Found May 28, 2013 on The Royal Half:
*THE FOLLOWING BELOW IS NOT WRITTEN BY THE ROYAL HALF, BUT RATHER PUMPERNICHOLL, OUR MASTER RECAPPER*   KINGS 1, SHARKS 2, SURPRISED, NO ONE   It was an elimination night in San Jose for the Sharks. The Los Angeles Kings had pushed their Pacific Division foes to the brink and the teams now faced off in arguably the biggest game the rival teams had ever played.   Game 6 was the only game in the NHL on Sunday night and all eyes were on San Jose as the game potentially the meant the end of the Sharks season. Sharks Intro. Meh — Ivan (@ibp3000) May 27, 2013 Oh for Christ's sake. This is exactly why no one takes California seriously.    Click Here to Read the Rest of PumperNicholl's RECAP of Game 2 vs the Sharks!!!   PREGAME: OMG, Sharks play today. **** the Kings bruhs. SANHO' SHARKS ALL DAY,ERRRDAY — Tony Flow (@CHNGZLeCreateur) May 26, 2013 SANHO' representin'. #SJSVSLAK #BeatLA #BeatTheKINGS#SJsharks #StanleyCupPlayoffs #****** #SHARKSTERRITORY #BRINGYOURLOUD #BECAUSEITSTHECUP WE NEEDA FORCE 7 — Mulatto❤Mixed Girls (@MixedNigga_) May 26, 2013 **** the LA Kings. Go Sharks tonight! The LA Kings are ******* *******. — Joe Quilty III (@JoeyThunder55) May 26, 2013 **** THE LA KINGS...SHARK TANK ON YOU HOES — Eric Loera_408 (@ericloera) May 27, 2013 What? **** the Sharks , the Kings need to finish this tonight so we (LA) can chant "Beat by LA" hahahaha! — Michelle Ibarra (@lovelyy_shell) May 27, 2013 Oy... @thetealladies in other words, LA ******* get the **** out!! This game is ours!! #beatla — Jennifer James (@JenPoem41) May 26, 2013 #************ #BeatLA #SharksWantTheCup @sanjosesharks @sjsharksshare #MustWin #WeNeedTorres — Nick Cugini (@NickCugini11) May 27, 2013 I'm horny, and I demand hockey. Now I know what a heroin addict feels like. If kings win...I'm calling my ex for the **** of her life 2nite — LAKinger90210 (@LAKinger90210) May 27, 2013 Um, we really should start the game now.     FIRST PERIOD: I dislike wearing my jerseys unless I'm actually at the game but I'm rockin the **** out of my sharks sweater right now — Alexander Supertramp (@JoshDontCare) May 27, 2013 Bold move, Alexander Supertramp.   Right! My guide told me 10pm ET -.- RT @pookeo9 lol what the **** i thought the Sharks game was on later — kaitland (@loveforthree) May 27, 2013 Hockey fans, everyone!   Oh poor sharks player is injured! **** you ***** get up. — erik elmer (@erikelmer45) May 27, 2013 **** the sharks those *********** mother ******* i hate them more than the ducks! The sharks actually eat dick! #****** — Matteo Tolman (@RealMattTolman) May 27, 2013 GET BETTER ******* GOAL MUSIC SHARKS YOUR ******* CASIO ORGAN ******** IS SO STUPID **** — Andrew (@searexx) May 27, 2013 **** the sharks… — Snow White (@Model_420) May 27, 2013 Parents must be proud.   thHE SHARKS SCORED WHTA TBE **** — ♡ lindsey ♡ (@lushnarry) May 27, 2013 Wow **** this hotel. They really dont have the sharks game on any channel #eatdirtybutthole #becauseitsthecup #grandsierraresort — chris clark (@Whattheclark) May 27, 2013 Well that was graphic.   To the Kings fans (who didn't know what hockey was before last year) I say go **** yourself — Joe Acre (@SJacre7) May 27, 2013 #Grammar   **** a post. #DoughtyThoughts #lakings — Alex Almeida (@Its_Vision) May 27, 2013 **** goalposts. #lakings — The Mouth (@TheMouthLAKings) May 27, 2013 Three posts so far. Holy **** this is painful. #LAKings — Andy (@gokings08) May 27, 2013 i do not have time to deal with this **** the shARKS ARE WINNING GAME 6 WE'RE BACK **** THORNTON YOU ARE THE BEST — Lexi Beckett (@thelovelyangels) May 27, 2013 I think Lexi had a stroke about halfway through that tweet.   Well at least Kings outplayed the Sharks it seems. Only way Sharks could score was the 5 on 3 ******* LMAO JK. Oh and **** YOU POST #GKG — Stephen Mills (@stm827) May 27, 2013 **** the Sharks and the retirement home they're running on the bench. Thornton is a ******* dinosaur. — Ben Chernaski (@Chernaski) May 27, 2013 Old Man Thornton knows when you're sleeping.     SECOND PERIOD:   I want the kings to win but holy **** do I have a goalie boner for Antti Niemi. — Tom Repp (@trepp84) May 27, 2013 He's the second best goalie in this series ...behind Jonathan Bernier.   #SHARKS AGAIN!!!! **** U KINGS BANDWAGONERS — Zachary Nogueira (@ZackNogueira) May 27, 2013 Ugh. 2-0 SHARKS **** LA!!!! BEAT THE **** OUT OF THEM KINGS!! KEEP IT UP!! Smash them!! — Tank (@frankievaldezjr) May 27, 2013 SMASH!   **** you Brown 2 - 1 Sharks — Vince Gauvin (@Kratos_MVN_) May 27, 2013 DUSTIN SMASH!   Go home Matt Greene, you big ginger **** #beatla — Daniel Poe (@Home_DPoe) May 27, 2013 Hope the sharks force game 7 tonight **** the kings #SJ #BAYAREA — Adam Koutz ♋ (@KooucciMane) May 27, 2013 San Jose REALLY loves its hashtags.     THIRD PERIOD: Who the **** are all these players I've never heard of? #kings #sharks #eastcoastkid — Chris Hall (@hallinsky) May 27, 2013 Hockey fans again, everyone!   The reffs r a ******* joke in this sharks game u can see they really want a game 7 ******* sad call something on sharks for **** sake — carl d (@gloucester22) May 27, 2013 **** YEAH WE'LL CYA IN LA ON TUESDAY BABY. #BEATLA #SHARKS — James Woj (@jameswoj) May 27, 2013 *throws up*   **** YES GAAME 7 ******* OMG YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SHARKS WINNNNN — TheCouchTarts (@CouchTarts) May 27, 2013 *throws up again*   **** the sharks it ends in Hollywood — jr 24 (@lakeshow2013) May 27, 2013 Damn right! *throws up again*   Back to L.A. for Game 7 on Tuesday.#NoKingsNo #KingsSuck #************ #SharkBait #ChompChompChomp — Daniel Green (@KnocNightowl951) May 27, 2013 That last hashtag is the most San Jose thing ever.   **** the sharks.. Oh we'll kings go back home so looks like they will be advancing to the conference finals — Kyle Heroux (@kyle_heroux) May 27, 2013 You know it! *throws up again*   **** THE SHARKS #**** #sadtweet — The Big Dipper®™ (@TheRealHomonnay) May 27, 2013 **** The Goddamn Sharks. We'll ****** Slaughter Them On Tuesday! — Tony Montejo (@TonyMontejo17) May 27, 2013 I HAVE NO DOUBTS! *throws up again*   **** LA AND **** SO CAL!!!!!! #KEEPITTEAL #BEATLA — ϟ ΛÐ∀ℳ ϟ (@MrNothnPersonal) May 27, 2013 When "Keepin' It Teal" goes wrong.   **** the sharks and old cripple jomo homo Thornton and handicap Scott Gomez @danyallstar15 — Logan Skori (@laskori12) May 27, 2013 There's nothing good about that tweet.   **** LA!!! WE BEAT THE KINGS AND TIME TO FINISH THE JOB!!! **** THE KINGS FANS AND **** LA!!! BEAT LA! BEAT LA!! BEAT LA!!! WHAT NOW LA!!! — manuel silva (@SHARKSFAN1995) May 27, 2013 Was that a question?   Well ****....god I hate San jose sharks fans. They're like weeee we didn't get eliminated. — Jeff (@Mooymoney) May 27, 2013 #****** #BeatLA #****** #BeatLA #****** #BeatLA #****** #BeatLA #****** #BeatLA #****** #BeatLA #****** #BeatLA #****** #BeatLA #SJSharks — Jeff Adams (@jeffmadams) May 27, 2013 Bring on the Red Wings! Fully confident the Sharks will win game 7. **** the rest of the bandwagon fans! Sharks don't need scrubs. #sharks — Andy Hermosillo (@icesharky) May 27, 2013 I really don't think Sharks fans understand when a team actually advances to the next round.   Is Darryl Sutter retarted. Wtf?? #****** #beatLA — Kelsey (@belsmariek43) May 27, 2013 Uh, maybe this will help.   sharks/kings game seven is on my birthday so don't **** this up @sanjosesharks — becca (@bfischh) May 27, 2013 I also missed the #sharks game? God damn **** **** — Anish Kumar Sood (@DarthKumar) May 27, 2013 Never change, Sharks fans.   My religion teacher called LA Kings the 'Cinderella team' Off is the direction in which i'd like you to ****. — A N I ♡ (@spankthetoaster) May 27, 2013         TRH THREE STARS OF THE NIGHT   3. Sharks Fans go sharks!! — neah ʊ(@neahchurchill) May 26, 2013 Lets go sharks! #Game6 #beatla — Steven Seadler (@sseadler) May 27, 2013 Lets go #Sharks! #stanleycup2013 — Alexander Sabari (@PSIFonian) May 27, 2013 Sharks game cheering on my neighbor Burnzie ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ — hayden (@haydendidwhat) May 27, 2013 Well that wasn't creepy at all...     2. More Sharks Fans Go Sharks Beat LA... No alcoholic beverages were consumed by this fan! — Victor Alexander  (@azcoyotedog) May 27, 2013 At least now half of all Sharks fans can see exactly what they look like.   Go sharks — Amy Higgins (@Amy_Kinz2) May 27, 2013 And now so can the other half!   Go sharks! — Katrina (@katrinac1998) May 27, 2013 So is it time for Game 7 to start yet?     1. Jonathan Quick   Now that I've finished crying and throwing up, I can share the one thing that will take away all of the worries Kings fans may be feeling. Sure, it's Game 7 and the Sharks have a little momentum heading back to Staples Center, but what they don't have is a man who has become possessed while playing in front of the home crowd.   Just take a look at Quick's ridiculous home stats from the playoffs:   Wowza.   I'll see you at Game 7! ...from under my seat in the fetal position.           PumperNicholl is a lifelong LA Kings fan and actually learned how to speak English from Bob Miller by watching LA Kings games... and the Police Academy movies. You can follow him on Twitter.

Sharks once again fall short of Stanley Cup

For all the talk about how this version of the San Jose Sharks was different, the disappointing end to the season was all too familiar for an organization still waiting for its first trip to the Stanley Cup. The Sharks were eliminated from the playoffs Tuesday night with a 2-1 loss to the defending Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings, failing to convert on a few agonizingly close...

Matthew Barry: Kings Filet The Sharks

I know, corny, cliche headline, but its so appropriate. What a helluva game, as expected. As I wrote last blog, the Kings had everything to lose and they came out in the first playing NOT to lose. But they also held the Sharks to only 5 shots on goal. "Spongebob" Couture called the penalty on Brent Burns a "soft call" but I got news for Mr. Crabs employee...

Refs Under The Microscope

from Mark Spector of Sportsnet, The men who officiate National Hockey League games make hundreds of accurate decisions every night. But come playoff time, it’s never about the ones they get right. When that puck slides over Antti Niemi’s pad and into the San Jose Sharks net back in Game 4 of the Los Angeles-San Jose series — a blown call in a game that would end in...

Video: Jonathan Quick denies Joe Pavelski and the Sharks

The Los Angeles Kings won Game 7 of their NHL Playoff showdown with the San Jose Sharks 2-1 on Tuesday night to advance to the Western Conference finals. But the defending Stanley Cup champions wouldn’t have even been close to taking their series against the Sharks if it wasn’t for goaltender Jonathan Quick. Quick was simply amazing against the Sharks, rising to the occasion...

Jonathan Quick haunts the Sharks’ dreams with the save of the postseason (Video)

Seriously, though. As wide open a goal as the Sharks were going to get in the postseason. A score would have tied the game. What a save. What a missed opportunity. Two things to torture you Sharks fans: 1. If only Joe Pavelski could have corralled the puck sooner. 2. If only Joe Pavelski could have got the puck higher. Joe Pavelski will be losing lots of sleep over this one. GIF...


*THE FOLLOWING BELOW IS NOT WRITTEN BY THE ROYAL HALF, BUT RATHER PUMPERNICHOLL, OUR MASTER RECAPPER*   KINGS 2, SHARKS 1   ***SPOILER ALERT*** Thanks Sharks. — Caleb Pitts (@themostcaleb) May 29, 2013 Best. Vine. Ever.   Click Here to Read the Rest of PumperNicholl's RECAP of Game 7 vs the Sharks...

Sinking the Sharks by   Jack Weber

Well, here it was. Game 7. The ultimate win or go home game. The Kings and the San Jose Sharks, tied at three in this best-of-seven series in the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, would decide a winner tonight. After the Sharks staved off elimination in Game 6 on Sunday, Darryl Sutter decided [...]


FIRST.... read today's GAMEDAY PREVIEW for tonight's Game 7 (BAAAAARF)  between the Los Angeles Kings and the San Jose Sharks. Exclusively on This will make much more sense once you've read the GAMEDAY PREVIEW. THEN... last Saturday I appeared on The Fourth Period Radio Show on Sirius XM NHL Network to discuss the recent controversy with the...

Open Post- San Jose Sharks vs. Los Angeles Kings, Game 7

A lot on the line tonight. Puck drops just after 8:00pm ET and can be viewed on NBCSN, TSN and RDS.

If Tonight’s Home Team Has A 1 Goal Lead With 1 1/2 Minutes Left

Use this as an example on how to finish a game, courtesy of the San Jose Sharks last night...  
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