate the planet without a job or any other support except public monies, which a growing number of black women think is their constitutional right. Three, like many men today my experience in Divorce Court, Family Court, and with Lieyers is they have a 19th Century attitude about men! Women are working, because employers won't hire a man. They pay women less and they can expect blind obedience, since women are conditioned to comply and go along to get along! I have seen this through my working life, beginning 57 years ago! It is a fact of life. Men cannot get decent paying jobs anymore and if they do women are like sharks on the prowl, acting like baby making machines and acting as if men owe them something because of NOW and other such organizations that have crowed this philosophy since Women's Lib started with Friedken's book in 1963! Real men hate this attitude and won't abide it~and this may be Owen's feelings, though he may not be able to articulate them well, because characteristically that is why Lawyers are called mouthpieces since Al Capone. Also, because outside of Ali I cannot think of one sport's figure who is articulate and cerebral. I for one am sick to death of these societal attitudes, especially those of the legal system!
  • Black men need to learn to frequent high class hookers. That is a hole lot cheaper than paying child support! Yah dig, Bro! Yo got dah money~learn from this lesson and frequent ladies of the evening. That's what high dollar white men do and many of them are Judges, Coppers, etc.! Get wit the Program Brother and respect yourself! Didn't the case of Tyson and dat broad who ran him through the brambles teach you anything?
  • I have no respect for men/women that do not pay child support. The support is paid regardless of how much you spend in clothing, kids trips etc.To much play is given to celeb's who do not pay. I truly do not think jail is the answer,but, sometimes it is necessary for them that make no effort. I paid child support faithfully too, two different women while taking car of my present family, so I do not feel sorry for T.O.'s little $5k payment, if he can not make a living from football, maybe he should use his education --he did get one ,did't he..
  • im hispanic and i dont like when black women get talked about like gold diggers. most of yall men aint got nothing worth fighting for not even that thing between your legs. {look at the above statement get high class hookers that hole is cheaper... you backwards a**... so he can get a desease and die. then he wouldnt see his kids for sure...and you want him to give his money to strange women thats not his blood...cant you see this fool dont use condoms.i wouldnt hire him to play ball for me. he's already bouncing his balls around town. lay off his children mothers it obvious he dont know how to commit. and why most parents stay home is because you cant even trust your kid with a baby sitter these days, and all the molesters. wake up...the chioldren are the future and people who make negative comments about money is an A**. he is talking about money not seeing his kids. he scared because he is tring to stretch that money because no one wants him. grow up t.o its only fair you give the same enjoyment and vaction you get to your children...its not about the money.
  • He's screwed too many women out of child support. Put his butt in jail for a few months...without workout gear, TV, or visits from his "same situation" buddies. More jail time if he misses one single payment. He was a loser from the beginning even though he was a decent football player / trouble maker!
  • When are we going to wake up? As Men and Woman which by the way it takes both to make a child.. Is the reason to have a baby to get money. Wait in this case 5000.00 per month to raise a child. I am not sure why any women would want to have a baby by a man who is not in for the long haul. Maybe it's not a man or a woman but a boy and a girl. A boy good looking earning a lot of money and a pretty girl who is not doing anything accept looking for the first boy making good money or not to have a baby with so they can get money to live on either from the boy or the goverment. This game is so old......Is it really about the child????? If it is does it really take $5000.00 per month for a child to live???? No.. This problem does not just effect people that are making a lot of money but even those that are just getting by. I think that if you throw both boy and girl or man and women in jail at the same time. Maybe they will both figure a way to work this problem out. This may also stop people that are not ready to committ thier whole life for there own chil to stop having them........
  • Realistically... These are the issues:
    - Why does T.O. pay 5K/mo for child support? No child really needs it unless T.O. determines how the money is spent. Is T.O. allowed to track of all the 5,000.00 he's paid what's left.
    - Why does the court still have him pay 5K /mo if he can't possibly pay it? It only does what? It makes T.O. an example or shows flaws in our judicial system.
    - Would these women sleep with T.O. and have his kids if he was famous with a normal income but not rich? And knowing they might struggle financially with the kids?
    - T.O.'s job is to be on the road. Do they expect him to be a model father? No, he's dead beat because of what? I'm sure he wasn't around during and after impregnating these women.
    Something is wrong with the way we conduct relationships and determine what's acceptable from them.
    - So now reward a loose woman with no integrity. Someone should have taught her to keep her legs shut. I know she didn't think he had any intergity, she just saw the money.
    - Was T.O. wrong by just giving sex (because that was all he gave)? Hell yea, and he should do a better job of being a man. He should take responsibility for his children as much as possible; everyday. T.O. should be allowed to do so without prejudice. Because this children need to see a father. If he needs instruction on how to be a father and the government wants to be so involved! They need to provide it.
    - T.O. and all the women and children need manditory counseling.
  • There is way to much "gray" area when it comes to these laws. I adopted my Ex Wife's child from her previous marriage and then a year later she began cheating on me with a Marine she met online. She filed for divorce and of course I ended up with a 1244 a month child support amount. My job had changed and my income went down quite a bit. She complained and took me back to court. I was "only"'paying her 900 a month and that was notmgood enough since she still wanted to stay at home. Anyway, the law should be if you adopt someone eles's child and they divorce you then you should have the right to opt out. To many good people end up getting screwed trying to do the right thing. She has been married and is expecting a child with her husband and now my new Wife and I are expecting. The extra obligation of having to support them as well as my family is overwhelming at times. And now they live on the other side of the country. Not fair!!!!
  • Wow, are we serious? I have to children and dont give a damn if iether father pays 10cent because no matter what I have to take care of them. And not gonna take the father's from them iether. I have to say a lot of women complain no pampers,milk,food,ect., sorry and they do get money from men that they do take care of them first and some mens money has them thinking they can live away they can't the child can. Its not about counting what she's doing with it but damn get some jobs your own money and what a man gives you is extra. I wish I would not let my son or daughter not have seen there dads are you kidding and i speak and deal with both men and money has never been an issue. I got it I got it, didnt just didnt. But if you having babies these days get real you better be able to afford your own before you high post with the childs childsupport.

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