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Note: Be sure to follow FNLoud on Twitter. They are trying to start a movement in making the crowd more lively.

Yes, I use to be that guy.

The transplant who would watch Sabres games on TV and wonder, where is the crowd noise? Why are these people leaving early? Why can't we get a fricken chant going!? These fans suck!? I had that notion at different times during my detour in NYC. However, I changed my tune sometime last year during the playoffs. Like many on Twitter, I was bashing the crowd after game 3 of the playoffs against Philly and then I realized that a few of my twitter favorites were at the game. I just kind of felt bad about it. As crazy as it sounds, I think I may have apologized about it.

Look, I come off as being a blowhard at times, but if there's one thing I want, it is to be liked. I spring corny jokes whenever possible, even if I'm at church or a meeting.

98% of the people I follow, I happen to really enjoy the banter and conversations. It is the amazing thing about the social media. On Twitter, the blogosphere has its own clique. Sure, you have Matt, myself, the Buffalowins family, the DGWUS crew (Transplants with a maniacal edge to them) and then maybe in another corner you have Katebits, Heather B., and others who are optimistic dreamers when it comes to the Sabres.

Nothing is wrong with any of this, what I'm saying is that we all know each other even though we all share different POVs and most of us have never met. Arguments, happiness, debates, anger, clever hash tags, feces jokes and unfollows, seem to be the norm between us friends.  For the blogging clique, we have all grown up together in a way. It is like starting at a job with someone you don't know, only to both rise in the ranks and become friends with the guy you shared a cube with. I'm not saying we are taking over, but I think blogs have come a long way since I started blogging in 2010.

When you start a blog, normally you try to befriend other bloggers. "Please put me on your blog roll" or "Do you have advice about blogging?" seems to be the jumping off point. Some of us have enjoyed a few beverages with each others, while others wouldn't dare follow you.

Without getting all gushy, I like being on Twitter with everyone. I enjoy the interaction. I really started to reflect on Twitter and bloggers during the West coast road trip. Being up after midnight with like 60 others on Twitter was kind of feel good moment for me. It was fun. A hoot.

I'm just very thankful for all my 2,100 followers (Yes, I'm bragging). I like being able to read the clever snark and obtuse tweets between us good friends. I've met some friends because of the social network and I didn't even have to pay for it like on EHarmony.

Maybe Sabres blogs are water downed, but I like that everyone has a blog/voice. Before some of us got rich on blogs (Um, no one), we had no clue what we were doing. Don't believe me? Look at your first 5 stories. At least look at my first five stories. Not good. We were all crappy at one point (Save your jokes. I'm as self-deprecating as they come.)

Off the subject and because I'm in diary/OCD mode, I'll go down this path, I find it to be a little conceited when established blogs take shots about the boom in Sabres blogs. In other words, there are always vacancies in Johnny's basement and like them, you started there and you just have a top bunk now.

If they are poorly written or are Pulitzers, I think it's great for someone to write their thoughts down like a diary about the Sabres. It is great to break the rules of journalism. I hated that crap in college and this represents my rebellion to the system, which I hope you all grab on to if you are a blogger.

Anyways, liking the majority of people/bloggers on my Twitter feed made me stop being the guy who calls out fans at the games. Frankly, the majority of my friends who still live in Buffalo hardly go to Sabres games. The fans I know who goto the F'N Center 10-30 times a year are the ones in my Twitter feed and the majority of them, aren't taking the criticism lightly. 

  • Fans have the right to do what they want at games.
  • You aren't the one buying a ticket, so you may as well shut up.
  • This is just another example of Buffalo trying to find reasons to hate themselves.
  • Get lost you #$%# $#$@ %#$

What I end up seeing is like black on black crime. Discord between Sabres fans. Reaction to the reaction. Blah, blah, blah. I use to always think that when Bucky or Sully wrote anything negative about the Sabres, it would bring down a **** storm of epic proportions from Twitter. Move over snap judgements from Bucky, because talking about the crowd at the Sabres games brings out a new venom that triggers gunshots. People who normally wouldn't get angry on Twitter, get defensive about it. 

You know how some white people hate talking about race with black people? That's kind of how I feel about talking about the crowd at the arena. It reaches a level of discomfort for me. I even think most people are sticking up for those fans because they have friends/blogger friends who goto those games. Maybe some of you are like me and have decided to quiet down about it. It is weird, because I'll debate someone until I'm blue in the face if they say Darcy made out like a bandit on deadline day, but when it comes to just handing out a broad statement about people who put their hard earned money into buying Sabres tickets, I end up coming to a complete halt. I just feel bad about it. Freedom of speech for fans. Who the hell am I to tell you how to cheer?

Anyways, I stopped being dude on the couch who yells at the TV about the crowd's reaction. Actually, I had this mishap, but I don't think it was that serious.

I say all of this because after watching the Winnipeg game..I...I... the question of why can't we be that loud entered my mind?

I'm sorry Twitter, it is nothing personal, but I just don't get why we have this amazing thirst for beer and sports and yet, the F'N Center seems like a library. I don't have this giant problem with it, but it leaves me wondering...why? I don't really buy the "You can do what you want at games" hype or Larry Quinn's stupid roof or game presentation. I don't even buy the nervous energy. At most sporting events in the north east, there's an electricity in the air with the crowd. Also, I'm sure the players would love to hear more cheers. Players feed off that energy. Lindy Ruff even said that after the Rangers game three weeks ago. There's a reason why the 12th man is retired.

(Note: Matthew Stewart vehemently AGREES with the last four sentences. Really. He does.)

I've been to at least 10 Bills games over the last decade, and every game, there's a crazy love in the air with the crowd. Everyone is going nuts for a team that sucks absolute testicles. Yes, I understand that beer is a factor as well as tailgating, but don't tell me that the 16,000 who goto Sabres games, who remain silent, have never gone to a Bills game to yell. I just don't know why that's the case. I'm not angry by it. I don't think I need to lead the march for cowbells at the Arena or whatever idea they may have, but I'm just at a point of wondering why isn't the crowd like other hockey beds? Does that make me a bad fan? Am I the transplant who can't voice this? Opps, I'm going back to being the guy yelling at my laptop. Look, I don't think it is bad to ask why is it quiet? I'm not bashing, I'm merely just asking. Just curious...

I could give some reasons as to why I think this is the reason:

  • Team is unlikable.
  • Not enough young people in the expensive seats.
  • Entertainment value sucks.

I really don't know what the point of this post has become. Is it about trying to be liked and not crapping on people I enjoy? The blogger community being a fraternity?  Am I just doing this for some web traffic for a topic that has been picked up by other blogs? Maybe I just wanted to write all of this before I stabbed my friends in the back about not being loud enough? Maybe I'm just whacked?

I don't know, you tell me if I'm making sense.

Note: Be sure to follow FNLoud on Twitter. They are trying to start a movement in making the crowd more lively.

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