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By now, you would think casinos are used to paying Phil Ivey. The eight-time World Series of Poker champion has made millions of dollars throughout his gambling career, but at the moment he could be more than $10 million short.According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Ivey recently won $11.7 million playing a game called Punto Blanco at Crockford’s, an upscale casino in London. The game involves no skill and is simply won and lost by the cards the dealer hands out, and Crockfords is reportedly witholding the money Ivey won on the game after he went on a massive heater.Ivey requested that the money be deposited into his bank account, but Crockfords has only returned his original bankroll of $1.6 million. The Daily Mail reported that Phil initially lost $800,000 when he began playing the game but then he and a female companion went on a two-night hot streak. The lady with whom he was gambling reportedly had her membership revoked by another casino.Investigators have flown to London to speak with employees from Crockfords and review surveillance cameras. Ivey and his lady friend reportedly never touched the cards, and the situation is said to have turned into an “increasingly tense stand-off” with lawyers from both sides working to sort through it.Could Ivey and his friend have worked together to win $11.7 million at a game of chance? Unfortunately, I know nothing about Punto Blanco or cheating a casino and I only understand crazy bets like this one and this one, so I can’t say. One one hand you can see why the casino would be suspicious. On the other you have to wonder how Ivey would have pulled off such a job.H/T Huffington Post

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  • If the facts are as they have been portrayed here - if there is no way that a patron could 'rig it' - then, I think the casino must pay, or go out of business, and then he be paid whatever is available out of the liquidation of the business. I've no tolerance for casinos that cheat.
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  • people like you are ruining the internet
  • annie, did you NOT have a dad growing up ? I mean the whole older man issue to fill a void you never had ?

  • Just wondering. You say he's more established and settled. Does that mean he has the money to serve another purpose? Have you thought about what interest a 40 something year old man would have in a 21 year old. Does he have a problem relating to more mature females. Is it a trade in services? How much interest would you have in him if he were a 40 year old established and settled factory worker? Just wondering.
  • I just threw up in my mouth a little.
  • Everyone loves a guy that can BEAT THE HOUSE...no matter how you do it!!! Ivey's 11, baby!! Go get paid. They're stuck if they can't figure out how he did it. I hope he wins his case.
  • The casinoi hosted it, and the players did not touch any cards, the casino MUST PAY!
    and btw, congratulations!
  • How can you play a card game without touching the cards??
  • Casinos don't allow you to touch the cards in blackjack.
  • You don't know anything about blackjack. Try again. You are allowed to touch the cards, otherwise how the fvck could you see the hole card?
  • Its not black jack
  • In Blackjack only the dealer has a hole card. You must not know anything about Blackjack at a casino.
  • Ummm try again Steadman, at a casino only the dealer has a hole card you idiot. All the players cards are dealt face up. Get a clue moron.
  • What casino do you go to that deals the players a hole card? You may not want to go back!
  • No, you're the one that needs to "try again." The players have no "hole card".
  • You don't touch the cards in blackjack! the dealer puls the cards out of the slot and lays them in front of you face up when you hit or stand, again, you don't touch the cards, you wave your hand above the table or tap on the table, you never touch the cards. when you double a bet or split you don't touch it, the casino dealer does.
  • You clearly haven't been to that many casinos...some of them do not allow you to touch the cards, everything is face up for the players
  • Read again brainiac...... CASINOS dont allow you to touch cards in blackjack.
  • Majority of casino deal the cards face-up. No need to touch them.
  • Maybe it's you that doesn't know much, some do let you touch the cards while others don't. 2 casinos near me let players only to touch the card if we want to hit, the other 5 or 6 allow no contact whatosever.
  • I have been playing blackjack for years, and most casinos do not allow you to touch the cards. Both of your cards are turned face up while the dealers are one up one down. you are not playing against the other players, just the dealer, so it does not matter who sees your cards, as the dealer is required to hit on everything below a 17 and hold on 17 and up. And if you touch the cards they ask you not to. If after several warnings you continue to touch them, they will kick you out on suspicion of cheating and you do not get your money. So if you ever decide to play poker in a casino (which you obviously never have) do NOT touch the cards!
  • Steadman: You don't get out much, do you?
  • You obviously have never played casino blackjack. There is no "hole card" for the players. All player cards are dealt face up
  • I live in Las Vegas. Touching or not touching the cards is on a casino to casino basis. The Horseshoe, the first home of the WSOP deals single deck and deals one up and one down and allows you to touch your cards. Next!
  • I agree, been there done that, I don't know what half these idiots are talking about.
  • More specifically, if the game is dealt from a shoe instead of by hand then the cards are dealt up and you do not touch them.
  • punto banco....the name tells it all banco
    puntobanco chem fe fer and baccarat are all similar
  • What does one thing have to do with the other? So the woman he wasn't allowed into one of the other casino's so what. If he did noting wrong as far as the cards were dealt I feel he's owed the money, bad move on the casino's party if you ask me..
    Shame on them for not paying out what they own him..
  • That Casino should pay the man, be fined, and then boycotted.

  • if the genting group has anything to do with this it should be investigated a little closer
  • Phil Ivey is as smart as you wish you were and would never cheat at a casino!
    Their his bread and butter!
    He also has a reputation of honesty.
    Study the fiasco about Full Tilt and his involvement for example.

  • I agree. No reason to jeopardize his career for that amount of money. Actually half since he'd have to split it with the girl. I hope I don't forget to follow this story.

  • WAH! WAH! WAH!
  • Do you really think this is about the color of the man's skin? The casino is going to pay - no doubt in my mind. I think the casino has made a very bad decision to even try to attempt to try an embarrass Mr. Ivy. Glad I am not in their shoes when all is said and done.
  • I knew it, got to be because he's Black????
  • That comment I find to be contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc
  • Being a nigro has nothing to do with this. They actually like them in Europe.
  • Yes. As shown by when they throw bananas onto the pitch and wear monkey masks when a black player takes the field.
  • Is this the Europe where the N-word and monkey sounds are openly directed at the William sisters at a tennis match?
  • Hey dolt, you are the racist POS that perpetuates the unnecessary cycle with plain hate. As much as you would like to justify the use of the word n1gger as implicating all races, it is in fact, only used towards blacks. I have never heard a white man called n1gger, nor a Hispanic, nor Asian. Funny thing is, I just wasted two minutes of my life responding to your insufferable nonsense. You represent the cess pool of morons commonly found on the internet that have the intelligence of a high school dropout, junior high dropout. Go read a book, educate yourself, find other adjectives, buy a dictionary, play scrabble, do something to exercise the feeble muscle between your ears that could hardly be called a brain.

    How old are you 12? Grow up.

  • Lancelot2u, actually I have heard all three, a white man, a hispanic, and an asian all called n1gger... So, why don't you get an education? First off, it is in fact, not a fact that n1gger is only used towards blacks. Second, the brain is not a muscle... you must be 12 to not realize that one.

    Here is one of the definitions of n1gger straight from a dictionary:
    A person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.

    So seriously, grow up. Oh and your sentence structure is garbage. Just like that of a high school dropout or a junior high dropout.
  • hahaha Lancelot2u, whos the dumba$$ now. nice one Hairylizard
  • You are absolutely wrong! I have known many first class black people through my life. I have totally white step children and the "N" word fits them to a T. Matter of fact if you look the "N" word up in the dictionary I am sure their pictures are there!!!
  • Wow
  • MrBob really?
  • You should be the one that buys a dictionary, and a thesaurus and some sense before you go ranting in all CAPS! The only reason you have never heard a personof a different race be called n***** is because you are probably black. That is the fault of your people that raised you and took that word as their own. The people of "color", as one person said, have decided to use that word as a way to talk about, and to themselves, so how is it racist to use it in this situation. If you feel like that word is offensive to you or your people then you should not use it when talking to your people or about your people. Anyway this is perposterous!
  • black people? get your numbers right MrEMan...two guys on here raise the race issue...and until Phil Ivey says Race, they are being silly..but no sillier than you talking smack about black people. It helps if both those guys and you keep the discussion to the people on this board and not genealize...about whole groups of people. Having a lot of Brits as friends the color issue doesn't often come up anymore in this type of situation in teh UK...so I doubt it has anything to do with color...but rather not wanting to take that big a hit if they can possibly find anything to keep him from winning legitimately...besides the guy who wrote the stupid post doesn't seem to have a clue who Ivey is...if he is talking about a black man having a string of luck...Ivey is a consistent winner and doesn't count on luck!
  • well said
  • f u c k i n g a s s h o l e
  • Perfect example of someone being contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc
  • And you, you piece of excrement, are worse than Bernie. You seriously need to consider moving away from the rest of civilized society.
  • first of all im puerto rican and i have a black girlfriend but any way a friend of mine discribed it best a black man gets up goes to work supports his family a n1gger is the guy on the street corner selling dope and that is for any race
  • Not to argue. But your friend seems to be one of the lost ones. The word was invented and used towards Africans and African-americans as a derogatory term. If you had a group of different races and someone said look at the n*****, where does YOUR eyes lead? There are a lot of younger blacks who haven't any idea or interest in the suffering of their ancestors in this country and haven't a clue as to who they are. Calling a black a n***** is disrespecting and degrading every ancestor that suffered and died for his (her) right to be a citizen in this country. The word is the word. No matter how much sugar you sprinkle on a pile of crap, it's still a pile of crap.
  • Why is it that in todays generation the black youth doesn't know anything about the struggles of their ancestors, and the white youth are their freinds, teammates, boyfriend, girlfriends etc. and have no experience with slavery, yet racism is perpetuated by blacks that insist on dwelling on the past. We had one of the bloodiest Civil Wars in history, white people fighting alongside black people and dying in mass in order to end slavery. Try looking at it from the point of view that enough white people, even back then, took up arms against white people to defeat them for doing something disgusting in their eyes. And, by the way, there has always been derogatory words used toward whites by blacks also. The funny thing is they're using those words on TV, radio etc. and it's generally ok, but put the shoe on the other foot and heads are rolling.
  • Why is it ok for every other race to remember who they are and where they come from. Except when blacks acknownledge and remember the same they are living in the past. Today's generation are just as much slaves as their forefathers. Except, they have chosen to shackle their own. That's what happens when you don't know what you've come from and come through. And yes, African-amer. fought on both sides in the civil war. If you thoroughly read your history you'll find that it was not by choice. Still, after serving were again enslaved, beaten, women raped, children raped and killed, hung, burned, mutilated,etc. Welcome to America. The civil war was not about slavery. It was about, states right. And, if you read the writings of Abe Lincoln, he never had a real problem with slavery. It was just difficult to fight a war and maintain slavery. So, there was the amancipation.
  • bernie...until Phil Ivey says its about race...then keep your stupid two cents to yourself...
  • As a person of color, I think you are a complete moron.
  • Hey thetool, you probably don't think they are a moron but just contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc
  • i knew it wouldn't be long before some dumbass said something about race. maybe the casino operators that are denying him the money are black. go crawl under a rock slimball!
  • Really???
    Why would you say that unless you are contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc
    And what is this all caps typing, are you yelling? Can't we just have an educated debate about the subject without getting all CRAZY! Sorry about the yelling, I feel like people who yell in type are contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc
  • DA DA DA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Suddenly the race card is played. Now we find that it is a conspiracy against Phil Ivey because he is black! Tune in next week folks to see what happens in this mind blowing sage of:

    BERNIE P thinking that white people, or brown people, or yellow people, or aliens, or dogs with friends get all the breaks and everything goes against the black man!

    HEY BERNIE P go home put on your big boy pants and grow up. Get a grip on your life my friend because you have no concept of what is really happening in anything when you have to play the race card like this.
  • STFU Bernie. Ignorant.
  • Bernie, shut up. Things were going so well until you brought up race. Give it a break, mate. The casino doesn't want to pay out because it will bankrupt them, period.
  • OH STFU!!! SOOOOOOO sick of that crybaby boo hoo line of BS...Grow a damn spine and quit acting like a lil b**ch
  • I knew it was only a matter of time before someone played the race card. What a load of b.s. Ivy is an internationally known professional poker player--no casino is going to try and stiff him JUST because he's black. To avoid further controversy and expensive litigation, I predict they'll offer him a partial payout, most likely half, and he'll take it. The damage to the casino's reputation among professional gamblers is permanent, however. This was a stupid move on their part.
  • For the casino to hand over his original bankroll. Of 1.6 million and withhold his lucky streak of the 11.7 million and then look for faults be it, a companion who reguardless was revoked by a another casino -who when he was losing nothing was said but soon as the shift of luck went sour for casino they look for ways to regroup the money lost -now were talking about the mans reputation- he should sue them for more then money withheld
  • Somewhat ironic that the man who is very much associated with Full Tilt Poker is suffering from having his winnings withheld. Now he knows how thousands of account holders at Full Tilt feel after their accounts were frozen and they received NO CONTACT from Full Tilt. We understand that the US Government interrupted their business, but that is no excuse for stonewalling their former customers.
  • It isn't simply that the US Government interrupted their business, the US Government stole all the money out of their accounts. How would you expect them to pay exactly...should they steal it back from the US Government?
  • "Unfortunately, I know nothing about Punto Blanco or cheating a casino and I only understand crazy bets like this one and this one, so I can’t say. On one hand you can see why the casino would be suspicious. On the other you have to wonder how Ivey would have pulled off such a job."

    Then tell me exaxtly why someone chose you to write thi crap?
  • @berniep.........figures....someone would throw racism in it! seems most of the replies are for Ivey....so whats your senseless point?!!
  • It's always about race when it happens to a person of color. Can't they ever stop having a chip on their shoulder?
  • You too, are a moron. It isn't always about race when it happens to a person of color. One clown makes a stupid comment, and now you go generalize. Go back in your hole and stay there.
  • It's because they are contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc
  • That is "this" crap. For all you spell checkers.
  • Right!!! How contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc
  • The only reason for the casino to be suspicous Phil Ivey won would be if the game was rigged by the casino. He didn't touch the cards and who cares about his friend. We don't know why her membership at the other casino was revoked. Or even if it was revoked. She could have cancelled the memebership and to add intrigue to the story, it became "revoked".

    The casino needs to pay the $11.7 million he won, plus interest, and his attorney fees. Then Phil should sue them for defamation of character.

  • This is the second gambling fiasco in London. Apparently the Brits are welchers. Who would want to gamble there? They sure will take your money when you lose, but they always renege on paying when you win.
  • That is what I have learned from all this, don't gamble in London.
  • .... so now all "Brits are welchers".......guess this is where i should be offended and play the rAce card.
  • How can you cheat at a card game in which you never touch the cards? Even card counting isn't cheating - it's just annoying to the rest of the players at the table, because the house can reshuffle any time it wants, and only deals out a fraction of the shoe even without a reshuffle. This casino is just trying to keep from paying up. It'll gladly TAKE your money, though...
  • Them casinos have no problem taking your money but when its time for them to pay out,they are sorry bastards
  • It seems we are not getting the whole story. If this is the complete story they need award him the money.
  • That is why I NEVER go to a casino, because they are among the most untrustworthy people in existance and they will cheat someone out of thier winnings every chance they get, and that is the main reason they are in business, to take people's money any way thay can! In my opinion they are just sore losers the money that Phil Ivey won should be given to him.
  • This is way out of line the young man won fair and square, if you can not stand this kind of lose close the game
  • Phil Im behind you all the way young man, you are one of the best gamblers in todays pool
  • Not saying this is what happened, but cheating could have occurred IF the players had somehow been able to enlist the dealer in some type of scam. With such a big payout, they could have promised him a large amount of money - enough to retire on quite comfortably.
  • Over the course of a 2 day heater they would have had 100 or so different dealers. No way Phil and Co were able to get enough to cheat for them.
  • Why would Phil who is often called the best poker player out there today risk his reputation? He already has bank, Highly doubt he would do something like this, but stranger things have happened I suppose.
  • In the end, the lawyers will win (on both sides).
  • Tell the casino what you think. Here's their email address: crockfords_reception@gentingcasinos.co.uk
  • Hold on guys.. I wont for one minute say Ivey is cheating, but the casino may have its reasons, I know more than most about casino cheats andto say he or his freind did not scam the house is alittle hasty. It would not be the first time, or even the hundreth time a player and a dealer were in collusion to cheat the house.
    I have played cards with Phil and bsides being a excelent poker player, he seems like a decent guy, I hope he wasntsucked into something he really didnt need to be involved in,
    sorry about spelling, no time to check....
  • “Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn't matter which color does the hating. It's just plain wrong.” Muhammad Ali
  • Phil Ivey is simply a gambler's gambler. I have watched him for years. Although he is a skilled card player , He got a "thing"
    for betting on random events and it is well documented. He simply caught a "rush" . It's that simple.
  • No human hands touched the cards. Let the professional cheats look at it. if they can't find anything , then pay up or call the law, if they have any
  • Professional cheats......what ....where do I find one????
  • If the casino refuses to pay, despite the players never having touched the cards, then he should sue them for $50 million (a nice round figure, to get the media's attention) & then tell them he plans to go on a campaign of humiliating, embarrassing & abusing them (by just telling the truth; they're dishonest & disreputable and refuse to honor their word). The casino will not only get a black eye, but will also lose millions in revenue; once they factor in being called cheats & liars by him (and losing any large bettors because they refused to honor an honest bet), they'll cave.
  • See more comments >>

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