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NEWARK, NJ - JANUARY 31: Jonathan Quick #32 of the Los Angeles Kings skates against the New Jersey Devils at the Prudential Center on January 31, 2010 in Newark, New Jersey. The Kings defeated the Devils 3-2. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
*THE FOLLOWING BELOW IS NOT WRITTEN BY THE ROYAL HALF, BUT RATHER PUMPERNICHOLL, OUR MASTER RECAPPER* KINGS 2, SHARKS 2 The maddening conclusion of Games 2 and 3 left both fan bases bitter. Borderline calls by the referees had swung the momentum for opposing teams in each game and ultimately decided the outcome. Fans don't go to hockey games to watch the referees, yet they were becoming the focal point of this series. While neither team liked what transpired, they couldn't do anything about it now. What they could do was move on and realize that things had evened up, and this was assuredly the end of any referee interference that would determine the final score. And it was a good day heading into Game 4. Kings fans were especially excited that longtime supporter Kevin Ryder from KROQ's Kevin & Bean was going to live tweet the second period from the @LAKings official feed! The team was 5-0 this season when a guest tweeter took over the account (3-0 with @theroyalhalf, 1-0 with @johnondrasik, and 1-0 with @wilw), so it was a great omen heading into the game. Refs were done evening up calls and the Kings had a celebrity guest to run their Twitter account. Nothing could ruin this! Twitter Takeover: Tonight Kings/Sharks, game 4 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. In the 2nd period, I'm taking over @lakings twitter!#GoKingsGo — Kevin Ryder(@thekevinryder) May 21, 2013 @thekevinryder @lakings This concept scares me, just a little bit. Go #LAKings Go. — Randy 'Raz' Ullon (@3dc_Raz) May 21, 2013 @3dc_raz @thekevinryder it scares all of us — LA Kings (@LAKings) May 21, 2013 @thekevinryder @lakings did u really expect anything else. We have had the honor of heading u f **** up 4 almost 20 years. Part of ur charm — Victor C (@VicCed) May 21, 2013 Let's just get to the game already.   Click Here to Read the Rest of PumperNicholl's RECAP of Game 4 vs the Sharks!!!   PREGAME: Got My #FinsUp Today, #SanJoseSharks Bout To Whoop The #LAQueens Asses, Reppin That #******** EveryWhere I Go! #SHAAAAARKS #*************** — ThatJerkDerk (@ThatJerkDerk) May 21, 2013 LACE THE **** UP, LA....IT'S GAMEDAY. #LAKings #ReturnToGlory #OneGameAtATime — Christian Allen (@ChristianAllen1) May 21, 2013 LACIN' 'EM UP!   OMG! I cannot believe these calls!! The refs are a piece of ****! Just pregame warmups for tonight's game. LoL #LAKings #Believe — Greg A. (@PucksAndGrub) May 21, 2013 Sheesh. Come on, that won't happen for a third straight game.   Lace the **** up! It's game day for our defending Stanley Cup Champion #LAKings #GOKINGSGO — Travis Pfahler (@socaltrav) May 21, 2013 LACIN'-- Wait, didn't we do this already? I can't wait for the sharks game!!!!!! **** THE QUEENS! #tieuptheseries #BeatLA — Javier Velez (@Jdonovan_10) May 21, 2013 Beat LA??? Pls.**** the Kings — Ana Luz (@AnaLuzRedux) May 22, 2013 Who the **** shaves during the playoffs. Marleau you idiot. That's why u won't beat the Kings. — Dave Uhl (@golfstardad) May 22, 2013 I think I found Jeremy Roenick's personal Twitter account.     FIRST PERIOD: Goal!!!!!!! **** ya burns get u some — T richards(@timrichards78) May 22, 2013 That was quick.   And I'd just like to ask what the **** everyone was doing on that goal? This game is going to be a giant ***********. #LAKings — richard homer (@richardhomer) May 22, 2013 It'll settle down, I'm sure of it.   The kings are seeing first hand why you dont **** with San Jose when they throw their black unis on. — Nick Rosenblatt (@NickRosenblatt9) May 22, 2013 CHEATERS! Bring back the teal!   how the **** is that ok???? WHAT IS THAT ****. **** LA seriously. the kings are the ******* worst. **** you quick. #SJSharks — Lily (@teapotsonfire) May 22, 2013 Jonathan Quick is just keeping his #GloveHandStrong.   This first period has angered me greatly... What the **** @lakings get it together!!! — Nick Roach (@NickRoachhh) May 22, 2013   SECOND PERIOD: **** **** **** **** **** **** **** #lakings — sifry borrayo (@cfritolemon) May 22, 2013 BOYLEEEEEEE 2-0! KEEP IT THE **** UP SHARKS! — Nina Jackson (@oohninabby) May 22, 2013 Solid start. STOP TAKING ******* STUPID PENALTIES, #LAKINGS! YOU'RE PLAYING LIKE ****** BEER LEAGUERS! ****! — Laurie D. (@Redfroggy) May 22, 2013 **** YOU REFS ******* ******* GIVING SHARKS THE ENTIRE GAME AND SERIES LAVERUT KUNEM BOZI TGHEK — MGOD_AVO G (@avohannesyan) May 22, 2013 MGOD is not a fan of the refs.   The Kings don't wantit bro **** them niggas. #SHARKSTERRITORY — C. Gatsby. (@LordChris_) May 22, 2013 Definitely don't want to mess with this guy.   Go Sharks! **** the queens! #sharks #laqueens — Ka-KAW!!! (@thedrunkrunner) May 22, 2013 watching the sharks game high as **** — PROD. TAYLOR MICHAEL (@TAYLORmBEATS) May 22, 2013 .@dustinpenner25 we all know that was a goal, **** the refs! Use the anger & show them why the #LAKings are champions! #GoKingsGo #Believe — Laurie D. (@Redfroggy) May 22, 2013 Sigh. More on this later.     THIRD PERIOD: 20 minutes left, hopefully the Kings are pumping some Limp ******* Bizkit "Break Stuff" and they come out and **** **** up!!! #GoKingsGo — Coach Smart(@nothercoldboy) May 22, 2013 It's just one of those days ...where you lose faith in humanity.   Sharks Getting It! Came To **** **** Up! #*************** #******** #SanJoseSharks #FinsUp #SJSharks #BeatTheQueens. — ThatJerkDerk (@ThatJerkDerk) May 22, 2013 I had a roommate that was a kings fan. He was a ******* prick. **** the kings! — نايثن جريفن (@Natoni10) May 22, 2013 Natoni was the best roommate I've ever had. Miss ya, bud!   Burns ****** baby dick #15 from the kings **** #SJSharks — John Gonzalez (@eljohnr9) May 22, 2013 Holy ****, Burns just hit the flying butt scissors on Richardson... #renandstimpy #sjsharks — Dr. Gonzo (@49ersInYoPocket) May 22, 2013   Solid contact.   Why'd my dad have to wear **** super baggy when he was younger -_- he got two LA Kings jerseys and a J. Kidd Mavs jersey but they hella big. — Cristian Choda. (@_CocaCota) May 22, 2013 Every Kings fan can relate and is nodding in agreement.   **** the LA Queens. #BeatLA #BeatLA #BeatLA — MaidenOfTheDark (@MaidenOfTheDark) May 22, 2013 Whatever Kings. What the **** ever. And can we get NBC off their knees. Suckin that Kings **** a little too hard gentlemen. — Priti (@PritiH8Machine) May 22, 2013 To the man who looked at my jersey and said Richards was a *****. Excuse me but he just made a goal. So **** you! #gorichards #thatsmyman — Tiffany Azpeitia (@Tiffywiffyniffy) May 22, 2013 COMIN' BACK!   Goddamn!!! **** ya Richards!!! Omg. @jaydeepoo1 and i just screamed so loud. @lakings #becauseitsthecup — jessie (@jayywhizzlekuh) May 22, 2013 the kings scored. **** it im gettin wasted! — Killa Kam (@KamSF) May 22, 2013 @leika_laroq **** the kings. oops sorry, *Queens* bunch of sissies — ♔Donnalee♔ (@niallswhoresss) May 22, 2013 the sharks and their "fans" can **** themselves see you the **** in LA ***** — sam (@catooooooooooo) May 22, 2013 Who the **** actually would be proud enough to proclaim themselves a sharks fan? You wear teal..go sink — SansFromage (@SansxFromage) May 22, 2013 I have to shower but the #LAKvsSJS game is intense as **** — James Callaghan(@_JCALLAGHAN) May 22, 2013 That's been my excuse since the start of the 2012 playoffs.   “@charlie_chronic: How bout them sharks!!! :-)”You cheer when the kings score and compliment the sharks? You're a ****** ****** — meth addict since'95 (@brucebarker1) May 22, 2013 @lakings **** you guys. You can't win **** you ******* dick loving cumswappers — Jared Bohan (@JaredBohan) May 22, 2013 Series is tied 2-2?   Happy ****** bday to me. The biggest pussssaaaayyy #scumbag couture scores again and the **** bag sharks beat the @lakings, ******** — B-RAD-G (@fake_hubEdoe) May 22, 2013 Holy ****. #SJSharks playoff games are awesome. Especially the final minute where EVERYONE was standing and screaming "Beat LA!!!" — Jon Wold (@jwizzle241) May 22, 2013 Let's not go crazy. I still love Disnyland. I think. RT @garcia94jesus: @jstlikedori Man **** THE KINGS AND DISNYLAND — Christina (@jstlikedori) May 22, 2013 Yay Sharks, time to get rid of the ****** queens!! — Brad Curry (@VonCurry) May 22, 2013 **** the Sharks #Blues — Braeden Beymer (@BarackoBraeden) May 22, 2013 Never change, Blues fans.       TRH THREE STARS OF THE NIGHT:   3. Kevin Ryder   Do I need to address this?   Someone said something stupid on Twitter and we're supposed to make fun of them?! How juvenile is that?!     Oh, this is awkward.   So Kevin made a mess of the LAKings official Twitter feed last night by making an inappropriate joke. Had he said it on the air or on his personal Twitter, likely nothing would have been made of it. Since it was on the team's account, everyone shares the blame for a stupid comment about a topic that really should never be joked about.   In case you missed it:     People were naturally offended because you shouldn't joke about sexual assault, which should be obvious to everyone.   I mean, people just shouldn't say stupid things like that when the entire world can read it.   @lakings @sanjosesharks @thekevinryder this guy is an absolute classless ***. jesus christ — Sammy DeWolfe (@SammyDewolfe) May 22, 2013 “@lakings: I have family and friends in San Jose. But they can go straight to hell. #BecauseItsTheCup -@*********************** *** #HATER — MASTER SPLINTER (@SergioRojas_24) May 22, 2013 ****** running the @lakings Twitter is an idiot. Hey ******* before last year how many cups did the Kings have? As many times as the Sharks. — Hov Of Twittter (@DaHawksFan1913) May 22, 2013 Fire the ******** @thekevinryder @kroq Fired me for taking 300 listeners to his partner Bean's Front lawn at Midnight latimes.com/sports/la-sp-k… — Poorman (@Poorman1) May 22, 2013   2. Jonathan Bernier   Jonathan Bernier still has yet to lose a game in the playoffs while the overpaid and perennial loser Jonathan Quick blew another game for the Kings. Did you know Quick hasn't even scored a goal yet in the playoffs despite getting the most ice time? And his plus-minus is at zero! What does Darryl Sutter see in this guy?!   I knew #SanJose had cracked #Quick #LAKings Fragile Quick lost Sharks in playoffs before. Kings lucky they won't be down 3 to 1 in series. — Poorman (@Poorman1) May 22, 2013 Great Goaltending Wins Games in Playoffs. Ever since cracking #Quick #LAKing Game 2 #Niemi #SanJose in control. Will #Sutter change goalies? — Poorman (@Poorman1) May 22, 2013 Buckle Up #LAKings Fans #MrVezina #Quick #LAKings is about to lose Four Straight. He's Fragile #SanJose #Niemi stoning Kings. — Poorman (@Poorman1) May 22, 2013 Anyway, I've said the obvious. All the #Quick #LAKings Fans will blame the team as usual for losing the series not the goalie. — Poorman (@Poorman1) May 22, 2013   Bet you Quick supporters didn't even know that he doesn't even lead the league in wins, SV % or GAA. Nope, he's in second in every category! We can't stand for this mediocrity.     1. Ref Haters The reffing in the NHL is worse than the NFL Replacement refs #NHL #TSN #**** #quickwhistle — Laddy (@mikeLaddy) May 22, 2013 OH SNAP! @nhl Proof the refs **** up all the time...Disallowed goal by Kings, blew whistle early. — Q (@Quigley77) May 22, 2013 Alright, we got this 2-1! We can do it.. Oh wait, **** YOU REFS NO YOU SUCK. This is BS — Danica Hunter (@d_izzzle) May 22, 2013 This game should be 2-2 **** you refs — Michael Carrillo (@Devi1hawk_138) May 22, 2013 #**** brad Meyer blind ref should just play for the sharks already with that call cannot get over it — No Stopping This (@TATUMANNY) May 22, 2013 **** you Sharks. The refs won that game for your dirty asses — Samantha Bortoli (@sambortoli) May 22, 2013 We can all agree that San Jose needs more bidets. I don't often blame refs for **** but that early whistle was a frackin screw job. Un frackin real. #LAKings —Jonathan Villaverde (@retouchmedia) May 22, 2013 NONO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO **** THE REFS ******* ROBBED US OF THE GAME! NO GOAL MY ASS **** OFFFFFFFFFF — brandoN. (@lilscootscoot) May 22, 2013 That game was ****** bull ****!!!! That goal was ours!!!!!#lakings —  D E S T i N Y.  (@DeeMami421) May 22, 2013 This game should be 2-2 going into OT **** these ***** ass refs. Just basically handed the sharks this one. ******* ******* — Austin Pazzi (@izzap16) May 22, 2013 **** the sharks and the refs you both can fall into a volcano — anissa. (@doitlikedoughty) May 22, 2013 **** SAN JOSE **** THE REFS **** THE SHARKS — Danny Tapanian (@DannyTapanian) May 22, 2013 -.- tied season right meow. **** the referees. we'll get you nxt time sharks, don't get too comfortable — Alexxandria Ω (@NeverEndingAcid) May 22, 2013 **** YOU, REFS! YOU COST US THIS GAME WITH YOU PREMATURE WHISTLE! **** YOU! **** YOU! **** YOU! — Laurie D. (@Redfroggy) May 22, 2013 Despite playing like ****, the refs DID give them that game by coming too early with their whistle. They do that a lot I bet. #LAKings — Andy (@gokings08) May 22, 2013 DONT BLOW THE ******* WHISTLE SO ******* EARLY!!! STUPID REFEREE COST US THE GAME!!! **** YOU!!! #STANLEYCUP #LAKINGS — Ashton Arnold (@IG_Nexus) May 22, 2013 @lakings @staplescenter Robbed in San Jose by the Refs. Horse **** calls all night long n a goal taken away!! We should be in overtime — Kyle Wachholtz (@kjwac1972) May 22, 2013 Everyone just needs to calm down. You're acting like children. Sharks win. Final score tonight: 2-2. — PumperNicholl (@PumperNicholl) May 22, 2013 What a moron.     PumperNicholl is a lifelong LA Kings fan and actually learned how to speak English from Bob Miller by watching LA Kings games... and the Police Academy movies. You can follow him on Twitter.
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