Originally written on The Royal Half  |  Last updated 5/29/13
*THE FOLLOWING BELOW IS NOT WRITTEN BY THE ROYAL HALF, BUT RATHER PUMPERNICHOLL, OUR MASTER RECAPPER*   KINGS 2, SHARKS 1   ***SPOILER ALERT*** Thanks Sharks. vine.co/v/bYbDdqhqHVY — Caleb Pitts (@themostcaleb) May 29, 2013 Best. Vine. Ever.   Click Here to Read the Rest of PumperNicholl's RECAP of Game 7 vs the Sharks!!!   PREGAME: This game determines whether we're out for the whole season. Don't **** it up #Sharks! #sharksnation #sjsharks — Kira ⚓ (@KCrouchh) May 28, 2013 C'mon Sharks, I put money on y'all beating the Kings in the Stanley Cup semi-finals, don't. ****. me. over. — Evan Conrad (@KingofDallasIV) May 28, 2013 May as well have lit your money on fire.   Are there only going to be kings high lights?the **** NHL. Oh I forgot today's match up is going to be Sharks vs Kings/Refs/NHL #BeatLa — Ruben (@Donttripwalk) May 28, 2013 I like our starting lineup!   **** the stupid sharks/kings game for being on the main TSN network. I just wanna watch heat/pacers ugh — ΔRΔB3LL3♡† (@arabellexo) May 29, 2013 Worst. Canadian. Ever.   Go Kings, no, go Sharks! No go Kings! **** idk — Peter (@Devils_for_Life) May 29, 2013 Classic NorCal smack talk.   Lets do it sharks lets eliminate these ******** kings **** LA — Jordan (@gck94) May 29, 2013 Sharks fans make me want to kill myself and I am a sharks fan — SJ (@stace_ofbase) May 29, 2013 The honestly is much appreciated.   **** the Sharks. **** Joe Thornton. **** Logan Couture. And **** NIEMI. I DONT KNOW WHAT HIS FIRST NAME IS BUT **** HIS FIRST NAME TOO. — Noelle Moser (@Noellabellaaaa) May 29, 2013 I don't think that Noelle is Pro-Niemi.   i stopped channel surfing when i saw that the girl singing the national anthem for the sharks and kings game was hot as **** — Stacey (@stacebella) May 29, 2013 That's how we all became Kings fans. ...And probably why Drew Doughty re-signed.     FIRST PERIOD: If sharks win il tweet a dick pic **** it — Tiegan Gabriel (@tiegan14) May 29, 2013 At least make a bet you know could possibly win.   **** you Dustin Brown, I hope someone from the Sharks puts you in a coma while the Sharks destroy your ***** team. — Ryan Encinas (@zipdemtrouserz) May 29, 2013   Beckham is a kings fan? **** outta here #BeatLA #Sharks #ChompChomp — Gruesome Geddes (@GruesomeGeddes) May 29, 2013 OH NO YOU DIDN'T!   Quit sucking off Dustin Downs and call the game by stats. How does this biased pos still have a job? #mikemilktitsbury #nhl #****** — Ka-KAW!!! (@thedrunkrunner) May 29, 2013 Mike MilkTitsBury is the best.   ****!!! POSH SPICE IS AT THE SHARKS/KINGS GAME!!!! #FB — jesvicious77 (@jesvicious77) May 29, 2013 The important things in life.     SECOND PERIOD: I'm rooting for the sharks cause **** the kings...I don't want them getting two cups in a row and they are devil killers — Brian Dodge (@Bdodger15) May 29, 2013 NIEMI YOU ARE GARBAGE AND SUS AS **** THE SHARKS ARE AMAZING BESIDES YOUR ASS, ******* GOLDBERG FROM MIGHTY DUCKS IS BETTER. SO **** YOU — Sam Franklin (@sammysizzle21) May 29, 2013 Better be careful with Sammy Sizzle out there. **** the kings. Didn't you guys like get the cup last year? Let the sharks get a shot — Mike from school (@DiscountDog1) May 29, 2013 Bargaining is the third stage of grieving.   ANOTHER ONE FOR WILLIAMS!!! **** YOU SHARKS!!!! HAHA 2-0 ******* — erik elmer (@erikelmer45) May 29, 2013 THE KINGS ARE NOT *******!!! Oh, I see what you meant to say.   Haha Couture celebrating before puck went in. Sit the **** down son you're done. #sharks — Johnny Puck (@HockeyRant3r) May 29, 2013 You know things are not going well for the Sharks when Canucks fans are trolling.   If San Jose allows Justin Williams to get a hat trick to win the series, I may never watch hockey again #****** — Ethan Reineri (@ethan_reineri) May 29, 2013 I said the very same thing for different reasons.   man **** this game, i love the sharks but damn, i think ima watch the giants for awhile — Steven T (@Stevo510) May 29, 2013 San Jose Sharks fans, everyone! What the **** Sharks. WHAT. THE. *******. ****. — Mona(@MonaAiyed) May 29, 2013 I'm not talking to my dad because he's saying both teams are great and one team must win. DAD. SHARKS WILL WIN. **** THE OTHER TEAM. — Mona(@MonaAiyed) May 29, 2013 Back-to-back "Dad must be proud" tweets.   **** everyone who are on the Kings dick.You didn't even know LA had an NHL team before last year. #bleedteal #forealfoteal #sharks — Sweliot (@etherzz) May 29, 2013 HASHTAG: FOR REAL FO TEAL   It's literally not ******* fair — SJ (@stace_ofbase) May 29, 2013 Figuratively.   **** the Sharks, **** Quick, **** the NHL this whole **** is just rigged the NHL make sure some team lose and others win — Vince Gauvin (@Kratos_MVN_) May 29, 2013 Every year the NHL makes sure that 29 teams don't win the Stanley Cup. Conspiracy!   I've held it together enough to show me wiping my sharks tear away with kings towel twitter.com/briannabehrend… — Brianna Behrendt (@briannabehrendt) May 29, 2013 Priceless.   I should be in the sharks locker room playin hype music at intermission id send them all back out on the ice turnt up as **** — Tony Calvello (@T0NY_Montana_) May 29, 2013 Listening to the sharks game while getting in my cardio is NOT motivating me right now :/ — DILLYpoo ツ™ (@**************) May 29, 2013 I refuse to get over the fact my sisters friend was sitting directly behind Justin for the entire Kings vs. Sharks hockey game. ****. — I WAS BELIEBSWAGGY (@beliebsrauhl) May 29, 2013 The very important things in life.     THIRD PERIOD: Wow. Jonathan quick has been acting lessons. #****** — Talon (@twwttweetmanjr) May 29, 2013 He has been grammar lessons too. Since when was a tracheotomy considered embellishment? #Quick — Aaron Ward (@aaronward_nhl) May 29, 2013 Thanks for making that easier, Aaron.   If quick finishes the shut out tonite in game 7. He should get to **** all the sharks girlfriends after the game just to rub it in — Atom Alcala (@xALCALAx) May 29, 2013 Aw **** here come the sharks — Nicky Calabrese (@TWBPresident) May 29, 2013 **** what the hell did the sharks shoot up in the locker room? #nervous — brittany whitfield (@brittanywhitfi9) May 29, 2013 Uh oh. *fetal position*   Im walking around my house say lets go sharks. My family like shut up. **** no!!! — MASTER SPLINTER (@SergioRojas_24) May 29, 2013 THATS NOT A GOOD SAVE PEOPLE. HOLY **** AIR ON THE PUCK! HE HAD SOME TIME AHAHAHAHAHA WHAT A JOKE. — Nick (@NickZboss628) May 29, 2013 Why the **** did the Sharks even force a game 7 if they were gonna ******* lose. — NHLCritic (@criticizingNHL) May 29, 2013 Right??   **** sharks. Learn how to shoot the ******* puck, forreals. Your In the NHL. This is disgraceful. Smh. — CUENCA#3⃣1⃣ (@vcuenca31) May 29, 2013 **** this man, sharks can't play for ****, McClellan is done for I hope he can't get our defense into **** — Nick Fimbrez (@NickF_93) May 29, 2013 Um, what?   If i wasnt a sharks fan i would say jonathan quick is raw...but i am a sharks fan so **** him — Dylan Plane (@dylanplane10) May 29, 2013 Dammit, Quick needed that compliment!   I guess it's time for Sharks fans to eat a giant bowl of Shut the **** Up! — Adam (@BalloonMerchant) May 29, 2013 **** THE ***** ASS SHARKS !!! Yall ******* choke every ******* year I ******* hate all of you guys — wings'n'weed (@BMobzz) May 29, 2013 Well, **** you again for another year, Sharks. Way to always have too little, too late, every ******* year. — Chris Barmonde (@RazorCrusade) May 29, 2013 So disappointing, can't even watch my Sharks win a cup.. **** this **** — Andrew (@DuckDeichler) May 29, 2013 Now I feel bad. Andrew really wanted this!!   Yeah **** you Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau, and Joe Pavelski, and the rest of you **** sucking sharks — Chris Dusik(@Birddog_33) May 29, 2013 **** YOU SHARKS YOU ******* SUCK! I ONLY DONT CARE THAT THE KINGS WON CAUSE I LOVE RICHARDS!! — jess thurston (@jesssthurston) May 29, 2013 Didn't give a **** about the Leafs after their embarrassing playoff exit but seeing the Sharks exit by these ***** hurts!! #**** — Webster, Andrew(@YayoWebby) May 29, 2013 *******!!!! **** the la kings. damn sharks choke every year in the playoffs. fuuuuckkk — Stephen Huffman ☁(@StevieHuff) May 29, 2013 The difference between the blues and sharks is i actually respected the blues. The sharks can go **** themselves — steph (@kopistarr) May 29, 2013 SHOTS FIRED!   I wonder how many people at the #kings game even know what icing is? #godetroit #****** — Morgan Christine (@mwapple) May 29, 2013 Mmmm...cake.   And to you haters you say another Sharks choking: you can't call a 1st round sweep & a second round to game 7 a choke. **** off. — Scott McQ (@Satyr69) May 29, 2013 Classic choker talk.   Well **** a llama on a summer morning, this team had everything needed for a serious cup run. Thanks for a great season, Sharks! — Steve (@s_evans10) May 29, 2013 Poetry.   *************************************************************** #****** — Stephanie Martinez (@HotaruSobotka) May 29, 2013 More poetry.   **** you Jonathan Quick. Only reason LA webt through and maybe kopitar and the refs at la — yamook (@cmonahan16) May 29, 2013 I'm goin into depression mode now. **** everything. Why god why always the sharks.? — Hardip Singh (@hardips8) May 29, 2013 I ******* hate the kingsIf they had any other goalie they lost 3 games ago #********** #****** #wings i would rather Pittsburg win the cup — AJ Piff (@A_Ehinger71) May 29, 2013 What are you talking about? The Kings did lose Game 4.   **** you jonathan quick... you eat roids for breakfast, lunch and dinner. #SharksTerritory #sjsharks @courtyjune — Ashley Worzella (@AshleyWorzella) May 29, 2013 I want to see Mcllean fired, pavelski traded becuase he can't score to save his life. And Doug Wilson fired as well **** you sharks. — CUENCA#3⃣1⃣ (@vcuenca31) May 29, 2013 Seriously crying right now. What the actual ****, Sharks got screwed this series. Everyone including the NHL & refs were against them — Kristy (@khsalem19) May 29, 2013 There are so many problems with this tweet.   **** you sharks. I'm never wearing my sharks hat again. Who wants it? $25 — Samuel Frank Rivey (@samrivey10) May 29, 2013 "I hate this team! Now, how can I make some money back..."   Sharks starting to be like the Phoenix suns back when Nash was runnin ****, Make playoffs just to lose. **** NIGGAZ — (DADALUCHI) (@quelle2fast) May 29, 2013 Hoping for the sharks to win. **** the kings! — Jack Mattera (@JackMattera) May 29, 2013 DVR Alert!! I hope Jack didn't see any spoilers.   **** you kings -.- do you think your good?? Sharks will always be the best of California — Nick Hancock (@NickHancock11) May 29, 2013 I just called my cousin who is a Sharks fans and said "**** the sharks the #Kings rule Cali" and hung up before he could answer — Corey (@LAKingsforlife) May 29, 2013 Love it. But next time let him answer the phone first.   ******* ******** Sharks. What a god damn ******* ******** lame ass ******* crappy *********** way to lose, *** u NHL ********* call **** U — Big Wolfe (@BigWolfe1) May 29, 2013 **** YOU SHARKS, YOU HAD ONE ******* JOB YOU KNOB-ROCKING BUTT CLOWNS — ADI Asking JOIKILL (@JOIKILL) May 29, 2013 I only put this tweet in for @theroyalhalf.   Omg I swear if someone says "how are the sharks doing" tomorrow. ILL MURDER YOUR **** ASS &' THEN ASK HOW YOU'RE DOING. *****. — V Nastyy♚ (@__victoriaa) May 29, 2013 Anyone want to reply to her tweet?   I swear. If one of you ******* talks **** about the Sharks tomorrow I will ******* murder you with absolutely 0 regret or remorse. #******! — ♛Zack LDJ♛ (@ZackMunsonn) May 29, 2013 Or his?   **** THE SHARKS LOST this playoffs is gonna be so ******* BORING — Derrick Forkel(@DerrickCazrac) May 29, 2013 Is that you, Mark Spector?   AYE WHAT THE **** IM SO MAD THE SHARKS LOST NOBODY PUT THE GAME ON IN THE GYM IM HEATED BRAH COUTURE NIEMI NOOOOOOO — DETHPROOF (@ARJUNKIRA) May 29, 2013 Favorite tweet.   Bro does anyone havw yashars home phone? I wanna call that and cockslap him **** DA SHARKS #angrycanuckfan — Newsh (@iamnewsha13) May 29, 2013 At least ill be at the giants game drunk as **** drinking cuz the sharks are out #****** — ratedRhockeystar91 (@kevinwears91) May 29, 2013       TRH THREE STARS OF THE NIGHT   3) Sharks Fans I ask the number on Shark fan if the Kings are winning game 7 tonight. #nhlplayoffs2013 #sharks #kings #game7 vine.co/v/bYmpTndPHMm — Glenn Rodriguez (@whoisgrod) May 28, 2013 GO SHARKS GO .. #BEATLA #GOSHARKSGO vine.co/v/bYKxMrKhaWh — Erikaaa (@erikawadge18) May 28, 2013 Lets go Sharks vine.co/v/bYqMjvTLK2p — The Golden Boy (@SamwiseJohngee) May 29, 2013 Hate LA. Ugh. #lakings #sjsharks #playoffs #NHL #bleedteal #disappointing vine.co/v/bYb16h0rEvX — tk_daps (@daps_vibes) May 29, 2013 I hate the Kings.... #SJSharks vine.co/v/bYb6ulIBdhM — Audrey Huey (@im_audorable) May 29, 2013   Someone's upset that the Sharks are out of the playoffs. vine.co/v/bYb6DgqUOgd — Kimberly Nguyen (@heyitskimbo) May 29, 2013   2) Justin Williams   "Your search for Justin Williams Game 7 goal has returned 63 katrillion results." — Justin Bourne (@jtbourne) May 29, 2013 Justin Williams: 4-0 in Game 7's, 5 goals. — THE STATS GUY (@TH2NSTATSGUY) May 29, 2013 LOL Williams twitter.com/OneGirlOnePuck… — Brigitte Lynne(@OneGirlOnePuck) May 29, 2013 Sup.   1) Jonathan Quick   Can't wait for the Kings to trade this guy so we can see what Jonathan Bernier can do!         Seriously, how fun are Game 7s?  
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