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Remember the billboard that went up in Denver telling coach John Fox to bench Kyle Orton and play Tim Tebow at quarterback? It apparently cost Tim Tebow money.

NFL.com’s Jeff Darlington says the Broncos quarterbacks have a fines system going, and sources told him Tebow was docked money every day that the billboard was up. He apparently was fined for not speaking out against the billboard.

That really doesn’t make much sense.

The Broncos were unsuccessful with Kyle Orton starting. Tebow entered the season believing he was going to be the starter, and even commented in the preseason that he felt like the job was taken from him. If he felt he was better than Orton — and the results have proven that is the case — why should he have spoken against the billboard?

Denver was 1-4 with Orton starting and is now 7-3 under Tebow. Looks like the billboard knew what was best for the team.

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  • The fines were politically correct in that they fostered unity among teammates which, if Tebow had knuckled under, would have put Denver in the running for the number one draft pick in 2012. Unfortunately game outcomes don't follow a politicall correct script; they follow reality. And the reality is that Tebow, at 7-3, is a better leader and field general that Orton was at 1-4.
  • well for anyone thinking tebow is or was better than orton....today we will see...funny how he is better but both orton and tebow are in the same place...and now have to play each other...to say he is better mountainmike when we dont know how orton would have done if tebow hadnt been given the reins is absurd...tebows skills as a field general are non existent and the stats show it..as does his game play.
  • What do you mean, "...funny how he is better but both orton and tebow are in the same place"? this year, Orton was 1-4 with Denver and is 1-1 in games he has started with Kansas City. KC is 6-9 and has no chance to make the playoffs. How are they in the same place? If you mean they'll both be physically present in the same stadium, what does that have to do with who is better than who?
  • He is stretching reality beyond recognition to say Tebow and Orton are in the same place. Orton being the starter is out of desperation and certainly Tebow has earned his role after Orton's poor performance in Denver.

    Obviously Tebow/Christian haters will continue to conveniently pick out one game and ignore everything else. The reality is that Tebow took a team that everyone had given up on and made them a contender. He has also done it in a way few quarterbacks in history can rival.
  • Can you please explain how if someone does not like Tebow that that translates into hating Christians???? I am a Christian and I do not like Tebow. I am tired of all the adulation put on someone when he really has not proven himself in the NFL. Then to praise him for things that other players were doing ("Tebowing") is a slap in the face to those players who are also devout in their religion. He is PRAYING NOT TEBOWING. Last time I checked Tebow did not invent praying.
  • did tebow put it up? my 5yo can tell you he should not be fined. i guess the older we get, the more we get retarded. i tell you this, not my kids...peace:)
  • I agree with you. Tim Tebow is NOT the coach. If the coach makes a bad decision, then he will have to live with that. Tim Tebow should be fined. He should keep his mouth shut about coaching decisions. After all, according to Tim Tebow, it is “up to GOD” what happens on the team and on the field. Is he second guessing what GOD has planned out for him?
  • I think this is a real non-issue. Are you all so desperate to write ANYTHING about Tebow to cash in on the bizarre Tebowmania craze that you'll dig up this kind of stuff? All this false humility is making me ill and you'll never convince me that he's not getting into this ego-stroking stuff.
  • I totaly agree with you. Tebag has made me want to puke since he was playing college ball. He's a complete phony. Does anyone ever remember him taking a knee in prayer before he was a starter for Denver, or when he was in college, or EVER before was the STAR? I don't.
  • Tebow has been praying since hw was a child. He is the son of Christian missionaries. Just because YOU never saw him pray doesn't mean he hasn't. Quit bashing him for being a man of faith and just say what you're really pissed at: he is a winner and he's probably kicking your team's ass.
  • Granted Tebow is kicking some ass. That is a given. The problem is Mr Tebow wears his religion like a gun pointed at all our heads. A little more humility would be so much more impressive. If we do not like Mr. Tebow, you think there is something wrong with us. That is like saying I am normal the rest of you are crazy.
  • What an interesting comment you make... "Mr Tebow wears his religion like a gun pointed at all our heads." What specifically is there about Tebow's reverence that bothers you as much as being threatening with a deadly weapon?
  • Perhaps it is his support of Right Wing Hate Groups that bothers me. See there is nothing worse that hate and the attempt to make others lose or not get basic civil rights. And that is exactly what James Dobson and his "Focus on the Family' are...a right wing hate group.

    Funny how he is such a religious person but he has absolutely no problem working on Sundays.
  • The Bible does not call for us to not work on Sunday. First, Saturday is the technical day of rest since Sunday is the start of the week. But the Bible does not say that we MUST NOT work on Sunday. Are Pastors any different than Tim when they are working on Sunday? The Bible says to take a day of rest during the week to renew your mind and devote that day to God. It could be anyday of the week as long as you devote it to God. That is what the Sabbath Day is, it is not just Sunday.
  • you speak of his support of hate groups while dripping in hate and disdain for this person.

    What a hypocrite you are.

    As for working on Sundays, what a silly comment. The games are played on Sunday. If he doesn't conform to the employer's schedule he doesn't play.

    And being religious doens't mean not working, as many fine religeous people work on Sunday from Ministers, to doctors, to ambulance drivers to store owners.

    Wish you would take your hate and disappear.
  • Focus on the Family is a hate group? Lol. Now I have heard everything.
  • As they are anti-gay. That makes them a hate group.
  • You are anti-Focus on the Family. So is that hate? I guess you are not against murderers. That would make you a hater as well. There is a difference between being against certain actions and hating people for their race or even hating them at all.

    You hate an organization for their beliefs and then call them a hate group for theirs. To be more specific for believing what the Bible says. What hypocrisy!

    It is simply a case where people who cannot debate the facts turn to name calling. How easy it is to call people haters. Much easier than debating them.
  • Without a doubt it is a hate group.
  • If you want to call "Focus on the Family" a right wing hate group, I assume you are a left wing liberal who is for killing innocent childen prior to birth. and that makes you normal?
  • There you go again...baseless, fraudulent accusations based on ZERO FACTS and tainted by liberal hate-mongering and hysteria! Focus on the Family IS NOT a "right wing hate group". On the other hand, Planned Parenthood IS a leftwing, mysanthropic, government-funded, eugenics experiment gone horribly awry...
  • Focus on the Family a hate group?!?! You are being absurd. There is not one sexually deviant group in the U.S. that is not afforded basic civil rights...I assume that's what you're referring to. I have no doubt that you could never, ever, find anything broadcast by FOTF calling for anyone to "lose" their basic civil rights.
  • Yes, they promote hate. They may not come out say hate this group or another, but the message is there in any of their material. You are being brainwashed.
  • You really need to change your screen name, because nothing you just said is "frankly true," except in your biased, secular, narrow mind.---------By the way, if you think not working on Sunday has anything to do with someone's relationship to Christ Jesus, you're more ill-informed that you reveal.
  • and you speak with a hateful tongue. Calling people narrow minded and ill-informed is no better than what you are trying to preach against. You might want to reread Jesus' teachings because you have clearly missed something. Quit judging people and pretending you know it all.
  • WBHobbs, Mish22

    I wish I could say that you two wrote interesting comments, but you didn't. They were predictable and lacked insight. The reason people are threatened by Tebow's religious antics is because his comments about his faith are personal and should be kept to himself. You happen to agree with his message, but guess what? Not everyone else does. If an atheist were to constantly throw his philosophy of life at you, it wouldn't be long before you reacted to it. It's really not rocket science.
  • No where are we told as people of faith, to keep out faith to ourselves....we have orders from a higher source...."Therefore go and preach to ALL nations".
  • C'mon, now. You know the Second Amendment applies differently to those intolerants who malign the name of Christ Jesus and Christianity.---------Silly them, though: They do not understand that Jesus' name will always shine through the excrement said about Him or done to or said about His followers.
  • You could be no more wrong than to say that Tebow's comments about his faith should be kept to himself. That's exactly what the world, its prince Satan and all who either hate God or are convicted of their lack of belief want.---------And it's not as if Tebow "constantly" throws his spiritual philosophy/faint at anyone.----------The secular press, but especially those who are not Christians, have kept this alive.--------Silly them, all they've done is broadcast the name of Christ Jesus. And show how absolutely frightened is of the Messiah.

  • How are you not an atheist constantly throwing your philosophy of life at us? Atheists CONSTANTLY throw their philosophy of life at others. That's what this whole thread is about.
  • Your logic is bizarrely flawed. Mr. Tebow DOES NOT "wear his religion like a gun pointed at all our heads..." (This disjointed metaphor makes NO SENSE! It is IMPOSSIBLE TO WEAR SOMETHING LIKE A GUN POINTED...) To the contrary, Mr. Tebow has never forced his religion on anyone! It is a narrow-minded, hysterical, uninformed media elite that is doing just that. Mr. Tebow was perfectly happy to follow the tenents of his faith by giving thanks to his God via bended knee--the humblest of all acts--WITHOUT ANY MEDIA ATTENTION. Until the Christo-phobes in the media criticized and amplified his regular act of humility, nobody even cared. In fact, Mr. Tebow's simple, selfless knee-bend is far less self-agrandizing than the NORMAL selfish, posturing of arrogant football players dancing and chest-pounding in the endzone! It is the faithless Media that has attacked him for his quiet faith. They CANNOT understand true humility and fidelity to God when it occurs...
  • nothing fails like prayer.
  • Why do you shove your anti-Christian point of view in our faces? Perhaps you should look up the word hypocrite in the dictionary.
  • A gun pointed at all our heads? Don't be ridiculous...Tebow is publicly living out his faith. He is not forcing it on you or anyone else. Your mistaken notion that humility equals hiding your faith shows that you have no understanding of true humility. Tim's humility always comes through on and off field...he never makes it about himself. I could not care less if you don't like Tim, but when you mischaracterize him and his actions, with no evidence to back it up except for your opinion, I will say that there is something wrong with you.
  • What grannyjudie and those of her persuasion fear is the gun -- in this case, the Cross of Christ and the Word of God -- is pointed directly to their spiritual hearts and consciences.
  • The abject derangement and psychosis of the silly secularist and atheist mindset on display for all to see. They actually feel personally threatened by "a prayin' man." On the other hand, these same secularists and liberal "progressives" get the warm fuzzies about perverseness, up-is-down doublespeak, and they readily embrace scamming junk-science like the pseudo-religion of "global warming."
  • BLAME THE MEDIA AND ARTICLES LIKE THIS, Tim Tebow did nothing to you .. let him play. If the Owner/Management want to pay and play Tebow ... it's their choice. If you had talent, skill, leadership, an education and have religious faith... then maybe you can be Denver's QB other than Tebow. It's the MEDIAs fault of exploiting or some fool coming up with Tebowmania or Tebowing , etc:
    You make me want to puke on you when you knock other people down. But regardless .. spread you're undesireable words around and go Cry about how Tebow has a better life than you. If you believe "Phony" people are making money ., please go out and become someone phony too.
  • Couldn't leave out the Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor the child molester. Why aren't any Tebow Bashers asking the NFL to take him out of the Hall of Fame. I don't care how great of a football player you were, you mess with children ( the last one was 16 )the only hall you should be in is a hall full of other convicts.
  • Lawrence Taylor was not a child molester .. your an idiot.. he payed for a prostitute and she ended up being 16 and he masturbated in front of her... he did not go out looking for little kids to touch.. he called a pinp who brought a prostitute .. he didnt have sex with her or even touch her read the affidavit ... and it was the only time he was accused.. you present your comment as if there was multiple complaints or occurances.. chill with the slander freak
  • Have you been an idiot all your life?What have you accomplished ,and yes he prays constantly ,only the press didnt care when it wasnt controversial enough to get idiots like you to get pissed.Continue with your meaningless,unknown life!
  • ummm are you effing SERIOUS? do you really think that because tim tebow is in the NFL that he's accomplished things in his life? omg @ the ignorance... who gives a rat's a$$ if he prays... do you think god has a favorite sports team and if he did why in the world would it be the broncos? i'm retired USMC and served our country proudly... numerous deployments... time away from my family... life on the line for people i don't even know... WTF have YOU accomplished while you're bumping your gums about a man who couldn't give two damns about you or your family... yeah... that's what i thought... it's not that serious...
  • You obviously know nothing about Tebow's off-field life. No one is saying that being in the NFL is all that he has accomplished in life, and it is an accomplishment. Did you know that he gave all of his signing bonus money away to charitable organizations, that he has been a part of numerous mission trips, that he has performed numerous acts of kindness to sick children? I wouldn't hesitate to say that he cares about me and my family more than you, despite your service to our country. BTW, a little humility would go over much better than your self-righteous attitude.
  • A little humility would serve you well too.
  • seriously god does not care about Tim Tebow and the broncos.. tebow has enough money to deal with his own problems.. if god exsists he is worried about natural disasters and dying poor kids... not the broncos
  • I think we have a WINNER here!! AMEN brother!
  • A lot of jealous people here. Hey sakbrat, if you feel like you got to puke, you are either having morning sickness or you sucked on someone elses sucker too long last night. LMFAO Grannyjudie probably never goes to church and she's probably the biggest hypocrite on here. Let's see how many more idiots I can find on here. Most of these people should not type anything because it only reflects on their lack of intelligence but on the other hand, what would they have to complain about if Tebow wasn't in the topic? Loosen your panties granny.
  • you dont know anything either buddy... good for you that you knew tim tebow through 3 degrees of separation.. Tim Tebow doesnt remember your daughters name.. how on Earth do you know anything about Tim Tebow.. he could be sitting at hom after game nights smoking weed and looking at online porn... the only person who knows tim tebow is tim tebow.. Jerry Sandusky went to the First Baptist Church of State College PA.. and he rans camps for kids and prayed with them... soo.. what your saying is irrelevant .. people can be one person in public and another privately get over it
  • Your "tebag" remark shows how "unbiased" you are. So what if he didn't do that in college?
  • You my friend, please know what you are talking about before you speak. I have seen Tim Tebow play since high school and as a Gator Season ticket holder saw nearly every game in college he played. He has always knelt and prayed. I guess you would like him better if he was a thug like many of the NFL players.
  • Fortunately for us and Tebow, your baseless, hateful and ignorant opinion have no meaning in the mix of things. That is, except with your ilk.-------Fortunately for you, there's time to overcome that hatred and ignorance.
  • When teaparty members are called teabaggers, they know they are being insulted. They don't understand how. When liberals and media talk about teabagging, they giggle and smirk and exchange knowing glances. Teabagging is a gay sex act involving gonads and eyeball sockets. Chris Mathews-Hardball- said Obama sends a thrill up his leg. Is the name of his show "Hardball" an inside joke for you sakbrat? Does Obama send a thrill up your leg, sakbrat?
  • He is not praying for himself. He is praying for you. Can you feel God's hand on your shoulder? It does not hurt.
  • I don't want him praying for me thank you. How self absorbed is this guy?
  • Why? Prayer never hurt anyone. How many people in your world take the time to pray for you? It is easy, takes very little time, and may, just may, do you some good. What is it about goodness that turns you off?
  • I'm sure Tebow isn't worried about whether you are convinced or not. The same applies to the other poster who calls Tebow a "phony". How do you know that to be the case? Do you know the man personally? No, I didn't think so.
  • He should worry about convincing others. That's part of being an effective witness. Right now, the only ones I see who are defending him are those who get off on "sticking it" to the enemy. Jesus said to love your enemies. Or is that also open to endless interpretation? Regardless, I see precious little brotherly love here.
  • You obviously live in a part of the country where true Christians are few and far between, or you have never had any real contact with them. What evidence do you have that Tebow's humility is false? I'm a Christian, and know many Christians who are truly humble people and are not into "ego-stroking stuff". I know that because I see the way they live their lives. You obviously have an axe to grind with Christians with you ludicrous assessment of Tebow.
  • This convoluted minutia is just way too much sometimes. If this is what sports has evolved into, Lord help us. The next thing I suppose we are going to hear is the ACLU will be getting involved but Obama will get it all settled with a beer summit.
  • I'm so glad to see that others are fed up with seeing his name. I don't think there has been a day that has gone by without seeing something about this joker. I've watched him on TV and he didn't really impress me at all.
  • I guess you must be fed up with the media, they are the ones promoting him
  • Is there nothing this kid wont do to get his name up and in the papers?..............
  • Jesus Freak? You are obviously a person who is lost and has no faith. Jesus is no "imaginary friend" He is real and here for those who choose to believe in him and worship him. For those that don't believe, you have the right to choose that path as you see fit. Please don't strike out at those who do not share your same beliefs. Tebow is one of the finest role models for so many. He has never shown any "self love". He has strong beliefs and stands by his convictions. I am proud that my boys look up to him and so do I. I still do not understand why so many are striking out at him and critisizing him for what his personal right is. Why are so many, such as yourself, threatened by him? I feel it is fear. Fear of the unknown since you have no idea where you will end up after you leave this life. I will pray for you and all those that live in fear of the unknown.
  • "Please don't strike out at those who do not share your same beliefs."
    You, Poohbear, would have done well to heed your own advice re your comment. Furthermore, you have no idea how Tebow believes, unless you own special glasses or some other gadget that can see into the heart of another. Read Matthew Chapter 6, verses 5 & 6 if you wish to learn how Tim should behave. He's become a spectacle, which is far from being an effective and humble witness. Replies such as yours will change the minds of no one, at least as you would like to have it. Wise up!
  • That verse is referring to the hypocritical Pharisees' practice of praying on the street corners so as to be heard by others with the aim of being held in high esteem for their manner of praying. Matthew 5:5 says "Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house." That verse is telling Christians not to hide their faith, but to let others see and observe it. Wise up yourself.
  • I agree with you. I love and serve Jesus but I also believe that the verses refer to giving, praying, fasting, etc. -- we are not to do them to "be seen of men." Kurt Warner has said the same thing, that Tim needs to knock off the making a spectable of himself. Kurt was just as dedicated but never made himself the center of attention but rather prayed with his team and acknowledged Christ in his interviews. Kurt has stood the test of time, Tebow has not. He's made himself known as a servant of God -- has talked the talk, now he needs to walk the walk and stop grandstanding.
  • A voice of reason. Thank you.
  • Because you agree with him that makes him a voice of reason? Why is Kurt Warner's way the right way and Tim Tebow's way a "spectacle"? Tebow has also talked the talk and walked the walk from childhood through the present. How you can say otherwise is beyond me. As to your charge that Tebow is grandstanding, the definition of grandstanding is "to play or act so as to impress onlookers". If you think that this describes what Tebow is doing, you are seriously mistaken. You would have to know his heart and motivation to make that charge, and I don't think that you're omniscient. All you have to do is to look at the pattern Tebow has set for his whole life and it's patently obvious that he isn't grandstanding. Just because you don't have the boldness to live your life the way Tebow does, doesn't make him wrong and you right.
  • "If you think that this describes what Tebow is doing, you are seriously mistaken."
    Does this make YOU omniscient? You know his heart? I'm impressed, dude! lol
  • Thanks for backing Tebow. Tebow must be living right and must be a follower of Christ. That is why he is hated by the world - they love their own. Many people hate others that represent a righteous standard because that means that it is possible to live righteous if one is willing to sacrifice. Tebow doesn't have to be presently perfect, however, he is striving to reach the mark and if not there yet, I believe that he can and will reach the perfect standard of God (Yes, I said GOD. The devil and his folks hate the mention of GOD - it is like throwing holy water on Dracula). Satan ad his imps have launched an all out attack on Tebow because they want to destroy the credibility of this young man and anyone who is unabashedly a follower of Christ. The devil and his folks are seethingly angry at Tebow. Tebow, stay strong my BROTHER. When they say all manner of evil against you, rejoice, for your reward is great! The devil and his crew hate you, but there are many, many believers, of all sizes, shapes, colors and hues and WE LOVE YOU FOR MORE THAN JUST FOOTBALL!!!!
  • If Tebow is a follower of Christ, then how come he ignores the commands of the Master Himself? Matthew 6:5, 6. Both verses are in red letters, i.e. direct quotes of Jesus. Read for yourself. It's so simple, a four-year-old can understand it. Buck the Bible..pay the price.
  • I believe Jesus was focused on motive. Jesus said they did it "TO BE SEEN". We don't know Tebow's motive to judge his act as wrong. I believe his boldness by praying publicly has a much more positive impact on the youth than a negative impact.
  • And folks who criticize him don't know his motive to judge his act as right. No Christian should allow his intent to be so easily called into question. Tebow compromises nothing regarding his faith by obeying a simple command. There's a huge difference between leading a group of worshipers in prayer and willfully praying alone in plain view of thousands of screaming football fans. His time with God would be much more fruitfully spent without the distraction. You know the old saying, "There's no such thing as bad publicity." Tim has to know that his heightened exposure will lead to lucrative endorsement deals. 1 Timothy 6:10. You think this cat is above being corrupted by the money machine that is the NFL? The New Testament warnings are there for a reason. Only a naive fool would make excuses for Tim Tebow's self-aggrandizing behavior.
  • ..And it's NOT about motive. It's about perception. Jesus didn't say,"If you decide to do it anyway, be sure that your heart is pure." He simply said, "Don't do it." The Lord's words are not to be twisted around to suit one's ambitions. It's plain..it's simple. And it makes perfect sense.
  • What Jesus is talking about in that passage is people boastfully praying out loud to be recognized as faithful. The louder they were the greater they were percieved to be faithful. Jesus is saying that it is not the boastful that are truly faithful but those who faithfully thank the Lord for all they have. It has nothing to do with praying in front of people. Should a Christian who goes out to eat with his or family not pray before the meal? Or should a Christian found in a tough situation in society not pray for the strength and wisdom they need to overcome the adversity? The answer is no. The Bible also tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-22 (NASB) "Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. Do not quench the Spirit; do not despise prophetic utterances. But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good; abstain from every form of evil." You see we as Christians are called to give thanks at all times and in all places no matter who is watching as an example for those who are not in the light to see that our strength and hope and joy comes in knowing the Lord. Tim is not in the wrong in praying after every touchdown adn victory and whenever he chooses to bring praise to God the Father and Christ Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit found within him.
  • Your perception is your problem. "Judge not."
  • Maybe he self checked himself and did make sure his heart is pure. Just because something sound plain and simple doesn't mean you have it in context.

    Do you go around greeting the body of Christ with a "holy kiss"? That sounds plain and simple. But if you did that in our culture you would end up in a lot fist fights.
  • you don't know his motive. You say,"self-aggrandizing behavior", without knowing his motive for the behavior. No one is beyond being corrupted by money. That doesn't mean he is corrupted.

    You and I disagree about publicly praying, but you've gone beyond that to assigning a motive to Tebow without knowing his motive.
  • Only a naive fool would call Tim Tebow's behavior self-aggrandizing, when Tim's personal life has been scrutinized, and only acts of selfless service to others has been uncovered.
  • "Only a naive fool would make excuses for Tim Tebow's self-aggrandizing behavior."----------And you have been appointed the judge of Tebow's behavior?----------I'll just spitball it here, but I suspect besides some serious jealously on your part, there's a huge lack of understanding.----------The prayer closet is a place where, yes, Christians can be alone with God through their prayers.---------But, please, a kneeled seconds-long prayer in the end-zone is akin to Christians saying grace over meals, be they with colleagues or with Christian brothers and sisters.----------For years, in business, I would simply excuse myself at the table, bow my head and pray silently. Never got any feedback that that offended anyone.--------As for Tebow's heightened exposure leading to lucrative endorsements? So what? Is that something that's only allowed for secularists, atheists, whatever-ists in professional sports?---------Certainly the temptations will be presented to Tebow. Here's praying that he's strong enough to stand against them. Given his to-date behavior in his football-playing life, I believe we've seen he has that strength, through Christ Jesus, of course.
  • You read the bible? no what you do is treat it like a vending maching and take only what suits your desire for the moment.
    This kid is not religious he's faithful and thankful and proud to glorify his faith without denial.
    You have no right to judge anyone about their faith nor do you have the right to judge anothers!
  • Well I guess you must be under 4yrs old, this passage is talking about prayer, not about having a strong witness and a zeal and passion for the Lord. I have never heard Tebow grab a microphone and praise himself in prayer as if he was "holier than thou" all he does is give thanks to God for his talents and everything. Sorry if you are a closet christain but lay off of Tebow for being real and not ashamed to own Christ in this filthy world. I knew soon or later that the wolves would come out against him, they can't take someone this stong and bold for long! lol Go Tim!!!
  • I have no first hand knowledge of what Tebow is saying in his prayers. My feeling is that he is praying for a safe and honorable game to be played by everyone on the field, and especially that the officials will notice when the opponent tries to rip his head off as in yesterday's game. However, be careful what you pray for, you may get it in a way you never expect. Then again, God does not hear prayers of non-believers. Why should He, except the most important one, the "sinners prayer" asking to be forgiven and saved.
  • I love people who pick a verse out of context and try to condemn people with it. I believe the 3 verses below show some of the fault of that. The other problem with your quick "judgement" is that it is just that; judgement. God knows the heart.

    We are told to pray without ceasing. Giving thanks to the Lord is slightly different as well. The difference between this and your poor example is that he pharisees were trying to appear more holy than others. They did it for their own benefit.

    When it comes to doing things in front of a secular media it is a whole different thing. Tebow is doing it at his own peril. He is under constant fire for it. If he was looking to benefit himself in front of man he would be more like wishy washy politically correct people; instead of someone of great courage.

    Matthew 5:16
    In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

    Titus 1:16
    They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny him. They are detestable, disobedient and unfit for doing anything good.

    Mathew 10:33
    But if anyone denies me here on earth, I will deny that person before my Father in heaven.
  • Apparently my little essay hit quite a few nerves. Good. Look, I'm a Christian. I'm on the Lord's side. I'm not against Tim Tebow. I haven't tried to judge his motives. The verses I mentioned are easy to understand, and have not been taken out of context. Read them again. Jesus is telling us, plainly, not to do as the hypocrites do because we could easily be mistaken for one of them. He's saying that it doesn't look good. There are better ways to get the message across. No one ever accused the Apostle Paul of preaching the Gospel to enrich himself. Tebow has set himself up to be viewed in that light by disregarding the Lord's warning. As a fellow Christian, I'm not envious of Tim..I'm embarrassed. Not of the Lord, but of a fellow believer's reckless behavior. It makes us all look bad. We should care about this. How we appear to the world greatly affects our witness. Jesus emphasized this in Matthew 6. Now y'all may proceed to tear me apart. I'm fine with that. Doesn't change the truth. You know, you people amaze me. This "us against them" stuff. Calling each other names. Sure, I made reference to "naive fools", but I wasn't singling anyone out. If the shoe fits, I can't help that. OK, have at it. Feed me to the lions. lol
  • One more thing: This business of adding your own thoughts to Scripture. I'll repeat what I said before. If Jesus wanted us to first examine our hearts before praying in public, why didn't He just say so? Why leave out such an important caveat? Surely He didn't intend to confuse us and to have us fight about it amongst ourselves. The verses some of you good people are throwing at me are all about witnessing and leading a clean life; none address public prayer specifically. In Matthew 6, verses 5 & 6, Jesus was specific. Letting your light shine is not synonymous with making a spectacle of yourself. In our church, we honor those who serve the Lord without seeking attention for it. To a man, the honorees are noticeably uncomfortable with receiving praise for their deeds. This is a far cry from the image that Tim Tebow has created for himself. If hateful "Christians" don't get this, it's no skin off my nose. There are plenty of good soldiers who know what I'm talking about. 'Nuff sed.
  • Christ Jesus referred to the Pharisees. Say what you will, but no one can call Tebow a Pharisee.
  • No one hates Tebow cause of his religion to me its a cause of the media over loading the coverage on a under average QB and people calling his wins religous based stop please he is not the savior of the Broncos he a great person but there have been lots of openly religous guys that has come thru the NFL
  • why would anybody hate him? aren't we allowed to like and dislike athletes? because that's all he is... he isn't a role model (unless of course you're like millions of others who prefer the media and professional athletes/models/entertainers raise their kids)... he's a man... he plays football... how sad is it that the folks who claim that others are the devil are the very ones who IDOLIZE people like tim tebow... doesn't the bible speak against that? yeah... i thought so... you folks need to calm down and view this as entertainment... not something that affects your life... unless it really does affect your life... and then you have way more issues than just idolizing football players... good lord...
  • Tim Tebow is most definitely a role model. I wouldn't put him in the same category with other media and professional athletes/models/entertainers. No one expects him to raise their kids, but they do yearn for a Godly example for their kids to emulate. No one is idolizing Tebow...they are admiring him for his refusal to compromise his faith and to be a bold witness for Jesus Christ in an occupation in which it is unusually hard to keep your head screwed on straight. From the language in your previous post, I'm surprised that you even have a Bible to reference.
  • You forgot to mention Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, gremlins, ghosts, Leprechauns and Unicorns in your argument.
  • Jesus is real to you, im happy for you that you have faith and are secure in your faith... Im am happy for anyone who has faith in anything in this world... but for some people their faith is in Allah or Buddah, or a spaghetti monster...

    No one is threatened by Tim Tebow... many are just annoyed by the constant "in your face" way that Tebow carries his faith..

    Think about this for a moment... If a gay NFL player was praising Homosexuality every other time he spoke.. for example..

    "I just want to thank my boyfriends amazing hands.. he gave me the best deep tissue massage last night and really loosened me up before the game today, i couldnt have done it without him and his amazing mouth"

    wouldnt you say... GIVE IT A REST!!!

    yes you would.. because you dont believe in what he believes and frankly it turns you off..

    this is why people are annoyed by Tim Tebow

    and cut it out with the ILL PRAY FOR YOU NONSENSE... go pray for poor kids or kids with cancer.. someone who has their own beliefs that are different from yours does not need prayer...
  • And BY THE WAY... people praised Jerry Sandusky for his Christian work and faith.. and how he changed the lives of children everywhere and everyone looked up to him..

  • And?----------Tebow is not Sandusky. Your attempt to disparage Tebow by bringing Sandusky's sins into this is logically fallacious.
  • And BY THE WAY...Rumor has it that Sandusky’s perverted activities were known and talked about by everyone on campus. Apparently there was offered at a Penn State creamery, the “Sandusky” ice cream treat. According to pictures the Sandusky featured two scoops in a bowl with an inverted sugar cone—mimicking the male genitalia. Apparently, it was an on-campus inside joke.

    If Tim Tebow had/has been guilty of any type of misconduct, the Tebow haters would have already made the information public and the media would have had a field day with it.
  • A couple of things-calling Tebow a Jesus freak is complementing Tebow. After all, he loves Jesus. Comparing Kim K to Tebow is just wrong. This is not Tebow writing about Tebow. The media is. I have counted over 30 players in the nfl who acknowledge the heavens by pointing, kneeling or whatever, why doesn't the media scrutinize them?
    The truth is he wears his faith on his sleave and there is still backlash over the anti abortion commercial he made last year. So now you, Joy Behar, Bill Maher and many other media types take the opportunity to slam on Tebow and Christianity every chance they get. I guess it makes you feel better about yourself. Have a blessed New Year.
  • He is a football player,not news reporter!
  • this post is one of the dumbest of all!
  • So it's Tebows fault the media writes about him? Maybe it would be ok if all these dumb, made up articles were about Aaron Rodgers. The next time Rodgers looks and points to the heavens when he makes a good play, I expect you to be on here trashing him also. Fair enough?
  • I think he learned that from Brett Farve. Oh sorry by the way doesn't Rodgers point to heaven after every TD pass. He must be a freak too !!!
  • See more comments >>

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