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We believe the saying is “Act like you’ve been there.” Richard Sherman had a lot to say after the Seahawks 24-23 win over the New England Patriots. We have this to say, enjoy your super bowl party in October, in New England success is measured in January. We understand an excitable young player who watched Brady in the eighth grade would talk some trash. However, slow your roll kiddo, your getting way ahead of your self. Sherman stated that the Patriots aren’t built for heavyweights, whaa? Again we know, your giddy, but we’ll see in January just where Seattle may be, because the Patriots will be playing in the postseason, it's an annual ritual around these parts. Brady isn’t much in trading banter via the media, often giving credit where credit is due. He took the high road on a young corner who forgot Brady has three rings and five super bowl appearances. Brady spoke with Jim Gray on Dial Global Sports about Sherman’s boastful remarks.“He’s a very good player and I have a lot o...
  • DO YOU HAVE ANYONE CHECKING YOUR GRAMMAR? your getting way ahead of your self; your giddy; SHOULD BE you're as in YOU ARE getting..." your giddy YOU ARE you're giddy...REALLY?
  • Uh-oh, the rhetoric police are here, too! LOL
    Yes, you are (you're) correct, but almost every article I read here contains spelling, syntax and grammatical errors. Seems we can't expect quality application of our language here, so why not go with the flow and give it a rest?
  • There is (as in there's) no such thing as the "rhetoric police" you idiot. I've seen you use that multiple times in the completely wrong sense. The term you SHOULD be using is "grammar police". I give you an "A" for being original, but unfortunately for you, that just makes you an original idiot. Hey that's something I guess.

    Screw Brady and everything else about the NE cheaters. If Brady's (as in Brady is...) talking about it after the fact, Sherman not only got into his head, but he's still in there. Good for Sherman. Keep up the good work. If Brady can't talk about winning the last game, he's gotta talk about something, might as well be the thing that's on his mind. Like Sherman busting his chops. Still makes me laugh.

    There will be plenty of respect due Tom Brady once he retires and goes into the hall, which is a sure thing. I hated Michael Jordan until he retired, too. Same thing pretty much. But until then, eff Brady and the Pats. Time for some (much, MUCH) younger blood in the NFL. I mean this IS still the NFL and I'm sick of everyone wimping out. Nothing wrong with some well-placed hate and discontent. If he was anything beyond a polite pretty boy, Brady might actually be honored by getting smacked down. I guess Sherman hurt his wimpy little New England feelings...good job!
  • because by going w/ the flow, we become part of the problem, not the solution. even if one person, either writing or reading reflects, that's all good. otherwise, if keep going w/ the flow, it'll be a slippery slope and we'll be become a nation of honey boo-boos...and we're not far from it now!!
  • grammer nazi
  • I am a Seattle Fan, I saw him blabbering away and turned it off shaking my head at how stupid and moronic Sherman was. This article is spot on. Brady showed class in his remarks. Sherman's Jr. High'ish and hyperactive interview amounted to a single run-on sentence without a breath that was the only thing that diminished an otherwise great game and day for this Seattle Seahawk fan.
  • So you think your comment has more credibility if you tell everyone your a Hawks fan when really your from New England? Your not fooling anybody.
  • Nah, he's definitely from Seattle. Most Seattle fans pretty much define the term "wimpy fans". All that yelling you hear in the stadium? They're just yelling for more coffee. That's right, coffee. In an NFL stadium. Coffee. I'm from the area but I genuinely hate the fans there. The fans always wonder why Seattle teams suck, or blow it in big games. I'm telling ya, it starts with THEM. I blame the fans first. "Fair weather fans" doesn't even begin to describe the vast majority of 'em...even in the rain. It's worse at M's games. 75% don't have a clue about baseball, they're just there for the food...and coffee. Makes me sick just thinking about it.
  • If your a fan, then I am guessing u didnt hear brady running his mouth before the game and during the game when they were up? His mouth wrote checks his ass couldnt pay! end of story
  • dead straight.
  • It's amazing when a young Brother throw some jabs at this anointed football God; it is called classless even in Seattle. Richard Sherman was making a statement for the Seattle Football Community. Most of Seattle Seahawks fans are very disappointed because their Quarterback is not a white guy, any white guy. So they praise and placate Tom Brady hoping when he is too old to play in Boston; that they can get him to play in Seattle over a future Hall of Famer, Russell Wilson. Remember, before the game on Sunday, Tom Brady was doing the smacking. So, as Richard Sherman has said time and time again, I don’t start the smacking, I just finish the smacking. That’s what happened on Saturday. He wanted to let Tom Brady know that Tom has not faced a real NFL Defense or real NFL secondary this year. Seattle’s Defense can play some football, Ya’ll. The offense with the rookie QB can play as well when the over cautious hyper-active coach take the reins off of Russell Wilson.
    And if you don't know about Richard Sherman, you may want to check his bio. Barring a major injury, he will go down as one of the best Cornerbacks the NFL has seen in some time.
    And, for all you who thinks Richard Sherman is Cocky. Well in the Hood, it's called Confidence. You know, the ability to survive when "The Man" want give you an equal opportunity. You know the same man that gets Government Welfare but because he builds airplanes and computers and makes coffee and sells crap over the internet, it's alright to get Government Welfare.
    Remember, Seattle fans, you all did not pull for Warren Moon upon graduating from the UW; and thus sent him to Canada to win five CFL Championships. You still didn’t fight for him when he came to the NFL. However, after Warren had proven that he was a Hall of Fame caliber QB, you wanted him at 40 years old, not 22 years old. You Fools! So you have a QB, barring injury that is capable of having a far better professional career than Warren Moon, but you don’t want him now because he is not Brock H or his big brother or some of the other sorry asses, from the UWdub, you all worshiped just because of their skin color.
    Yes, Seattle, You continue to throw your rock and hide your hand. In the hood we call that COWARD!
  • Damn dude that's the most racist "I hate white people" post I have ever read. Seattle fans aren't nearly as racist as you are in this post, so stop bragging about 'the hood' and how dumb white people are for not liking a black quarterback because the truth is, all football fans base their decisions on performance, not skin color. Oh, and making such racist comments hiding behind a computer is what I call COWARD!
  • All that and you still have no point? Here it is in ONE sentence from THIS Seattle fan:

    Tom Brady has more class in one of his farts, than Sherman has in his whole body.
  • Wow! You must not be from here. Your statement is blatantly racist. Seahawks fans could care less about the color of anyone's skin, we want winners! Richard Sherman's behavior toward Tom Terrific was reprehensible and definitely not indicative of a winner. Sherman needs to keep his big mouth shut. If this is what Pete Carroll wants from his men, he and Sherman wont be around long. Professional behavior matters to paying Seahawks fans.
  • We don't have "hoods" in Seattle. We call them "disadvantaged communities in need", and then convert them into condos and coffee shops.
  • I hevn't heard of this guy before this article. Brady has been someone who will be in the Hall of Fame..... Maybe Seattle should look for some other players who have been there before and know that at this point in the season, this was just another game. Actually, in my opinion, this guy doesn't need to be on the team. He has no class.
  • Lucky for all of us, your opinion doesn't matter.
  • I guess we'll see where Seattle is come play-off time. They know the Green Bay game was a gimmee. BAD BAD CALL!!!!!! The local sports media here is so hungry for a contender. When the Seahawks win a game the sports radio guys start talking about the Superbowl. Pete Carroll is probably a really nice guy BUT he's not a great coach. His success at USC was largely due a continuing flow of great high school athletes wanting to go to school there. If you can't win in that set-up you shouldn't be coaching anywhere. The Seahawks lost to Arizona-they should have lost to Green Bay-they got beat by St. Louis. HELLO!!!!!! They will probably lose to San Francisco twice. Let's get real.
  • That's exactly what they said about Seattle playing New England... Next prediction...
  • lets hopre it the pats and seattle in the superbowl

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