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If the International Olympic Committee is out for blood, Michael Phelps could be a sitting duck. We've already seen Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake come under the gun for wearing a $500,000 watch that wasn't sponsored by Omega during a race, which is a big no-no according to the IOC's rules and regulations. Now, Phelps is the one who could be in some hot water after photos of him posing for a Louis Vuitton ad campaign were leaked during the Olympics. Phelps' photos break a new IOC regulation called Rule 40, which prohibits athletes from appearing in ads for non-Olympic sponsors...

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  • Do youu have anything relevant to say, Mark?
  • Thanks Redrock. :-)
  • no, thank you sarara
  • no,thank you sarara
  • Thanks also to you Calichick. :-)
  • wow leave it to fox to smother decent if it doesn't suit their agenda! You are extremely naive calichick if you believe anyone can be rich in this country if they work hard. Tell that to people working 50plus hour weeks for minimum wage. tell that to janitors cleaning vomit in the cafeteria. they don't work hard? pretentious and snobby.im sure your parents taught you those wonderful republican ideals. Delete my post again and im reposting it FOX. Copy and paste works great.
  • stay in school, get an education and be able to put complete sentances together, then and maybe then you can make it by working hard.
    Dont think that partying, doing drugs, selling dope, making babies and leaving the girl to hold the bag is cool.
    All that will get you is either a ****** life or shotdown by some other uneducated low life.
  • Yay capitalism! And hey, sparkle, if you don't want to clean vomit in the cafeteria anymore, all you have to do quit. I'm sure you're more than qualified to work for the TSA.
  • its true anyone with intelligence, a strong work ethic, and most importantly someone able to put off materialism and self gratification can become a rich man/woman in america. obviously if you drop out of high school, saddle yourself with a wife and children first its gonna make nearly impossible. a defeatest attitude or believing you are owed something is the quickest way to fail.... now get make to mopping those floors you loser.
  • TY Calichick, well put! You saved some of my effort that I do not want to waste on this person they do not deserve from me.....
  • and you guys say your women!!! where is your compassion for your fellow man? the fairer sex I think not.
  • wow leave it to fox to smother decent if it doesn't suit their agenda! You are extremely naive calichick if you believe anyone can be rich in this country if they work hard. Tell that to people working 50plus hour weeks for minimum wage. tell that to janitors cleaning vomit in the cafeteria. they don't work hard? pretentious and snobby.im sure your parents taught you those wonderful republican ideals. Delete my post again and im reposting it FOX. Copy and paste works great.
  • Once was quite enough of this drivel.
  • This is actually untrue. It is the american Dream, regrettfully it is just a dream. Many homeless cannot gain homes or jobs, and workers cannot be rich on work alone. Becoming rich is something that is acheived rarely, by the 1%, not by "various percentages". It is the mark of naivity, rudeness, unfounded optimisim, or sheer snobbery.
  • I.O.C! Photo's seem to be OK. So, what-in-the-hell is your problem anyway??? Stick your dumb-ass "spongy" policies and lock yourselves in a padded room until the next Summer Olympics.

    By-the-way!! What IS the brand of condom that was distributed to the athletes like candy AND APPROVED by you idiots!

    Get your act together you stupid bastards!!! At your earliest convenience make a run at a rolling donut!
  • Mark, go sleep. The things you'd said it's not relevant to the story. Good night.
  • Another vote for Obama I see....
  • youre an idiot.
  • I think Phelps should keep his hard earned medals. He's a phenomenal athlete. He deserves them and the I.O.C. needs to get off his back about the photos. They were not "leaked" until after the Olympics were over. Besides, they were photos really, not true advertisements.
  • descrimination! descrimination! Mr phelps is a minority, he is a successful white athlete, that truely makes him minority. If he were black he could rape-a-hoe and be the star basketball player in Los Angeles, or he could kill in Atlanta and immediately go back to Baltimore and remain a linebacker,
  • That is the most re-tarted thing I have ever heard, he earned those medals.
  • I agree HE EARNED those medals. They have no right to take them away
    who are they? that they can just take someone life apart at THEIR whim
    just like penn state thise TEAMS won the medal not joe THEY deserve to have their record stand
    why punish the teams?
  • there are rules and he knew them
  • What a name,ddoouuggiiee, gogo toto sleepsleep tootoo, just like Mark, who is sleep by now. :-)
    If someone else broke the rules by leaking the photos earlier than they suppose to, it means: Phelps Did Not brake any rules. KAPISH?
  • dddooooouuuuggggiiiee, this is not about football.
  • if you read the story the pictures were leaked early---so he did nothing wrong
  • and last i checked photos (unless in magazines) cant be ads
  • Right taking pictures is not against rules, having ad's run during olympics by a non sponsor is against rules. Those ad's haven't even ran yet. If the IOC even says they're going to think about it....I will be done with the Olympics. I may not be a big company or a sponsor, buta half dozen times a year I get their begging letter to support the USA Olympics teams, I will stop sending my checks.
  • Because the school put football before kids and football is the school.....

    Any other tough questions?
  • Here's one,"why are you talking about football? Football wasn't at the Olympics.
  • This is not just like Penn State....it was an entire univeristy that housed a pervert and let it continue to happen while looking the other way..this is completely different!!
  • >entire university
    >not "a few people"
  • Hi , you are so right , like it's not bad enough already that they are taxed 35 pct off the money they earn for each medal , they should be TAX EXEMPT !! does anyone even have a CLUE of how hard it is to train for the OLYMPICS !! , DAMN ,, that **** is CRAZY !!!
    BIG MIKE from the NOLA
  • There are rules and he should have waited till after the games to take the photo's. I agree with you but there are rules that the OLYMPICE COMMITY has and he knew those rules. If he would have waited till after the games to take the pics. Annie Lebowitz did not follow the rules with him but again he should have waited till after the games
  • Phelps getting the photos taken arent the problem ...the photos being "leaked" before the 8/15 date is the problem...and since Michael Phelps is not in charge of the Louis Vuitton assets and ad campaign, I am not sure how he could be held responsible....this is a non-story...pointless reporting...if they stripped him of any medals he would have a lawsuit for Millions against LKV and their ad agency...
  • I'm with you and Sara.
  • Those MEDALS should not be removed from Phelph since it not under his control if someone placed them in the internet. Phelph signed to make the photos public after the Olympics not before. He worked so hard for those medals. Now because someone want to shine with Phelp success he have to pay the price...it is no right. This company place the photos on the internet purposely to take credit of this Phelph moment of fame. But they did it indirectly. They are smart too.
  • I don't think you understand -- the rule is you can't appear in an ad during the Olympics. I don't think any of use saw this ad during the Olympics. Therefore he didn't break any rules. But besides that, do you really think he or presumably his cadre of qualified attorneys would be so stupid as to put his medals in jeopardy?!
  • ddoouggiiee Print and TV ads are done waaaaayyyyy in advance of the ad campaign going live. (Remember Beyonce's ads coming out weeks after she gave birth?) yes, done months in advance. Phelps is not to blame. They can't take the medals. As long as none of the pictures were run in official "advertisements" then this is all a non-issue just another way for the media to get people's panties in a bunch for no reason. Let's just move on. There's nothing to see here.
  • bull, there was probably a release date after the olymics, if the photos were "leaked" and not officially released, then he shouldn't be castrated by the committee. he can'tontrol leaks.
  • Indeed. I'm agree also. :-)
  • Yes, I agree that he earned those medals. However, don't you know by now that it is socially incorrect to use the term retarded? That, and you can't even spell.
  • Just let the IOC strip Phelps of his metals and there will be an AMERICAN BOYCOTT of the games like never seen before.
  • Uh...They are MEDALS, not METALS. That's what the medals are made of.
  • You right. It isn't Michael's fault they released the picture early. He should not be stripped of his medals. IOC is wrong, wrong, wrong.
  • And we wonder why other countries think of us americans as arrogant? What world are you in anyway? With the struggles that MOST americans face day to day, do you really think WE (the majority of hard working, tax paying americans) care enough to "boycott" the games? I just hate it that asses like you are what others see as US!
  • Gee wiz, a guy can't even take a bath any more without getting into trouble. LOL
  • Who cares. The olympic comittee is a bunch of people who have been bribed so many times, this here is a laugh! How about a probing into their personal bank accounts, etc.....Thes guys are making money while they can, leave them alone. Bolt, Phelps, Solo, use it while you can! These are not NBA players whose fame lasts, screw you european olympic comittee!!!!
  • 70% of athletes including file for bankruptcy within 5 years of retirement. So much for that fame lasting. But then again.. a fool and his money are soon parted. as the saying goes
  • He's wearing the same uniform as he wore at the games! Who is the "IDIOT" starting this "********"...
  • Just who in the media is out to ruin this boys career? First the photo of him with a bong, and now this. Let him alone with his victory and get a life fighting real lawbreakers like Bernie Madoff!
  • Thanks hennypenny. :-)
  • You are sooo RIGHT!!!!!
  • well DUH!! it is all about money isn't it....I am dead certain his swimming prowess was enhanced by using a Louis Vuitton bag in an unauthorized photo.....strip his medals, tar and feather him and ship him off to a desert nation to never swim again.....sigh!
  • This BIGGEST OF ALL TIME ATHLETE earned this medals because he has demonstrated he is the GREATEST OF ALL. The rest has only one name ENVY. Swallow it vipers
  • Thank you GRRRRR.
  • He did nothing wrong! He did not leak the photos...!
  • Correct. Thanks OutlawofLaguna.
  • Ditto!
  • I say Double DITTO!!!!!
  • What kind of crap is this?I mean get real.
  • First of all: What do men living with men and women living with women have to do with pictures of Phelps being leaked and violating IOC sponsorship rules? Second: He isn't in trouble for being photographed wearing a bathing suit. He's in trouble if they determine that these photos being leaked out before the games were over is a violation of IOC sponsorship rules. Pay attention to what you are reading instead of making broad discriminatory remarks about others. It would be a crime if such a great athlete lost his medals because of a ridiculous technicality that he had no control over and is based in greed.
  • Photos may have been leaked, but no ad's were run, therefore nor infraction of rules. Neither Phelps nor Louie had anything to do with that.
  • right
  • LOL. BklynRon, you've almost gotted. Kind of towards the end, but a little short. They're not going to take back one of his medals because he's wearing a bathing suit. :-) but thanks any ways, because the whole thing is B.S. He is one of the all time greatest swimmers in the world and they have to leave him alone and get a life.
  • Put a throttle on the republicans so they can't protect their rich friends.I sure wish I had to only pay 20% tax rate.
  • Almost there Ron. But I was blinded by your blatent irrelevant homophobia.
  • CNBC is a back-stabbing organization that is lobbying for Phelps to be punished. They want him to suffer.

    Who leaked the photos? Phelps didn't, he can't be held responsible for this.

    I hate the media.
  • Well, especially NBC, CNBC, MSNBC are the worst. They are not journalists, they set their own self-serving agenda.
  • Oh, ho, ho ,ho, Fox News is the most fake news on the networks EVER.
  • And FOX does not set their own agenda????
  • The man is the greatest swimmer of all time and the IOC is worried about sponsorships.
    I was a volunteer during the 2010 winter Olympics and had to stand out on a ski trail all day providing security.
    One day during a downpour i pulled my rain poncho and put it on because the raingear the olympic committee gave us was not much more than a plastic bagie. My poncho manufacturer was not an official olympic sponsor and i was told to either remove it or put duct tape over the name. Absolutely no regard for the fact i was a drowned rat.
    I removed it, but the catch was i was still wearing it when i left.
    Lost all respoect for olympics operations after that
  • I don't know whether Phelps is "rich" (there's actually a $.5 billion buy to be among those whose fortunes are too big to be frittered away in 3 generations of even the most inbred buffoons), but it looks like any Olympian of note has to retain the services of an attorney. You know, comply with the rules and contracts by every jot and tittle.
  • If just photos were leaked, how does this constitute advertising?
  • This is unadulterated ********. The IOC will have every company they currently receive financial support from and half the individuals who will consider not ever supporting this very commercial event again.
  • what are you kidding me THEY might have leaked the photos early but he took the opportunity to create the photos for release after the olympics while still being there. Give him a break after training for 4 years they're going to punish him for taking the opportunity to take photos at a meet??? Screw those who think being a amature athete is a cake walk
  • Leave him alone!! Gosh this is stupid, he's making a living. I hope they leave the best swimmer in the world alone!! Dumb to even bother him.....
  • Sounds like someone from NESN wants to start some stinky stuff. So what, he posed and all but is the pics and ad's out? No, Therefore he is still in compliance. He did not do an ad that is shown during the olympics.
  • If IOC does not want athletes to wear their own watches which are not a sponsor brand then have the sponsor supply them all with watches, simple as that. I hope IOC executives have not received promotional items from sponsors of the Olympics. You can believe they have. This is all bullwacky.
  • He earned those medals , leave him the frick alone !
  • Why and for what...i see nothing wrong with the picture, thats what he do swim in water....HATERS!
  • If they take those medals away from him I will boycott the games for the rest of my life! And I love the Olympics but the IOC is going way to far!
  • On top of all the other crap that is wrong with this complaint----How many wold know this is a Louis Viton or whatever bag? I wouldn't.
  • The ad has NOTHING to do with those medals! Michael Phelps earned those medals! What difference does it make if athletes appear in ads? At least he's not guilty of doping up for the Games. Leave the man alone.
  • Humans are so uptight about anything sexual or sexy. Phelps looks HOT in this photo. We need celebrate it. If cashes in on his success or be it. He worked his whole life for it. The ones that want to take his medals are lazy *$&#^#( who could even float if they got into the water...just my opinion
  • Sadly, it's not humans in general. mainly the Americans actually, we have been voted one of the world's most prudish nations. Britain is more open, the advertising laws are in place for a reason. I'm sure he won't get his medals pulled over a leak. He probably won't even need to pay a fine.
    And what the article doesn't say is that the penalty is anywhere from a $600 fine to stripping of medals earned in the olymics the year his infraction took place. He would only lose his London olympic medals. Though again, I doubt for this situation, that he will lose anything.
  • Oh, please ICO!!!! Where is our "freedom" here for these winners? Maybe we need to call YOUR group to the forefront for
    some very unfair decisions you made during the olympics...where even the news casters there in London said you made a BAD decision and wasn't fair to the competetent!!!! Would YOU like this? Stop being so nit-picking on what the winners are now doing....is it REALLY wrong???????????
  • Seriously? He's not doping, he's not cheating, he's not assaulting people, he posed for an ad that SOMEONE ELSE leaked photos of. Pardon me, are the Olympics about sports or about MONEY & GREED?? . . . sorry, what was I thinking?
  • bull crap.. the ad did not start until after the Olympic games had ended.. just because photos were leaked does not mean Michael is at fault.

  • Leave Phelps alone! All though they think they are ...IOC is not God! When Olympic Tourch came to Savannah, GA via the Savannah River... OC made welcoming committee remove all r,w & b bunting
    form the docking platform that received the tourch?! As a site for one of the events, a rest. on River Street named The Olympic Cafe in busines....LONG, LONG before the Olympics even thought about coming to Ga. was required to chnage it's name by the IOC to Olympia Cafe or face a fine...talk about having to "suck up"!
  • OMG, that was racy??? Why should he be punished because someone else leaked photos that weren't suppose to be out till this week. Fine the company he was modeling for instead. Hell they are richer than he is they could get more money in fines.... Dur no brainer.
  • So Lame...Just like the crap Lance Armstrong has had to deal with all his victory's...Enough already! USA! USA! USA! (:
  • The Olympic Committee has some sort of an agenda, if they indeed plan on bringing charges up against Phelps for this new Rule 40, then what about the Professionals who are allowed to compete in the Olympics? Most earn more from their endorsements, then the sport they play. How is a Olympian suppose to pay for training, living expense, manager, coach, and legal council without sponsorships? Michael earned his medals, his endorsements are his choices, not the business of the Olympic Committee.
  • come on give us a break, enough is enough, he earned them and by damn he should keep them without questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • this is beyond rational thought.... leaked photos...

    the IOC needs to pull their heads out of their butts and move on! He wasn't doping, he didn't pitch little fits when the judges gave him his scores..

  • He's a great athlete, but he puts himself in front of cameras at the wrong times, ie: smoking weed. He may be a great swimmer, but he's awfully dumb. No common sense whatsoever in my opinion. Does that mean he should be stripped of his medals? Good question!
  • Mr Olympics Person...Please I am asking you kindly to leave Michael Phelps alone.Goodness knows how many bribes you all have taken..Please give this young man a chance to earn a living
  • that will only prove the olympics are all about money and advertising . Phelps is a great swimmer and none of those crying creeps can catch him on bad day. Back off you sissy pig money sucking whimps
  • Back off you sissy pig money sucking whimps I gree, How dare them think or even trying to taking medals from him. I like that wording
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