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It’s not a new idea, but the old burning-of-the-jersey can still be pretty entertaining. This time, Wes Welker is the one who’s the focus of Patriots fans’ ire. Welker signed a two-year, $12 million deal with the Broncos on Wednesday, not only leaving New England but also leaving to sign with Peyton Manning, one of New England’s least-loved opponents. New England fans, as to be expected, have decided to purge their closets accordingly. The fan in the video below seems to have a problem with Welker’s drops in recent seasons, as well as his inability to win a Super Bowl in New England. This fan decided to crack out the lighter without much regard for his backyard table — and in front of a child, no less (warning — some language). And that’s how it goes. Hope you didn’t need that $85 for something else.

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  • sad to see how some pats fans are just [cavemen uh uh] blame your front office burn a tie a blazer etc oh and as a bronco fan ill be watching whene he burns your azz this year they lied to you brady as well as wes and paid an inferrior player more but the real point is thank god for the real patriots fans you cavemen dont run nothing bet you wish you had elway running your teams front office billy is making his point for you and nobody will trust him and that means nobody will play for him
  • Please! If you are going to bother commenting..... please learn the English language and learn to write. You are an embarrassment to yourself.
  • What a sad video. Wes did not want to leave the Patriots...they drove him away with their lack of commitment. I'm waiting for Brady to say "enough is enough" and let Wes do his thing with Denver...
  • What a bunch of freakin morons!! They say that Boston is an intellectual city .... NOT!!! You want to burn a jersey ..... Burn a hoodie on account of Belicheck being such a dick. When was the last time the Pats won a SuperBowl??? When was the last time the Pats even scared any teams in the playoffs?? Belicheck thinks he's the headmaster at some private school and all of these adult men should cowtow to him?? He is an dipsh*t. Glad Welker is on a SuperBowl threat and not on a team that might make the playoffs and then bow out in the 1st round!!! Pats are a joke and Belichek is the reason. GO BRONCOS .... Welker will catch 120 passes ....
  • I agree that it wasn't smart on a lot of levels for the Pats...one being that I believe that player loyalty is under rated, and I do think the Patriots want to have the reputation of being loyal to the fans and players. With Welker leaving it does look a bit cut throat, Im not saying the NFL isn't a business but even with the intense pressure to Win another Super Bowl before Tom terrific retires you have to think a bit about the loyalty factor, also I do agree with (bashbrother213) that Welker could easily catch 120 passes next year for sure, however, I don't know about Boston not being intellectual, in fact there are more University's in the Boston area then you can count, including Harvard, and MIT among others.........
  • That mean that the students graduate on time. Just because a place as lot of schools does not mean much. By the way I live in New York so I can speak on the subject.

  • Congrats, you are the dumbest person on Earth! "Glad Welker is on a SuperBowl threat and not on a team that might make the playoffs and then bow out in the first round." Oh you mean like every single time P Manning made it to the post season and lost first round??You can buy a prime rib but if you can't cook then you've wasted your money.
  • Happy for you and your Broncos, now maybe you have a chance against us.....
  • Look, you cant blame some one to want to make the amount of money that they could, all be it for very few situations, like number 12. However, I don't think it was wrong for Wes to leave for the money, however I do want to point out that Wes might just have a little info on the Patriots offense and how it works.....this could prove devastating for the Patriots if and when "we" (new England) meet Denver next season....sadly when you consider this...keeping Welker in New England should have been a bigger priority
  • Given the effort Wes gave to the Patriots I can understand why people feel betrayed by his actions.
    To address the criticisms of Welker let us begin with the charge he dropped a few balls. This statement was made by Brady's agent and fails to address the balls he caught for touchdowns which helped Brady to become the highest rated quarterback.
    To those who complain about winning in New England,the key is snow,not the other factors like offensive intuition,defensive brilliance.When it snows they win,when it does not they lose.
    Check the records.
    Lastly, why are they burning his jersey,why don't they take his agent out to dry and burn his effigy.
    The Pats face several problems with their receivers coming back,for at least one of them is going to ask for the moon and stars.This will temper his demands,and the demands of other potential free agents.
  • Um......About that drop in the super Bowl against the giants, well I need to point out the obvious, yes the catch probably would have won the game, by no means was it an easy catch to make despite Chris Collinsworth comment that "Wes welker makes that catch a 100 times out of 100" no one makes a hundred catches without a droop or two, furthermore, I don't know why no one talks about Dieon Branch and Aaron Hernadez droping 3 balls total that hit them in the chest and hands......all be it with just under two minuets to go, which would have given the Pats a huge chunk of yardage on a last minuet drive that would have won the game......so I hope no one ever blames number 83 for the loss.......for real yo!!!
  • Welker dropped so many important passes in playoff and Suoer Bowl games in recent years. See Ya, don't let the door hit your azz on the way out.
    Now you can drop Peyton's
  • WELCOME! We're gonna love you in Denver. You'll catch more than you drop. We'll win the big prize with you on our team. You'll make us better. I only hope we can beat NE so you get some revenge...unbelievable disrespect. You're a hall of fame guy.
  • Its funny how many want our sports 'heros' to show some class but we as fans don't have to! Nice black-eye to Sport fans! Only some of course.
  • Fans feel it's their right to walk away from a team any time they feel like it - but God help a player who does the same!
  • When have the Broncos made it to the suprebowl oh ya not in this decade.By the way all you Bronco fans think you know it all , keep listening to the story tellers oh I mean Media.The pay adjustment wasnt about giving wes a big contract ,It was about fixing holes (SECONDARY).If anybody been paying attention the Patriots have been active in the market.We have the counter for wes his name is Hard hitting laying you out ADRION WILSON !!! Just sighned him today Looking forward to that can of WHOOPASS where going to open up on manning and the boys! I will be at Foxboro to witness the Funeral. Rusty you got the nerve to comment on B.B Last time i checked John Elway 2 Rings Brady 3 Rings or should i say Terrel Davis rings .By the way good job there MR ED on the paperwork screw up on Dumerveil boy he would look great in red white and blue !!!
  • Why would anyone be surprised at a Boston sports fan....they love winners, hate losers, and have very little class! Welker gave them a lot of good years....but his agent has probably seen the writing on the wall, Welker has some good years left, and the front office at New England probably has him up as trading bait. Congrats Denver for picking up a great football player....and New England fans: YOU should be thanking Welker for a lot of great seasons.
  • Please stop with the "New England = Boston" garbage. New England fans are MOSTLY in New England, but New England encompasses SIX states. The major city they're closest to is Boston, but that doesn't mean the most fanatical of their fans are Bostonians. I've been all around, and the people of Boston have more class in one fingertip than entire STATES out in "the Heartland" and the Deep South. Sports fandom often totally defies logic. Even the Giants and Jets, who share the same stadium, have completely different fans. The "defection" of ANY player, let alone a star, is usually seen as a betrayal by that team's fans. Don't you DARE act like this is the only place it happens!
  • please stop with the class and heartland deep south crap. i lived on the east coast for 20 yrs and nothing appealing or classy about bostonians. people are rude and the food sucks. one thing i will give them is they are true to their teams. pats, soxs, celtics, etc.... they are great fans but to state that they have class and heatland people and southerners do not is just crazy and idiotic. class basically requires manners and respect something truely lacking in ALL sports fans.
  • You Dont know us we stand behind all are TEAMS win or lose. None of us wanted to see WES leave. Its very hard to keep a solid team together when every year you have the other 31 teams wanting to grab your players.We lost another fan favorite today Danny Woodhead. So you guys shouldnt make comments about us NEW englanders ,BOSTON sports FANS, chowderheads OR WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE TO CALL US .
  • Way to stay classy you ugly New England fans.....
  • The NFL is a business yes, and Wes leaving is a blow. But fact is free agency has hurts all teams ,Patriots one team that always seem to over come that. See the Pats play as a team no one person is bigger or more valuable then any other, years ago when Brady and Bruschi cut their contracts to bring Randy Moss here it was they bought into fact of a championship team, now it did not always work out you bring players in and it up to them to perform.Now sometimes you get players that work tails off and go out day after day and perform sometimes you get players who think they a superstar and as such should be treated with kit gloves, Wes Welker performed, but as we saw last super bowl they SB, welker dropped a couple pass that helped cost the pats game, that along with secondary being burned, the pats have a need to build a stronger faster harder hitting secondary build the defense up, in order to do such they needed key players like Brady and Welker and other due to be free agents buy into the idea if we take less money so there more room under the salary cap we can bring in key players that will help us win again and again, they feel people like Brady wants to be on a winning team and go down in history as greatest team in all NFL history Brady will go down with Marino,or Montana or Elway as greatest to ever play the game the one Quarter back to win more Super bowls and have more victories then any player on one team in history, they the front office wants all their players to be of value team before the green.To put winning as a team and helping the front office build a quality team year after year after year, it takes teamwork, players who are veterans helping the new players learn the schemes, takes players set examples like willing to reduce pay to bring in key position players that will fill a void or make a weak area stronger, it takes front office to wheel and deal, to offer what money they can it like trying buy a player who is worth hundred million dollars for a penny, then bargain shop to bring the best players possible who want to win win win and to bring them to a team like pats who are always in playoffs year after year and to almost promise another championship, then to bring in players who are tired of being on mediocre teams or teams with not much talent, or not a good Qb, to buy into fact they come here, they have a 99% of winning it all, but they must be willing to take a pay cut, so you take a player that is valued at 120 mil and pay them like minimum wage to bring in many players possible and still stay under the damn cap, build a winning bargain team
  • Welker did not betray anyone, it was the Patriots that undercut Welker and were very much slime balls in the negotiations. I will be rooting for Welker because he is the best in the business
  • Who cares
  • goes to show why I hate eastern asshole people..
  • I hate Massachusetts and your corrupt crooked Kennedy's. I am going to find me a gypsy and put a 100 year curse on all of your sports teams to not win their championship.

    This guy is your typical boston masshole. A players worth, bottom line is what he can get. If 500,000 is so measly why didn't you send it to Kraft to resign Welker? Why, cause that's 18-20 years of your salary.

    Him not taking the money is like you not taking your next raise at your job. I wanna see a video of this guy going into work and rejecting his next raise and saying nope I will help the organization out by not taking extra money. Hippocrite.

    The only thing worse than Massachusetts are the states above it, there so lame they try to claim the boston teams as their home teams.

    maine and their giant sea cockroaches should be given to Canada, If you ever go there on vacation don't plan to stay more than 1 day there cause that's what it will take to see and absob everything maine is.

    Why didn't I capitalize maine, because it doesn't deserve it.
  • the evil empire shoves their best receiver out of the door and the fans burn his jersey, if that isn't categorical proof that these fans are brainwashed I don't know what is, these fans actually, to give them their correct title, are morons,brady took a restructure to allow bilious bill to re-sign him, to no avail, the force is too strong.....during the regular season anyway.
  • Broncos are now 1 more step closer to the Super Bowl..way to BLOW it Patsy's Love it!!!!!

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    Minnesota allows 70% garnishment of disabled veteran'

    By Keenan Reese (Contact)

    To be delivered to: State of North Dakota, The Minnesota State House, The Minnesota State Senate, Governor Mark Dayton, The United States House of Representatives and 2 other targets (click here to see more)

    Petition Statement

    Stop legislature from charging interest on disabled in non-criminal enforcement claims. Why should the disabled pay more when they can't work and earn enough to pay their obligations in State enforcement cases. This is not right, if able they would have no problem in making their deadlines and forgo interest rates.

    Petition Background

    After veteran is rendered disabled from an accident caused by the negligence of co-worker. The State of Minnesota allows for the garnishment of his disabilty check. I don't see any reason that they should seek such a large amount. Ther should be a limit on what they can take. To see full details go tp WWW.ripoffreport.com,Type State of Minnesota in search engine. Thank you K. Reese

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  • Are these people for real? And whose fault was it when the lost the year before in the super bowl to the giants-some people need to grow up. What ever the reason where was he supposed to play if the team opted to cut him?

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