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The Tim Tebow obsession for some is already creepy. But this here, this is outright bizarre! AshleyMadison.com, a Web site that hooks up married people who want to creep with someone who has something to lose like they do, is offering $1 million to any woman who can prove she has had sex with Tim [...]

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  • UM . .thanks for the idea Dwight Schrute
  • Not real hard to figure out who put this site up...says right in the article, Noel Biderman (the creator of the site). He is known for this stuff and so is his site, been around for a while.
  • Hey Black Knumnut, the whole idea is to READ the article, THEN comment--moroooooon.
  • Ouch lol, that is iritating when people don't know what in the world the are responding to but always feel the name to say something. On topic the, this is just a sleazy move, I get sick of the Tebow coverage but I applaud him for avoiding fornication and standing his ground. People act like it's impossible to wait until marriage http://lionsdetroit.com/
  • Go for the cash Timmy, this may be the only time your passing hand is worth $1M!!!
  • Tim is a good guy. He probably wants a girl who is a virgin, so he's probably safe in New York, Jeter and A-Rod have slept with all the New York girls.

  • Anything to ruin a presons life huh? Jealous much? if he wants to be a virgin as per his faith then why try to ruin it for him and his future mate.
    we rip cromartie for having too much sex and then we rip Tebow for not having enough, we truly are insatiable when it comes to berrating people huh?
    theres just no satisfying the american public
    good luck Tim, keep the faith,you turly are a good person and a good example to our young americans!
    Oh yeah ...
    and keep on proclaiming your faith! I dont know if there is a god or a devil but nobody ever ridicules the members of other faiths for wearring their religion on their sleeves(or head,or face) so you go man!!
    Oh yeah ... I almost forgot...
    As a patriots fan i would appreciate anything you could do to be a major distraction in the jets lockerroom.
    thanks in advance.
    No just kidding, good luck with your life and keep up the good work>
  • I think what it is they want to find out if he's gay,people often make excuses or try to use religion as a cover up for how they really feel about their sexual preferences.
  • Tim Tebow screwed the Pittsburgh Steelers - does that count?
  • roflmao...freakin' HILARIOUS!!!!
  • Good one LMAO
  • Oh Yeah!!! hehhehehheh.
  • Take it with a grain of salt he's hiding something, the first little stumble and he will be out of the closet and the news media will have a ball telling about him sleeping with men.
  • Hey Lawson, you talk about this like you have first hand experience with pretending not to be gay
  • Thats correct, thats how I know a fake when I see one.
  • And why is it you flamers think everyone else is gay....be what you want to be but leave others to be what they want to be.....
  • You My Friend are a F---king Idiot.
  • Idiot comment meant for lawson.
  • OH NO! Here comes the gold diggers! Lol
  • Amen
  • Yes look at the criminals playing sports, now the Secret Service, the GSA and the rest of the slime around...be thankful there might be a decent role model for our kids out there so perhaps the culture of slime can stop
  • Why is it that we can't have a clean cut athlete for our young people to admire? We have enough gun toting, foul language spouting, druggies in proffesional sports. We need some contrast to those whacko's.
    Why do idiots like Noel Biderman have to try to tear Tebow down? Noel promotes adultery on his website, so he thinks everybody is as low as he is. NOT TRUE NOEL!! There are some genuinely good and honest people out there. (Sorry you could not be counted among them.)
  • It's says so much about Americans, that we treat Mr. Tebow like this. He seems to be a perfect example for our youth. And his haters just want to find or do anything to crush him. Why not just let him be? What's wrong with his beliefs? Nothing. Why do we not treat athletes whom go and father kids everywhere like this? How about giving him some props for being true to himself. I just wish everyone would leave his religion , between him and God. Let him be a believer and leave him alone.

    JS7, very well put Sir.
  • From a womans' perspective:

    Hot night with hot Tim and $1M is win-win for her.
  • Oh c'mon. He does the five-finger knuckle shuffle while pointing to gawd with the other hand.

    Overt religious people who are proud of their PDR make me want to throw-up. If you are religious, just keep it to yourself and stop trying to show everyone how pias you are. It's very nauseating.
  • its not tebow craming it down your throat, its the media who keeps bringing this up. just to get trash comments like yours. sad that people love to see others fail
  • EVerytime he does the tbow on the field, he is cramming it down our throats. There is a time and place for everything and point to "gawd" after a good play is stupid and self-serving just like the Pharisees. Keep it under your belt whether its your d.. or your religion.
  • Why doesn't anybody complain about all the baseball players that praise God? How about all the prayers said after the game on the 50 yard line. He is one of millions that believe. He has always done this. He shouldn't stop, shouldn't have to.
  • Why don't you take your own advice hypocrite. People LIKE YOU make me want to throw up. Keep YOUR opinion to yourself. If you aren't religious then stop trying to stop someones elses right to express their belief.
    What dirt bag would offer a million dollars to find out if anyone had sex with Tebow anyway? Couldn't they do something more uplifting with their money; like donate it to an outreach that feeds the hungry?
  • Keep the relgion off the field or you will hear plenty of opposing opinions especially if you follow John Smith who simply made up a religion. LOL, what a crock. Enjoy.
  • Fair enough, in that case the people who live opposite of Tebow (people who don't have morals) shouldn't be allowed to strut how slutty they are.

    What I mean by this is that Tim can do whatever he wants and if you don't like it then too bad. This young man is setting an excellent example of how to be a REAL MAN and not just another athlete who womanizes as much as possible because pop culture tells you to.
  • People don't live "opposite" of Tbow. Many have morals but don't have to flash it on the field. I'm a conservative and don't like phony, self-serving religious teleevangelists or phony football players. Play the game and keep your religion under your helmet. I can't show my beliefs in my job, and neither should tbow. He is a Pharisee.
  • Speak for yourself nitwit...a lot of the rest of us like his act
  • if u say that then u cant talk about how you dont believe in god or stuff like that because the definition of religion is ur point of view in beliefs so that includes if u dont believe
  • Uh..."pias" is spelled "pious".

    Elementary school, my dear Watson.
  • What an idiot,is nothing sacred anymore? Leave the guy alone and let him have a life.Whether he makes it in football or not at least when he stands before GOD one day,he will be welcomed.Can't say much for the idiot offering a million dollars for something that is really none of his business.Let Tebow be a roll model to kids and quit trying to ruin him.
  • He's gay, gay, gay folks
  • And you are not??............ once again I want to know why gays always think everyone else is gay....perhaps your gaydar is wrong ....but then who care what you think
  • Media.. Leave this poor guy alone!!!
  • People have nothing better to do than to start crap like this? GET A LIFE people!!! What does his sexuality have to do with football. If this is the best you have for news..no, wait...it isn't news - just some idiot who has nothing better to do than wonder about another's sex life. So what if he had sex? Please, let me know what difference it would be in the average person's life?
  • Tim isn't even going to fall into this tempation.Money is the root of all evil, it wouldnt even be an opition for him. By the way, Tebow, including myself, and tens of thousands of believers we are not religious. We actually have a relationship with our heavenly father just like every person has a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend or friend etc. God is love! God Bless!
  • The Atheists and non believers or just people that are jealous
    of Tim T. and people like him need to tear him down to try to
    make themselves more than the are. Tim through his charities has done wonderful work for sick children and other unfortunate
    people. While Chistians and Christianity are under attack all over the world he has given all believers a tremendous lift. He also has given pro football one heck of a lift.
  • Get off Tebow's case sick media....crawl back in your hole
  • It is refreshing that he is the exact opposite of Antonio Cromartie!
  • Tim already has a relationship. His relationship is with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I don't understand why people cannot understand this. If more people had this kind of relationship there would be less evil in this world. I am so thankful for Tim and other young men like him. God Bless them all. God is love.
  • Regardin Tim Tebow. I thought Ashley Madison was all about being discreet. Apparently not!! I wonder what THEIR PRICE would be to give up info about one of THEIR members. What hypocrites! If I was a member I would be worried, VERY worried!!
  • If he is virgin he should look for a virgin lady so that THEY can bleed(blood) together when the time to indulge comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • If some say he's gay gay gay..How do they know know know ? $1 million for a one time thing would never be worth compromising for a lifetime of blessings ! The pro players who are corrupt and dealing and using drugs can see that in one week... He's not in it for the love of money ! Most people can not understand the blessings from God and not idol worship. Not to mention the lives and relationships that AshleyMadison.com has already ruined.
  • So many jealous ones on this thread. I believe Tim. I don't think he is gay; there's not one shread of prissiness about him. He's a man's man if ever I saw one. Leave him alone. God is using him for His glory and as an example to our young people. God knows (literally) that we need one! One poster is right; Tim is in a relationship - with God! Leave the young man alone!
  • Not all gay men are prissy or have prissiness about them. And some gay men love sports and love playing sports. Also, some gay men are moral and upstanding and believe in religion. Not saying Tim is gay, but not having a shred of prissiness about him does not indicate he isn't gay.
    Although I will give you it's more likely he's straight.
  • Noel Biderman is an empty man and he's doing what empty men do. Although I'm sure no one will believe this I'm an adult man over 25 and a virgin. I'm waiting until I'm married to have sex. I'm also extremely happy, head-over-heels in love with Jesus, and fully living life. I celebrate each day and don't experience any emptiness in life. I'm very attracted to beautiful women, but I'm waiting till marriage to have sex - whenever that may be. I happen to also be friends with several great guys & women that are very good looking, very happy, followers of Jesus, and adult virgins. None of us are missing out on life. I don't find it hard to believe Tim Tebow is a virgin because I know so many people like Tim Tebow that are waiting until marriage to have sex. Believe it or not you don't have to be controlled by your sex drives, you can actually have self control. It helps to have Jesus in your life to have self control. I also know a lot of single people who are sexually active and very frustrated and walking train wrecks - mad at the world. As for Tim Tebow, keep strong brother!! There are tens of thousands who are not compromising either! And let's pray for Noel Biderman. He doesn't need more sex, he needs Jesus.
  • Ok Tebow is Christian so i doubt he is gay. He made a vow to God, so i think like everyone who gets a purity (or promise) ring he will not break it. It's people like him the devil wants to make fall. Many people want to see Mr. Tebow fail, but he needs the support of his fellow Christians.

    Tim, I hope you stay strong in the faith and don't let the media get to you. Surround yourself with fellow Christians and stay close to our Lord. I pray that you continue to live a life pleasing to God and continue to inspire young teens.

    Because of you some public schools in the area are praying but calling it Tebowing before games.
  • I agree 100%. Tim is exactly what America needs right now. Boys need to learn by his example; to grow up to become respectful men towards women. Women also need to learn to hold out for men like Tim as well.
  • What makes one think that Tim would betray his GOD for some woman to make money. The one who thought of this is sinning and needs to repent from even thinking of this type of stuff. But clean minds thinks clean thoughts and talk clean talk. And evil minds thinks evil thoughts and Talk evil talk. " from the abundace of the heart the mouth speaketh" Matthew 12: 34" so we know where these thoughts and words cometh from and know why they cometh.
  • Tebow is VERY cool. Being a virgin is something to be VERY proud of. What a great example for young people all over the world. Anyone can have sex but it takes a real man (or woman) to show self respect and self control by saying NO.
  • The website is wise enough not to extend this offer to gay and bi-sexual men. They'd be out one million dollars if they did.

    Is this offer valid for transgender women who are legally women? Absolutely no way Tebow has sex with a post-op and highly doubtful he would with a non-op transgender. The only pictures of Tebow smooching anyone available on the internet is with black linemen.

    Is this offer valid for transsexual men that are still legally women? Tebow might have sex with a post-op trans-man if he is masculine looking and acting enough but not with a pre-op, at lest without strap-on sexual prosthetic devices anyway.
  • the Lord works in strange and powerful ways and he is certainly using Tim as an example of the love of Christ in a dying earthly world. Money, power, sex, etc. are all just fleeing earthly greeds. None of it can be taken with you on judgement day. Praise God for men like Tim Tebow, who can save lives through his actions and testimony.
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  • Hey That Lawson is right on the money, look how many catholic priest screwing boys, and getting caught having gay sex, just watch the news, most all like black knight sound like a bunch of jesus freaks, whats with all this need to worship gods, when are we gunna get out of the cave, people act like its real and even use it to back up what they say, as if its real, more blood and live have been spilled over your kind loving god, than for land, food, poverty,and all that together, come on people, and stop using scripter like its real to back up what you say, its comical and talk in old world english, like sayith the lordith,LOL,Did you know everyone marches into battle with god on there side and they know it because they feel it in there heart, then kill each other, you people are beyond idiots, HOW MUCH PROOF DO YOU NEED!! ITS NOT REAL!!do real research, real research, not OH its in the bible,my ass it is, blood is being spilled right now for god, im glad your phoney dude in the sky loves us, remember faith kills people, show where it hasent, where is your so called god, really no bull crap, where is he sayith the guy who wants to know, how many people never reach there full potential because of some reason of religion. i grew up with that crap, i spent years in christian camps, i know the book ive read it inside and out,trust me its not perfect,i found flaws everywhere, but i was told NO its perfect, so i started learning for myself and live a better life, so dont even think i dont know what im talking about, shoot out scripture ive read them all and from my education i can tell you each and everyone so cram it befor you even start
  • Another one learning for themselves. The curse of Earth where everyone thinks they know more than the next one. You must be a big fan of Bill Mahre (sp?). It is the world we live in that is full of flaws and we all are the flaws in this world. Christ offers us all eternal hope way beyond this life and that is more REAL than anything in this greed based world. Blood is spilled because people disobey God and "learn for themselves". The flaws are on Earth not in the Bible.
  • Yes your right its so wrong to learn,question and find out FOR YOUSELF, we must follow, if your so smart blind sheep, who tells you whats in the bible? another man? Didnt your jesus say 'Each man must seak out his own salvation with fear and trembling", I guess from what you say he is wrong, so you sit and listen to what your told every sunday, blind sheep? You dont need to read it for yourself and not smart enough to understand it yourself so another anointed one tells you whats in it and what it means Mr Blind Sheep, Thank for proving my point blind sheep, first class dumb ass, see i told you that because you cant seem to do things yourself blind sheep, now go pray over that
  • Why can't Tebow live his life the way HE wants to live it? What is Noel Biderman doing sticking his 2 cents in anyway? Biderman just wants to be able to point fingers at Tebow and tear his image apart. If Tebow can be a positive role model for young folks, what's wrong with that? Don't we have enough gun toting, foul mouthed, no morals athletes to go around? It's kind of refreshing to see a pro that stands for something other than the gangsta mentality for a change.
  • I really don't care if Tim (any other athlete)about who they are having sex with, but if Tim has had sex, I would wager( i don't wager because i am almost always wrong)it be a gal in the phillipines.
  • I wished people would leave him alone. People complain about those wacky christians trying to control everything yet theyre tryign to do the same to him. Thats so hypocritical.

    On the other side of the fence i would say that TIM is hot! he can make money just taking his shirt off. Maybe make men's fitness magazines or some men's beachwear magazines. He will really turn heads!

    Who cares if he isnt a virgin? Im sure there are lots of women and men lined up though.

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