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Lolo Jones is known for being outspoken on her Twitter account, and has made news there before for showing off a boisterous personality. On Tuesday, however, the Olympic hurdler went too far with some taunting comments that she made in response to a playful challenge by former Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand. LeGrand, who is confined to a wheelchair after breaking his neck playing at Rutgers, challenged Jones to a race via tweet. Jones, taking LeGrand's challenge at face value, responded aggressively. "Get checked for a concussion," she responded. "Clearly, [you've] been hit in the head." The touchy part, of...
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  • Crappy headline. It wasn't taunting, she had no idea who the guy was. Very misleading and just wrong.
  • what's new?
  • What's new?
  • I still say it would be a close race. Someone please grow a pair. This isnt even a story. Dont you think if that guy was going to challenge her to a race then it was a joke from the beginning. Stop playing fake games of Political Correctness!!!!!!!
  • If she has that much time to taunt a "stranger" on twitter she could have taken 2 seconds clicked on his name and see he was in a wheelchair and restrained herself.

  • Oh right. Everyone should do research before posting a simple comment? I didn't research your name before posting this. Hopefully I haven't said anything to offend you.
  • I think she did. His profile: bELieve 52, Defensive Tackle for Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Out here trying to inspire the world.. SUBSCRIBE to my Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/EricLeGrand52

    She assumed he was a pro football player. This is a dumb news story. Eric isn't hurt by it and took it all in stride.
  • Really ruffryder?...so you take the time to check every person who send you a Tweet...c'mon get real!!!...Judgemental Hypocrite!!!
  • What's worse than her not knowing about his condition is the reporter, who obviously knows he is paralyzed saying 'Legrand took it all in stride'.
  • I've got to agree with Pepsi Adikt (although I prefer Diet Coke): Lolo did no taunting. Do you really think she would challenge a guy to a race if she knew he was wheelchair bound? I think you are confusing Lolo Jones with Joe Biden, who did ask a wheelchair bound guy to "stand up" in order to be recognized. OK, whoops, then Biden said "we'll stand up for you" classic (obviously drunk) Joe Biden, our Vice President.
  • Clearly Jones owes LeGrand a public apology for her ignorance about his condition. He is being very gracious about the whole thing. Quit thinking of self, Lolo, and do the right thing.
  • Clearly Quaro72 you were born an idiot, live as an idiot, and will die as an idiot!
  • No, you are the idiot, born that way, irrevelant. She has let her athletic abilities feed her over-inflated ego.
    What a bitch! Just like Serena! Ooh, athletes rule, no they don't. I hope she ends up disabled so she'll know just how mean that is to say to someone and how easy it is to apologize. BTW, I'm sorry for calling you an idiot, you probably really were born that way, probably inherited it from your mommy, maybe she'll end up in a chair, too.
  • WOW!! Wishing this type of injury on someone is unthinkable!!! Hurtfeet life works in mysterious ways. Be careful what YOU wish for YOU just may get it!!!!!!
  • Wow, really with all the name calling. This was a poor and miss leading headline, I agree. Lolo does not and should not apologize at all. How many of you really remembered who LeGrand is? Why is she suppose to know who he is. She a race she worked hard to win, now folks are taunting her on tweeter. He was just another person challanging her to a race. Not knowing who he is her response was appropreate. HURTFEET you are proving my point. You call her a bitch with out knowing her and you wish Quaro72's mother into a wheel chair. How do you know she isn't in a wheel chair or dead. See my point. Lolo didn't know. Again find a better headline.
  • You're another big "talker" with a chair and a keyboard. What a stupid remark. You must hate women because they want nothing to do with you.
  • I had read numerous comments you have made all very negative and then I wonder does your screen name mean you yourself have a condition that has caused you to be offended and overly sensetive?
  • Obviously Meta you don't know what the paragames are. Do not think for one minute that just because someone is physically challenged that they are unable to participate in a race. Since I am married to a disabled veteran who shoots pool competitively I can honestly say you need to be schooled.
  • Stop making a joke between LeGrand and Lolo more serious than it is. Of course they can race; againest each other. A wheel chair athlete will not seriously challenge some one to a race that can run.
  • Yes. Clearly.
  • Wait, She's suposed to know 1, Every athelte or person who post on her twiter acount, and also now thier background story 2,Know that a man she has no clue who he is, is paraliyzed, and that saying, 'clearly. you've been hit in the head' and know that a hit in the head was the cause of his ruined career.3, and think everyone who challenges her to a race, (keep in mind, this is an olyminpian) on twiter is serious? Yeesh, just because shes a famous olympian doesn't mean she's perfect. If she was not an olympian, this would not have been a headline. Shouldn't have been one in the first place. Its was extremly misleading.
  • really are you kidding. quit making a mountain out of a mole hill. just because she is an athlete does not mean that she does or should know every athlete and the condition or if their was an injury, how,what, when,where. You are more offended than the party you considered injured. Recheck yourself... are you self grandizing.
  • I just want to know why people like you include the word "ignorant" so dang much in their comments. Aren't we all ignorant to a certain degree?

    There's nothing wrong with the word but overusing it comes across as being a bit smug...kind of like Lolo Jones. Just something to think about all you angry liberals out there. Hate on. >:)
  • Why does she owe him a PUBLIC apology? I have no idea who the guy is either. I have no idea who she is, either until they say she's an Olympic hurdler. If he's going to throw a challenge out to her, he should expect what he got. I don't think he's got any heartache over it...he's probably excited she responded!
  • He ows him an apology for the ignorance?...the guy sent her a tweet...so its her job to know who he was...if what if he was not famous...would this even be an issue...People are so stupid.
  • Seriously? Give me a break and shame on you for being misleading about this!
  • She is an ass
  • why is she an ass? Don't tell me you've never taunted or boasted to anyone about your abilities in a response to a challenge and made some insulting remark in return. She was merely doing that and I wouldn't be surprised if she was doing it with a little of good humor and fun. She didn't know who this guy was, or that he was paralyzed. I would've done the same if I was in the same position, so would you. Knock yourself off your damn high horse, and accept the fact that she did nothing wrong. Now we just wait for the apology that we all know will come, and I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't post it on Twitter and in the public eye.
  • Pot meet kettle!
  • WHO is lolo jones,,,hasbeen and never did **** in the first place but whine and bitch with 0 medals,,,bye-bye
  • If she didn't know who he ws or what his condition was, I find no fault with her. You can't know everyone and their limitations. I don't know his background. Didn't until it was mentioned.
  • What a c!u!n!t!
  • My sentiments exactly! The fact that she hasn't apologized shows her lack of compassion and character. I hate it when American atheletes get attention and don't handle it gracefully.
  • What the hell does she have to apologize for?!
  • So hurt, what if you were an American athlete who was very successful in the past? Wouldn't all the attention that you receive eventually get into your head and cause you to be a stuck up jerk as well? When being critical about someone you gotta try putting yourself in their shoes sometimes. True, she was being cocky...but don't be one of these blind critics as well.
  • Yes, you are (male or female).
  • Whoever wrote this headline ought to be ashamed.
  • Whats new?
  • While she may owe an apology for her words now that she knows who he is, she doesn't owe him an apology for her ignorance about his condition. I have never even heard of the guy, so I wouldn't have known who he was or that he was a quadrapalegic. It's not her responsibility to know every person in a wheelchair. Had she done it on purpose, knowing full well who he was, that would be a different case entirely, but she didn't. Give her a little bit of a break.
  • When is the media going to stop stirring up trouble just to get people to notice their "news" stories. This had nothing to do with taunting. The sports media likes to make a big story out of nothing. You really think Lola Jones cares one bit and feels guilty over this news story? it was an extremely small part of her day for God's sakes. The guy in the wheelchair had no gripes about it, why should we? Sounds more like the sports media is becoming more like the soaps every day.
  • I totally agree!
  • consider the source. she is what she is.
  • What is that?
  • Give the poor girl a break. Ain't you guys got nothin' better to do than jump on some gal who maybe gets 3 or 400 tweets a day, gets a tweet from some guy named Eric LeGrand, who she has no clue who he is - (so how many of you doorknobs who are now cursing her for her response knew who he was before this?) I didn't. So she figures this is some jock trying to be a cocky jock, so she jabs him back - unfortunate choice of words, but the intent to insult or taunt just isn't there. If she'd have said, "You must be crazy to think you'd have a ghost of a chance to beat me" instead, nobody would have thought twice about it - but then what if he'd been somebody in an insane asylum with delusional visions of great athletic prowess, or a guy who thought he was the ghost of Jesus Christ - now suddenly that's an oops, too. Wake up and get a life, people. It scares me when I think you might vote.
  • Here is a comment....who gives a ****???? The fact that you or anyone else cares about this is a complete idiot! This article is garbage along with the so called writer!
  • I really wouldn't consider that taunting. Yes she had her head in her ass as she commented, and seemed kind of full of herself. Probly just the steroids talking, or maybe she was having whoremoan(sp?)issues...lol. I don't think LeGrand had a problem with it, and even if he did would have more class than to even say a word about it. Pretty much a non-story here, just the media stirring up s**t when they have nothing to report. Thanks for the waste of time Yardbarker.
  • Just one more example why entertainers and athletes shouldn't have Facebook and Twitter accounts! Too easy to make dumb comments, then have to spend lots of time backtracking, regardless of the merit (or lack thereof) of their babblings....
  • We know she didn't mean it...If she wasn't gorgeous and look mixed race she wouldn't have so much controversy surrounding her. Oh...and if she weren't such a Fantastic athlete too. Stop being sooooo jealous.
  • I can only hope that the "gorgeous", and '"fantastic athlete" phrases are sarcasm. Because if not you should get checked for a concussion
  • HEY can't say concussion anymore geez didn't you learn already from this I think you are taking a jab at Billy Mays since we are being dumb about this whole thing
  • Gorgeous!? Lolo Jones!? Don't go wasting nice compliments on her she can run, big deal, but she is definitely not gorgeous, that's for sure.
  • She's done absolutely nothing out of line.
  • Come on really... She had no idea who this guy was. This doesn't even warrant a headline. If I tweet you a challenge at your job aren't you gonna be sure of yourself.
  • cant wait to see your career in porn lolo. playboy, of course, is for pretty girls. and i completely understand why you are still a virgin. hag.
  • Wow. You must be a very ugly, sad, pathetic, and jelous loser. Get a life.
  • "very ugly, sad, pathetic, and some word that looks kind've like jealous" "Get a life" that's original! How about learn to spell, try it, you people that can't spell are my pet peeve and I really do have a life, gotta go got carried away with this tonight. I just really don't like arrogance, if I'm guilty then I apologize. Peace Out.
  • Hey spelling nazi! "Kind've" isn't even a word and you are bitching about someone's spelling? "How about learn to spell", should be "how about learning to spell". "gotta"? really, that's a word? In your post below you have several punctuation errors along with "alot" which isn't a word either. "He might could've" is a double modal which is not normally used by most people that speak english but who am I to judge. A later post you say "one anothedr's". You are the epitome of arrogance.
  • Ditto to that LancyHoward. Paula must be ugly and lives online, lack of friends.
  • Thanks, I thought something was wrong with my eyes. She'll probably always be a virgin 'coz she's just so far above everyone else. I can't wait for her to have her medals stripped for being on steroids & so conceited, can they take 'em back for that?
  • Oh Please!!!! He is physically challenged not dead. If he wants to be treated like and invulid then yes apologize. But if he is half the man and athlete he is claimed to be...he wouldn't want one and wouldn't accept one. The greatest handicap in the world is being treated like a cripple.
  • No, the greatest handicap is being handicapped until YOU live it shut up about how others should handle it, it really is very, very hard. It's there every morning first thing, it wakes you up when you try to sleep. And BTW the word is spelled invalid, just like not valid. He may not need an apology but it would be nice if she would come back down to Earth with the rest of us non Olympic medalists and apologize for her distasteful choice of words. He might could've beaten her if he weren't handicapped, she shouldn't have thrown that up in his face. Thanks alot, Miss Olympic Medalist, a kind heart along with the medals might make her a whole human being.
  • hey "hurtfeet" how do you know "gentleman" isn't in a wheelcahir?? oops...see how it works idiots?
  • Lolo in Hawaiian means (not bright/smart). Ms. Jones fell down and failed to finish in the 2008 Olympics. In this last year's Olympics she finished 4th, with no medals. Lolo talks a big game, but in reality, she is over the hill, and is certainly not famous, nor a celebrity. Her funny name (Lolo) has kept her in the public eye. May I once again remind everyone that Lolo means "dumb" in Hawaiian I rest my case...
    by: Accutron
  • O.K. let this be a lesson to everyone, tip toe around everyone w/ a disability they aren't real people like you and me. If you make a mistake at their expense by treating them like everyone else...you are evil. There is the lesson, now go condescend to the physically and mentally disabled.
  • No, Be kind to people less fortunate. Don't condescend but show compassion. Life is very hard in constant pain and having to limp when otherwise I was a pretty nice looking lady. I'm not like everyone else it takes alot of self will just to go on some days.I know that this is not about me, but I am sensitive and I do need to be handled with kid gloves. I just hate Jones not apologizing, it would show some responsibility for her poor choice of words, why not show extra kindness to people that are not as fortunate as you? It makes life so much more pleasant when we all share one anothedr's burdens. Take care now, and be sweet out there in the world, most of us could use a some extra kindness, Thanx.
  • You talk about kindness yet you attack Lolo yourself. Do you not know what she's gone through herself? She barely missed out on an Olympic gold medal and this last summer she didn't even make the podium. On top of that she's been thoroughly criticized all over the internet and attacked in silly articles like these.

    I still think what you wrote is nice but maybe you should try being sweet to people like Lolo who may be misunderstood. Hope you get where I'm coming from. :)
  • Lolo Jones isn't all that fortunate either. She lost an Olympic gold medal after clipping a hurdle and couldn't even make the podium this last summer. Now she's being ridiculed on the internet over every little thing she says and does. You might not have it easy but things haven't gone so great for her as well. Let's spread around some compassion here. :P
  • It makes me very happy to be very kind to everyone. It is just my nature. I am also sarcastic, so often taken wrong. I appreciate how you present your point, but by your logic those we deem more fortunate should be treated with less kindness, by your logic. For me to pass judgement on who is fortunate or less than, is arrogant at least.
  • Very poor article headline. Why on earth would she know who Eric LeGrand is? Does anyone really believe she would be stupid enough to respond in that manner had she known? Very irresponsible journalism. Anyone still wondering why the majority of Americans don't bother to read this crap? The only appology needed here is the one Lolo Jones deserves for having a terrible headline smear her name. Get it together "professionals".
  • First of all why does anyone care what Lolo said to anyone? What has she done lately? Oh yeah... NOTHING. Second does anyone believe that Eric LeGrand cares what kind of response he receive from Lolo? It was a joke from the beginning, just like this story.
  • I think Lolo should sue for libel. Very misleading journalism.
  • She should do the right thing and apology and refrain from making such hateful remarks to anyone in the general population, I can't wait til someone outruns her, she doesn't deserve any attention because she's too immature to know how to deal with people appropriately. "Sue for libel"?, it wouldn't surprise me it would go right along with the classless reputation that she's made for herslf.
  • I understand Lolo Jones had no idea who LeGrand was, but maybe she should've educated herself on that issue before she carelessly tweeted. However, I don't expect that from her as she seems to really be wrapped up in promoting herself. It's really a shame that now that she knows, she doesn't do the right thing and apologize for a thoughtless comment. After all, we have all made thoughtless comments and apologized for them. She is not above being gracious, but obviously not in this case.
  • I don't know you but I'm responding to your tweet. People respond to this blogs thousands of times a year. I do a lot of small business responses because of the poor economy and if I step on toes who cares. I know my business. She cannot respond to every tweet without finding out who she's talking to is about as naive as it gets. Do you have an idea how many tweets she gets a day? Some are jokes, some are challenges but it is not possible to find out who each is by a log in name or email address. Get real.
  • He tweeted her she didn't tweet him. Get a life!
  • Why would she say I'm sorry it's not in the ego. Nothing is their fault just ask O'Bama.
  • Congrats you have just found a way to tie Obama into the most un-Obama related story possible. Oh wait let me guess it's Obama's fault that this guy is paralyzed, right? Moron! #gokillyourself
  • If it's Bush's fault that 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina happened then maybe it is Obama's fault! :D
  • LeRumor learned the blame game from a world class whiner namely barack insane obama! When you learn from a world class leader it can't be wrong can it?
  • lol - ty for teaching me how to be pc ... by the way i worked with girl that was in a wheel chair and she got upset if you did joke with her like everyone else
  • Hey LoLo maybe you can stop being a twitter moron and actually win a race!
  • have you/
  • What is the problem here? Yardbarker should be ashamed for spinning the facts to make a sensationalistic headline and story.
  • She didnt know,but she should have kept her mouth shut and ignore the text,and apologize.
  • No she shouldn't shut up. She is human. Know her pain. She has been taunted by haters since she lost in the olympics. It was a big hype leading up to the race and she didn't win. Now her own USA people are calling her washed up and taunting her online. She has a right to lash out if she wish. If Eric was a receipiant of that because he challanged her so be it.
  • Eric and LoLo are 'cool' with the situation as is, both principles are moving on... but whats with all the haters?
  • Lolo surely did not know this guy was disabled. The author of the piece is misleading.LeGrand knew what he was dealing with and knows a guy in great shape and a pro athlete would have little chance to beat Lolo.Lolo should be the bigger person and offer LeGrand some titty.
  • Whose "titty" do you suggest she offer because she's got herself a breasts handicap goin' on in the last photos I've seen.
    Mindie, I know you're just tryin' to help, but think now, where can you find a "stunt titty"?
    Thank you for shedding some humour on this silliness. By now...
  • She had no idea and she responded without previous knowledge of his condition. He is not upset because he has common sense and understands her ignorance of his past. Who wrote this crap article. Get real! Another twist on reality. Spin it and flip it, either way you get doodoo!! "stupart" yes she should sue.
    "lms91464" you are joking right???? "bane110" you are correct, who gives a crap what she says and this article is definitely a joke!! Someone owes me 10 minutes of my life back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • YULK, Jones. Will this clear up the disgretion?

    Use a muscle other than your tricep. Welcome to Wikipedia.org (googler it) PLUUUUUUUUZZEEEE! YULK, again. That one required, Pepto. :D MUCH BETTER!
  • Funny! She races for Olympic medals?!? Could've fooled me!! This story is ridiculous! I don't fault LoLo for the tweets; I fault her for being an extremely overhyped athlete!! Win gold, then talk ****! Just another Anna Kournikova, all beauty no talent....
  • Okay, I'm typing very slowly just for you. The point is if you do accidentally say something disrespectful of another's point of veiw just let it be known that you mean them no harm. I'm sure he knows that she's just let her little medal make her feel like a big somebody now but she's a very small someone if she can't apologize to a man who's having a hard time just living and was trying to kid with her and BAM she pointed out that he's damaged goods, @#!!, Spark1616, you should show extra care when dealing with people who lives are so damn hard. Is it really too much trouble for you to show a little respect to the man?
  • WHO F'Ning CARES?!? She became an 'also ran' when she imploded at the Olympics. Her comments and followers on Twitter mean exactly as much as all of these comments on this stupid story. She is a CELEBRITY not an athlete, my 6 year old can run, guess what? He doesn't have a gold medal to show for it either. She is never going to be more than a side bar in the history of sports. But as long as she can keep fueling her CELEBRITY on Twitter idiots like me are going to take to the keyboard and ask WHY do we care?
  • WOW now I understand why you go by Lolo. LOW comment Lolo
  • Lolo your low.
  • Funny! She races for Olympic medals?!? Could've fooled me!! This story is ridiculous! I don't fault LoLo for the tweets; I fault her for being an extremely overhyped athlete!! Win gold, then talk ****! Just another Anna Kournikova, all beauty no talent....
  • I'd rather see the Paralympics, than the Olympics anyday. The achievements of the Paralympians are much more awe-inspiring.
  • Alright, I'm going to do some simple math here...

    Lolo Jones being overly competitive on Twitter+horrible writers=idiots ranting on the internet and eagerly awaiting to attack each other because they've had a bad day and need to blow off some steam. Great.
  • So based on your math where does that put you considering you are here posting along side all of us 'idiots'? You must be the crazy 'y' variable right? Smart guy.
  • Nah, no y variable. I'm only an idiot sometimes because I'm rarely on these websites...and its usually just to put some common sense into people's heads. And, yes, I do claim I write common sense. Will you attack me over that as well?
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