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Found November 01, 2012 on Larry Brown Sports:

Via Larry Brown Sports:

Many sports teams did what they could to raise awareness for breast cancer during the month of October, but one soccer team’s attempt to do their part went terribly wrong.

Fans of the Venezuelan soccer team Deportivo Tachira stormed the pitch and refused to leave for at least 30 minutes before the team’s game against Atletico Venezuela on Sunday because they were upset Tachira was wearing pink uniforms instead of their traditional yellow and black kits. The pink uniforms were worn in support of Senos Ayuda Foundation — a non-profit cancer charity — and part of the team’s contribution to Breast Cancer Awareness.

A group of fans reportedly began waving their replica jerseys over their heads and chanted about “defending their colors” before going onto the field where they were penned in by riot police. After their protest lasted for over 30 minutes, the players were taken off the field and the game was suspended.

The team had been promoting the cancer awareness theme in the week leading up to the game. The Deportivo Tachira Twitter account continuously used a “#JuntosPorUnaNobleCausa” (translation: together for a noble cause) hashtag on their tweets all week. They also were giving free admission to the game (except the lower level of the stadium) to women wearing pink.

Congratulations, soccer fans, you’ve done it once again. We’ve seen soccer fans protest games in the past for really dumb reasons, and we’ve even seen a soccer fan killed for a really stupid reason. This horrible error in judgment ranks right up there with all of those awful stories.

You can see some of the photos from the incident in the beginning of this video:

  • I like that they protested. I'm sick of all the pink in the NFL. It's supposed to raise awareness. ...WHO ISN'T AWARE...??? All it does is chickify the sport. It doesn't cure anything. Why not, for the month of November, change the color of the shoes and gloves and towels and flags and all the other crap to brown for colon cancer awareness month. Wouldn't that be special?
  • Um, did you read the article? This is about SOCCER, not the NFL. Second, what a jerk you are. Pink doesn't chickify (which isn't a real word anyways) a sport. They did it to promote a horrifying sickness that takes lives every day. I seriously hope that no one close to you ever suffers from breast cancer, because they will have to put up with your insensitivity.
  • Chickify?? This chick had it . I assume you are male ? did you check yourself in the month of October? Well you better do it now . Check your balls also oh wait the athletes are man enough to wear pink is it that you would not have the nuts to do it ?
  • Forgot to inform you that breast cancer and testiculer cancer are from the same gene . Just trying to raise some awareness. Hope you do not have to get your balls cut off from the gene . I would not want that to happen to anyone. So do not get yourself all wound up about the color .
    Be happy if it saves a life is all it is about .
  • Yes, I completely agree with you ClaimJumper. I my self am a little sick and tired of all this pink pride and it's not like I haven't lost anyone to the disease myself (I too have lost someone very near and dear to me from breast cancer) but you don't see me wearing pink every day to work and such. In fact I don't ever even recall my loved one wearing pink when she was fighting the disease.
    If our sports teams have to wear the pink jerseys why is there no pressure from us on our politicians to wear pink suits in November? When did this all change from at 1st showing your support by wearing a pink ribbon, to now where our sports teams have to have their entire jersey's pink? What's next, pink tatoo's or pink body paint?
    IMO fans have the right to protest whatever and whenever they want to if their team (that they by the way, pay their salaries and are the ones that paid for their stadium AND they also paid for THEIR JERSEY'S) does something that they don't approve of. Let's face it, pink is an effeminate color. So to some male soccer fans, seeing "their" guys in that color could be offensive, espeacially if they loose.
    Just my opinion, and I respect yours so let me just say this: I think this whole pink thing has went too far. If you want to show your support for breast cancer awareness wear the ribbon. Don't pressure everyone to wear all pink all the time during the entire month. To some people that color is offensive and thats just the way it has been and will always be...
  • chickify the sport you sound like a punk ass who could not play a minute of full contact football it is a great jesture and program for the all of sports so just stfu and get out of your mom's basement loser
  • C'mon, his point is that everyone wants to ACT LIKE they are doing something, when they are NOT DOING ANYTHING about it. (whether "it" is BreastCancer or Drunk Driving, etc) We all need to put our money where our PINK is and actually "help the cause". Does anyone remember what the Yellow wrist bands were for??? Yeah, that's what I thought!!
    And this is just another Anti-Soccer article (American Athletes NFL/MLB/NBA are the biggest homophobes on the planet)
  • Arrest every single one of their sorry asses and they should be forever banned from soccer games in that city! Assholes!
  • I understand them having pride in their team's colors but I'm sorry the more awareness for breast cancer the better. I lost my sister to this ugly disease almost two years ago. The hurt is beyond words so I applaud these people for wearing pink instead of the team"s colors. The soccer team tried to do something wonderful here and this is sad the fans responded like a bunch of children.
  • You people start wearing ALL pink ALL day at work then you guys can criticize someone for expressing their opinion on this website. Wait, I bet some of you work at a place that makes you wear uniforms or suits or just have some sort of dress code. I don't see you people b!tching to your bosses that they should MAKE all their employees wear pink once or twice a week for the entire month of October.
    It's funny how you'll support peoples rights to wear what they want and express themselves too however they want. But when it comes to someone who you don't agree with or might have a different or opposite oppinion than you, then they don't have that same right. They just need to shut the hell up and go and mind their own business.
    You people are a bunch of hypocrites...
  • 1. MEN GET BREAST CANCER TOO! Even though it seems to be rarer,men have a lower survival rate because: a)Men don't do regular checks, not even the jewels...their partner in life usually finds the male lump first b)Lumps are often ignored until much too late c) Most males including male docs send almost 0 time learning about points A&B.

    2. Pink was the color of all male babies...at least in the USA... until around the 1920-30s(?)sorry, I forgot the exact date. Navy blue was the female color. Prior to that time, the fabric dyes were rather harsh in color. Males could handle the bold pink look, and Navy blue was the considered to be the flattering hue for pale skinned females. Depending on your age, you might have been born in the pink!
  • Not sure if I was born in the Pink, but I hope to die in the Pink!!

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