Originally posted on The Royal Half  |  Last updated 6/8/13
*THE FOLLOWING BELOW IS NOT WRITTEN BY THE ROYAL HALF, BUT RATHER PUMPERNICHOLL, OUR MASTER RECAPPER* KINGS 2, BLACKHAWKS 3   Wow. What a high Los Angeles Kings fans have been on since the end of Game 3. Their team bounced back on home ice to cut the Chicago Blackhawks series lead to 2-1. What seemed like an impossible comeback suddenly was within the team's grasp. If the Kings could hold serve on home ice, it would be a brand new series heading back to Chicago. And winning at the Staples Center had become something expected. The Kings home ice win streak reached 15 games following their Game 3 win. Seemingly nothing could stand in their way in evening the series. All of the good juju accompanied with Staples Center was there. As long as every little minute detail stayed in place in the moments leading up to the puck drop, the defending Stanley Cup Champions were undoubtedly winning this game.   PREGAME: When will the lA kings lose at home? **** I hope not today **** #Nervous — who knows? (@partywithERAGON) June 6, 2013 No way! *whimper*   Hawks are about to **** these sluts up. #blackhawks #************ — Anthony Lebron (@anthony_xavier_) June 6, 2013 Yeah, right! You'll need something big to happen for that to happen, bud.   Hi all, I am really sad to say that I have to sit tonight's National Anthem out for the LA Kings. Unfortunately my c… say.ly/dlV5Zky — Pia Toscano (@PiaToscano) June 7, 2013 OH GOOD GOD.   What the ****? No Pia? There goes the streak. ****. #lakings #seriously #******************** — KingsCupRun27 (@KingsCupRun27) June 7, 2013 Da ****? Where is @piatoscano ? #LAKings — El Wingster (@Wingster26) June 7, 2013 Ummm where the **** is Pia Toscano? #nationalanthem #nhlplayoffs — Adam Harrison (@**************) June 7, 2013 Um...where the **** is Pia? We are undefeated when she sings. Really?!?? #kings — Jonobear (@Jonobear) June 7, 2013 LA Kings what the **** is this ****. Whose the queer singing the anthem #Fail — Jonathan Cooper (@jcoops8point3) June 7, 2013 REALLY??   @jcoops8point3 we were just wondering wtf was going on. Wayne Newton wannabe. #awful — KayDubs (@Kay_Dubs21) June 7, 2013 **** why didn't Pia sing — Bella Hogan (@bellroseh) June 7, 2013 WHERE THE **** IS PIA??? — Book O' Floob (@bookofloob) June 7, 2013 Who the **** is this guy singing the national anthem right now…. WHERE’S PIA TOSCANO — #gkg (@haleyraewilborn) June 7, 2013 Who the **** is this?!? Where is pia? — Nikolas Kessler (@nKessler2121) June 7, 2013 @nathannolan91 where the **** is pia!? — Doug Mackenzie (@dougmack91) June 7, 2013 What the actual **** was the deal with that Tom Jones impersonator national anthem singer? @lakings — em aich (@megan_maria) June 7, 2013 jesus christ i only watch kings games to see Pia Toscano!!!!! **** this! — Dave Lawrence (@MrDaveLawrence) June 7, 2013 Ugh. Let's just... Wait, what? One more? This probably won't end well.   Could the LA kings picked a bigger *** to sing the national anthem?! That was terrible! #NHL #Hawks — Colin Van Wankum (@Cvanwankumm) June 7, 2013 At least Illinois is as classy as California. Now, let's just get this over with.     Click Here to Read the Rest of PumperNicholl's RECAP of Game 4 vs the Blackhawks!!!     FIRST PERIOD: #********** #********* #*********** #********** #********** #********** #************ Let's go #DaaaaaBlackhawks #OneGoal #StanleyCupBound — Brian H (@oandafan4life) June 7, 2013 Chicago Blackhashtags forever.   What the **** was that trying to get the crowd going, sounded like Cartmen from South park... #CHIvsLA #blackhawks #kings — tom moffitt (@realTomMoffitt) June 7, 2013 Streamers and Cartman, that's what LA does!   VOYNOV!!!!!! **** yeah! #LAKings — richard homer (@richardhomer) June 7, 2013 Voynov scored? Pack it up, folks. Game over. *weeping*   Think the Queens got this one locked down against the Blackhawks tonight aha. Hard to **** with a perfect home record lol. — Sam Taylor (@zWhOLeSHaBaNg) June 7, 2013 *excessive weeping*       SECOND PERIOD: Did I just hear someone call Jamie Kompon brilliant?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH ****. Go in to stand up comedy. Pure gold. #LAKings — Andy (@gokings08) June 7, 2013 **** you stupid officials making ******** calls against us and not calling **** on the other team!!!!!!!!! #LAKings — Cassie Davis (@fnkysmell) June 7, 2013 Hashtag: EVERYOTHERTEAMINTHELEAGUE   I've decided I'm rooting for the Kings because 1: **** the Blackhawks and 2: Kopitar is my Slovenian brother. — John Nissen(@thenissenator) June 7, 2013 Who says the Kings have bandwagon fans?!   @panger40 Shut the **** up you stupid son of a *****. Stop hating on the LA KINGS you ******* midget — Arthur Demurchyan (@KingArt86) June 7, 2013 @nhlrt_ Check out buddy diggin' for gold... He's up to the 2nd knuckle... LOL #************ #GoHawks #TeamToews twitter.com/Epwich76/statu… — Eric Pro (@Epwich76) June 7, 2013 COREY **** YOU I WANTED TO WATCH JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS. NOT THE DAMN BLACKHAWKS GAME — Raetyn (@raetynxpunty) June 7, 2013 Feel free to join the #TeamTRH Josie and the Pussycats Watch Party on Saturday at 5pm PDT.     THIRD PERIOD: LIKE A HOSS! \\\o/// #Blackhawks!!! — Ashes (@********) June 7, 2013 This can't be a good thing.   That's right!They ain't no ice in Los Angeles.What the **** do you think you're doing?Get the **** out.#blackhawks — Katie(@LittlePegAMcKay) June 7, 2013 Who is they? And what are they ain't-ing?   HEY QUICK!!!!! You're Human. #************ #BEATLA — Vinny Lofaso (@Thefunnybone123) June 7, 2013 Wow. A Chelsea Dagger straight through my heart.   **** ***** ass slut ******* dickheads *********** mother *******. Aka LA Kings. :) — Ashley (@ashellaaa) June 7, 2013 **** off Cartman, — Dan (@go_blackhawks) June 7, 2013 More Cartman hate?   Went the **** does LA have Cartman cheering "go Kings go" at their games? You'd think he'd be an Avs fan #************ — Paul Fontana (@TrueFcknStory) June 7, 2013 **** YOU CARTMAN. GO BLACKHAWKS — IllinoisOutdoorGuy (@IlOutdoorGuy) June 7, 2013  Cartman might move above my love of streamers if this keeps up.   Can I be blunt of course I can **** the LAKings and **** Penis I mean Penner #Blackhawks are better than you assholes — Mike (@DaBearsFan4Life) June 7, 2013 Mike eventually calmed down.   Kay I'm gonna go to bed sobbing. Thanks Kings. **** the Blackhawks, hope the Bruins sweep your ******* asses. — John Carroll (@toshanshuinLA) June 7, 2013 Kings fans still Believe!   **** you Blackhawks. DIE IN A FIRE — Chase (@AUChase_OS) June 7, 2013 Is 141 years too soon?   **** blackhawks won looks like it gonna be a bruins chicago final at least I absolutely hate Chicago so I can root for bruins aggresively — Tom Sanford (@MOUNTAINDEW290) June 7, 2013 Someone want to explain rooting aggressively?   KINGS LOST HAHAHA **** ALL MY FRIEND KING FANS, 1 MORE GAME, GO BLACKHAWKS #DUCKSALLTHEWAY #QUACKQUACK — Orlando Espinosa (@orlandoje) June 7, 2013 This is the saddest tweet in so many ways.   SERIOUSLY **** GIRLS IF I COULD WIFE THE BLACKHAWKS IT'D BE A WRAP — Alex Alm (@AlexIsChicago88) June 7, 2013 Sports. I love them.   **** YOU @lakings YOU PLAYED LIKE ******* **** — ❎卐 Devon Walker 卐❎ (@Born2beinporn) June 7, 2013 SwastiWHAAA?!?   I've always liked the Blackhawks but they're seriously threatening the Kings chances at going to the cup this year so they can **** off. — Justin Freund (@justinfreund4L) June 7, 2013 Great analysis. Do you work for Jay Zawaski?   Get off the blackhawks band wagon holy ****, none of you even watch reg season puck, its blatantly obvious by what you're tweeting — Kurtis Colbran (@KurtisColbran) June 7, 2013 If the Blackhawks win the cup they earned a tat on me prob **** wid phor — ✈B.I.T.E (@Dj_Bwarr) June 7, 2013 Tattoo seems like a great idea.   Well...at least we beat San Jose. **** those guys. #LAKings — Andy (@gokings08) June 7, 2013 YEAH! Wait, no.   Chicago is the biggest piece of **** city on this planet. **** off Blackhawks — Myron Gainsborough (@El_Bakery) June 7, 2013 Hoo boy. Andrew Cieslak isn't going to like this.   @hilaryduff fat ***** — † Badgirl † (@STOPBULLYlNG) June 7, 2013 Love your Twitter handle!   I got high as **** n watched blackhawks win what a great night!!!! Then I just find out the heat lost!! My night just got so much better — Zachary Powers (@THC_therapy) June 7, 2013 I hate people sometimes.       TWITTER CONVO OF THE NIGHT Kings fans giving Kane **** for liking alcohol. That's cool. Drew Doughty rapes women but apparently that's just fine by them. ******' bozos — Tommy (@GoHawks31) June 7, 2013 @gohawks31 they are fair weather fans they no nothing — Collin Miller (@Collin_Miller1) June 7, 2013 @gohawks31 lol Kings fans. Your city is the land of debauchery and excess. — JRM (@jrmccrank) June 7, 2013 @gohawks31 LA fans saying that, that's some ******* comedy right there, from some hollow jerk offs. — Brandon Eandi (@ChiHawks420) June 7, 2013 @gohawks31 Their just sad that ane could be wasted and still out preform them — Lexus S (@Lexillouwho) June 7, 2013 @gohawks31 just like Kobe smh — Mando (@LatinHawkey) June 7, 2013 At least Chicago fans don't say anything stupid.         TRH THREE STARS OF THE NIGHT   3. Blackhawks Fans Blackhawks - Kings. How I wish this could be the result! vine.co/v/bLm5YIv6nQH — Brian Smith (@THISxISxEXILE) June 6, 2013 Goalie got **** onnnnnn! #NHL #Blackhawks #ReadyForTheGame #CHIvsLA #nhl11 vine.co/v/bLKxvJEerpv — Nick Fatigato (@NickFatCat) June 6, 2013 What 26 year old plays video games when he could be at Yard House at 2pm with the rest of the Kings and Blackhawks fans? YEAH BLACKHAWKS! android sucks!!!!!! vine.co/v/bLqp5h1jZjb — Erin (@sweetnothingsx3) June 7, 2013 ******* love my #blackhawks #bickell #goal vine.co/v/bLqw6hExY2X — CierraFaith (@Cierrrrraaaaa) June 7, 2013 #Sulllysaloon #BlackHawks #BeerPong #Brennan vine.co/v/bLqIFXMqKi5 — Benjamin Yates (@Yahtzee21) June 7, 2013 Sunglasses inside? Check. Jersey over long sleeve collared shirt? Check. Guys way too old to be playing beer pong midweek? Check.   Blackhawks game vine.co/v/bLbeznB0tl9 — LLL III (@yunG_joHn_goTTi) June 7, 2013 The Message. Blackhawks. Peoria. Home. vine.co/v/bLbJaZEbLX1 — Justin Glawe (@JustinGlawe) June 7, 2013 Great to see the Hockee Night guys having such a lively watch party.   duhhh lets go black hawks vine.co/v/bLbnlFVrxXa — Audrey Novelly (@kind_of_AUD) June 7, 2013 Blackhawks take it!!!!!!! See you at the Madhouse!!! vine.co/v/bLbg3OWu5QH — Captain Tyin Knots (@DJ5ecurity) June 7, 2013 Illegal stream alert!   Part two of my parents intense hockey watching. They think the #blackhawks can hear them through the tv... vine.co/v/bLbXWPBOvbb — Elizabeth Warsop (@ewarsopxo) June 7, 2013 In all seriousness, I want to grow up to be this couple.   #Blackhawks and #NeonCactus vine.co/v/bLbX2ellHA2 — Justin J. Amber (@jamberwaves) June 7, 2013 ...I just never want this kid.   Sincerely to all Kings fans. #BlackHawks #Kings #Hockey #LETSGOHAWKS #********* #HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA #loop #mag... vine.co/v/bLhuDYZbJ2a — Albert Rose (@TheCrazey) June 7, 2013 ...or apparently any other family member who claims to be a Blackhawks fan.     2. Pia Toscano Wow! This anthem.singer has had a lot of work done! Please for the sake of our ears don't let the SCF be #Bruins vs #Kings if Pia is out! — Stephanie Grobaski (@Tephywashere) June 7, 2013 Pia had a voice sprain and couldn't do the National Anthem? Hey, this is the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Suck it up and get out there! #kings — Stuart Levine (@Stus_Views) June 7, 2013 If the Kings lose, I blame it on not having Pia Toscano singing the national anthem! Lets go Kings. #stanleycup — Chris Kuehl (@kuehl_chris) June 7, 2013 The only thing the kings arena had going for them was Pia. Now it's just a ******' circus — TK(@Tyler_Kelly48) June 7, 2013 See what happens when Pia Toscano doesn't sing the national anthem? Streak over. #Hawks #Kings — Raja Dhami(@gretzkytokurri) June 7, 2013 It's all Pia's fault that the Kings lost. — Andrew DeWitt (@DeWittCBS) June 7, 2013 I blame Pia. #kings — Stuart Levine (@Stus_Views) June 7, 2013 I know the kings only lost because Pia Toscano didn't sing national anthem, she sang in the last 15 games (all wins).at least spurs won! — Robert Genta (@Robert_Genta) June 7, 2013 @lakings how the **** does Pia not sing? That's asking for a loss. Thanks for blowing it. — Brian Haley (@BJ_Haley) June 7, 2013 **** you Pia Toscano. Seriously, go **** yourself — The Batman (@Lorddefranco) June 7, 2013 I can't believe Pia cursed the Kings #rattled — M.B. (@Borts1212) June 7, 2013 @lakings @foxsportswest Where da **** was Pia? she takes the loss for this one. — Carlos De La Torre (@Brutaljuice) June 7, 2013 Pia Toscano didn't sing the national anthem. That ****** up our mojo. #kings — California ******** (@J_Guerrero_LA) June 7, 2013 #BlamePia     1. Marian Hossa What a shot! Hossa unleashes a wicked one-timer for the GWG. Watch: bit.ly/15FQS58 #StanleyCup #CHIvsLAK — NHL (@NHL) June 7, 2013 No. 81 makes it 8-1. *weeping uncontrollably* Kings in 7. *throws up*       PumperNicholl is a lifelong LA Kings fan and actually learned how to speak English from Bob Miller by watching LA Kings games... and the Police Academy movies. You can follow him on Twitter.
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