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From Awful Announcing:

On Sunday, WWE held their Night of Champions pay-per-view. In the main event, Daniel Bryan won the WWE Championship from Randy Orton under slightly dubious circumstances thanks to a fast count from the referee. The next night on Raw, the championship was declared vacant. This screwy series of events is generally known as a "Dusty finish," and is a very common occurrence in pro wrestling. It is scripted after all.

Well, some fans weren't exactly pleased with this. According to a report from PWInsider, a WWE fan called Cox Cable and demanded a refund because of the overturned result. Shockingly, they appeased him. The worst part is that this wasn't the only fan to make the request!

An Elite member wrote me to tell me that he called Cox Cable and asked for a refund due to the finish of the Night Of Champions PPV being overturned. He said that Cox eventually gave it to him and the representative told him that other people had asked for a refund for the same reason.

Is this real life? Fans feel they deserve their money back after the ending of a scripted show is changed after the fact? Dudes - it's not that serious. You paid for a three-hour PPV, and unless they were technical difficulties, that should be the end of discussion.

I'd like to know what the next step is. If a result on a UFC card is overturned because of a positive drug test, is that worth a refund? If you order a movie on PPV and a sequel is announced, is that worth a refund because the ending is invalidated by a second movie in the series? If you're a Browns fan that ordered Sunday Ticket, do you demand a refund because the team traded their best player and is going in the tank for the next 14 games? 

Cox really opened themselves up for numerous frivolous claims in the future, and the interest of great customer service overpowered logic in this situation. Of course, it's entirely possible the person in charge of customer service at Cox could be this guy.

WWE later reached out to Awful Announcing and provided this comment:

"While certain fans may not have liked the continuing storyline following Night of Champions, we’re certain that the 3-hour pay-per-view event delivered all the entertainment and excitement expected from WWE.”  

  • I am curious as to why so much light was shined on Les Miles and Ok state violations but there has been so very little being said about DJ Fluker and Alabama when there is overwhelming evidence showing thousands of dollars taken during JR year at U of A?
  • This does not surprise me. Having worked at a cable company I would get this all the time. Its not that Cox Cable or any other company would just give refunds out, this customer knew He could complain enough to get a refund. Where I used to work we could refund up to $80.00 without any upper approval. Like the article says " Eventually" the refund was giving This is just another case of getting something for nothing.
  • What do you expect from Linda McMahon and her family of losers?
  • you sound stupid its scripted everyone knows it. And there loosers really? are you making millions of dollars no you probably work at mc donalds
  • Explain again how they are losers? when they are all highly educated and probably far more educated than you are. Also, for someone probably making minimum wage, don't hate on people for their success. "Losers" couldn't have a multi-billion dollar company that generates well into the millions each year on their shows and products. Nothing about that sounds like losing to me. So stop being jealous.
  • Well personally I wouldn't get one of their crazily overpriced PPV's anyways. Especially considering most of them never give the fans what they want. They usually just have screwjob endings that tick everyone off.
  • Absolutely agree. My kids will watch once in a while, but even they are tired of the same ole garbage. Everyone knows it is scripted, but it can be entertaining and fun, plus most of those people are extremely athletic, so most do work very hard, scripted or not. But WWE .. snooze fest lately. We would never get a PPV from them. 3 hours on Monday night, we DVR it, by the time you get through the dramatic pauses, the recaps and commercials you have about 1 hour at most of actual wrestling. WWE is full of themselves.
  • Monday Night Raw was a disappointment when the title was stripped from Daniel Bryan. What I would really like to see though is that suck up JBL GONE! He seems to condone all the dirty tricks the McMahons pull.
  • It's storyline dude.. lay off JBL.. Michael Cole is no longer the whiny heel announcer he use to be, he still sucks but he clearly is not in that "heel announcer" mode he once was. And The King hasn't been a heel announcer in years. So someone has to take up that role and JBL is doing a very good job at it.
  • Wouldn't this be like storming into Blockbuster and demanding a refund, because you hated the ending of, say, James and the Giant Peach???
  • Does this mean the next movie, Super Bowl, Football Game, Baseball Game etc. that I did not get the desired ending I can get a refund. This is awesome....
  • Well, I'd want a refund too. WWE script writing as of late leaves a lot to be desired. The shield, especially Dean Ambrose on top? Big Show crying, and now the dumb decision about the dusty finish...c'maaawn WWE think about the writing before yall say yes to it.
  • I am a life long wrestling fan. I love it. Wrestling fans are very passionate fans. I am to passionate about wrestling. I have been to 8 wrestelmania's (15, 17,18,24,25,27,28,and 29 and I will be going to my ninth in April 2014. I have met wrestlers many times over. So I am passionate.

    I am not saying that the fans who asked for their money back is a wrong thing or a right thing. But it is like any other sport to me. If my team losses I am not going to complain or ask for my money back. This just might get other wrestling fans the nerve to try it.
  • I might be a huge WWE fan, but even I have to admit this is highly stupid. Just cause some lame, idiotic fans didn't like the outcome of Monday Night Raw you're gonna run and whine to the cable company for a refund over a scripted event? really? and we wrestling fans wonder why we get talked about so is because of stupid people like this!
  • This is an angle that extends outside their world and your reposting of the story just re-enforces that. The current storyline of blurred Business/Real Life story lines involving Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan), The Runnels family, Paul Wight and WWE is nice to see. I'm a lifelong fan and yes I know it's scripted.. but using the same formula where the performers get to inject themselves in their characters hopefully opens up to a big boom in business like in the mid to late nineties.
  • There has been overkill in the bully acting on the WWE. Here we are trying to stop bullies all over the country, but we have a show like the WWE promoting it. It has been a wee one show for 60 years I know of, and they have had the good guy always prevail at some point. Today's show has gone just a little to far with the bulling and good for business. Refunds are in order, and apologies are in order for the millions of children who idol these athletes. I have seen first hand how inspirational recently it has been on my grandchildren...They turn the channel or leave the room when the shows come on...Lose that base and they will shut down business in a few short years..
  • They are not shutting down business in a few years, they will never lose that fanbase totally and if they did the product will shift to more adult oriented. AND in the end the good guy will win the story is just a little longer than you would like
  • good for them
  • No I don't think they should receive a refund but I believe you should start reporting on how awful the idea and concept of W.W.E. and their program is getting to be, Remember it was near 10 years ago that that W.W.E. did the Degeneration X thing about how nobody should be able to tell you even as kids you cant do what you want, And look where we are with the kids of today, Don't it worry you about what they are now teaching kids today?? What children say and or do should be a concern to us all, I think they need to be forced to leave prime time television if they are going to portray ganging up on those you don't like while at the same time running commercials about not bullying, Kids respond more to what they see, than what they're told. It needs to stop before parents no longer can control their kids in anyway.
  • You idiot morons that watch this fake soap opera garbage, and continue to make the owners richer are the jerks. Don't compare it to UFC. And most of all don't complain and whine!
  • The first thing to remember is that this is entertainment, not a sport. It's all scripted as we all know and those who love it know it which is not to say they don't have their heroes and are passionate(to a fault) about it. Let's just put it in the correct context; it's like a continuing soap opera but with musclebound stars. As for those who think WWE is bad for their kids, it's not nearly as violent or influential as the average PC game kids play paid for by their parents I assume.

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