Originally written on In The Neutral Zone  |  Last updated 11/9/14
Follow me on Twitter @BrianSanchezDU Like my Facebook page The Sports Report   1. Kansas City Chiefs- OT Luke Joeckel, Texas A&M Previous pick: Geno Smith It looks like we can officially put Alex Smith in a Chiefs uniform, thus canceling the option of Geno Smith here. The Chiefs have also signed Dwayne Bowe to a long term deal and slapped the franchise tag on LT Branden Albert. Now, they can draft Joeckel, break him in to the NFL as a RT and then move him to LT the following year presenting a cheaper option than keeping Albert again. Other Options: 1. Eric Fisher: I, along with many, are not so sure that Fisher isn’t better than Joeckel  2. Sharriff Floyd- They have put a lot of picks in to their D-line, why not another?   2. Jacksonville Jaguars- DE/OLB Dion Jordan, Oregon Previous pick: Bjoern Werner The Jags can go a number of different ways with this pick. I have them going with Jordan because I heard Gus Bradley in an interview talk about how his new defense will feature a hybrid DE/OLB position. He is also a coach that loves speed and size. It basically sounded like he described Dion Jordan. Other Options: 1. Eric Fisher- They could view his value as worth the No.2 pick.  2. Sharriff Floyd- They need help on their interior D-line, Floyd would bring just that.   3. Oakland Raiders- DT Sharriff Floyd, Florida Previous pick: Star Lotulelei  The Raiders have been reported to be fans of Geno Smith, and he is in play here. When it comes down to it, the Raiders need a DT and Floyd may be the best overall player in this draft. He fills a need, but will the Raiders make the sensible pick?  Other Options: 1. Geno Smith- There is a lot of buzz in Oakland about Geno Smith and I am very close to putting him here.  2. Dee Milliner- They need to improve their pass defense and Milliner is a good CB to start with.   4. Philidelphia Eagles- CB Dee Milliner, Alabama Previous pick: Luke Joeckel  The Eagles could be losing both of their starting CB’s from a year ago, and even still, they weren’t that good against the pass. CB is a need for them and Milliner is the best in the draft. He should not miss any time because of the shoulder surgery he is scheduled to have. Other Options: 1. Star Lotulelei- If his heart issue checks out he is back in play. 2. Eric Fisher- If they want to invest on a long term answer at LT, Fisher is the guy.   5. Detroit Lions- DE Ezekiel Ansah, BYU   Previous pick: Damontre Moore  The highest riser in my new mock, Ansah showed he is a physical freak at the combine. He has the athleticism and size to be a DE in the 4-3. He was also coached by the Lions defensive staff at the Senior Bowl where he registered 6 tackles, 1.5 sacks, 1 FF, and 3.5 TFL. Other Options: 1. Eric Fisher- A pick spent protecting Matthew Stafford is never wasted. 2. Dee Milliner- If they don’t want to gamble on a 2nd round CB Milliner is the best available.   6. Cleveland Browns- OLB Jarvis Jones, Georgia Previous pick: Dion Jordan  Things have been relatively quiet along the Jarvis Jones Spinal Stenosis front which can only be good. The Browns are switching to a 3-4 defense and are missing an OLB who can get after the QB. Enter Jones who would be an immediate impact starter right away for the Browns.  Other Options: 1. Barkevious Mingo- He could be the rush outside linebacker they’re looking for too. 2. Bjoern Werner- His endless motor could be infectious on that team.   7. Arizona Cardinals- QB Geno Smith, West Virginia Previous pick: Eric Fisher  It’s no secret that the Cardinals need a new QB. Matt Miller who is a NFL Draft expert said in his mock that there is no way USC QB Matt Barkley gets past the Cards at this pick. However, in his mock draft Geno Smith was already taken. I think if Smith is here he’s the pick, if not, then I’ll believe Barkley goes here.  Other Options: 1. Tyler Wilson- As of the moment I am typing this they still need a QB and could reach for one here. 2. Eric Fisher- He could just be the best LT in the class.   8. Buffalo Bills- OT Eric Fisher, Central Michigan Previous pick: Tyler Wilson  This is an interesting pick here. Fisher could easily go as high as the Eagles and definitely the Lions. Watching him at the combine made me wonder if he isn’t the best LT in this draft. The Bills took Cordy Glenn last year and put him at LT. I don’t like him there but I think he could be a star at RT. Fisher is a sure fire LT and could start turning the Bills in to one of the best offensive lines in the game. Other Options: 1. Tyler Wilson- Buffalo wants a tough, big armed QB. 2. Cardarrelle Patterson- Could be the game breaker they are looking for across from Stevie Johnson   9. New York Jets- WR Cordarrelle Patterson, Tennessee Previous pick: Barkevious Mingo  The Jets could easily go with a pass rusher here, but I think it’ll be Patterson. The Jets have sunk a whole lot of money into Mark Sanchez, and he isn’t going anywhere any time soon. They have to try and make Sanchez competent again and that starts with giving him some weapons. Patterson is a little raw but has the size and speed to be a No, 1 receiver. Other Options: 1. Bjoern Werner- A high motor guy like Werner would be a Rex Ryan favorite.  2. Star Lotulelei- They could see past the heart issue to his potential.   10. Tennessee Titans- OG Chance Warmack, Alabama Previous pick: Dee Milliner  This is a pick that will continue to be in flux until it’s actually made in April. For now I’m going with Warmack. The Titans are one of the teams that is not afraid to take a guard this high if he is good enough, and Warmack is. This follows the Jets theory as well. The Titans have put a lot of money into RB Chris Johnson, and giving him a mauler inside like Warmack will help maximize their return. Other Options: 1. Bjoern Werner- The Titans used to excel because of their D-line and Werner would have fit right in back then.  2. Xavier Rhodes- They need help with their pass defense.   11. San Diego Chargers- OT Lane Johnson, Oklahoma  It seems like year after year the Chargers have needed a LT and year after year they draft another position. Wel, I think they’ve finally reached the point where need meets value with Lane Johnson. He is as athletic a LT as there has been in a long time. He could do what the Chargers need most, protect Phillip Rivers. Other Options: 1. Star Lotulelei- They could use a beast in the middle of that defense. 2. Sheldon Richardson- Same story, different player   12. Miami Dolphins- CB Xavier Rhodes, Florida St. Previous pick: Cordarrelle Patterson  The Dolphins wouls love to give Ryan Tannehill some options on offense, but Keenan Allen or Tavon Austin would be major reaches here. They have a major need at CB and will go with a slight reach here for Rhodes. He is a big, physical corner who erased worries about his top end speed when he ran in the 4.4′s at the combine. Other Options: 1. Kenny Vaccaro- They need a safety and he is the best one available. 2. Star Lotulelei- They could gamble on his ability to push a pocket.   13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- S Kenny Vaccaro, Texas Previous pick: Xavier Rhodes  The Bucs need to improve their pass defense badly. In a division with Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, and Cam Newton, you need playmakers in the secondary. The Bucs surprised a lot of people by trading down and selecting Mark Barron last year. Once again they have a question with Ronde Barber at safety and I think Vaccaro and Barron sounds very enticing to the Bucs. Other Options: 1. Desmond Trufant- They could grade him higher than Rhodes  2. Sheldon Richardson- They have spent a lot of picks on the interior line, but they could still use some bolstering.   14. Carolina Panthers- DT Star Lotulelei, Utah Previous pick: Sharriff Floyd  The Panthers really, really, really need an interior D-linemen. They’ve needed one for a while, but last year there weren’t any that they liked. This year they should see multiple they like. Lotulelei is much higher on the big board than he is in this mock, but the heart issues can scare teams off, especially in a man of his size. But his potential as a game changing DT is too much for the Panthers to pass up. Other Options: 1. Sheldon Richardson- They really should tae a DT and Richardson is another option.  2. Bjoern Werner- Maybe they want their D-line push to come from the outside.   15. New Orleans Saints- DE/OLB Barkevious Mingo, LSU Previous pick: Jarvis Jones   There’s an excellent chance that the closer we get to the draft the higher Mingo will rise. He proved to be a workout warrior at the combine, but his tape is still weak. He is also a tweener and I’m not sure where he fits. He can’t fall below this though because he’s so athletic. Other Options: 1. Sheldon Richardson- Could thrive pushing the pocket on a defense that mostly gets passed on. 2. Damontre Moore- Another pass rushing option off of the edge.   16. St. Louis Rams- LB Alec Ogletree, Georgia Previous pick: Kenny Vaccaro  This is a pick that will help the Rams become one of the best defenses in the league. Ogletree is one of the rare prospects that has the size, speed, and coverage ability to play the OLB position in the 4-3 defense. It is one of their hoes on defense and he will close that hole. As for his spotty background, that has never made Jeff Fisher shy away from a talent, and it worked last year with Janorice Jenkins. Other Options: 1. Arthur Brown- They want speed on defense and Brown brings them that as an OLB. 2. DJ Fluker- Protecting Sam Bradford is never a bad idea.   17. Pittsburgh Steelers- DE Bjoern Werner, Florida St. Previous pick: Ezekiel Ansah  Werner is currently in free fall in almost all mock drafts. He showed at the combine he is not all that athletic, but he is still a big, productive DE. The Steelers are one of the teams that usually stops players form falling. This man was once assumed to be a top 5 pick. I’m sure the Steelers will plug him in to their defensive line and he’ll be successful for years to come.  Other Options: 1. Sheldon Richardson- He could play all along the defensive front. 2. John Jenkins- They may need a new NT and Jenkins has the size to do the job.   18. Dallas Cowboys- DT Sheldon Richardson, Missouri  This is one of the drafts most perfect fits of need and value. Richardson has the ability to go higher, just not the positional value. The Cowboys need a DT and Richardson has the athleticism to be a very good DT and one of the rare interior linemen that can get to the QB.  Other Options: 1. DJ Fluker- He could play all over their O-line and help them out.  2. Arthur Brown- He could really boost their defense in the middle of the field.   19. New York Giants- CB Desmond Trufant Previous pick: Alec Ogletree  The Giants have needs all over the defense. This is becoming more and more a passing league and they are very bad at defending that. Trufant is super athletic and should instantly help with the issue of not being able to handle the deep ball. Other Options: 1. Sylvester Williams- They could want to fix the interior of their D-line instead. 2. Eddie Lacy- He could make sense here with Bradshaw out of the picture at RB.   20. Chicago Bears- OT D.J. Fluker, Alabama  This is not the sexy pick they want to see in the windy city. They want a guy who can come in and help score touchdowns. The most important thing, however, needs to be protecting Jay Cutler. I believe the amount of time Cutler spends on the grass directly correlates with their playoff chances. Fluker is also nasty in the run game, so hopefully he can get Matt Forte started too. Other Options: 1. Tyler Eifert- He could give Cutler an option other than Marshall. 2. Tavon Austin- They could get creative with him to spark the offense.   21. Cincinnati Bengals- LB Arthur Brown, Kansas St. Previous pick: Eric Reid  Arthur Brown is extremely talented, he just is not prototypical inside line backer size. A couple of years ago I might have feared that size two, but Brown has the same measurements as pro-bowl LB Navorro Bowman who is a beast. Brown will be a very good NFL LB and the Bengals should capitalize on that. Other Options: 1. Eric Reid- They could use a safety and Reid is an athletic one which is what they like. 2. Keenan Allen- He could combo with AJ Green and give Dalton options.    22. St. Louis Rams- S John Cyprien, Florida International Previous pick: Keenan Allen  The Rams have been open to the fact they want to upgrade the safety position. Cyprien probably isn’t too far behind Vaccaro ability wise, his biggest problem is that he played at Florida International. Cyprien hits hard and has very good coverage ability. Add him to Ogletree and this Rams defense has all of a sudden become scary. Other Options: 1. Keenan Allen- They could use an every down possesion receiver if they lose Danny Amendola. 2. Eddie Lacy- They have a couple of young speed backs, but they could use some power.   23. Minnesota Vikings- WR Keenan Allen, Cal Previous pick: DeAndre Hopkins   Now that Percy Harvin is a Seahawk the Vikings need a lot of help at WR. If there weren’t major questions about how Allen’s knee can hold up he would go much higher than this. The Vikings have a playoff team which can absolutely make it again this year. They need to relieve pressure form Adrian Peterson and give Ponder more answers instead of questions. Other Options: 1. DeAndre Hopkins- They could grade him higher than Allen making him the pick. 2. Sylvester Williams- The inside of their D-line could use some work.   24. Indianapolis Colts- OG Jonathan Cooper, North Carolina Previous pick: Chance Warmack   Jonathan Cooper is a very, very good player. The only reason he doesn’t go higher is because of his positional value. A lot of people are mocking a tackle here, but I think that would be a reach. Andrew Luck had a lot of pressure in his face up the middle, and Cooper could help eliminate that.  Other Options: 1. DeAndre Hopkins- The theme is the same, help Andrew Luck become a super star. 2. Johnathan Banks- They could use help defending the pass.   25. Minnesota Vikings- WR Tavon Austin, West Virginia Previous pick: Jesse Williams  Minnesota acquires this pick from the Seattle Seahawks for trading away Percy Harvin. They need a lot of help at WR because they have nothing now. If they sign a WR during free agency this pick could change. Austin brings a lot of what Harvin brought as far as game changing speed and the ability to line up at WR and RB. They need to give Ponder weapons. Other Options: 1. Terrance Williams- A physical freak of a WR that could be a huge playmaker outside. 2. Jesse Williams- They need a big, strong, nasty interior lineman.   26. Green Bay Packers- TE Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame Previous pick: Johnathan Banks  This is another one of those picks that can remain in flux right up until the draft. As of right now, it seems like Jermichael Finley will not be back on the Packers. The Packers could choose to select a free agent TE, but between the top two tight ends in the draft, Eifert and Ertz, one of them will almost assuredly be available. A big pass catcher like Ertz is vital to the Packers offense. Other Options: 1. Eric Reid- They need a safety now with Charles Woodson out of the picture.  2. Sylvester Williams- It seems like the Packers always need D-line help.   27. Houston Texans- WR Justin Hunter, Tennessee Previous pick: DeAndre Hopkins  The Texans need a WR across from Andre Johnson to pick up the offense. Hunter is a fluid athlete with very good speed. He has a very good chance to become an outside threat in the NFL. He could help the down field passing game of the Texans. Other Options: 1. Terrance Williams- Maybe they want a bigger, more dynamic wide out. 2. Johnathan Hankins- He can fill multiple needs along their defensive line, this could work if they don’t want a WR.   28. Denver Broncos- CB Johnathan Banks, Mississippi St. Previous pick: Desmond Trufant   Champ Bailey or burned repeatedly in the Broncos playoff game against the Ravens. I’m not saying he’s done, but it won’t be long now. Banks has the ability to go much higher than this, but a slow 40 time at the combine sees him drop all the way to the Broncos and they should be thankful. Other Options: 1. Eddie Lacy- they could use his strong running between the tackles. 2. Johnathan Hankins- They could still use some work on their interior D-line   29. New England Patriots- CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Connecticut Previous pick: Robert Alford Until I see the Patriots retain Talib or acquire another CB, I have them taking one here in the draft. With the way the board has fallen, I think they’ll like Wreh-Wilson. He is a big, physical corner which New England values. They are not afraid to take a guy which most believe is a second round pick if they think he’ll help.  Other Options: 1. Eric Reid- Still with the secondary theme, just at safety. 2. Sylvester Williams- they can try and get a little more push in the middle.   30. Atlanta Falcons- DE Damontre Moore, Texas A&M Previous pick: Zach Ertz  The biggest faller by far in my mock draft is Damontre Moore. A good pro day will give him a chance to shoot back up draft boards. He was so underwhelming and slow at the combine that teams have to seriously question if he is athletic enough to be a serious force. The Falcons need a DE in their 4-3 scheme which is what Moore is, so they can take the risk. Other Options: 1. Zach Ertz- If Tony Gonzalez really retires Ertz can make plays from the TE spot. 2. Datone Jones- Another edge rusher with a relentless motor.   31. San Francisco 49ers- S Eric Reid, LSU Previous pick: Jamar Taylor The 49ers did not franchise FS Dashon Goldson and now they have a hole. They really don’t have anyone on the roster that could fill that spot so they draft one. Reid is a very fast, very strong, hard hitting safety. He has decent coverage skills and can really be a ball hawk. In a lot of ways, Reid compares very favorably to Dashon Goldson. Other Options: 1. Jesse Williams- He can play DE or NT in the 3-4 defense becoming the 49ers super sub. 2. Matt Elam- Another safety option, but he projects more as a SS   32. Baltimore Ravens- WR DeAndre Hopkins, Clemson Previous pick: Eic Reid Now that Anquan Boldin is headed to the city by the bay, the Ravens need a WR. Hopkins actually reminds me a lot of Boldin’s skill set. Hopkins is a good route runner with strong hands and he is not afraid to go across the middle. Other Options: 1. Jesse Williams- With their multiple defensive fronts, Williams could play all over and push the pocket. 2. Matt Elam- Another safety option if Ed Reed leaves.   33. Jacksonville Jaguars- DT Sylvester Williams, North Carolina  The Jaguars continue their defensive face lift with Williams here. They got their pass rusher in the first round, now they get their run stuffer. Williams has shown the athleticism and strength to stuff the run, push the pocket, and get after the QB. Other Options: 1. Jesse Williams- I think the Jags will go defensive line, so Williams is another option. 2. Johnathan Hankins- Another D-line prospect.   34. San Francisco 49ers- DE Cornellius “Tank” Carradine, Florida St. Previous pick: Terrance Williams This is a pure value pick and one that could change drastically in the coming weeks. Carradine is a relentless pass rusher who is coming off of an injury. If it weren’t for the injury he was a sure fire first rounder. I don’t expect this pick to stick, but as this mock falls, tank is here so the 49ers take him. He will bring pressure off the edge as a 3-4 DE and could be ready to go and fill in for Justin Smith in the years after. Other Options: 1. Jesse Williams- Still here and still an option for D-line depth. 2. Jamar Taylor- A physical corner that would help the 49ers now and in the future.  
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