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Former WWE Diva Stacy Carter (“The Kat” and “Miss Kitty”), the ex-wife of Jerry Lawler, says the King is being taken out of sedation and is now responsive after undergoing more heart procedures on Tuesday. There is now fear that Lawler might have suffered brain damage during RAW after suffering a heart attack, when his brain was deprived of oxygen for several minutes. Carter released this statement on Facebook: “I have an update on Jerry. The docs are removing his ventilation & taking him out of sedation. He is responsive, which is great!!! It took a while to revive him last night so there’s the concern of brain damage. He had some tests done which will show how much if any damage there is due to the lack of oxygen to his brain. Unfortunately, the results won’t be in until in the morning. I appreciate all the calls, texts, tweets, & Facebook messages of support & I know Jerry will too. Thanks everybody!!” DivaMASH: Rank the Hottest Wrestling Diva — Who Did It Better!...
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Comments 1-100 (of 129):
  • yes he was. yes he is a nice guy. you dweebs need to keep your sick comments to yourselves.
  • Send me a Picture i am single not rich looking for a caring loving honest person who accepts me for my faults and everything elese loves me for me will be loved back money can't buy love only prostitutes and diseases
  • FU@K ALL THE SPAM THIS PLACE ALLOWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think yardbarker gets kick back cause thats all i see here anymore is spam and nobody doin nothing about it . IMHO
  • You are a dumb f+_k. You know the dangers of driving a car but you still do. You know the dangers of anything you do but you do it. Hopefully the danger of breathing will catch up to you and you will suffocate....then we can all cry boo hoo for you you stupid f+_k
  • No the fumbduck is you harleydoc. Dangers of driving are real but driving is legal.

    Steriods are stupid and illegal. This guy is paying for playing a very stupid game for a very ignorant audience.

    My retarded cousin knows this is fake and lacks any entertainment value and he can't read or write. But then so can't most of the fans of fake rasslin'.
  • Yes, wrestling is scripted, but his HEART ATTACK was real! And you're insluting wrestling fans? How mature. Who's the DUMBFUCK now?
  • I'm BIG wrestling fan and so is my Mom, we get together every pay-per view and watch it.The best time ever
  • I agree with MJJackson...your a moron just like AndyKarfan...yes, wrestling is staged/scripted to a point but injuries do happen and Jerry suffering a heart attack is the real deal. Do you homework!!
  • Wretling is coreographed not fake there IS a differece. If it was fake there would be no training or school. Ther eould be just big guys shoving each other around with no talent. However the result of the violence ise VERY real.
  • it's called entertainment, dumbass... this is a real person.. jerry lawyer has never done steroids... Heart attacks are not caused by wrestling, it's by bad diet, family traits or listening to stupid people like yourself...
  • The stuff between Latka (Andy Kaufman) & Lawler was all staged (by both Kaufman & Lawler). Wrestling ring as well as the Letterman Show. From my account, Lawler was a very generous person, attending many charitable organizations & events.
  • Do you know the man personally ? I didn't think so . His heart attack was most likely brought on from years of streoid , pain pill and alcohol addiction . And he hits all 3 .
    And no , in real life he's not as nice as you THINK . He's
    one of those who think that he's owed something by everyone .Just because he's had a heart attack and MAY have slight brain damage , which i seriously doubt because medics were there in seconds so maybe a bit or PR on McManns part ? We'll see .As i was saying , just because someone is sick does not automaticlly make them a saint . Face it , he's far from a saint . But i do pray he gets better . Just do not call people " dweebs " , it just shows your age . @ 13-16 and a rasslin fanatic . And like i said , i hope he gets better . Alot of damage done though .
  • actually followed jerry for years, he's no saint, but none of us are.... he is a great person on and off the wrestling stage....... he has never done steroids and who the heck are you to say what he was taking or wasn't taking... people pray for jerry, he needs your prayers not your ignorance.....
  • please, go kill yourelf.
  • And who might you be talking to ? What , cant have a man to man disccusion about anything without trying out your best " internet bully " like a 12-16 year old ? Not worth my time to even think of it anymore . BU BYE
  • This type of comment must come from a person that would kick someone while they are down which is why hes a total morran .
    May nothing bad happens to you but if it does think about you said here.
  • Does your mother know you speak like this? You should be taken out behind a woodshed. May the "King" never read what you have written here and may you answer for your haterid of a human in pain.
  • If you knew anything at all about Andy Kaufman you would know that Kaufman and Lawler were friends and their "feud" was all an act.

    Obviously you are very bright and have a lot of class.
  • Agreed Bronx they were friends if you ever see the movie"MN IN THR MOON" yOU WOULD SEE THT
  • All y'all know this guy here named Andy Karfan...he's the same kid at every elementary school who got picked on 'cause he's a tard. Nobody picked him for dodgeball cause he's a runt. He picks his nose and grosses all the other kids out. He tortured small animals. Everybody avoids him - then he "grows up" and hates everybody because of elementary school. People stayed away from him for good reason, he's a loner who is dangerous. Dangerous in his actions and his WORDS. For anyone to wish evil on someone - especially an ill person - is broken himself. Yes Andy we all knew you. Unfortunately we can't tell you to just "grow up" because your mind is small and cannot grow. Maybe you could just TRY though...
  • Good one Dogs
  • Your an idiot,and yes he slapped the taste out Kaufman mouth but only after he threw hot coffee on him.As far as knowing the risks fool,he had a heart attack-this brain injury happened because of lack of oxygen,not from a stunt gone bad in the ring.Get your facts right and show a little compassion.Carma is real,so think before you speak.
  • Actually the coffee came after the slap. The entire Kaufman thing was staged. It was a joke that Kaufman himself came up with himself. Am I the only one that realizes the Andy Kaufman thing was not real?
  • you're not the only one
  • you stupid fat prick i hope you have something happen to you and some makes a rude commet about you like that you asshole
  • What does that have to do with wrestling? He's 62 years old - It happens to 62 year olds regardless of their profession. Your a jerk!
  • I've know Jerry for over 20 years and for you to get on here and make comments like this is truely sick. He is probably in better shape at 62 than you have ever been in. There is no excuse for you comments and I hope you walk out today and get hit by a bus. It would be once less dumba** on this earth.
  • Your about the biggest dumb A$$ ! Im not even a wrestling fan BUT I do know that karma is a bitch...wishful thinking huh? Your an ignorant boy..You have much growing to do.
  • The Andy Kaufman thing was staged. Andy Kaufman is the one who came up with the idea. That is well-documented. The risks of wrestling? He is a commentator sitting ringside. He's 62 years old. What does that have to do with the risks of wrestling?
  • Dolt I will type slowly so you can understand okay. He was involved in a match that night about 20 minutes before falling out. it was a tag team match.

    He looked like crap in that match, pale and weak. So now you know he wrestled that night.

    And yes the Andy Kaufman thing was a fraud. For the doubters rent man in the moon the life story of Andy Kaufman.
  • You know what? Get your facts straight first! Jerry is a COMMENTATOR. Jerry is 62 YEARS OLD. That Kaufman thing was a SETUP. ANYONE can have a HEART ATTACK. Brain Damage comes also from LACK OF OXYGEN. Are you that stupid? Oh wait. You just proved it on here, that you are! Just watch you say KID, because paying for court fees, can be VERY EXPENSIVE!!
  • He got slapped for talking **** the same thing your doing now dumb ass
  • maybe you should learn how to type and spell before you start wishing these types of terrible things on people. What kind of sicko are you? If this were a member of your family you wouldn't be so smug. I suggest you check yourself, as one day you could end up medically impaired needing the help of someone else, and I sincerely hope that people have more pity for you, than you have shown here. I don't care how much money he has, or what his profession has been, this kind of thing isn't funny, just shows your ignorance.
  • Instead of kicking him while he is down... why don't you extend some mercy? Who knows, perhaps this is a defining moment in his life where he can reflect and make some changes. I only hope that when something tragic happens in your life... people will offer condolences and mercy and not take after your example of kicking someone when they are already down. YOU ARE WHATS WRONG WITH SOCIETY, you have no love for your fellow man which is the second of the two greatest commands.
  • I guess Andy you don't understand that Jerry is an Entertainer just like Tom Cruise, Bruce, and thousand's of other entertainer's who entertain us. Just like that famous who ever football player, basketball player's. We watch them to be entertained. Hey and even wrestler's.
    Some is scripted some is not. Some is reality and some is not.
    You my friend need to learn the difference. Then make your statement..
    My best to Jerry and to his family..Just keep in mind follk's that he is alive and like another entertainer said "I'LL BE BACK" Andy quick question ...Which is real the governor or the robot"?
  • The slap was staged, just like most of the fights on WWF/WWE.
  • And you know the dangers of booty sex but you still let your bf do it to you with risk of hemmoroids and anal fissures. Ouch, i realize this comment will be taken down but i hope it amuses ppl for a short time first.
  • Wondering where my last comment went? No matter anyway. I think many people before me seem to have it covered as I read these responses. Shame on you for mocking something like this, that isn't one bit funny. I pray something like this does not ever happen to you. It wouldn't be funny then either. Its not ever funny.
  • if you knew anything karfan, the slap to andy kauffman on tv and their wrestling match was all for publicity...lawler and kauffman were friends
  • Different people do different things to be positive human beings in life and try to make life more enjoyable to others. Check out the WWE make a wish foundation, oh I forgot you probally give much of your time and donate to them already.
  • You are a moron AndyKarfan!!!!!
  • out of thousands of sperm left in your mother and your the fastest swimmer.........
  • kindly go kill yourself it would be much appriciated
  • why people should care has nothing to do with wrestling is because they have compasion an whether wrestling is fake or not every wrestler is an athlete an there scripted routines would hurt lesser men and the fat ape that your talking about is a class act an at 60 could wipe the floor with you
  • wow oh wow, he is HUGE... the heart attack might have been from being SO HUGE... who knows... am off to have a few dbl cheeseburgers n a few large fries, LOL, but, no diet soda
  • That fat ape as you so eloquently put it does a lot for the Carl Perkins Child Abuse Centers just to mention one! And if you were as smart as you think you are you would know Andy Kaufman help stage that on David Letterman Show! And for all you other retards out there, who ever said that wrestling was for real all the time sometimes it is for real why don't you climb in the ring and give it your all for just 5 min and if you can handle that then I could respect any of the trash you are referring to!
  • are you just nuts.. wrestling don't mean heart attack... this is a person not just a wrestler, yeah he slapped andy kaufman and both were paid lots... grow a pair, story lines are story lines, this is a man.. sounds to me like your the brain dead... get well soon jerry
  • he was a nice guy and how would you feel if people acted this way about you when this happens to you?
  • What is wrong with a REDNECK at least they do not make this kind of remarks about someone they do not even know!!!!!!!
  • You are a complete idiot. I hope our paths cross one day. May you be struck by a bus and survive (as the true "tard" you are).
  • Does your mother have any living children?
  • The best part of Andy ran down his momma's leg.
  • You're a tool.
  • a big mouth dont make a big man Andy K. You wouldnt speak that way in front of anyone...dumbass
  • If you spoke like that in front of me I'd slap your ass too
  • Yeah, rednecks watch wrestling and nascar..........and rich golf course country club pricks that can't change their own car tire and would die in a matter of weeks if we had an apoclyptic event while rednecks survived for years, well they just watch re-runs of ice skating and go to watch musical theatre....all the while confused about why those phallic symbols keep popping up in their heads and why is it that they love the city skyline so much? because the buildings are shaped like giant wangs, lol
  • Andy you are the bigist doushe in the world and you r are probly a mouthy stupid little kid that mommy home schools becouse you get your ass beat on a daily basis.tell your mom Hi for me too......
  • you too must never watch wrestling he was one of the greats go back to watching he-man
  • Jerry Lawler IS a nice guy and he IS one of the greatest wrestlers of all time - why do ya'll keep talking about him in past tense? He's not dead
  • Thsnk you Greywolf you are now my friend, I could not have said that better
  • Dear AndyKarfan,
    You should be braindead! Whether you like wrestling or not or specifically "The King" this is a person's life we are talking about. You should have more respect for human beings. You disgust me and I would like to meet you and slap you silly on national TV.
    To the friends, family and fans of Jerry Lawler, I wish him a speedy recovery and thoughts are with those touched by this sad news.
  • I could not agree with you more about this idiot.
  • AndyKarfan, you are an idiot. The deal with Kaufman was stagged just as all of wrestling events are stagged. Wishing things like you are doing is the problem with this country and the world. I can tell you do not have the fear of GOD, which will cost you in the end. I feel sorry for you and your thinking, may GOD have mercy on your soul.
  • Just wondering what this man did to you that has caused you to wish him harm? I feel for his family and for him. I know that wrestling is fake. I agree that a 64 year old man does not need to be in the ring but to wish him harm is a bit much. Don't think that the thing w Kaufman was not rigged either.
  • I'm praying for Mr. Lawler and you my friend!!!
  • AndyKarfan You are a MORON! I have never met Jerry(which would be an honor)but, I think he is a good person and would come his defense anytime not just in his time of need. If you would like to argue this point I would gladly settle this the old fashion way with a straight up match not a work!
  • I'm in your corner Randy
  • WHO THE HELL SAID ABOUT JERRY IS A SON-OF-A-BITCH and you go to hell Jerry is a Damn good Man a hell-of-alot better than you
  • Jackie - someone was calling Andy Karfan a SOB not Jerry.

  • you can't say **** about lawler...if anything andy kauffman r.i.p. was a total jack off....defending him is a fn joke
  • Finally, a decent comment to a man with a medical condition.
    Jerry is loved by so many of Wrestling fans and we all are
    praying for him and his family.
  • Dear Andy why dont U shut up and do whatever U do and leave Jerry Lawler alone. Oh bye the way I would love to see U get in the ring at his age and still perform.
  • His wife would like him to perform as well as Jerry does!!
  • I didn't realize that anyone would even WANT to marry this "Andy" jerk!
  • Andy and his wife R the sme person
  • LOL
  • Thoughts,Prayers, & lots of love go out to you Jerry. As well as family!! You are and always will be the voice for W.W.E..You are very well loved by many!!!
  • All y'all know this guy here named Andy Karfan...he's the same kid at every elementary school who got picked on 'cause he's a tard. Nobody picked him for dodgeball cause he's a runt. He picks his nose and grosses all the other kids out. He tortured small animals. Everybody avoids him - then he "grows up" and hates everybody because of elementary school. People stayed away from him for good reason, he's a loner who is dangerous. Dangerous in his actions and his WORDS. For anyone to wish evil on someone - especially an ill person - is broken himself. Yes Andy we all knew you. Unfortunately we can't tell you to just "grow up" because your mind is small and cannot grow. Maybe you could just TRY though...
  • get well jerry you have have always provided good entertainment :)
  • Im amazed at some of your peoples comments, this guy is a human being, a decent man with a family and all of you talk like 10 year olds hanging out by the local 7-11 ! Show a little class this guy may die and you all make fun of him I feel sorry for all your mothers and fathers and loved ones that this very same thing may happen to them at some point in there lifes and maybe then you will change your tune.. My best goes out to Jerry and all that are close to him . Hope you make it out of this.
  • Mauler - there is only one guy talking bad about Jerry - the rest of the comments are for Jerry or calling this jerk out - We all love Jerry and wish him the best as he recovers from this.
  • oh my mistake havent had enough coffee yet lol sorry about that
  • andy karfan ur sick prick and a asshole and deserve something teribble happens to u because knowone deserses that to happen to them i hope jerry pulls though and may nothing bad happen to u hope u get better soon my friend and may god be with u and help heal u lots of love my pal Tyler Howard god bless u
  • Jerry, we're all praying for you and your family. Hope you are home soon.
  • You folks do realize wrestling is sports "entertainment" and staged right? The "feud" with Andy Kaufman was staged as well. Jerry Lawler had a heart attack doing what he enjoys -- his job. Nobody "deserves" bad things to happen to them. I'm sure Jerry is a wonderful guy. I would hope he comes through this like a champ and is able to continue doing what he enjoys. Some folks here need to grow up and stop showing a low-brow I.Q. with your behavior. Cursing and name calling only shows a lack of intelligence. A man had a heart attack and his life and livelyhood are in the balance. Show some dignity if not respect.
  • Andy Karfan, to play devil's advocate, is probably making what he feels is a tribute to Jerry. Look at the screen name- The King is a guy who really doesn't take himself too seriously to throw in on a prank. He has the ability to take someone as abrasive/offensive as Kaufman and enjoy what they're doing. Mr Lawler, get better. You're a good guy, and even us non-wrestling fans are pulling for you.
  • As for the Andy Kaufman thing, it was scripted by Kaufman and was all an act. Andy Kaufman went into his wrestling thing as an alternate personality and played it to the hilt. For anyone to beleive that any of that stuff is real just goes to show how lame you really are.
  • Lawler has always known the risks of what he has done in the ring. It had nothing to do with that. After a long period of time of putting your body though stuff like that it's going to take a toll. Lawler is an awesome announcer, and some times he is the reason that you watch Raw. I hope he gets well soon and that he makes a full recovery. But the thing is, I don't think that Vince will let him come back after that just in case it should happen again.
  • From what I just read on Wrestleview, from his SON, Brian...the CAT Scan came back GOOD! That is great news to hear, especially with being without oxygen for as long as he was. Prayers for a speedy recover Jerry!!
  • You're a real tough guy behind your computer. I'd like to slap the taste out of your mouth.
  • Why don't you shut the **** up Bean! It just shows how immature and unrespectful you are. Why don't you and "andy" go jump off a bridge! That way, none of US have to deal with your crap anymore! It's "people" like you that makes this world an awful place. If I meet you or Andy...I won't hesitate!!
  • It must be pathetic to have no life other than antagonizing those that can't get to your punk ass. You are the kind of fool that tries to get into the ring with the stars just to get the ultimate beatdown. I truly hope you make it into the ring one day so you can get the beating your mama should have given your psycopathic behind! GROW UP!!!
  • What goes around comes around!!!!!!!!
  • Idiot!
  • See more comments >>

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