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Via Larry Brown Sports:

Caroline Wozniacki was accused of being racist when she stuffed her chest and behind in an attempt to imitate Serena Williams during a recent exhibition tennis match.

Williams, who calls the Danish tennis player a friend, has responded and indicated she did not find the imitation to be racist.

“I know Caro and I would call her my friend and I don’t think she (meant) anything racist by it,” Williams told USA Today over email.

“(Roddick) and (Djokovic) do it all the time and Caro does (it) and now it’s racist.??” she wrote. “At the end of the day I spend my time focused on things to become better and not bring me down.”

Though Williams does not believe the imitation is racist, she thinks her impersonators might be wise to shelve the act given the backlash.

“I must add if people feel this way she should take reason and do something different next time,” she said.

Maybe Serena’s comments on the matter will serve as a cue for people to drop the racism accusations. Like she referenced in her emails, nobody called it racist when Andy Roddick did the same thing last year, or when Wozniacki did it last time.

  • Totally agree!! If we're not reeling from some disaster or massacre, we're creating a scandal!!Whoever started this is a complete idiot and represents everything wrong with the media Where's the racism here? Go find something real to write about and don't waste our time sensationalizing common behavior. Hats off to Ms. Williams for avoiding the pull of these headhunting journalists wannabe's.
  • If it was between the two, then it should have stayed between the two. These actions bring crticism by those who are not "in the know" about privy stuff. Serena is a doll in so many ways, but she knows if she provoked this from her peer. Serena is brassy. the only black issue i see here is that arrogance is seen mostly among blacks (except for donald, usually whites ignor it...but serena knows if she was "askin' for it" or not, while we don't Nonetheless...ladies whatever your color is...respect the platform you have for good not bad...appearances matter.
  • Wow, I didn't know that only Black women had big T's and A's. I learn something new everyday!!

    Yes racism exists and it's ugly. But we aren't doing anything to erase it by finding racism in every action, word and deed. this is the media trying to cause drama! STOP!
  • 2 friends making fun of each other, do it every day in work. Racism will only die if we stop bringing up bull***** like this
  • Too bad she couldn't just say outright, "You people are cretins. Stop making something from nothing to bring some attention you so desparately crave into your tired, narrow little lives." Such a statement from a well-known figure re rascist-crying where there isn't any might actually be a positive step in putting such tired, narrow little people like Andy Roddick, Whoopi Goldberg, and Jesse Jackson in perspective.
  • OMG!! racist racist racist, the most overused word in the english language, the most miss-used word in the english language, and the most used word associated with double standards.
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  • iam glad Serena took the low road. Every joke played on someone from a minority race is not racist, or racism. A lot of celeberties lost their jobs, over comments and jokes about people from other races. And in my opinion the punishment they recieve didn't fit the crime.
  • Racist? Uh, must have missed that part....kudos to Serena for having a good sense of humor. I'm sure a lot of well known's would pitch a fit and/or be offended. It was funny for pete's sake!!!!!!!!! Lighten the he** up!
  • You're 100% correct @sweldo
  • Sorry but racism just does not disappear simply because some of us want to will it away. Or others hate to be called out on it. Racism is still prevalent especially in the U.S. A. Good fpr Serena anyway
  • I don't think this has anything to do with this incident.
  • Good for Serena. Most ignorant people are racist; Sereana and Caroline have always been good friends. I'm sure Serena laughed and then will go beat her love and love.
  • Wrong!.... He was NOT just another black guy... he was just another idiot..... Race has no play in this... People need to stop playing the race card as an excuse. Racism still exists of course, but let's also stop with the crutch and walk on our own two feet....
  • Right, just another black guy having kids with white women and then leaving everybody else to pay for them
  • Bravo, Serena, for not letting a bunch of idiots create an issue that doesn't exist.
  • Serena is a very classy woman, and the 2 are friends.It wasnt the media,it was the black organizations that have nothing better to do,but be miserable in there section 8 appartments calling into t.v. and radio stations making a story for the reporters to hype about.The race card is well being over used and taken out of context,and like all other thing over done,it burns out.And its not working anymore.
  • You're a complete idiot!!!
  • The irony of this "tail" is that many black women love their big butts and large breasts, and are not ashamed to carry some extra poundage. If it WAS an issue, you can bet your "bottom" dollar racisim would be the vestage cry. Quite incidentaly, there are many stereotypes that are heralded within the different racial communities. For instance, would an African American male be insulted if he were told that his race has larger appendages than his caucasian counterparts? A stereotype yes? Would he also be insulted if he was told blacks make better basketball players, and "white men" can't jump?
  • Thank you Serena for taking this as it was...a joke!! The media does more to stir up racism than any thing or any one! Geez...get over yourselves!
  • shut up
  • lots of my white friends on section 8 so what's the problem
  • you need to get better friends
  • Sarah "Saartjie" Baartman (before 1790 – 29 December 1815)[1] (also spelled Bartman, Bartmann, Baartmen) was the earliest and most famous of at least two Khoikhoi women exhibited as freak show attractions in 19th-century Europe under the name “The Hottentot Venus”.[2] Baartman's physique, characterised by large breasts and steatopygous buttocks, though common among the Khoikhoi was rare in Europe. There it aroused widespread public fascination and fed curiosity about the sexuality of non-European races. Racism skewed perceptions of Baartman during her life and allowed her remains to become a museum display after her death. She is now seen as a potent symbol of the denigration and de-humanization of African peoples and their cultures during the colonial period. Not to stir anything up, but Serena is stupid for not taking this opportunity to champion a particular cause to allow for all Women that not fit the stereotypical image of the eastern european idea of what the normal woman should look like is embarassing to not just African American women, but all voluptuous women around the world. Her attempts to maintain her fan base and international image is disgraceful. SMH!!!
  • BRAVA Serena!!! For not feeding N2 the IGNORANCE!!! I am a SISTA' and I thought it was FUNNY!!!! Well, actually Hilarious!!! And really CUTE!!!! So, I don't get, where is the racism?!!!!!!Let's all lighten up like Caro n have more FUN !!! PEACE n HAPPY HOLIDAYS Y'ALL!!!!
  • Does racism still exist. Without a doubt, yes. Was this meant to be racist. No way. She was making light of Serena's "fine" attributes. (Probably wishing she had them) Friends tease friends all the time. Serena is a great tennis player and a "knock out" woman!
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  • The fact people tried to make this about race suggests the civil right movement has lost its way. Fortunately, it also suggests they may not have enough to do and are trying drum up some business.
  • The reason why people don't see because it's called cultural conditioning. Yes, what she did was racist and insulting. She might as well been in black-face! It's not acceptable and shouldn't be tolerated whatsoever in the professional sports world or anywhere. Just in case you don't know what Cultural conditioning is: The definition of cultural conditioning is the unconscious process by which we are socialized to adopt the ways of thinking or behaving. It is never okay to make fun of a womans body...and definetly not a black womans body!
  • Your statement is racist. All she did was stuff her bra and underwear. You're the one saying that automatically must be making fun of black women as if they're the only women in the world with curves. You're as racist as they come. Cultural conditioning. What a load of BS.
  • In these times of uncertainty and distress shall we all take comfort in the words of a great American...
    "I like big butts and I can not lie, you other brothers can't deny. That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
    and a round thing in your face you get sprung."

    Sir Mix-A-Lot
  • Its hot I would love to be the meat in a williams/wozniacki sandwich. then I could really see who has the best stroke
  • First I would like to say for all the people on saying this is not racist, and the race card has been played to much, Until you have the abilty to put yourself in someone else shoe totally I mean become their color, religion,culture, size are whatever you have no idea what that person may feel about what been said or done to them,So their no way anyone should be saying their using the race card to much or whatever, that just your opionion about the issue not the facts, 2nd this was not a private joke between 2 people this was aired on national tv, so the hole world could see,her action may a affended another big breast, big butt woman anywhere and they may have taken as a racist thing, if people would just stop with the jokes and little thing like this their wouldn't be any doubt about what was meant
  • just another example of how black people cry racism even when it so ludicrous its in the hell is that racism?
  • How about she does the impression of a championship winning tennis player?
  • Speaking as an African American woman, this is not racism to me - just a crazy BITCH! That's really funny.
  • Caro you should try to win grand slams. Its probably not racism but disrespect for a great champion. I am glad that the Williams sisters have such inner beauty to see beyond race and they do not allow petty things to cloud their success. Successful people know what they spend their time doing.

    Win a Grand slam Caro and then you can be on top.


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Serena expected to play at Brisbane

Brisbane International organizers say Serena Williams still plans to compete in the Dec. 30-Jan. 5 event despite minor surgery on her big toes that forced her to withdraw from a Dec. 29 exhibition in Thailand. Brisbane tournament director Cameron Pearson said Thursday he had been assured by Williams' agent that the WTA Player of the Year will ''be fit and ready'...

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