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It must be tough to be in your early 20s and have the weight of a fan base resting on your shoulders--or in Robert Griffin III's case his knees. The pressure on guys like him is intense from performing on the field, doing the right thing off the field, and saying nothing that anyone can twist or misinterpret to get in you in hot water with, well--anyone. So when a player such as Robert Griffin III tweets or speaks there is one thing that you can be sure of. Everyone--and I mean everyone--will be listening (or reading; you know what I mean). Thursday night RG3 sent a series of tweets that are likely going to produce a whole lot of blog posts and specualtion (hey!). Why? Well, not just because they are from him or what they said. Almost more because of what they didn't say: "You ever say something & people interpret it a certain way but you didn't mean it that way but meant it how you said it??? Yea..." ""The few" will always post pics & make fun of the injured. Don't let it cloud your judgement when it comes to the good in this world" "In a land of freedom we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness" "Tyranny has not just 1 meaning." "Tyranny- "a condition imposed by some outside agency or force "If we speak..we say it the wrong way. If we do not speak we are cowards...." "Hate is strong. But love is even stronger. Appreciate the support people. I'm out for the night." Huh? What exactly he is talking about no one but him knows. Hopefully we will find out only because it is obvious he is thinking hard about what he feels is a pretty serious matter--but what? With such well thought out words there will be many who will try to interpret a lot. That is for sure! Of course the problem will be just what he alluded to; someone will take the words and misinterpret them. Maybe it is intention and they want headlines; maybe it is an honest to goodness accident. Either way it just ads to the pressure that a young person that most of us still call 'a kid' should not have to deal with. Comes with the territory right? It's what happens when you make millions to play a game for a  living, right? Keep in mind sports fans, guys like him make that kind of money only because of the way that we fanatically follow the every pitfall and victory of the team that guys like RG3 play for. If we didn't watch and hang on every last bit of information (yes, I know that everyone doesn't, but enough do--myself included) then guys like him would not exist to play this game. Of course that's why we do watch it--because of the RG3s of the league. But do you think he would have worked so hard to get where he is if the fans did not love what he does so much? Yeah, his own competitive spirit has a lot to do with it, but no one trains to play a pick up game in the back yard. So is there a point to all my rambling? Yeah...I think so... I think that what I'm trying to say is that what fans, writers--especially bloggers--, talking heads on TV, and anyone else that likes to comment on sports need to do is remember that while we love it it is essentially just a game. Back off these guys, and let them live their lives. Who knows--maybe if we do they'll actually play better.

Robert Griffin III knows he made a mistake by staying in the Seahawks game

Washington Redskins quarterback told ESPN the Magazine that he realizes that staying in last season’s playoff game against the Seahawks was a mistake. “I don’t feel like playing against the Seahawks was a mistake. But I see the mistake IN IT,” Griffin said, via Dan Steinberg of The Washington Post.   Griffin elaborated. “With what happened and how everything was running...

RG3 Goes to the Kentucky Derby

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is literally all over the place. Just last week he was at the White House Correspondents dinner after party, and this weekend he is at the Kentucky Derby. This kid knows how to enjoy life, and might I add, look good while doing it. In an interview with NBC...

Robert Griffin III Tweets About Political Correctness, Likely Referencing Redskins’ Potential Name Change

The Washington Redskins’ name continues to be controversial, and, recently, local politicians again began to put pressure on the franchise to change it. However, according to the team’s star quarterback, that all may be just a bunch of P.C. hogwash. On Tuesday, after the moniker again started to make headlines, Robert Griffin III took to Twitter, decrying the evils of political...

RG3: “People say DC’s my Town not Obama’s, I Don’t Look at it That way, But I can see What They’re Saying”

“A lot of people have said DC’s my town, it’s not Obama’s town,” RG3 says. “Obama’s the second most popular person in the city. I don’t look at it that way. But I can see what they’re saying....

Robert Griffin III Admits Should Not Have Been Playing in Playoff Game

The most talked about knees in the nation's capital do not belong to the President or the First Lady, but the 23-year old quarterback of the Washington Redskins, Robert Griffin III. Will they--especially the one injured in the playoff game--be good to go on Opening Day in a few months? No one knows; it all depends on how well RG3 rehabs his injury. We do know one thing--RG3...

Robert Griffin III Covers ESPN Mag

Whoop de doo Juan… So far it’s been a great 1st day of May, and Washington Redskins Quaterback Robert Griffin III is a coverboy for ESPN Magazine 15th year anniversary issue. To See the RG3 pics click here. RG3 Does Jumping Jacks On Draft Day RG3 Shows Off His Backswing

RGIII Runs Afoul Of The PC Police

Robert Griffin III crafted the perfect statement of controversial vagueness yesterday afternoon, when he tweeted out this melodramatic rant against the agents of political correctness. This, of course, led many to speculate exactly what issue had caused such agita in the young quarterback. Was he upset that he had to hold back against misguided government do-gooders and Native Americans...

RG3: I want Redskins to make Cowboys Stadium ‘home’

During a pep rally on Saturday, RGIII said he wants to make Cowboys Stadium his “home” (Credit: AP Photo/Tim Sharp) On Saturday, the Washington Redskins held a pep rally at FedEx Field for the team’s fan. During the rally, quarterback Robert Griffin III took some time to talk to the crowd and get the fans excited about the possibility of him coming back week one. Griffin, took...

NFC East: post-draft stock watch

Washington Redskins, DOWN: The Redskins addressed some of their needs, but they didn't do anything in the draft to help keep their young star, Robert Griffin III, safe. If he gets banged up again, we'll be looking back at the draft wondering why the Redskins didn't spend the farm protecting one of the most electric players in football. New York Giants, UP: Giants...

Poll finds support for Redskins name

It's been a rough offseason for the Washington Redskins, and not just because of the knee injury to star quarterback Robert Griffin III. The team's nickname, which some consider a derogatory term for Native Americans, has faced a barrage of criticism. Local leaders and pundits have called for a name change. Opponents have launched a legal challenge intended to deny the team...

Redskins Team Name Receives Widespread Support, According to National Poll

WASHINGTON — It’s been a rough offseason for the Washington Redskins, and not just because of the knee injury to star quarterback Robert Griffin III. The team’s nickname has faced a new barrage of criticism for being offensive to Native Americans. Local leaders and pundits have called for a name change. Opponents have launched a legal challenge intended to deny the team federal...

Photos: Blake Griffin, Robert Griffin III, Rounda Rousey, Bryce Harper For ESPN The Magazine ’15 Year Anniversary Isse’

ESPN The Magazine is celebrating 15 years of success with an “Anniversary Issue” featuring four excellent covers with superstar athletes Blake Griffin, Robert Griffin III, Ronda Rousey, & Bryce Harper. Check out their fun-filled shoot below, which cover is your favorite. Blake Griffin(Los Angeles Clippers) John Vavartos jeans, J.Crew shirt, Saint Laurent necktie, Air Jordan...
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