Found December 18, 2012 on NFL Trade Rumors:

Via NFL Trade Rumors:

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News confirms that New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow is likely to request a trade or to be released if Greg McElroy does in fact start the final two games of the season.

Mehta adds that the Jets could release Tebow and only incur a “minimal” cap hit for doing so. Tebow’s set to make $2.6 million next season, so it seems likely that they’ll at least consider the idea of cutting him loose.

Jeff Darlington of reports that a source close to Tebow mentioned that it’s ”highly unlikely” that he would be willing to sit behind McElroy for the remainder of the season now that the team has decided to bench Mark Sanchez.

Darlington adds that New York could always elect to release Tebow rather than continue to field questions about his playing time.

According a Broncos source, the Jets, Jaguars and Rams all had interest in acquiring Tebow during the offseason, so there’s at least a chance he could catch on with one of those teams.

There’s still a belief around the league that Tebow is not capable of playing the position in the NFL, and what has transpired this season isn’t going to help his chances of finding a new opportunity, even though he’s from the Jacksonville area.

  • Surely, SURELY, he didn't realistically expect to start? He's an otherwise intelligent guy, but very unrealistic about his NFL QB aspirations.
  • ..and yet he defies the odds with his winning record. Uncanny, isn't it?
  • What winning record?

    And why would the Rams take him? They have a very great QB but no offensive line... maybe Tebow could play his real position and block for a real QB as a TE.
  • No, it's really not all that uncanny, nor entirely unexpected if you know very much about NFL football. Over the long haul, you will see that Tebow, unless he makes some dramatic improvements in his passing and becomes more passer than runner, he will never be any more than a novelty. He'll pull a few surprises (which will be less and less surprising over time), but he will never make any NFL team a CONSISTENT winner at his current level and style of play at QB.
  • When a team tells him he is the #2 QB, and then the #1 QB is benched, it is not unrealistic to expect to be bumped up to #1 and start. The fact that the Jets leapfrogged McElroy over Tebow was pretty much a slap in the face and they should honor his trade request.
  • Don't worry Tim. It is your gods will that you are a 3rd stringer in the NFL this year. He's just testing you. Just pray about it. I'm sure some poor team will take a chance on ya'.
  • Heathen, No matter what you think of someone, you are out of line to make derogatory remarks about someone's faith. Also, he only worships one God.
  • I know you wrote that paragraph with your tongue planted firmly in your cheek, Heatheninfidel, but you know what, you may be right. Tebow's God (singular) indeed does sometimes put his followers in low places or difficult circumstances in order to instill in them valuable qualities (e.g. humility). Moreover (although the notion may seem odd to you), Godly qualities are much more valuable than success in the NFL...or MLB...or the NHL...or the NBA.
  • Keep Making these types of comments and see who is not laughing in the end. Lets just say that I'm wrong and your way of thinking is correct, when I die I am simply dead...Now let's say I'm right and God is real as is Heaven and Hell, when you die you're in real trouble. You see Tim's God is also My God and can be yours to if you decide to pull your head out of the sand before it is too late.
  • GOd gives us free will. You would understand this if you werent such a Satanistic Troll.
  • It is his god that will deliver him to a team that needs him and he will be very successful on that team. He will then quiet the naysayers.
  • Its easy to imagine the laughter that must follow this fatass running down the field. He has turned into an obese blob and inspires nothing but amusement at his antics to sustain appeal among fans. This man is about to disappear from public interest as little more than a momentary YAAWWWWNNNNNN! Perhaps his dad can get him a job at the family church-business as a custodian? Yah! Doubtless.
  • The Jets have done a good job or ruining what could have been a good quarterback in Tebow...He has been jerked around unmercifully.
  • What an incredible waste of talent. Typically NY style. If the Jets had given the ball to Tebow 2-3 games ago they'd be in the playoffs. The team would have rallied around him. You could see that happening in just the few plays he had in the last game. Tebow was really cheated out of a year in which at starting qb he would have grown and gotten better. Im beginning to think that his languishing on the bench was caused by his faith in GOD. There sure isnt anything wrong with his arm. Did you see that pass he whistled out of bounds when no on was open?
  • This guy was poison when in Denver, he ruined Sunday football with his pushy, exhibitionist Jaaaaaasus and God stuff, he is a distraction to football when he mixes all this with his odd views on reproductive rights and politics, he deserves to be in Mississippi or Alabama, New York will benefit by his departure
  • WOW,so many haters out there.It's a shame that if Tebow were a black muslim no one would DARE say anything about his religious practices, but let him be ye ole white christian boy and they all jump on with both feet !!!
  • Because the right wing christian voters didn't go crazy about our 'muslim' black president who 'wasnt born in 'Merica'

    Tebow is annoying because ESPN was drooling on his jock without even proving himself as an NFL QB. He has yet to prove himself as an NFL QB seeing as he has yet to start a game this season. He is the idiot for allowing himself to go to one of the worst managed franchises in football. Jax and Oakland would have been the only worse decisions.
  • Godless people such as yourself are deluded and misguided into thinking that people actually listen to them.
  • So much hatred and sarcasm in this Country anymore. Best of luck to Tim Tebow no matter what.
  • Give the guy a chance. He isn't a pretty QB but he got it done last year. As far as his character, I appreciate an athlete that walks the righteous path and can actually be a role model for kids. Too many players are plagued w. inflated egos, drugs, over the top salaries and "reality" shows. I would take a Tebow any day.
  • I don't intend to diminish the importance of good character, and Tebow is probably the most admirable athlete I have ever known of from a character perspective.

    But, character doesn't count for points in a football game.
  • How can you tell if he can play QB???? The guy has done ONE series of downs for the Jets the entire season! He was totally lied to by Rex Ryan about what his role would be with the team. A year ago, he led Denver to the playoffs. How the hell can these people say he can't play QB?
  • It's very easy to tell he can't play QB! Why did he do so well with Denver last year? because NFL defenses are simply not geared to deal with option QB's who actually run most of the time. The Bears last year showed very effectively how to shut him down, but by that time Denver had enough wins, and the Raiders had one important loss, that got Denver into the playoffs. And surely you don't think it was his QB prowess that got the win over Pittsburgh!
    At Florida and in high school he was part of very run-oriented offences, with which his particular style fits very well. The NFL is much more pass-oriented. He puts his receivers at a disadvantage because 1) his throwing motion reduces his accuracy, 2) his throwing mechanics reduces ball velocity and 3) his painfully slow release allows defenders to lay off receivers a bit more and still be able to break on the ball in time. If he fixes those, he has a chance; if not, he will never achieve on a long-term, consistent basis what he did for six games in Denver.
    With guys like Kaepernick and RGIII, defenses are more aware of option-style plays and players, and with Tebow being little or no threat to hurt a defense with his passing, they'll key on him and maybe not stop him from racking up stats, but they'll keep him off the scoreboard.
  • I can't see the Jets releasing Tebow. That would be an intelligent decision and they simply don't have the capacity for intelligent thought, otherwise they wouldn't be in the mess they rhey are in now !! I hope Tebow will end up starting on another team because he will OUTSHINE Sanchez and McElroy combined (I know not too difficult a task) Regardless of his personal beliefs he deserves a chance to rise or fall in the NFL and I don't think he's been given a fair chance to do so yet...
  • The Jets should have given him a chance to prove himself. He can play in the NFL
  • Tebow is an OUTSTANDING ATHLETE AND A FINE QB, he just hasen't been in the right situation with the right team yet.
    When he finally finds a fit, he is going to be as good as the Manning brothers are.
    You bible thumpers need to shut up, as usual you have no idea of what you are talking about.
  • Tebow might, MIGHT become a decent QB some day, but if you genuinely believe he has the same level of raw talent as the Mannings, you're being as unrealistic as he is.
  • McElroy showed Tebow he was the best QB in the SEC---now he will show Tebow that he is the best QB for the Jets....some guys just can't learn the lesson the first time around.
  • Flunkey , your name precedes you. Why not watch a game or two before you make stupid statements that you cant back up?
  • I know this may be difficult for you to follow because it's "math" and you are a Bama fan. Maybe to prepare you should take off your shoes ahead of time?

    SEC Championships: Tebow 2 / McElroy 1
    (Even in Alabama 2 is better than 1 yes?)

    National Championships: Tebow 2 / McElroy 1
    (Even in Alabama 2 is better than 1 yes?)

    QB Rating: Tebow 170.8* / McElroy 155.4

    At graduation Tebow was the SEC's all-time leader in career passing efficiency (170.8*), completion percentage (67.1%), passing touchdown to interception ratio (5.5 to 1), rushing yards by a quarterback (2947), rushing touchdowns (any position) (57), and total touchdowns responsible for (145).

    McElroy? 39 passing TD's and 2 (LOL) rushing TD's

    Tebow ended his SEC career with 342 points scored, McElroy had 14.

    Maybe next time you should follow the game for more than one year before you start running your mouth? Although it is quite possible you were still in Elementary school in 2006 - 2009 so you might have an excuse.
  • Tim Tebow is a remarkable person on and off the field regardless of what his "haters" have to say. The problem in NY is first and foremost Tony Sperano who has done nothing more than confuse the entire Offensive line and if you aren't familiar with Sperano let me give you a crash course he took a decent Miami Dolphins program and demolished it entirely. They got rid of him because he was completely useless and NY picked up the left overs! Also not a fan of Rex Ryans Ignorance is bliss type of mentality!!
  • Why is is that anyone who recognizes that Tebow simply doesn't have 2012 NFL quarterbacking skills is somehow a 'hater'? It is possible to recognize talent, or lack thereof, without making it personal.
  • Greg McElroy showed Tebow that he was the best QB in the SEC when he left Tebow crying on the sidelines after being spanked by Bama. Now, McElroy is going to show Tebow that he is the best QB for the Jets and once again, leave Tebow crying on the sideline. Some guys just never learn the lesson.
  • Tebow, thats using your head, you need to be on a team that knows what the hell their doing. The Jets don't have a clue and Rex is very close to the door. There's a team out there that needs you and you are a good QB.
  • give me a team with an interior line that can protect the backfield, running backs who can find openings, receivers who can get open, a defense that tackles (versus hugging people to the ground), and i guarantee it won't matter to the hometown if the quarterback believes in jesus or window dust.
  • John Elway wrote him off as soon as he had him. And now the Broncos are going to the show. The Jets couldn't find a useful version of thier investment despite trying all season, or they would have. Playing himn the last game that mattered destroyed what little rhythmn Sanchez had to win. It's over, Teebow had his shot, this was it. Good Football book calle HARD WIRED on AMAZON helps expalin the college game versus the pros. Teebow is a product of Florida, not the other way around. Cam was overlooked for Teebow at Florida, I'd take Cam any day.
  • Well, I've been a Tebow fan since his sophomore year at Florida....though I had my questions about his NFL abilities as QB, NOTHING can ever take away his unbelievable college career. I haven't been impressed by anyone by comparison since he graduated....I'm sorry that whiney-ass Elway was too ball-less to give him a 2nd year ....seeing as he did get your ass to the play-offs since...hmmmmm???? and I like the Broncos too....but neither here nor there, I never thought he'd fit the loser Jets sh#@ty mix/joke of a team so I say onward and forward....he'll find a team that will work with him(as a team...oh, they do that in the NFL??) and all the bad mouthers and haters will eat their f*%king the Tebow fan base grow 3 fold when it does...and if it doesn't ever come to pass, I'll still be a HUGE fan.
  • Send him to Phili!
  • That sad excuse of a head coach is the problem not tebow. Every great player became great by playing not sitting out of the games. This coach is an idiot who is trying to ride on his Fathers reputation! if I we teboW I would want out that idiots hands too ! PUT THE BLAME WHERE IT BELONGS REX STINKS !
  • What a terrible waste of talent.
  • Is he a good QB? All I can tell ya is, Id rather have Tebow any day over Josh Freeman.
  • Being a former Floridian, we stand behind Tebow!!! Its the Jets who need their head examined. Why did they hire him if they weren't going to use him? He needs to go to a team that will appreciate him and let him play like he was meant to and show everyone Jet player that he does no how to play!!!! By the way, Tim's devotion to God is commendable, not everyone will let it be shown that they believe in something other than themselves, like how much money they make, who has the fastest car, biggest house, ect. If everyone took the time to say a prayer everyone now and then and not be ashamed of who might be watching them, maybe this world might be a better place to live on. Maybe Tim has a point and maybe everyone needs to take a lesson from him!!!!
  • What's religion got to do with it. Like all NFL quarterbacks, his ego is bigger than his pay check. Maybe his feelings would'nt be so hurt if the Jets gave him more money. I'M not saying he is worth more money, I just hate to see a grown man whine.
  • Stick him with the Lions. Whats the worst that could happen? :)
  • the entire NFL is a novelty

Report: Tebow feels misled by the Jets

According to Mike Freeman of CBS Sports, quarterback Tim Tebow feels misled by the New York Jets, since when he was acquired in the offseason he was told that he would have a shot to start if Mark Sanchez was either  benched or went down with an injury. The reason Tebow hasn’t gotten a chance to start is because he’s been so bad in practice and the Jets clearly realize now that...

Tim Tebow jerseys make their way to the discount rack

@Ian_OConnor After last night’s report that the Jets will get rid of Tim Tebow, it looks like local stores aren’t wasting time in trying to get rid of his jersey. Thanks to Ian O’Connor of we got a hold of a picture of  Tebow’s Jets jersey on sale at a local store. Thirty percent off all #jets and Tebow jerseys. Run, don’t walk

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With Robert Griffin III stealing all of Tim Tebow’s ESPN attention, the New York Jets quarterback has found a way to land himself back in the headlines. Tebow, who has only started for the Jets once this season, will reportedly request a trade or to be released if he doesn’t get the chance to start over Greg McElroy in the final two games of the season. Since his tenure with...

Report: Tim Tebow Broke Up With Girlfriend Camilla Belle

It’s been a busy week for New York Jets quarterbacks. Mark Sanchez threw four interceptions and lost a fumble, Greg McElroy was named the new starter, Tim Tebow felt misled, Sanchez could be traded, Tebow wants to be traded, Michael Vick wants to sign with the team and now Tebow has called it quits with his girlfriend. Tebow broke up with Camilla Belle after two weeks of dating...

5 New York Jets quarterback rumors

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the future of quarterbacks Tim Tebow, Michael Vick, Alex Smith and Mark Sanchez. Two of which are currently on the New York Jets’ roster, one of those two most likely won’t be there in 2013 and the other two have been discussed as possible fits. No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t look like much will change moving forward...

Report: Tim Tebow Will Ask for Trade, Release If Greg McElroy Starts Last Two Games

Tim Tebow is careful to always say the right thing publicly, but privately, it seems he’s not happy with the New York Jets’ decision to sit him all year. Tebow will ask to be traded or released if Greg McElroy starts the last two games of the season, according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. Tebow has received just 76 offensive snaps all season after bringing the...

Rex makes necessary switch to McElroy, not Tebow

Greg McElroy is the starting quarterback for the New York Jets -- for now. Less than a day after Mark Sanchez threw four interceptions and mishandled a critical snap at the end of the Jets' demoralizing 14-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans, Jets coach Rex Ryan handed over signal-calling duties to McElroy. Tim Tebow had been the No. 2 quarterback on the depth chart pretty much the...
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