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The San Antonio Spurs' record currently sits at 35-24, good for third best in the Western Conference and sixth best league-wide. That they've managed to pull this off despite getting just nine games from their star player, Kawhi Leonard, is an accomplishment unto itself, even by the Spurs' lofty standards. But it appears as if this may end up being a lost season for the two-time Defensive Player of the Year, as head coach Gregg Popovich came out on Wednesday and said that he'd be surprised if Leonard was able to make it back onto the court this season.

As if the likely loss of the team's best player for the season isn't detrimental enough, it would appear as if the earlier rumored riff between the Spurs and their superstar is a real thing

The injury, rehabilitation and timetable for a return has complicated the Spurs' and Leonard's relationship, causing tension and fraying the fabric of what was once a strong partnership, league sources told ESPN. The uncertainty surrounding this season -- and Leonard's future, which could include free agency in the summer of 2019 -- has inspired a palpable stress around the organization, league sources said.

Woj's above mention of Leonard's impending free agency is not a fleeting one. He will likely be the crown jewel of the free agent class during a summer when one of the league's marquee teams, the Los Angeles Lakers, will have an abundance of cap space to lure one or more big names to Laker Land. Oh, and Kawhi just happens to have grown up in Los Angeles as a Lakers fan. If the idea of returning home to bring his boyhood team a championship appeals to Leonard, he could end up being the rare Spurs star who leaves what many consider to be the best run franchise, not just in the NBA but all of sports, for greener pastures. 

Which brings us to today's quiz of the day. Kawhi has rounded himself out to be one of the five best players in the league during his seven seasons in the NBA, but above all, he is still very much known for being the best shutdown defensive player in the league; just ask LeBron James. Leonard has made the NBA's All-Defensive First Team three times so far in his career. Since the NBA began awarding NBA All-Defensive Team honors following the 1968-69 season, 28 players have made the All-Defensive First Team five or more times over the course of their careers. How many of the 28 can you name in five minutes?

Good luck!


Note: An asterisk indicates that the person was elected to the Hall of Fame as a player.

QUIZ: Name every player to make the NBA All-Defensive First Team at least five times

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The 2018 NBA All-Star Game is in the books, and all indications point to the updated schoolyard-style draft format leading to new levels of competition for the midseason spectacle (also, next year's draft will likely be televised, which is the right call). Before the game even began, the two captains had a lot to say in terms of sneaker style with Steph Curry taking a subtle but pink approach while LeBron used his footwear to hit back at a political foe. And while the new format certainly led to most players giving it their all (Jimmy Butler aside), no one out there tried to do more with less than Fergie, much to the delight of both Draymond Green and LeBron. The game itself was a constant highlight reel with Team Steph leading most of the way before Team LeBron took over in the waning seconds. As if Hollywood writers were actively penning a storybook ending, LeBron and Kevin Durant blanketed Steph on the final play of the game, sealing the win. 

Now, as we enter the second half of the season, there are many exciting and important storylines to watch beginning with whether or not those aforementioned Warriors are beatable, especially with Houston currently sitting atop the Western Conference. In the East, are the new-look Cavs for real, or is this finally the moment to pounce for the Celtics or the Raptors? Will the Slam Dunk Contest victory propel Donovan Mitchell to the Rookie of the Year Award, or is it still Ben Simmons’s race to lose? Speaking of losers, as many as nine teams appear to be involved in an all out Tank-a-thon, so who will ultimately be the worst of the worst? Conversely, Adam Silver is considering making the playoffs more competitive in coming seasons, because as always, the NBA is writing the professional sports book on self-improvement.

Which brings us to today’s quiz of the day. LeBron James was a shoo-in for this year’s All-Star Game MVP with 29 points on 12-for-17 shooting to go along with 10 rebounds in a winning effort. The NBA All-Star Game has been held since 1951. How many MVPs from each game can you name in six minutes?

Good luck!


Note: The 1999 All-Star Game was canceled due to a labor strike, and there were co-MVPs in 1959, 1993, 2000 and 2009.

QUIZ: Name the MVP of every NBA All-Star Game

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It's Valentine's Day, so you would assume the levels of love in the air would be elevated today. However, it would seem that no one told NBA players this, as the week following the league's trade deadline has been filled with the airing of grievances, most of which are of the petty variety.

In Detroit, Blake Griffin refused to shake hands with his old squad following a loss, while in the nation's capital, John Wall and Marcin Gortat needed a summit to clear the air over a tweet. Out west, Jared Dudley called out Steve Kerr for disrespecting the Suns, even though he also admitted that the Suns don't need to be respected at the moment. In Utah, Rudy Gobert took a not-so-subtle jab at former teammate Enes Kanter, because there's an unwritten rule now in the NBA that says Kanter must be in a social media war of words with someone at all times. NBA pettiness also does not end when players retire, just ask any of the 2008 Boston Celtics who continue to be embroiled in some sort of drama for the better part of the last decade

Of course, no discussion of petty NBA beefs in 2018 would be complete without talking about the Cleveland Cavaliers. The new-look Cavs seemed to have righted the ship with their purge at the deadline, but that hasn't stopped the sniping on either side. LeBron got the ball rolling with his postgame comments after defeating the Celtics. Jae Crowder sent a volley back from Utah, but it's really been Isaiah Thomas who seems hellbent on fanning the flames of this mostly one-sided rivalry. Whether it be passive-aggressive social media maneuvers or blatantly calling out his old team not once, but twice, the newest Laker refuses to simply be the bigger man. And sure, being teammates with LeBron comes with its own set of obstacles, but he also tends to be a benevolent King when it comes to beefs past, so Thomas might end up waiting a long time if he's looking for LeBron to clap back any time soon. 

Which brings us to today's quiz of the day. As mentioned, it is Valentine's Day, so why keep the focus on the teammate relationships that didn't work and instead look back at the ones that did? Since 1998, a team has sent three or more players to the NBA All-Star Game 17 times. How many of those all-stars can you name in five minutes?

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Note: An asterisk (*) indicates that the player was in the starting lineup.

QUIZ: Name every NBA All-Star trio from the same team since 1998

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Much like the 2009-10 and 2013-14 NBA seasons, the largest theme in the sport isn't about the games taking place on the hardwood. No, it's all about where impending free agent LeBron James will end up next.

It's easy to see why. The Cleveland Cavaliers do not appear to like each other very much — evident by LeBron's apparent snub of his newest and now former All-Star teammate — James reportedly went off on team executives recently and, surprise surprise, LeBron may be at odds with Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert yet again.

This is nothing new for James, of course, as he's already left the Cavaliers once, taking his talents to South Beach some eight years ago to start the recent "superteam" trend in the NBA. LeBron is hardly alone in that endeavor, with the likes of fellow future Hall of Famers Kevin Durant and Chris Paul, among others, changing ZIP codes in the past year-plus alone. Throw in the upcoming Paul George sweepstakes coupled with the Clippers' fire sale, and there are sure to be even more All-Stars on the move — including the aforementioned Isaiah Thomas.

The days of an NBA superstar staying with one franchise his entire career aren't exactly over — Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki and Tim Duncan come to mind as recent examples — but it seems to be a rare occurrence indeed. In fact, there aren't many Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famers ever who donned the same jersey their entire NBA careers.

Which brings us to today's quiz of the day. There are 382 individuals inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, and less than 10 percent are players who spent their entire careers with just one NBA franchise. With that said, how many of the 38 Hall of Famers who played for only one NBA team can you name in six minutes?

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Note: This quiz does not take into account ABA teams, just NBA franchises.

QUIZ: Name every NBA Hall of Famer to play with one franchise for his entire career

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It's only Tuesday, but it's already been quite the week in the NBA, so let's get caught up on all things currently happening in the Association:

Which brings us to today's quiz of the day. Lost amidst all the histrionics in Cleveland is that LeBron is about to join a very exclusive NBA fraternity. The King needs to score seven points against the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday night to become just the seventh player in NBA history to reach the 30,000-point plateau. So, with that in mind, how many of the NBA's top 30 career scorers can you name in five minutes?

Good luck!


QUIZ: Name the NBA players who have scored the most career points

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The NBA announced the starting lineups for the 2018 All-Star Game on Thursday and the captains for each team as the league experiments with a new format for its midseason showcase.

For those who haven't been following along, the NBA is eschewing the East-West All-Star format in an effort to fix a game that's gotten infamously less and less competitive over the last few seasons. So like the NHL, the NBA will divvy up teams playground-style with the top two vote-getters in each conference acting as the captains. Sounds fun, right? Except there's one issue: the players don't want the draft to be held publicly because...feelings? After weeks of speculation that that would indeed be the case, NBA commissioner Adam Silver recently confirmed the draft will be held behind closed doors and then gave this reasoning:

Should there be a public selection? Yes, it would be more fun if we  had that kind of draft. On the other hand, I recognize that in picking a team to perform in the here and now, it's a little different than drafting. There was a sense from the players that it put them in an impossible position, where they're picking one player over another—in part, not because they necessarily think that player is better than another player, maybe because they have a personal relationship with the player.

OH. COME. ON. These are professional athletes, men of the grown-ass variety, not children who need their feelings protected, certainly not for something as trivial as picking sides for an All-Star Game. They'll be just fine. Sure, it was initially awkward when Phil Kessel was picked last the first season in which the NHL switched formats, but he ended up with a new ride for his troubles, and within a few seasons, one of the league's best players was openly campaigning to be picked last in hopes of scoring some wheels. Just make the draft public, Commissioner Silver. Even your league's best player knows it would be best for business:

"We're all grown men," LeBron James said. "It doesn't stop your paycheck from coming. It won't stop you from playing time when the season starts."

Which brings us to today's quiz of the day. Throughout NBA history, 30 players have made 11 or more All-Star Games over the course of their careers. How many of those 30 can you name in five minutes?

Good luck!


QUIZ: Name the NBA players with the most career All-Star Game appearances

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You are forgiven if you haven't been keeping up with the Los Angeles Clippers this season. Between the trade of Chris Paul to the Rockets and the various injuries to Blake Griffin, Danilo Gallinari and Patrick Beverley, the Clippers have been a shell of what they were at the height of the Lob City era. But if you haven't been keeping up with L.A.'s other team, you've been missing one of the best stories to come out of the Association this season: Lou Williams having a career year at 31 years of age.

This is Williams' 13th season in the NBA, and his proclivity for getting buckets, particularly off the bench, has been a known commodity for some time. But with all the aforementioned injuries taking a steep toll on the Clip Show this year, Lou-Will was thrust into a more prominent role, and he's delivered in a big way. Williams dropped 50 in a 125-106 win over an unsuspecting Warriors squad on Wednesday night, capped off by a 30-foot bomb from the hash mark with time running down. He is currently in the midst of an incredible run. Over his last 10 games, Williams is averaging nearly 32 points per game. For the season, he's averaging 22.9 PPG, exactly eight more PPG than he averaged last season and almost 10 PPG above his career average. He's also putting up career-high numbers in minutes, three-pointers per game, three-point percentage, free throw percentage and assists. Colin McGown over at Real GM summed up Williams' 2017-18 perfectly:

He’s having the best season of his career on an otherwise roundly depressing Clippers team, using the vast blank space Chris Paul left behind to show off an array of dribbles and feints and hypnotically twitchy off-ball cuts. It’s a peculiar, mid-grade kind of thrill—like watching a polished character actor play the leading role in a ho-hum indie flick—to see just how many moves Lou’s got, and how well-honed they are.

Which brings us to today's quiz of the day. Williams has been known as one of the most prolific bench scorers in recent NBA history, but despite this, he's only taken home the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year Award once. With that in mind, how many of the past Sixth Man winners can you name in six minutes?

Good luck!


QUIZ: Name every NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award winner

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On Monday night, Raptors shooting guard DeMar DeRozan tipped off his 2018 in style, dropping a franchise-record 52 points in a 131-127 overtime victory against the Milwaukee Bucks. 

DeRozan is in the midst of his prime, having been an All-Star in three of the last four seasons as well as making Third-Team All-NBA last season for the first time in his career. The knock on DeRozan was his shooting range, that he was an old-school midrange shooter in a league now dominated by the three-point shot. But as Deadspin recently (and colorfully) pointed out, DeRozan looks to have added the three-ball to his repertoire this season. It's no accident either. DeRozan knows the lack of threes in his game has dogged him his entire career, but this season, he has finally found a comfort zone beyond the arc:

“Don’t say I can’t make three-pointers,” he joked.

“It’s always something I knew I could do but I felt so comfortable doing the things I felt dominant at and picking and choosing my spots,” said DeRozan, who made five three-pointers as part of his 52-point gem against Milwaukee on Monday night. “It’s one of them things that I know I can do. It’s a matter of me doing it every night.”

Just saying that DeRozan added a three-point shot to his game might be shortchanging the Toronto guard. In Kelly Dwyer's latest piece for Dime Magazine, he argues that DeRozan is the latest in a long succession of NBA two-guards to make the jump from all-star to superstar. Whether it's enough to bring the Larry O'Brien Trophy north of the border for the first time is a question that won't be able to be answered until June. 

Which brings us to today's quiz of the day. In this age of prolific NBA scoring, single-game franchise scoring records have been dropping like flies, with nearly half of NBA teams seeing new highs this decade alone. With that in mind, how many players who have scored the most points in one game during the regular season for every NBA franchise can you name in five minutes?

Good luck!


Note: An asterisk (*) indicates that the player set the record while the franchise was located in a different city.

QUIZ: Name the player who scored the most points in one game for every NBA franchise 

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Rajon Rondo would like you to know that, at 31 years old, he has plenty left in the tank. 

On Wednesday night, the Pelicans point guard had a game for the ages, dropping 25 assists in a 128-113 victory over the Brooklyn Nets. The 25 dimes are not only a career high for Rondo, but are also the most in an NBA game in over 20 years. A few other notes from Rondo's big night:

  • Rondo set a new franchise high for assists, besting Chris Paul's 21-assist output from the 2007-08 season when the team was still the Hornets.
  • This was the ninth game in Rondo's career where he totaled 20-plus assists, and the Pelicans were the third team for which Rondo has accomplished the feat.
  • Rondo was able to get to 25 assists in just 30 minutes of play. Only one other player in history was able to record 23 or more assists in 30 or fewer minutes on the court.
  • For as prolific and efficient as Rondo was against the Nets, he may have had a real shot at the NBA record of 30 if his teammates had been able to convert a few more of their looks. "I kinda felt bad because I blew a couple shots," said DeMarcus Cousins. "He could have easily had 30 plus. Congrats (to him) but I kinda feel bad at the same time."

Which brings us to today's quiz of the day. Rondo's big night in NOLA puts him in rarefied air. In NBA history, a player has tallied 23 or more assists in a game on only 32 occasions. With that in mind, how many of the 32 can you name in five minutes?

Good luck!


QUIZ: Name every NBA player to record 23 or more assists in a game

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Merry Christmas everyone!

If you need a break from unwrapping presents and/or watching "A Christmas Story" for the fifth time in a row, there are a slew of Christmas games to keep you distracted:


  • Philadelphia 76ers at New York Knicks: 12 PM ET on ESPN
  • Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors: 3 PM ET on ABC
  • Washington Wizards at Boston Celtics: 5:30 PM ET on ABC
  • Houston Rockets at Oklahoma City Thunder: 8 PM ET on ABC
  • Minnesota Timberwolves at Los Angeles Lakers: 10:30 ET on TNT


  • Pittsburgh Steelers at Houston Texans: 4:30 ET on NBC
  • Oakland Raiders at Philadelphia Eagles: 8:30 ET on ESPN

Which brings us to today's quiz of the day. In the same manner that Thanksgiving is an NFL day, Christmas has now become an unofficial NBA holiday, with the Association scheduling a full day's worth of games each year. With that in mind, 18 NBA players have scored 40 or more points on Christmas Day. How many of the 18 can you name in five minutes?

Good luck!


QUIZ: Name every NBA player to score 40 or more points on Christmas

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On Monday night, the Los Angeles Lakers honored Kobe Bryant in unprecedented fashion, retiring not one, but two numbers, while both legends and contemporaries looked on. All night, Twitter paid tribute to the Mamba's career, Kevin Durant found his own special way to honor Bryant and Kobe himself seemed so touched by the entire thing that he almost stayed for the entire game!

Of course, no Kobe ceremony would be complete with at least one comparison to you know who, which allowed Bryant one last opportunity to publicly state that those comparisons don't matter to him (they totally matter to him). But just as no one, including Kobe, could measure up to MJ, now that Kobe Bryant's playing days are well behind him, the search for the next Kobe begins, also likely in jest. These days, they just don't make NBA two guards like they used to. 

Which brings us to the quiz of the day. Kobe Bryant hoisted the Larry O'Brien Trophy five times during his illustrious career with the Los Angeles Lakers. In those five seasons, 31 different players won at least one ring alongside the Black Mamba. How many of the 31 can you name in six minutes?

Good luck!


QUIZ: Name every player to win a championship with Kobe Bryant

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On Tuesday, the NBA announced that Indianapolis will host 2021 All-Star Game. Turns out members of the selection committee are suckers for a large man in a tiny vehicle. It will be the first time the NBA All-Star Game will return to Indiana since 1985. That, of course, was the game that featured the most infamous moment in All-Star history: the Michael Jordan Freeze Out.

The background: Michael Jordan is a 21-year-old rookie not only playing in his first All-Star game, but starting in the backcourt for the East alongside Detroit Pistons point guard Isiah Thomas. Jordan is reportedly viewed by the veterans in the game as arrogant. Some say this came from Jordan blowing off Thomas during an encounter at a hotel a couple days prior; others say it was because of how Jordan carried himself during the dunk contest the night before. Either way, something was rotten in the state of Denmark. Jordan, a player who did not score in single digits one time during the regular season that year, managed only seven points on nine shots in just 22 minutes of play. Sure, maybe this was just the veterans getting theirs with the rookie simply paying his dues, but there was enough there that the game has dogged Thomas to this day. He denies a freeze out ever took place, but even at home 16 years after the game, Isiah was unable to evade pointed questions on the matter

Here's Isiah speaking on the game again in 2003:

"I've looked at the film of that game at least 60 times," Thomas said one afternoon this week, "to see whether I could have given him the ball at some point and didn't. I'm bringing that tape, and the first person who asks me, I'm going to say, 'Here it is, go ahead and do some homework.' "

Which brings us to today's quiz of the day. The truth about what actually happened in 1985 most likely lies somewhere between what Isiah Thomas said above and what actually happened, but as they say, "When the legend becomes fact, print the legend." With that in mind, we want to see how many of the players from the 1985 NBA All-Star Game rosters can you name in six minutes.

Good luck!


Note: An asterisk (*) indicates the player started the game. 

QUIZ: Name every player from the 1985 NBA All-Star Game

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Right now, Victor Oladipo is balling. 

Acquired along with Domantas Sabonis in the offseason in exchange for Paul George, the former no. 2 overall pick was seen as a consolation prize, the best the Pacers could do given their lack of leverage they had with George. Instead, the fifth-year shooting guard is in the midst of a breakout season that has Indiana square in the middle of the playoff picture in the Eastern Conference.

On Sunday, Oladipo hung 47 points on Denver and was rewarded with his second Player of the Week award of the young season for his efforts. Oladipo is averaging 24.5 points per game, good for 10th best in the NBA while also putting up career-high numbers in rebounds, steals and three-point percentage. Oladipo is doing all he can to make Pacers fans forget about Paul George, but that process is not happening quick enough for the Pacers guard:

"I'm kind of getting sick and tired of the comparisons with Paul George and myself. He's moved on. I moved on from the situation that I was in. Life takes its course, things happen. I'm happy here, he's happy there. I wish him all the best."

Fair point, but Oladipo shouldn't fret. If he can keep up this level of play all season, folks will eventually start referring to the deal as the "Victor Oladipo trade."

Which brings us to today's quiz of the day. Oladipo was taken by Orlando with the second overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. Now on his third team, the former Hoosier has once again found a home in Indianapolis. So, with that in mind, how many of the second overall picks from the NBA Lottery Era can you name in five minutes?

Good luck!


NOTE: An asterisk (*) indicates that the player's rights were traded on draft night.

QUIZ: Name every No. 2 overall NBA draft pick in the lottery era

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We've just passed the quarter mark of the NBA season, and up until a few days ago, you'd have been excused for not knowing who Donovan Mitchell was. The rookie shooting guard out of Louisville was drafted 13th overall by Denver then was shipped immediately to Utah, where he has since become the team's starting two guard. In a loaded rookie class, Mitchell was already being lauded as the steal of the draft but hadn't really done much to put himself on the radar of casual NBA fans. Then he went and dropped 41 points on an unsuspecting Pelicans squad last week.

Mitchell is the first rookie since 2011 to go for 40 or more in a game, and he was all smiles in doing so. The scoring outburst made Mitchell a cult hero outside of Utah, but those within the organization have been high on Mitchell for some time now. The Jazz front office was so enamored with Mitchell after his pre-draft workout with the Jazz that GM Dennis Lindsey reportedly threatened to fire any staff member who leaked out just how good Mitchell looked during his visit to Utah. The Jazz then traded up to get Mitchell at the draft, and with Gordon Hayward leaving for greener pastures, Mitchell didn't just fill that void. He was able to step up and become the team's offensive focal point at a time when it desperately needed someone to get buckets on the offensive end, leaving the rest of the NBA world to play catch-up on the growing legend of newly-minted Jazz star.

Which brings us to today's quiz of the day. Mitchell's scoring outburst makes him part of an exclusive club. Since the 1985-86 season, an NBA rookie has scored 40 or more points in a game just 28 times. How many of those 28 can you name in five minutes?

Good luck!


QUIZ: Name every NBA rookie in the Lottery Era to score 40+ points in a game

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After going the entire 2016-17 season without one head coach being fired, the NBA is apparently making up for lost time this year, as now two coaches have already been given their walking papers before the calendar turns over to December. 

On Monday, in a surprising move, the Memphis Grizzlies parted ways with head coach David Fizdale after just 101 games (and one awesome postgame presser) into his head coaching tenure, replacing him with professional interim coach J.B. Bickerstaff for the rest of the season while the team looks for a permanent replacement. Fizdale is said to have butted heads with Marc Gasol throughout his brief tenure in Memphis, which reportedly led to his dismissal. The abrupt firing also sent ripples throughout the Association, as Fizdale still has a lot of friends in powerful places

For the Grizzlies, this is now the third coach in a row who has been let go after leading the team to the playoffs in the previous season. The Grit-N-Grind era is down to scraps and remnants, and the franchise now finds itself at a crossroads once again with the unenviable task of going through a third head coaching search in just the last 18 months. 

Which brings us to today's quiz of the day. Fizdale and his predecessors were fired before getting a chance to leave a mark on the Memphis Grizzlies franchise. With that in mind, we want to see how many leaders in career coaching wins for every NBA franchise you can name. Six minutes are on the clock.

Good luck!


Note: An asterisk (*) indicates that win total includes ABA games.

QUIZ: Name the coach with most wins all-time for every NBA franchise

Hy Peskin Archive/Getty Images

On November 24, 1960, Wilt Chamberlain went out and did what Wilt did best: set an NBA record. No, I'm not referring to his famous 100-point game. It was on this date in a losing effort against the Boston Celtics that Chamberlain gobbled up a ridiculous 55 rebounds. To put that in perspective, this season's leading rebounder, Andre Drummond, had 56 rebounds in his last four games. To say the game has drastically changed from the days of Chamberlain is an understatement.

And, not surprisingly, Wilt Chamberlain’s rebounding (sure, and scoring) dominance was at the center of a lot of those changes. From his bio on NBA.com:

The “rules changed included widening the lane, instituting offensive goaltending, and revising rules governing inbounding the ball and shooting free throws (Chamberlain would leap with the ball from behind the foul line to deposit the ball in the basket).”

That’s right, folks, Wilt would forego the typical free throw and opt for a one-point layup. Ever the innovator.

But some of his records stand to be challenged, and Dwight Howard is incrementally chipping away at one. The Charlotte big man has put together 11 seasons of averaging at least 12 rebounds a game but is still looking up at Chamberlain’s record of 14 seasons. While there is a threat to this particular record, Chamberlain remains untouchable with 15 of the 28 games with 40 or more rebounds. Because that type of dominance on the boards hasn’t been sniffed at since the 1960s, there is simply just no way these records will ever be broken.

Which brings us to today’s quiz of the day. Wilt Chamberlain is the best rebounder to ever play the game of basketball, but that’s not to say that everyone else is a slouch. Can you name the player that holds the single-game rebounding record for each NBA franchise? Six minutes are on the clock.

Good luck!


Note: An asterisk (*) indicates player set record while franchise had a different name or was located in another city.

QUIZ: Name the player with the most rebounds in a single game for each NBA team

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On Monday night, Kyrie Irving had his best game of his brief Boston career, scoring 47 points on just 22 shots, while also adding six assists. The Celtics won, because of course they did, pushing their current winning streak to an impressive 16 games.

Kyrie is clearly relishing in having his own team once again, and he is crushing it in Boston no matter how you look at it, whether it be old stats, new stats or dazzlingly absurd moves at the top of the key. Irving simply can't do any wrong right now. Most importantly, he's also delivering when it matters

According to NBA.com statistics, Irving leads the NBA with 65 points on 24-of-39 shooting (61.5 percent) in clutch situations, as defined by the final five minutes of regulation or overtime with the score within five points.

"It's just fun, man. Just fun, that's it. It's pretty simple. I don't really see it as a pressure situation. It's just like playing basketball, man. It's just like being in a park 7-7 and game is 8. Someone else calls win by two and you're calling straight up. That's when the defense just starts to crank up and you see some unbelievable plays."

Which brings us to today's quiz of the day. While it's still early in the season, it's clear that Irving will be in the MVP discussion all season if he continues at this pace. If he does win MVP, he'll join an exclusive group of NBA royalty. In the history of the league, only 17 players who have won Rookie of the Year have also gone on to win at least one league MVP award. How many of these 17 legends can you name in five minutes?

Good luck!


QUIZ: Name every NBA Rookie of the Year to also win at least one MVP

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On Tuesday night, LeBron James and the Cavaliers will host the Bucks in what will be game No. 1,072 in his NBA career. What should be a seemingly innocuous game in November carries some significance as that number just happens to be the exact number of regular season games that Michael Jordan played during his career. 

The folks over at r/NBA compiled a simple statistical comparison between the two, while the Worldwide Leader went into a bit more detail for their breakdown with an assortment of graphs, tables and charts. Jordan's shadow still looms large over the NBA, but we're a decade and a half into LeBron's career and LeBron is doing things that Jordan never did. It would appear the King may finally be stepping out of MJ's shadow, at least with the new generation

Which brings us to today's quiz of the day. When it is all said and done, Michael Jordan and LeBron James may go down as the two greatest basketball players who ever lived. But even talents as big as theirs had help along the way. Over Jordan's 15-year NBA career, he played with 13 teammates who played in at least one NBA All-Star Game, while LeBron, currently in his 15th season, has played with 21 All-Stars so far. How many of these 33 players (one played with both MJ and LeBron) can you name in six minutes?

Good luck!


Note: An asterisk (*) indicates that the player made at least one NBA All-Star Game while teammates with Jordan or LeBron.

QUIZ: Name the teammates of Michael Jordan and LeBron James who played in at least one All-Star Game

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In the 2015 NBA Draft, Jahlil Okafor, Kristaps Porzingis and Mario Hezonja were selected with the third, fourth and fifth overall picks respectively. A little over two years later and only one of those players seemingly has a future with the team that drafted him.

First, the good news. Kristaps Porzingis is everything that Knicks fans could have hoped for and then some. He is a unicorn. Zinger somehow emerged unscathed from the Phil Jackson/Carmelo Anthony war of attrition, and the Knicks are now unquestionably his team. Through six games, he's more than delivering so far. He's getting oops on one end, then blocking shots on the other. He's hitting 30-foot three-point heat checks. He's doing things not seen since Michael Jordan, and on top of all that, the Knicks are playing well enough that teammates already think he belongs in the MVP conversation. Not bad for someone who famously brought Knicks fans to tears on draft night

On the flip side, not much has gone right for Okafor or Hezonja in the NBA. Off-the-court issues and injuries have plagued Okafor throughout his brief Sixers tenure, while Hezonja just can't seem to crack the rotation in Orlando. Both the Sixers and Okafor have talked about moving on from one another for some time now, and now that the team has declined his rookie option, it seems all but certain that his days in Philly are now numbered. The Magic still seem open to re-signing Hezonja in the offseason, but with the team playing well in Frank Vogel's second year, Hezonja will also likely find himself in a new uniform soon. 

Which brings us to today's quiz of the day. Lottery picks are great, but as witnessed above, a high pick doesn't always equal success. In fact, it's not uncommon in the NBA for players to make the All-Star Game regardless of where they were drafted. With that in mind, can you name the last player from each first-round draft slot to make the All-Star game? Six minutes are on the clock.

Good luck!


Note: An asterisk (*) indicates the player did not play for the franchise that drafted him.

QUIZ: Name the last NBA player to make the All-Star Game from every draft slot

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The NBA is back as the 2017-18 season tips off, and the league is wasting no time putting two marquee matchups front and center to begin the year. 

The early game features the Celtics traveling to Cleveland to take on the Cavs, a rematch of last year's Eastern Conference Finals, though both teams now look drastically different. The Celtics reunited Gordon Hayward with his old college coach, while the Cavs got half of the Banana Boat Crew back on the same roster. Oh, and Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas switched sides in an unprecedented blockbuster trade between the conference's two best teams. Irving returns to Cleveland tonight as the villain, though he'll be welcomed back by his old squad — even LeBron thinks the majority of Cavs fans will take it easy on their former point guard. 

The reigning NBA champion Golden State Warriors host the revamped Houston Rockets in the second game of the TNT doubleheader. To simply call the Warriors the favorites to win back-to-back titles would be a colossal understatement, but the Rockets are on the short list of teams who might be able to knock the Dubs off their perch. Fans will finally get to see if the on-court marriage between James Harden and Chris Paul can be enough for Houston to get over the hump out West, but they probably wish they were starting their season anywhere but in the Oracle. The Warriors once again appear to be a team without any discernible flaws and will only be better now that they are in the second year of the Big Four era

Which brings us to today's quiz of the day. The NBA offseason was a whirlwind of activity, with superstars changing teams seemingly every week. With that in mind, we want to see how well you know the NBA players who have been with their teams the longest. As of the start of the 2017-18 season, can you name the player from each franchise who has the longest tenure? Five minutes are on the clock. 

Good luck!


NOTE: For this quiz, tenure begins during a player's rookie year. If two players on the same team were selected in the same year, the higher draft choice is the player with the longest tenure. 

QUIZ: Name the player with the longest tenure on every NBA team

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