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Somehow, more than a month after publication, Hope Solo's memoir is still producing explosive headlines.  The USA goalie has left no stone unturned in the "bombshell revelations" department with her autobiography released in August just after the USWNT won gold at the London Olympics.  Let's run down the list so far...

But the latest news to trickle out from Solo's book is by far the most provocative.  In fact, it's so explosive, I'm completely dumbfounded it took this long to begin to make waves on the internet.

Hope Solo claims Dancing with the Stars is fixed!!!!

Radar Online story brings to light this passage from Solo's book about a conversation with her former DWTS partner about a secret memo deciding which celebrity pair would be eliminated each week.  This revelation couldn't happen at a more awkward time for DWTS with the show's All-Star season kicking off this week.  (In case you were wondering, Pamela Anderson got the boot Tuesday night, which makes you wonder about the effectiveness of a rigging policy.)

“Maks later told me that he had argued with the judges because he had been told we were going to be eliminated, that there was some secret memo going around that said who would be ousted each week," Solo wrote. “He explained that he wanted to cause some drama on the live portion of the show so that they wouldn’t be able to resist keeping us around, hoping for more fireworks.

“It seems to have worked -- we weren’t eliminated that week.”

Radar also says ABC is considering legal action against Solo for her accusations, so you know this situation is serious.  The sanctity of Dancing with the Stars and a fabric of Americana is at stake!  

Let's be real for a second though.  Every reality-based show or competition you watch is fixed in some way.  Survivor, Big Brother (especially Big Brother), The Voice, Pawn Stars, Hardcore Pawn, American Pickers, American Idol, The Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo, Storage Wars, Counting Cars, WWE, etc. All "reality" programming is carefully put together and manufactured by networks who are in the television and entertainment business.  After all, that's how we got the Kardashian-Humphries nuptials.  

Learning the results of DWTS are predetermined would be something less than shocking, but the show would rightfully be crushed for deceiving their millions of viewers for several seasons in thinking their votes played a role in determining the outcome of the show.  Not to mention the dimes for those text message votes add up over time.


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  • This doesn't surprise me. I figured most of the reality shows were rigged anyway. That's why I don't watch them. :-)
  • yea,for someone that loves blasing people for everything, seems she didn't do her homework on this show. completley scriped. time for her to fade away.
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  • hey hope,fyi, you can't dance!!!!!you're stiff and has no gracefulness just shut up and get over it.
  • "a fabric of Americana" WTF. If DWTS is a fabric of Americana let me the F out! All these reality shows are stuffed right from the beginning. The Kardashians stink!The pawn stars are the punk stars! Everything in America is fixed anymore!
    And if its not fixed its ******!
  • I've suspected it's been rigged for years. Last night when host Tom Bergeron asked, "Who will be eliminated?" the cameraman pointed straight at Pamela Anderson and Tristan. It was obvious that the cameraman knew ahead of time so he could get a good shot of their expressions. It was so obvious.
  • It did not take rocket science to figure out who was going to get the boot. Camera man or not, even the public knew who was going. Pamela was the worst of the bunch. Even if it was rigged, they got it correct. But I do not feel that it is rigged at all. What benefit would that be to ABC? None!
  • Just because the cameraman knew ahead of time doesn't lend credence to your "It's rigged" theory. Many people know ahead of time who will be voted off. Producers, judges, the people who keep track of counting the votes, etc. I'm not saying it isn't rigged, but this isn't proof. On most shows where someone is going to be eliminated the camera men probably know ahead of time so they can catch the reaction of the people who leave and the people who stay.
  • Get over yourself Solo. You're a vindictive, super-ego b....! No one cares about your accusations, true or not. Sounds to me like it's coing from a sore loser.
  • I so agree with you..she couldn't dance so she had to make up some lies
  • Never has been a doubt in my mind that the fix is always on with DWTS. Always has been and it will continue as long as people tune the program in. Personally, I would rather watch an old movie re-run on STARZ without all the commercials.
  • Good. Quit watching DWTS then and watch old movies on Starz. Problem sorted, Wasn't that easy?
  • Pretty stupid since the show is scripted and yes, in a way, it is "rigged". glad to see that the light is on and somebody must be at home. Let me get this straight, You would rather pay $$ for a channel that you don't watch very often just to watch an old movie re-run...I just borrow from my friend and pay nothing to watch it...BOOOyah!
  • i hate her. she's always looking for a reason to call attention to herself, and seems to be bitter about every single thing. and she WAS a terrible dancer. always claimed the contest was prejudice against her athletic build but TONS of girl dancers were athletes. she needs to get over herself.
  • Hope Solo has mental issues. I mean really it can't be everyone against her. Stop being a victum and grow the hell up.
  • We stopped watching DWTS early on. Beautiful female dancers were eliminated while ugly clumsy black football stars were kept in! The first year or two we liked watching the dancing but
    everything else about it sucked. We have not turned it on in years! PLEASE BRING BACK GOOD ENTERTAINMENT FOR ENTERTAINMENT'S SAKE NOT REALITY TV!!
  • Come on now! You got to be kidding! Look who has won the past few years. Some of those pretty models could not dance. Ie: Pamela Anderson! All she could do is run down the beach in a bathing suit holding a life perserver. What else has she done? Oh! She has had a bood job!
  • I really wish she would just SHUT UP and get over herself.
  • I think we ought to quit wasting our time flapping our lips and either watch if we enjoy the program or not. Save the analysis for confirming the 'realness' of our political leaders.
  • sbeachbum and stargazers: And why do you take Hope's claim so seriously?? You really believe HER?? Come on--she's been causing trouble for a long time. Maks also is a sore loser. He's a great dancer; but a very sore loser. Both have made trouble before by spewing idiocy out of their mouths!! I really doubt DWTS would 'fudge' with the numbers; they would lose too many viewers if they did and it was deemed true. Apparently some of you do NOT trust the "American voters"!!
  • Get over yourself Hope! She was awful w/ no rhythm or feminine charm!! Maybe the judges should have more say so the talented ones DO move on and it's just not a celebrity popularity contest with the audience vote carrying most of the weight! She shouldve been eliminated sooner than she was!
  • to be honest ....she couldn't dance and I am surprised that she lasted as long as she did. enough said!!!
  • I'm glad pam is gone and how can it be rigged when the public votes
  • Good God, this chick really needs to learn when to STFU.
  • who cares! she couldn't win anyhow! and she should be thankful to the show! why she didn't say anything until she was competing.she liked the spotlight. And if Max did not push her she would be out in a week one!
    Ungrateful B.....
  • Well, Hope couldn't dance and I didn't like her attitude. We will see if fixed in how long Bristol Palin stays on cause she can not DANCE wonder how she stayed one before. I myself am getting tired of the show and also hate Brooke and that fake smile lips smile lips she does. PLEASE
  • DWTS might be fixed - WHAT???? I bet no one ever suspected THAT!!! I've never watched but everyone I know who watches feels like there's a certain amount of scripting. Who cares anyway? I'm sure it would be a different story coming from this pathetic spoiled brat had she and her partner actually won. Isn't there a new, up-and-coming superstar young goalie on the horizon yet? The world is beyond ready for Solo to crawl under a rock somewhere.
  • Everyone with their negative comments need to stop bashing Miss Solo. If you don't know her personally why would you tell her to get over herself? Shame on all of you. Only in America freedom of speech is used for the wrong propose! Life should not be center around making bad judgements. Men and Women fight for this country...
  • That is the freedom of speech! we can express our extreme dissatisfaction with "Mr. Solo" and we don't need to know her personally. B/c if we did, we would shut her up. I am sure you meant "purpose" and not "propose". Life is about overcoming bad judgments and succeeding when given the opportunity.
  • Dear Hope: The best dancers seldom win, it is a popularity contest remember. Put on your big girl panties and get over it.

  • BTW, you're not all that popular apparently....
  • Honest Hope...SHUT UP!!! You don't do yourself any favors by letting everyone in on the "secret" that you are not very smart. Good athlete yes, the rest WE DON'T CARE!!!!!!!
  • Of course it's fixed! No news there. There is obvious favortism towards certain stars and absolutely towards some of the pros. When the judges rip Mark and Dmitry for using a song from a famous movie or show for their freestyle and then Derek does the same thing (twice!) without critcism, someting is rotten in Denmark. But I think the whole thing is decided before the season even starts, not week by week.
  • This ugly loser with a Solo somewhere is the biggest bitch to hit this part of the world in a long time. Get a life loser, you have not won anything yet important, and this world doesn't dance around you.
  • I feel ya . . . .
    But, seriously, if he did, it was disrespectful no matter what.
  • I'm not watching this season on a count of them bringing back that total losing idiot, Bristol Paylin.
  • Whether she a reliable source are not, I think all the reality
    shows are fake and scripted. Dancing with the stars most of all,
    so the public votes how do you know all the voted are counted.
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  • Solo damaged her marketability with her attitude on the show - so of course she's going to blame her partner for "making" her act that way. Typical Hope Solo - never take responsibility for your actions when you can throw someone under the bus.
  • She damaged it long before that! What an attention "ho". You disgraced yourself with your poor attitude and sportsmanship in London too. Nobody can stand you Solo! Go away!
  • I have beed watching DWTS since it's start. Hope Solo was TERRIBLE. I could not believe she stayed on as long as she did. Every week I would "Hope" that she was the one voted off. Bad Attitude. It was even clear that noone on the show could stand her, including Maks and the judges. Makes looked like her was in physical pain being around her.. Anyway Now that her soccer career is finished, I guess that she is so desperate for attention that she is willing to make a fool out of herself for attention.
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  • I watched the DWTS that she was one and she was a terrible dancer with a bad attitude. She is the epitome of a bad sport...let's hope none of our little girls model themselves after her, but instead stick with women who are good role models in the soccer world such as Brandi Chastain.'s a cup of STFU're old news girlfriend.
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  • You disgraced yourself with your poor attitude and sportsmanship in London too. Nobody can stand you Solo! Go away
  • Apparently some adult in Hope Solo's upbringing taught her that less than success was not her responsibility, in other words, when she wasn't on WAS NOT her fault. Seems she's always complaining about how she's been mistreated in some way or another... I mean really? Grow up!
  • DUH! It's ALL rigged, it's about r-a-t-i-n-g-s!
    I was invited to be on a daytime show back in the 90's.It wasn't one of those "Springer" type trailer trash shows.
    Long story short, all the questions AND subsequent reactions were ALL rehearsed. Audience reactions, laughing, gasps, clapping,questions,etc was ALL pre-taped and rehearsed.I was "coached" to act surprised (though I wasn't), told to frown on key, or ask silly questions from a que card. It was embarrassing. When we were done, they told us to drop our wireless mic's backstage and head out the back door. While we were in wardrobe, "rehearsing", prepping, THEY had gone to our hotels, packed our bags and they were already in the limo's backstage. They took all of us straight to the airport, dropped our bags at the curb and.....vanished. All of our flights (6 of us)didn't even leave for at LEAST 6 hours!
    I had to fight the studio to get paid what they'de promised, call after call to L.A. and New York. Finally, after 9 weeks I received a check. They also NEVER sent me a tape of the show they had promised.
    Money and ratings. Don't even THINK they care about you, REGARDLESS of what they tell you.
    Welcome to Hollywood! They'll tell you what you want to hear, suck the value out of you and then just as quickly......spit you out and route your calls to voicemail.
  • REALLY?? Omgosh!!! Who cares?? When you put cameras in any situation there is no reality involved and add big, big money forget it. DWTS is purely an entertainment program . . . and it's fun to guess who will be going home/win. That's all.

    And, really Hope Solo?? Who knew her before Dancing?? Only people who follow soccer, right?? She's looking to make a name and is grasping at a chance in the spotlight. Obviously, DWTS didn't do it. Why else does anyone really go on there? I did not like Hope at all . . . from the moment she opened her mouth. She is VERY egotistical (can't figure that one) . . and a poor loser. And, certainly could not dance! Really! Every time things didn't work out for her she was sour grapes . . . it got old fast.

    Who is she to need to write an autobiography??? What? Oviously somebody threw some money at her for it. But, WHO CARES???????????
  • Anyone else tired of hearing her whine about anything she can come up with? Is anyone buying her book anyway?

Hope Solo: ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is fixed

Hope Solo taking aim at “Dancing with the Stars” is nothing new, but one particular tidbit of information she revealed about the show in her new book could interest DWTS fans. In the gift that keeps on giving, “Solo: A Memoir of Hope,” Solo claims the show is fixed and that the producers decide which contestants remain from week-to-week — not fan votes. As
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