Originally written on The Royal Half  |  Last updated 11/18/14
*THE FOLLOWING BELOW IS NOT WRITTEN BY THE ROYAL HALF, BUT RATHER PUMPERNICHOLL, OUR MASTER RECAPPER* KINGS 1, SHARKS 2 (OT), JON QUICK PISSED OFF   Another Hollywood ending for the Los Angeles Kings in Game 2 made it six straight wins for the defending Stanley Cup Champions (and typing that will never get old). Coincidentally, those six wins all came with Alec Martinez in the lineup. A fixture in the Kings top-six for the past two seasons, Martinez has helped stabilize the defensive corps since his return to the starting lineup in Game 3 against the St. Louis Blues. So it was rather shocking to read that Darryl Sutter decided to bench Martinez for the upcoming game against the San Jose Sharks. Sure, Martinez finished at a -3 in Game 2, but the general consensus around all sports is to never mess with a winning lineup.  That said, it's hard to question the coach who led the team to its first championship less than 12 months ago. So the Kings headed up to the Shark Tank coming off a huge comeback to take a commanding 2-0 lead in the series. The latest win came after a couple of penalty calls late in the game turned the momentum for the Kings as they scored 22 seconds apart in the dying moments of the game. It was especially important for the Kings to win Game 2 not just because home-ice means so much to these two teams, but because referees never make series altering penalty calls late in a game. Rest assured, borderline penalty calls like those won't be seen in a playoff game for years, if ever again. Wait... what? Click Here to Read the Rest of PumperNicholl's RECAP of Game 3 vs the Sharks!!! *Editor's Note: Feel free to interact with these tweets. They have been embedded to make your life easier. Just don't be idiots. Or be idiots. Whatever.   PREGAME: God damnit blues. Still bummed about that series loss. **** the kings. — Dylan Kennedy (@Dyl_Kennedy) May 18, 2013 At least the pain is over Blues fans...   Never change, @nhlonnbcsports. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever change. twitpic.com/cripv2 — The Royal Half (@theroyalhalf) May 18, 2013 ...ouch.   #SJSVSLAK #BeatLA #BeatTheKINGS#SJsharks #StanleyCupPlayoffs #sharksnation #gosharks #letsgosharks #****** #SHARKSTERRITORY #BRINGYOURLOUD — Mulatto❤Mixed Girls (@MixedNigga_) May 18, 2013 MOAR HASTHAGS!   **** the Kings and **** posers who think they are real hockey fans. Mother ******* deserve to die. #PureHatred — Stoneyranger (@Stoneyranger) May 18, 2013 I dunno, this seems hella poserish.   Getting my drunk on at the sharks game #****** — Shawn campbell (@Buschbud) May 18, 2013 So many people at my house randomly, ****, I mean this better not interfere with the Sharks game, got a monopoly on this tv 6-9 minimum. — Neil Jariwalla (@NeilJariwalla19) May 19, 2013 LETS DO THIS?! #SJSHARKS #BLACKANDTEAL #SHARKSTERRITORY #****** — Andres Villa (@Ndre3030) May 19, 2013 #LETS #DO #THIS FIRST PERIOD: **** YES BOYLE!!!!!! twitter.com/awheaties/stat… — Ashlynn Wheatley (@awheaties) May 19, 2013 1-0 Sharks after Dr. Evil/Zoolander superfan Dan Boyle scores on the powerplay.   If LA continues to get these garbage call and non calls against them they can't lose #brutal #****** — MVictor16 (@RedWingVictory) May 19, 2013 Uh...   hahahahaha please understand my dad is a passionate sharks fan! vine.co/v/bEliVg0eF7Q — Raquel Cloutier (@RockyWasHere) May 19, 2013 Yes, that makes perfect sense in that case. **** you Toffoli your a scumbag — Rudy Herring (@rudyHerring) May 19, 2013 Hey, now! Don't Hassle the Toff! Who the **** is Toffoli? — Conor McMahon (@Condor_McMahon) May 19, 2013 Allow me to introduce you!   SECOND PERIOD: **** tha LA Kings...you in my city now. The SHARK TANK!!!! — Eric Loera_408 (@ericloera) May 19, 2013 Someone should explain to this kid that an arena is not a city.   #****** #****** #****** #****** #****** #****** #****** #****** #****** #****** #****** #****** #****** #****** #****** #****** #****** — Stephanie Martinez (@HotaruSobotka) May 19, 2013 Seriously, is there a hashtag/capital letter usage quota in NorCal I'm unaware of?   According to all hockey commentators, the best goalies ever:1-5: Quick6: Roy7-9: Quick10: Plante11-99: Quick#****** — Adam Russo (@ThunderDump) May 19, 2013 Seems about right.   I ******* HATE THESE ***** ASS SHARKS DIVING AND PLAYING ******* DIRTY, OH AND **** THEIR STUPID ASS FANS TOO, **** YOU. — Austin Alarcon (@xIceInMyVeins) May 19, 2013 Scott Gomez is almost the same level of scummy **** that Raffi Torres is. **** him up #Kings — Alex (@Velox_Dorado) May 19, 2013 These announcers are all over Quicks dick and it's really annoying!!! #****** — ҜℛiⓢϮiƝ ☠❤ (@k_roo813) May 19, 2013 Yeah, he's never done anything.   DAMN SHARKS ARE DIRTY AS ****..NO WONDER YA'LL HAVING TROUBLE WINNING THE CUP..BUNCH OF ******* — RAIDER RAY RAY (@rhramen122) May 19, 2013   THIRD PERIOD: ****! i forgot the kings played today !!! :( — Hazel∞ (@HazelBieberGV) May 19, 2013 LA problems.   One more ****** call against the sharks and I'm going to walk to new york and **** on every member of the nhl head offices desks. #NHL — Sam vopni (@samvopni) May 19, 2013 Its #chomp time LA Kings **** Tyler Saint. — Andrew Noseworthy (@getdownyall) May 19, 2013 Least. Intimidating. Thing. Ever.   So Quick gets tackled two times and no call. But Lewis gets pushed into Niemi and penalty. WHAT THE ****. — Kayla Shimasaki (@kaylashima) May 19, 2013 Uh oh.   Oh bull ****** ****.What 4-3 for ot in the playoffs. **** you refs.Go kings — Jen Martin (@JenMartin20) May 19, 2013 Never change, Kings fans.   Are you ******* kidding me?! A ******* offensive zone ******* penalty with 3 ******* seconds left before ******* overtime? ******* ****! — LiterallyWilWheaton (@wilw) May 19, 2013 @wilw I prefer ****, *******, ****, ****, ****... refs need to get off their knees, they're blowing the game — Stephanie Thompson (@MissConduct4) May 19, 2013 **** MAN STUPID ASS PENALTY — IMARABIANNOTSAMOAN (@maceasaeli) May 19, 2013 Can't wait for LA to kill off the penalties and do some crazy **** to win the game just to see the Sharks fans reactions on FB. — Seth Berozofsky (@SirPikajew) May 19, 2013 @raiderguy702 ****** *******!! ITS OK WERE GONA SEND EM HOME WITH LOST HOPES OF WINNING A CUP — RAIDER RAY RAY (@rhramen122) May 19, 2013   OVERTIME: #BucciOvertimeChallenge Couture / **** the Kings — Connor Holton (@CHolton14) May 19, 2013 I wish i wasnt so violent towards san jose...Wait no i dont **** THE SHARKS. — Bailey Aguilar (@Bailey63Aguilar) May 19, 2013 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA **** THE KINGS!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! — #ForeverBleedingBlue (@Pookeo9) May 19, 2013 YESSS HAHAHAHA **** YOU KINGS — BMO (@Mattthesex) May 19, 2013 ****.I mean Damn.Final 2 Damns to 1 Yes.Kings leading series 2 games to 1.Let's come back and take game 4 Kings. #GoKignsGo — Jeff (@fittin2) May 19, 2013 **** you sharks & **** your stupid ass refs! — Laura☽ ☠ ☯ (@laurawazz) May 19, 2013 **** THE SHARKS. IM ******* DONE. THESE REFS CAN SUCK MY FAT DICK — erik elmer (@erikelmer45) May 19, 2013 Logan ****** couture babayyyy!!! What did I say about the tank #sitonit #****** about even this ***** up Tuesday woooooo!!! — Matt Grondin (@MgrondinSp3cial) May 19, 2013 ****! Eat **** sharks cause when next game comes around we'll make sure to murder you — Veronica Kazaryan (@vkazaryan13) May 19, 2013 Sharks can suck my dick. **** all you shark fans. — A-Town✨ (@bigbootayalissa) May 19, 2013 There u go San Joseph! #****** #********** #************ — Tommy Gavin (@jusdewyit) May 19, 2013 **** yeah!!!!Logan!!!!! Sharks!!!! Karma got that ass kings....**** yhe la queens!!! — Eric Loera_408 (@ericloera) May 19, 2013 Cooter with the gift goal. I don't ever want to hear **** from Sharks fans about any referee calls. — Josh McNeil (@JoshMcNeil20) May 19, 2013 I ******* MISSED YEEZY CUZ I DECIDED TO WATCH THE SHARKS KINGS OT **** — DJ $TANK DADDY (@WeaveTracks) May 19, 2013 **** the refs. **** the Sharks. **** the city of San Jose. #KingsIn5 — Harry Kaladzhyan (@HKally41) May 19, 2013 San Jose chompin down on these kings ******* #sharkssharksshstkssharkssharks #**** — donny donny (@donavonX) May 19, 2013 I like everyone on the sharks except Joe Thornton. He can go **** himself. — Max Evans (@MaxCEvans) May 19, 2013 Flipping the **** out in the middle of Santana Row cuz the sharks won. #getoveritpeople #**************** #myboobsstayedinmydress — Elle✨ (@aellerg18) May 19, 2013 Such ********!!! ******* piece of **** #Couture @sanjosesharks still suck my ass and are still gonna lose the series. ******* hate #sharks — JSitterle57 (@Jsitterle) May 19, 2013 **** YEAH, SHARKS WINTRANSLATION: QUEENS TOOK IN THE ASS — El_Bombadero (@El_Bombadero) May 19, 2013 I'm so drunk I thought the kings win that game when I looked at the TV ****** sharks won. What ze quef shart **** pants. — Matt Moran (@M0Ran_94) May 19, 2013 If you really cant use a 5-3 to your advantage at HOME that says something, a loss is a loss but the sharks played like ****. — Edwin Acuna (@Edwinprime) May 19, 2013 **** THE ****** LA KINGS — Colin Kennedy (@KobraCola) May 19, 2013   TRH THREE STARS OF THE NIGHT   So, yeah... That ending was all sorts of crazy. Kings fans were understandably upset after their team had lost. Conspiracy theories were thrown around about the game being rigged and it just got ugly.   Despite the loss, the Kings still have a 2-1 lead in the series and need to only win two of the next four games to advance to the next round.   Plus you get to see Sharks fans writing asinine comments and acting like this: 3. Sharks Fans RT: @meganklembithh: Alyssa's reaction to the Sharks winning... vine.co/v/b9BHVIJlpOQ @sanjosesharks — alyssa (@alyssaorlicough) May 19, 2013 This is what happens when the sharks finally win vine.co/v/b9BHTlzUhJb — Matt Witham (@SmokeTIlliSleep) May 19, 2013 Me screaming for joy when the Sharks won in overtime. vine.co/v/b9BHI09Wzix — Timothy King (@timoking89) May 19, 2013 Congratulations to the Sharks on winning their first 2013 playoff game against an NHL team. 2. S-M-R-T Sharks Fans  SARKS WIN!!!!!! game 4 Monday #sjsharks #PlayoffHockey #****** — Kevin Moorman (@kmoormanh20) May 19, 2013 I love everything about this tweet. Am I the only one who thinks this Stoll "injury" is BS and if they advance vs Sharks he will be fine for the next series? #Sjsharks — Boom Boom (@air807) May 20, 2013 Sigh. My friend actually bought this #FreeRaffi img.ly/uSzG — Charles Richards (@C_Richards97) May 20, 2013 Interesting investment on a player who will never play for the Sharks again.   1. Sharks Fans Celebrating Advancing to Western Conference Final   @cougswsu I kinda want sharks vs blackhawks so I can proudly wear my sharks gear in Chicago! — pjdaisy13 (@Pjdaisy13) May 19, 2013 If The Sharks beat the Kings they should have Raffi Torres on the ice to start Game 1 of the next series to send a message to the NHL. — Mucking Aces (@muckingaces) May 19, 2013 Can't wait until San Jose is accused of voter fraud during the Blackhawks series. — Fear The Fin (@fearthefin) May 19, 2013 Never change, Sharks fans. Never change.
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