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Serena Williams shared a picture on her Twitter account Wednesday night of her swollen right ankle and, as you can see, the area is massive in size. Williams didn’t add much context to the photo, only writing “ouch” in her tweet. We don’t know when the picture was taken, but what we do know is that Williams rolled her right ankle during her first-round match at the Australian Open last week. She managed to reach the quarterfinals despite the ankle problem, but the swelling coupled with back spasms may have contributed to her three-set loss to Sloane Stephens on Wednesday in Melbourne. Photo credit: Twitter/Serena Williams The post Serena Williams shares picture of her swollen ankle appeared first on Larry Brown Sports. Related posts: Serena Williams smashes her racquet during loss (Video) Serena Williams rolls ankle in first-round match (Video) Serena Williams Puts up Provocative Twitter Picture

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  • Nope.
  • Lame.
  • She's pretty fat, but I wouldn't call her a cow.
  • No biggy...Just rub a little dirt on it.
  • OMG this is awful....get well soon!!
  • Very odd, she has to be the most unlikable athlete in all of sports. Still trying to take away the spotlight from Stephens. I do believe its her ankle though, the feet look as attractive as her face.
  • She is not trying to take the spot light from Stephens, by the way, suck the crack of Serena azz
  • I agree, Serena is simply trying to let her fans know that she is battling a seriuos injury. She is not trying to take the spot light, she already has the spot light
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  • unliked by who? you? lol idiots.
  • I'm sorry but I agree...Serena never likes giving her opponents the credit that they deserve...she likes to make excuses. That's one reason she is not liked by many. Venus has much more class.
  • Bravo for your insight . Serena is so competive and would never fake an injury. she also stated that stephens played well. Iam so tired of media putting their slant on every story. People always so negative, thinking the worst.
  • Great reply...
  • She has the attitude of a winner and a champion. She is the best of he era. I don't remember Michal Jordan, Tiger Woods, Larry Bird, or any other great Athlete saying someone is better than they were. If you don't think your the best then its time to quit. A winner doesn't say someone is better than them, but they figure out how to improve and step up their game. She doesn't have a loser mentality that is why she is the best of her era
  • Serena is and has been a Mentor to Sloane Stephens...They are Friends...Your Perceptions of Life and People is Not Always the Reality
  • Moselater
    Maybe you want to post a picture of your own face, or maybe your right "feet". Your post is not only unpleasant and moronic but I'll bet 1000 to 1 that you never completed grade school and that you are as unattractive as you say Serena is.
  • Only unliked by racist or haters. When she playes most events sell out. When she doesn't the stands are half empty. Poeple pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to see her play. She has a huge following and many fans. She has made millions and some people like you can't take it. A black girl making millions while you make $10 per hour. Get a life of your own and you don't have to hate some elses life.
  • Serena Williams is the Best Tennis Player in Our Time...Speak for yourself when you say she's not liked. She is Well-Respected throughout the World for her Drive & Talent. Life & Death is in the power of the tongue..Try to use it to Uplift or put a bit in it as if you're a horse.
  • I know I don't like Serena either, I love her sexy azz. As Forest Gumpp said, "That's all I have to say about that"
  • Try running and working for many hours a day on your feet and see how attractive they would look!

  • Just pour some Robitussin on it. Let that 'tussin in there.
  • @ Moselater... More unlikable than Lance Armstrong or Ray Lewis or Dwight Howard or Barry Bonds or Kevin Garnett or Roger Clemens or Jay Cutler. Really? Get a life.
  • PMS water retention!
  • I thought PMS is for women???
  • he has a biggggggggggg ankle
  • Reminds me of the boxer, david haye taking off his shoe to show the ringside interviewer that his big toe was hurt and using that as the reason why he lost to Vladmir Klitchko.
  • Do we know when the picture was taken and do we know for sure who it is and if it is her...Serena, shame on you using the social media for that!!!! Lets not take away the spot light from Sloane Stephens a gal who surely idolized you when she was a starter and was inspired by you, is that not enough?....is your ego that big??
  • It's ALIVE!!!! Serena is an embarassment now. She's like a queen that lost her crown, and now is crying about it like a pathetic loser. Serena, if you're going to act like that, then please go back to the jungle.
  • pathetic you are! evidently you have never been an athlete, because man or woman, any sport played in tennis shoes or cleats that require you to constantly use your feet and leg, will not have pretty feet. We have sores calluses, blisters and yes twisted ankles!!!! bet you would know that if you could even play a sport moran
  • Another supposed man, talking bad about a young woman, such a coward. Your life must be pretty sorry if you feel the need to put someone down to make you feel better about yourself. What a loser you must be.
  • How is she going to crip walk now?
  • Terrible camera angle, hard to tell if we're looking at her ankle or the side of her calf. How about a plain old view from the side? Meanwhile, why search for excuses why you lost instead of giving props to your opponent for beating you? THAT would be classy.
  • If you think the ankle is "massive" you should see her thighs and behind.
  • yes not everyone likes a flat tiny behind and thighs the same size as ones ankles!! some men actually enjoy the meat on the bone and not just the freaking bone!!!!
  • So sad, she'll never crip walk again.
  • Really, it wasnt funny 10 min ago and its not funny now.
  • All I can say is she's got some ugly ass feet! She may want to take that picture down real fast.
  • every basketball player, tennis player, football player, will have strong and ugly feet!! So go get your pedicure while she keeps making money with those ugly feet. SMH
  • I bet she looks better than anyone you hv had beside you...
  • Being one of the Williams Brothers, I think we have had enuf
    of " Gorilla " tennis. But, it does go to show, that gorillas
    can be taught almost anything.
  • A##hole!!!!
  • you just jealouse your not rich
  • Funny!
  • Another person trying whos life is so sorry they must put a woman down and talk about another to make them feel better. You must work in a 5 x 5 cubicle making $10 per hour if you even have a job. It takes a sorry person to focus on putting someone else down. Especially a man putting down a woman. What a sorry excuse for a man you must be. I am sure your mother is proud of you.
  • it surprises me that so many people are Serena haters. She's not a beauty queen, she's a tennis champion the likes of which we may never see again but people feel the need to criticize her. she's about as well behaved on court as John McEnroe was but you never heard so much criticism directed at him for it. Ms. Williams gives it her all every time like a true champion. I hope she heals soon so that she can continue to pile on the wins and make the haters hate more. Hey Martina Navratilova was no beauty queen either.
  • you are being childish she hurt and all you can say is she has ungl feet get a life you have an ugly disposition
  • Or maybe you just stop looking ???????
  • Part of being a champion is being able to smile, extend a hand and congratulate the person who just defeated you in your chosen sport. Serena does not embody the spirit of earned champion. She acts as if it's an entitlement. That's the difference between she and Martina Navritilova.
  • Is that the difference?
  • Entitlement, you obviously have never succeeded at anything. You have no idea what is takes to be the best in the world. She earned everything she has. Noone gave her 30 grand slam titles, an olympic gold medal and $41+ millions in prize money. She earned every title she got, all while being heckled and booed by racist, called N-word during matches by audience members in America and even racist line judges. She is the best of her era in spite of all the obstacles she had to endure and at her age is still on top. BTW she does shake hands and congratulate just like John Mac. A true winner hates to lose.
  • I like the way everyone is saying she didn't give propers and make excuses. The writer of the article stated that her injuries were the cause of her lost she just took a picture of a ankle. Get over yourselves
  • i wonder if her balls are swollen too?
  • I was going to comment on your attempt at humor but anyone who calls themselves koolandy says it all..Your just a wanna be unsuccessful hater who wants to be cool but your invisible.
  • Rude, but DAMN that's funny.
  • Man she could hang form the tree limbs for days with those toes.
  • Actually, a tree can hang from her ankle. I think her lame father wanted a boy, so he probably paid some doctor to do a sex-change on her, but I guess it only worked half-way.
  • You must be a coatcheck guy at a hotel based upon your name. Your such a loser you as a "man" think it is ok to talk about a woman. You must have a terrible life to put down someones daughter, especially if you have a daughter. Probably noone would have a child with you so you think its ok to talk bad about a young woman. Get a life and you wont have to talk bad about others.
  • I dont know what looks worse... her toes (blahh) or the ankle!
  • right
  • It's a photo-finish!!!
  • Im not a sports fan, But that ankle lookd like the beginning of a very bad disease called Reflex Sympathic Dystropy, or RSD for short. And without treatment very soon her tennis days could be over. There are only about 3 months after onset to put into remission. i wish her luck.
  • Oskoshmarine...I going to correct you again....Gorillas don't play tennis and you will not get away with calling a female a gorilla. Nobody is stealing a spotlight against Stephens...If anyone of you that made that comment watched the match and interviews a reporter asked her about her ankle after the match and she made a comment about it and how big it was before the anti-flam medicine kicked in...So thats why she posted the picture because they probably thought she was exaggerating. By the way folks Stephens and Serena are good friends.......
    BeyondFedup...do you watch tennis and where you watching after Stephens won Serena always speaks well and congratulates her and shakes her hand ...didn't you see her do that after the match...and held Stephens hand along time too......So don't make statements that are not true the way everyones hating on Serena most of you don't even watch tennis out of all the years that I have watched Serena play tennis I never saw her not congratulate and not shake hands.....Comment on something you know about......
  • She is ALWAYS making excuses of her loses. Sometimes it's the ball-boy/girl's fault, sometimes it's her racquet, and sometimes it's her man-body. Thanks for posting pictures of the elephant legs. She should just admit that she's not the best anymore. Her sister is not making any excuses.
  • She is nothing more than a big gorilla cry baby. She's always complaining about something after a loss. She lost..period. And yes, I agree, apparently gorillas can be taught tricks...She is disgusting, rude and not a good face for the sport. Her sister at least shows some class.
  • Serena is a true champion. She works very hard to achieve the success that she has. Stop hating on her and realize that no one is perfect. By the way, I find her to be beautiful.
  • You're making me cry.
  • has anyone ever checked to see if serena or her sister are really men cause it sure looks like it
  • Oh, c'mon man, she's not a man.....men don't cry after they lose, but you do have a point. I still can't believe she's in "fashion", and has her own clothing line. Can someone check if it is only for Trannys?
  • Has anyone ever checked to see if you are a real man ??? It sounds like you are a real "mental giant" lacking the ability to know the difference between a man and a woman.
  • Everyone of you haters, you might not like the way she looks or you might not like her personality but I know one thing SHE WILL BEAT YOU PLAYING TENNIS.....
  • big deal Hillary Clinton has two ankles that look like that
  • Yeah, but Hillary isn't threatening to kick a ball-girls butt.
  • There are six things the Lord hates, Whether We Care or Believe...There is Nothing Hidden from God.
    Seven that are detestable to him:
    haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood,
    a heart that devises wicked schemes,feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies
    and a person who stirs up conflict in the community....B Careful how you Speak about Others..Stirring up Discord because of your own lack
  • "the area is massive in size." - I thought she hurt her ankle, not her ass ...
  • She looks like a man. Do you think she's dosing?
  • oh wow, how sad that people can be so judgmental and
    downgrading of fellow human beings. I realize it must
    be difficult to be in the lime light and on top all the
    time; Its most likely that Serena would have won if she
    didn't have the injury but the reality is it wasn't meant
    to be and it was truly Sloan's time to shine and I look
    forward to more good things from her. On another note
    Serena is a true legend and no one can take that from her
    but I do think her temper tantrums such as banging of her
    racket on the ground after losing, is in poor taste, not
    good sportsmanship and a bad example for those who look
    up to her like Sloan herself who admires her and considers
    Serena her mentor. You ladies are wonderful human beings
    rolling in dough so please do the right thing and make us
    all proud, win or lose do so gracefully!
  • When is this black bitch going to stop making excuses? She does the gangbangers slut dance when she wins and crys the blues and makes excuses when she loses. Why doesn't she just admit that her days are over?
  • I can relate Serena. A win in sight and the only reason why it was not achieved was bad luck and injury. She literally saw millions evaporate before her in seconds. I would have smashed my racquet what ever was in my hands. I cannot compare my loss to yours because the difference in a million dollars was not in my loss. People you all fail to realize that Stevens is very talented and a rising champion someday but not this time. I remember being in the boxing ring in the San Antonio Golden Gloves. I was expected to win and on the verge of a KO victory over my opponent. What my coach and the observers didn't know, was I was having a bout of the runs and had just prior to the match went to the toilet. I wanted to finish my opponent quickly so I could return to the men's room but my body did not cooperate. I felt it coming on as I was about to KO my opponent and I was force to take a knee twice and unfortunatley lost the fight on points because they thought I took a body shot and was hurt. Hey I wasn't hurt but when you gotta go, you gotta go and try throwing punches when your bowels are ready to release. My pride was hurt because I know I had the win i sight and had to let it go. Serena was on the verge of winning and the ankle although was slowing the progress was not a show stopper but one injury brings on another and complicates the proper use of the body. The ankle caused the back injury and even with a bad sprain and back injury Serena was still enough of a superior player to nearly beat a completely healthy 19 year old. Serena demonstrate toughness and heart. A perfectly healthy Serena would have completely destroyed Stevens as the 1st set illustrated. Serena held back and allowed the 3-3 score before pressing on the gas pedal and cruising to the 6-3 first set win. She was in no danger of losing the match until the back injury entered the picture and if she would have requested help as soon as the back injury happened the medication would have kicked in sooner giving her more time to get the job done. Unfortunatley when the meds kicked in, the match was too tight and she was still not better than 75% mobile and had half the motion in her back. Her serve suffered and all she could do was try to over power Stevens in returns and forget serving hard aces. Stevens did a good job but only against a hobbled and injured champion. I could have beat Serena with those handicaps and I'm not a tennis player. I want to see a rematch when Serena is in perfect health and I'd bet my paycheck and house on a healthy Serena to win in straight sets.
  • I could swear I've seen this picture before. As in, several months ago.
  • Atleast now she has another body part that is in proportion with her a$$.
  • The photo was nothing more than what this [wo]man always does, and that is make excuses when she loses. I do agree that obviously we can train gorillas to entertain us, however. She is disgusting. She should take a lesson from her sister, at least she shows some class. Serena just shows that big ol' ass...Yuck. She is nothing more than a cry baby making excuses again.
  • Serena Williams is one of the BEST athletes on the planet, like it or not. As for those feet of hers; feet of A CHAMPION.

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