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Alex Morgan is finally having an effect on kids. Unfortunately it was on East High (Utah) player Petiola Manu (#12 in white) -- who decided to knee downed Woods Cross High School player Makenzie...

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  • I find little Miss cheater's excuses, just that..excuses for bad behavior. This is exactly the kind of player who should be banned as an example of what not to do when being confronted with accountability.
  • i love her excuses. if it were my kid, id press charges.
  • Ms. Manu should be banned. There is no excuse for her violent actions. She should have received a red card and not allowed to play in any sports. If she has frustration levels like that in soccer, she will have it in other sports and maybe even in other areas of her life. Who knows. She may need some anger management counseling and be held responsible for her actions and it should be sooner, not later. Is it any wonder why we are having more problems with our young people nowadays? They aren't held responsible for their bad actions.
  • My response would not have been as admirable as Ms. Clark's, because Ms. Manu would not have needed to apologize after I got up off the turf. I am near forty and played team sports all my life - win or lose, adrenaline or not . . . there was no need for that behavior and she should be removed from the team for the remainder of the school year. From all team sports!!
  • You have to forgive her, she's black.
  • As a matter of fact, she is not black. Thanks for upgrading this to a racial issue unnecessarily. And I bet you're NOT racist?
  • Watch her apology...dumbass. She is NOT black. But we do have to forgive you, because you are a dumbass. STILL, NO EXCUSE FOR WHAT THAT BITCH DID. BAN HER FOR LIFE FROM ANY SPORTS.
  • Wow, you are a complete ass!
  • So what is your response to this soccer player's behavior. She's not black or another minority.

  • may i ask you what does race have to do with this are you playing with people on here and trying to stir us stuff that has nothing to do with that the girl did...........shame on you
  • I guess we should outlaw tie games in soccer since they lead to concussions.
  • Agreed 100%
  • Agreed 100%
  • I don't know if you are any better than her. Seems you can't express yourself without being rude, crude....
  • Woman don't belong in sports. LOL...wow you are pretty quick to tell a woman where she belongs....so I will venture to guess that someone has Woman issues...and coming on the 'net to express yourself makes you a real big man now doesn't it!
  • clearly u do care about her opinion or u wouldnt of replied bck twice. Furthermore this isnt a posts for all to read on how u like ur women(that im sure r few n far between) its about the attitude of unsportsmanship.
  • Hey Wolfy, at first you were embarrassing all men. Now you're just an overall embarrassment. It is fine to have an opinion, but an issue on the soccer filed is not an avenue for you to be crude and crass. Oh, and as a man myself and a jock at that, I ask you to respect women. After all - like it or not - you were put on this earth from a woman !
  • I'm gonna go out on a limb here and ask how would you know what a long day's work is? From the tenor of your comments you seem very bitter about your lot in life. If I had to guess, I would say that you 1) are unemployed, and, 2) were fired at your former place of employment and were replaced by a more qualified woman. I really think that your time would be better spent writing a letter to Penthouse. But then you wouldn't get the adulation (look it up) that you seem to crave. My advice to you is: change your attitude, go to a trade school, or a juniot college if they'll take you, and get a job. I also recommend that you pray to the Lord every day and thank him for teaching a subterranean creature like you how to breath.

    As for the high school soccer player; I'd like a show of hands from everyone but the subterranean creature: how many of you have made a bad mistake in this life and were given a second chance? Where would you be now if you were not given the second chance? What the girl did was bad, but luckily, her opponent does not seem to be seriously hurt. It seems to be of more serious concern since a girl (as opposed to a boy) did the deed. I am looking at a photo of Ray Lewis, the Ravens all-pro linebacker, on this page of Yardbarker. Ray killed a person with his automobile a few years back (I don't remember the circumstances.). He was given a second chance, and I do not believe he has repeated this offense. Would the world be better off if Ray Lewis had been sent to prison? Do you think that he has learned from his tragic mistake? He also has to live every day of his life knowing that he ended the life of another human being, and that is a pretty heavy burden.

    I really think that if we all could be a little more tolerant and forgiving that this world would be a much better place for everyone. Give the girl a break, she is really sorry for what she did and probably won't do it ever again. I bet that she will turn into a pretty good person if given a second chance.
  • i agree with you on this to a point but she does need some punishment for kneeing the girl and a apology is not good enough...........
  • you know what they say...if you have to talk about it, you're not getting any....
  • Someone needs to teach you some respect and manners. I wish there was a way to report posts. To put it in a way you will understand: I guess you made that statement because you can't get a woman any other way.
  • Women shouldn't play sports? Really? I'm pretty sure if done right that 2 of the 3 things we should be doing could be a sport!
  • Your mom must thought she was taking a $hit when she gave birth to you, and turns out she was right.
  • Why are creepy, icky guys always creepy and icky?
  • Did you forget barefoot and pregnant, oh wait a minute just thought of something, you have to be able to get a woman and keep her first.
  • again, learn the correct word to use....it's "their", not "there".....and, it is "should have", not "should of"....
    guess spending time in class wasn't high on your list of priorities.....
  • Now its about protecting our people. You pull this crap on us, and we get up and clean your clock. If the referees dont see or care about whats going on then shame on them. Now its about self defense. Dont take this crap off anyone.
    I dont really like soccer anyway. Too many swan dives and cheap shots. I wonder if its because all the minorities that play it? This girl(?) who kneed the girl on the ground should be kicked out of the league for this.
  • Michael ur such an ass!!!! Minorities!!!! Really........... Ur what's wrong in this world........... Get a Life
  • Time after time we see its the minorities that take the cheap shots. Whether they are in a game or out in public. You cant cover it up forever. Americans are waking up and they are pissed.
    If you dont punish her severely next she will start biting off chunks of ears like her Bro's do.
  • What a stupid thing to say...watch the video do they all look like minorities on the field!! Shame on You!!
  • This player is not a minority, so how do you respond to her actions?

  • This person is not a minority. How do you explain her actions?

  • Hotrod78ss You are a scumbag and your parents are at fault, do us a favor, find a huge rock, move it 3ft to the left, lay down, pull rock into original position!!! sleep it off!!!!
  • That girl needs to sit out the rest of the season. Also attend a few anguer management meeting...there was No excuse for that at all...js
  • That's a criminal act and should be dealt with as so!!!!!She is old enough for her actions.
  • I don't need to know her motivation, she should be suspended for the remainder of the season.
  • No Manu. You dont get to apologize it away. YOU were just doing what people like you do. Cheap shots are part of your repertoire. Youve probably done this dozens of times, always careful not to let the umpire see you doing it. YOUR a bottom feeder that knows no decency or morals, you are a genuine example of your people.
  • What I would like to know is what this has to do with Alex Morgan! She is a good player and doesn't take cheap shots at people. Why bring her name into it?
  • Concure 110% I watched the Alex Morgan clip and that did not appear to be intentional in any way. This was obviously a deliberate shot at the opposing players head ... totally uncalled for and there is NO excuse for this type of behavior.
  • Sorry, but "adrenaline" is NO excuse for assault. She should be banned from all sports for the rest of the school year. Letting her skate on this would send a HORRIBLE message.
  • i agree. if she skates, she will do it again. she needs a criminal record. she is a thug.
  • I soooooo AGREE, this IS a CRIMINAL act & she needs to be dealt with as such!! No, "I'm sorry's", she NEEDS to pay the consequences(SSSSS)!!
  • She should NEVER be able to play organized sports EVER. SHAME on you girl, are you going to teach your children to do that. SHAME ON YOU
  • Manu=Islander. Big problem in USA mens Rugby with Islander violence, Samoans, Tongans, Hawaiians (sp?)etc. The apples don't fall far from the cart. It is a cultural problem.
  • learn to use words correctly, you troglodyte!
  • This is rediculous. If this whole thing gets swept under the rug, it's an injustice. I think she should be banned from all sports and maybe not allowed to graduate. Ha, some apology. Obviously it was intentional.
  • Should never play again at that school. She is a pig and a disgrace to demean the sport of soccer like that. Where are the thorities to kick her off the team.
  • Should never play again at that school. She is a pig and a disgrace to demean the sport of soccer like that. Where are the authorities to kick her off the team.
  • Good thing she didn't have a gun on her. So I do something so abhorant that could ammount to assault with intent to create Great Bodily Injury (a felony), and then say Oh! I'm so sorry.
    Guess we need to rethink our whole penal system too. A suspension isn't good enough - this type of assault needs to be charged.
  • ban her from sports for 2 yrs thats assault she could of been hurt real bad sorry wont heal brain damage
  • First, this is not a racial issue; poorly-behaved people exist in ALL races. Secondly, the girl should be dismissed from all interscholastic competition for the remainder of the season or an agreed-upon period of time by the coach and school board, but REQUIRED to participate in team practices or forfeit her letter. Let us remember she is a KID and kids make mistakes. Sports are an avenue from which people learn, and this could be a learning experience for her. Though there is no excuse for her actions, turn it into a positive experience - even for the offending girl. In addition, I take issue with even the mention of Alex Morgan in this article. She has NEVER behaved in such an unsportsmanship manner, so why did her name get brought up?
  • Really you're going with she's a kid and that's an excuse?
  • Girls that age can be vicious on the soccer field. I've been a soccer mom forever and have seen it all. Michael4yah, you're right, shame on the officials who stand by and do nothing. Rather than protect players they can be the most biased of all. Some officials are excellent, some are hacks. Manu should be banned for (at least) the school year and sent to anger management. If opposition sends her over the edge, Corporate America will be a doozy for her. She'd better check that ish now before she runs into someone who is not defenseless and on the turf. When she does, it won't be pretty.
  • That was criminal assault. It doesn't matter if it was in a high school game or happened in a store parking lot.

    Both my son and daughter were victimized this way in sanctioned high school athletic events when they were varsity athletes. One boy, the son of one opposing team's head coach, was an expert--and very free and easy with deliberate cheap shots--until I suggested to his dad it was assault and I was about to call the police. Amazingly, it immediately stopped, but only at games my son was playing in. Sorry Hotrod78ss, this is not a race issue, that kid and his father were the same race as my son and me.

    Bumps and occaisional shoves in the course of the play are understandable, but that was criminal assault. The UAA officials could probably be charged as accessories after the fact if they fail to take appropriate action. (They knew of the crime, they were in a position of authority to report it.) It doesn't matter if it was in a high school game or happened in a store parking lot.

    My guess is that wasn't the only time something like this has happened with that player or that team, just the only time it has been caught on tape.
  • i used to play on a football team where our coach told us to take cheap shots just don't get caught if it help the game so yes i agree with you and know where you come from....... i regret some of my actions that i took then because they where wrong but if i had not been giving the go ahead by my coach i would have not thought it was aright to hurt other player on purpuse i took a cheap shot in a game to put there best receiver out of the game i broke his leg and i got away with it didn't get caught by the ref.'s but it was wrong but then i didn't see it as wrong i thought winning was all the counted ...this girl prob. had a coach like mine at one time so she think it ok to bend the rules aslong as you don't get caught but now it hard to get away with it because of smart cell phone with cam's
  • Really ? "Alex Morgan is finally having an effect on kids." In what world are you living?? The only thing these two have in common is a knee and a head ... this was an obviously intended hit, the Alex Morgan one appears to be accidental NOT intentional.
  • This is why I'm glad my kids are involved in marching band. Call them nerds or geeks or whatever, but they work very hard. They run, do push-ups, crunches, lunges, etc. They learn difficult choreography and memorize extremely hard music to play that goes along with the choreography. Every year, our top 10 in the graduating class has at least five of them that are in the band. The best part? When they compete, they are the only band on the field, so no cheap shots or cheating. It's pure competition at its finest. ~Proud Band Mom
  • mam i glad for you and your son or daughter but i never seen band member do push ups , cruches, and lunges, ect ect what school are yall from........because here in ss, texas they don't do that stuff............... in the band but they do march ............
  • Manu's kneeing her opponent after the play was completed was obviously an intentional after thought and a criminal assault. If the shcool does not turn this incident over to law inforcement, I hope the girl she assaulted and her parents will file a police complaint. Get that young criminal off the school playing field for good. And that apology? Not accepted.
  • even if they girl parent filed assault charges on this girl it really would not be the girl getting punish but the parent that would have to pay the fine but if you gave her some community service at the school then she have punishment and this could be done with out court or police the highschool prinsipal could do this or the girl coach...........but to drag the police into this would be wrong.......at her age......
  • It's no excuse, but the Blue shirt #12 fouled the aggresive creature.
    She pushed then rolled in front of White shirt #12. Not an "approved" tackle at all.
    As an aside;- I suppose those of you criticising football (soccer)probably think the game you call football is non-aggresive, and fair, without any of these problems.
  • Looks more to me like she was falling and tried to grab Manu to to stop her fall.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • are you looking at the same video or on something......
  • She should not be able to play soccer or any sport for the remainder of her high school years. I hope this video gets around enough so if that child wants to play in college no coach will allow her on a team.
    I really hope the other girls parents press charges.
  • Love how so many of you decided to turn this into a racial thing, what she did was wrong and deserves to be kicked off the team and maybe more! But the racist comments, really, that makes you no better than her! It's people like you that make these kids what they are today! Kids today are able to justify there actions by watching and listening to ppl like the ignorant ones that made racist comments on this link!! Get a life, you are the ones that deserve to be kicked in the face then that is what I call justified!
  • who taught her that her coach or PARENTS she should be banned for LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I’m not defending the girl by any means. What we don’t see though is the horrible reffering, the shirt pulling, the elbow throwing, and foot stomping that reffers allow during the games that makes the kids think its ok to act this way. If you watch the video you can see the gal in blue is trying (way over extended) to step on the gals foot and throwing herself elbow first at the gal in white. Why didn’t the girl in whites team mates react? Maybe the gal in white plays dirty and her own team mates felt she got what she desiverd? All just speculation, wasn’t there, didn’t see it. Not much of a gentalmens game these days or a nonconctact sport, especially with all the shirt pulling, elbow throwing, and heal clipping you see on prfessional games these days. Play on no call for the advantage or flow of the game to keep it entertaining. The girl should have a punishment but so should the gal stompping on her foot and throwing her elbow, unless the knee to face was punishment enough.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Throw this chick off the team immediately. Dirty play is NOT to be tolerated AT ALL. Women are as bad a men. Throw her off the team and ban her from playing team sports forever. Her lame excuses are just that, Lame.
  • That little stank hoe should get a beat down from a grown man. That is one of the dirtiest things in sports I have seen. Screw that apology it's BS. She could have seriously hurt that girl and she should never be able to play organized sports again. That makes me sick. She needs a steel toe boot planted firmly in her ass. What a dirtbag, shameful
  • If I were the parents of the kid that got assaulted I would sue her and her parents on top of it
  • Nobody seems to see the Woods Cross player hitting her with an elbow first (frame 0) on this clip and stomping on her foot? True - does not justify what she did but she was "attacked" first IMO.
  • 12's left fore-arm is brushing Manu's upper right arm, and at no point does her left cleat contact Manu's right. If this is an "attack" (when in fact, she may have prevented Manu from being slammed into by No. 23 by causing Manu to veer left, away from the ball and the oncoming rush) then I've been attacked every time someone taps me on the shoulder.
  • Looked like she was falling and grabbed Manu to try to stop her fall.
  • so dam true ........................
  • the two hits here you speck of have no comparrison the little hit with the hand sure does not compare to the kneeing to the head get real
  • If she is not suspended it's like saying what she did is okay if you just apologize for it. This is so wrong and the school should be held accountable if she is not suspended!
  • Absolutely. She should be cut from the team. I think too that the other school should demand that the refs be repremanded for letting that get by without a red card.
  • If that had been My oldest daughter that got kneed, the other girl would not have gotten more than three steps away before she got her ass kicked up around her shoulders! And I would have been cheering her on! Inexcuseable and she should be suspended from the team for several games, if not the rest of the season!
  • Suspension should be the least. Also I hope these kids know that this will follow them the rest of their lives. Would you hire or what these kids playing or workinig for you
  • The only reason she apologized is because she got caught. Otherwise she would have just been bragging about it to her teammates.
  • you are so right there i myself was one of these player's taught by my coach to take cheap shots just don't get caught and if we did it was because the excitement of game at the time is why we did it also i did brag alot about cheap shots to my friends and was paded on the back by my coach for giving it all to game to help the team win otherward me and other player where shown by our coaches to be example of what to do for the team.
  • One of the reasons My husband remained our daughters coach through the club years----other coaches teach their players to do this!!!! Come on people get your head out of the sand, high school coaches only care about a win to look good NOTHING ELSE!!!! Yes our daughter did play high school but it was the worse experience of our soccer years watching how a coach treated some of the other not so great players..... It should be about teaching them the game of soccer not winning for the coach...sadly that is all coaches these days care about and what's worse is they are not even qualified just teachers. That is why this happens....
  • Maybe during her next game she will accidentally have her face stomped on by a player whose emotions carried her away.
  • Well then again when kids see professional athletes do these types of things with no repercussions.....What do you expect? Pro athletes are paidtoomuch and they are the ones our kids appreciate as respected adults.
  • First of all, Manu is not black. Someone here needs glasses, and to stop being so ignorant.

    Second of all, No. 12 was nearly kneed in the head accidentally by No. 23 as that player was moving forward (and turning away from) No. 12 to avoid a collision. Player No. 12 then reached out w/ her hand during her fall, doing nothing to Manu that would precipitate some form of retaliation.

    Third, this was not a "mistake." Manu deliberately tried to injure No. 12 w/ her knee, aiming straight for the head area and nearly hitting her in the neck. If she wasn't concussed, it's fortunate she wasn't.

    Fourth, Manu should be suspended w/o reinstation from all sports at that school, or any other. She should be made to sit in detention doing nothing but school-work.

    Fifth, if she'd done that to me, she'd be "apologizing" through split lips. The refs can't card what they don't see, and 12's team-mates didn't notice this either. If they did and didn't take up for their kneed player, shame on them, too.
  • How about this soccer player. She's not a Negro. Does she also deserve the treatment you're suggesting?

  • Take her out of the game for the rest of year,Her parents need to paddle her butt for this...
  • Add insult to injury-what you can't "see" in the video is that #12 actually went down the way she did because she tore ligaments in her ankle.
    Again-this is not a racial issue.
    Assault is not a way to manage your emotions in any game.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • i refereed soccer for years .. high school girls soccer is the dirtiest game of all .. mens premier league is rough but the girls are dirty and mean ... it neeeded to be looked at a long time ago --
  • She is not black, but this being Utah she is probably Samoan or Tongan.
  • And how about this player? What is she and does it make a difference?

  • what a bitch
  • #12 from the white team needs to be suspended from sports and school. Her actions are beyond an apology. Both of my children (13 and 18) have always played sports and this type of behavior on a court or field is not acceptable! Aggressive play is accepted; refereesexhist so that this type of play does not. A kick in the head could have left damage unrepairable. This must be addressed! The ball was dead, the play was over and this is was NOT an accident!
  • Sportmanship??? No evidence of that here, and this individual should be punished like any crimal. Finally, it is time to rethink funding sports programs if the crimals are allowed to conduct business as usual in school uniforms.
  • She should receive the standard punish that students receive for fighting in school. Nothing more, nothing less. For those making this a racial issue, how do you explain this girl's conduct.


    It's poor judgement and people of all races can have a lapse in judgement.
  • The girl needs to be permanently banned from all games without a doubt!
  • Now how can you say that Alex Morgan is having this effect on kids? You should get your facts straight Blitz!
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