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It was an interesting Night of Champions; some results were good, such as John Cena NOT winning the WWE title, while others were a little disappointing; namely Ziggler losing on PPV again. Still the WWE looked pretty strong overall in their event in that several matches felt like PPV matches; despite the event itself only being slightly longer than Raw is now. TNA seem to be going down some interesting roads, although I’m begging them to talk Hogan and Dixie Carter off of TV as they are just awful in everything they say and do, anyway let’s get on with the report…

Weekly Top Ten:

1st Place: Daniel Bryan (10/10)

Again we grow closer to the inevitable Daniel Bryan face turn, at least we know that his face turn is due to how charismatic he has become in recent months, then again Cena was exactly the same and look where that got us. It underlies the very nature of this report that heels are just plain more interesting than faces. Sure the hero plays a vital role and certain people are drawn to them, but for the most part it is the bad guy that has all the fun and the flair and all the babyface can do is win, perhaps more often than they should. Anyway Bryan heads the chart this week after three successful tag team matches with his partner Kane as one half of Team Friendship. In two of these matches he won and defended the tag team titles, and the third ended with him and Kane decimating the entire rest of the tag team division. It is hard to say whether or not you could really call this a pushing of the division, on the one hand they are being showcased a lot more, on the other they are getting destroyed, but the team that takes the titles from Bryan and Kane could be made to look like stars if things are booked right, but that is pretty unlikely I suppose.

2nd Place: C.M. Punk (9/10)

The WWE champion comes in just behind Daniel Bryan, perhaps calling into question who truly is the best in the world. Of course with their draw at Night of Champions you might think that the WWE is trying to make us question the same thing, only with John Cena as the possible other candidate for the role, I beg to differ. Admittedly the two did put on a great match at NoC, but I still hold reservations over praising a man who is supposedly the face of the company and yet barely ever brings his A-Game. Fact is if Cena couldn’t put on a good match then the WWE would be crazy for shoving him down our throats like they have done. Punk on the other hand has to struggle week in and week out to remain relevant as if he ever just phoned it in like Cena does on most weeks then he would probably find himself back in the mid-card faster than he could say ‘It’s Clobberin’ Time!’. As it is Punk is at the top of his game and can now perhaps move on to bigger things, especially with Cena injured and the new edition of Paul Heyman into the equation, either way his title reign just keeps on getting longer and longer.

3rd Place: Bully Ray (8/10)

If it weren’t for this being a PPV week then you could argue that Bully Ray should be at the top of the chart. After all he somehow managed to pin the TNA World Champion in the main event of Impact this week, and he delivered a great promo before the match as well. It is hard to argue that the Bully isn’t the best heel in TNA right now, unless you are a massive Bobby Roode fan of course. TNA almost has the opposite problem that the WWE has, although for different reasons; WWE has far too many great heels, because having a guy be a heel makes it easier for them to get over, but once they go heel it is hard to make a successful transition to facedom, so as it stands WWE has a much larger number of great heels than it does faces, which is why there are barely any successful feuds anymore. Whereas TNA has far too many faces, this is because they keep on bringing in guys from other, larger, companies. These people are already over with the fans and generally stay as faces for their TNA tenure, plus for some reasons any heel they have has more turns than a merry-go-round, so guys aren’t usually heel for long. As such there are barely any heels in TNA worth a damn right now, and of course the presence of Aces & 8s makes things even more questionable. Anyway the point is that Bully Ray is awesome and I hope he gets a run with the title sooner rather than later.

4th Place: Antonio Cesaro (7/10)

The US champion was successful at Night of Champions against Zack Ryder, more importantly on Smackdown, though it cost him a loss to Santino Marella, he managed to get rid of the dead weight that was Aksana. Now sure she might be something to look at, but Cesaro needs to break out on his own, a manager can sometimes help a star achieve the next level, but often they hold them back, just take a look at Dolph Ziggler and Vicky Guerrero. Dolph doesn’t need anyone to talk for him and her introductions are mostly pointless now as Ziggler makes himself look like a star, all she does is get in the way and prevent him from getting into any real personal storylines. I remember a little while ago when we were all clamouring for more managers, but whenever fans ask for something we always imagine that it is done right, and not simply pointless. Argh, too many rants, Cesaro is looking good and he looks even better now that he will be able to go his own way, let’s just hope that this thing is truly over with and doesn’t drag on, somehow I don’t think Aksana and Cesaro would be anywhere near as entertaining as Daniel Bryan and AJ.

5th Place: Damien Sandow (6/10)

Interrupting what looked to be a group hug? What a douche. Although you have to love the phrase ‘faeces infested puddle’ as it was just pure gold. Sandow might not have appeared on PPV, but he got a big win against Kane on Smackdown, he also got completely worn out with chair shots at the end of the night but never mind about that. Sandow’s mere presence on a show earns him points and boy did he rack them up this week!

6th Place: Dolph Ziggler (5/10)

Two losses and a squash against Santino does not a world champion make. Now I know that it is simply a matter of time before Ziggler gets a run with the belt, and I know that his recent PPV matches have been excellent, but would it really hurt to have him win one occasionally? Not to mention the fact that the two guys that he has gone up against were soon to leave after their matches and so didn’t need the wins at all. It is almost as if the WWE refuse to acknowledge the level that Ziggler really should be at, as if a guy like him just shouldn’t be able to beat Jericho or Orton on the grand stage, but I think he’s ready, and I’d bet most of the fans out there think he is ready too.

7th Place: Eve (4/10)

All hail the new Divas’ champion, and behold her ever shrinking division. Seriously now it is just her, Layla, Fox, Tamina and Natalya on the main roster, oh and Kaitlyn, who could forget about her, everyone apparently.

8th Place: The Miz (3/10)

The Miz did well this week, defending his IC title in a Fatal-4-Way match at Night of Champions and then having an okay segment with Booker T, although it’s never really good to have the first instalment of your own talk show called boring by the fans and then have it acknowledged by the announcers. I’m not sure why Miz is so far away from Cesaro in this one, I blame the narrow points margin and the fact that multiple-man matches are never very good at racking up points, unless of course somehow the heel dominates throughout, which could happen, but isn’t very likely.

9th Place: Alberto Del Rio (2/10)

Del Rio, we get it, he can wrestle but he isn’t getting the title any time soon, can we move on now?

10th Place: Cody Rhodes (1/10)

Rhodes had an up and down week. First he was pinned by a masked man, but not either of the guys you would expect. Then he got a pinfall victory over a former world champion and had a tag match with the tag team champions, once again reuniting with Damien Sandow to form Team Class. I honestly would love to see a feud between the two teams, although I think Team Class would lose to Team Friendship on nearly every occasion, and that Rhodes would just end up eating the pin every time, so that might not be so great. Still Rhodes deserves some points and hopefully soon he will be getting that big push that he deserves.

2012-2013 Season Top Ten:

1st Place: Daniel Bryan (174)

2nd Place: Alberto Del Rio (143)

3rd Place: Bully Ray (90)

4th Place: Damien Sandow (86)

5th Place: Dolph Ziggler (80)

6th Place: Robert Roode (79)

7th Place: The Big Show (77)

8th Place: C.M. Punk (75)

9th Place: Chris Jericho (64)

10th Place: Cody Rhodes (62)

(Heel Hall of Fame)

**Heel Report 2010-2011 Winner: The Miz**

**Heel Report 2011-2012 Winner: Cody Rhodes**

Weekly Filler:

The Face-Off: Sycophantic Commentators

This is a general problem with wrestling as a public and media conscious business, they have to have their commentators be pro-everything, which sucks because a lot of times it comes off sounding disingenuous, especially since not everything the company does is going to be all that perfect. However I get that you don’t want someone there just badmouthing the promotion, but do you have to have them be so shameless, as well as the WWE, TNA is massively guilty of this, every time Hogan comes up with a new ‘game changing’ or ‘ground breaking’ idea Tenay and Taz figuratively (I hope) **** in their pants over it like it is the best thing ever. As a fan hearing this it is just annoying, and what is worse I have noticed a trend, which is that since commentators are forced to be so super positive about company pushed initiatives, they let out their frustrations by jumping all over the talent when they make a mistake. The guys in the booth know they won’t be admonished for making fun of mistakes by wrestlers and announcers so they highlight them and put the guy down, even though that too hurts the company’s image because the talent is the company when it comes to wrestling. So instead of simply focusing on making your talent look good, both TNA and WWE seem to always be trying to come up with ‘fresh and new’ ideas that everyone has to support, until they fail, and as a by-product of that the talent are suffering, it is a self-sabotaging setup that really has to stop.

Face the Facts: JBL

Coming off my last point, this is why JBL was so interesting on commentary, because while he researched the performers in the ring, he probably didn’t have much of an idea of current company policy, and pretty much didn’t care. As an outside guy with his own businesses and money he didn’t need to shamelessly push what he was told to and ignore other things, he could simply call the matches and say pretty much whatever he wanted, and when a person is smart and professional that is a good thing. Hence you had JBL acknowledge all the Ziggler chants and put him way over by saying how the fans liked him and even dismissed Cole’s blatant attempt to keep everything kayfabe and draw attention away from Ziggler and to the ‘athleticism’ of the match, not that fans don’t appreciate that, but they were clearly cheering for Ziggler the performer, as well as the athlete. If an audience wants to turn a guy face then why don’t you let them?! I’m not saying JBL is the best commentator in the world, but both companies could benefit greatly by getting in a guy who doesn’t need to be a company man, you can still have two other guys sitting next to him to push your agenda and **** over your latest and greatest idea to save the product but just let the audience have a voice as well. For WWE it would be so easy to have Heyman on Raw and JBL on Smackdown, just so that they could have someone who would speak their mind. That way the people who thought things were bollocks would be satisfied because their views had been aired, and what’s more the people who are sheep and follow the company’s direction blindly would still be happy because you would have two other guys (the majority) saying that it was great, so everybody would be happy, you could still push your pointless agendas, and hopefully the wrestlers in the ring would be cut a little more slack when they stumble over a word or botch a move on live television since it is pretty hard to be perfect 100% of the time and a little mistake shouldn’t cost you your career, if that was the case then the Undertaker should have been fired long ago, have you seen how much he trips over words in his now annual half an hour promos leading up to his Wrestlemania matches? Ridiculous.

On the Rise: Cody and Sandow

I’m pretty sure the last time these two worked together I sang their praises, and I am going to do it again. Both men as singles competitors are great and have good in-ring work and are excellent on the mic, what’s more they seem to have a natural chemistry and can work off of each other during promos. I honestly would love to see a program between Kane & Bryan and Sandow & Cody; I know that a big part of why the tag team division crumbled is because the WWE started focusing on thrown together teams more and gradually there were no real teams left, but come on, this feud would be great, and you could still have the other teams wrestling to see who would get the next shot and promote the division. I just want these two teams to feud until Hell in a Cell and then it can be done. I would love to see a Hell in a Cell match for the tag team titles, it is damned unlikely that it will happen, but it would be awesome if it did!

Flat-Footed: Wade Barrett

I’m sorry, I’m a big Barrett supporter but so far his return has just been terrible, at least in terms of it being completely boring and mean nothing. I know Barrett has only been back a couple of weeks and things could pick up soon, but seriously this guy was ready to come straight back into the main event scene and I think everyone was expecting that to happen. What’s more the title scene on Smackdown is completely stale, what with Del Rio feuding with Sheamus for months now and none of it really ever clicking, injecting Barrett in their could have really shook things up at Night of Champions. Honestly I would have liked for them to pull a John Cena and have a five man match with guys seemingly thrown together, but not really; so you get Barrett, Del Rio, Orton, Ziggler and of course Sheamus, and talk about how it is his biggest test to date and so on, and then have Sheamus win the damn thing, that would have been great. But now Orton is gone, Barrett is stalling and Deil Rio is far too stale to put against Sheamus again, although they probably will do that. Back to Barrett though and despite rumours of the Nexus reforming it seems like he will be stuck in the lower mid-card on a slow build when he is already an established name who has wrestled for the title for christ’s sake. Also I’ve never got why Wasteland gets so much hate, I’m fine with his new finisher but personally I thought Wasteland was great and looked really impactful, but who knows, maybe I was always just seeing things that weren’t there.

That’s all for this week, we are at a slightly interesting time now where there is a big gap before the next PPVs, so both companies are going to have equal chance in the chart, so we’ll just have to wait and see who can push who more and which heels can rise to the occasion as the weeks roll on. For now though this is James Wright signing off.


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John Cena Comments on Tonight’s RAW, Posts Photo of His Elbow Following Surgery

- John Cena will indeed be at RAW tonight but as you can see in the photo below, he’s still very much in recovery from elbow surgery. Cena posted the following photo and tweet on Sunday: “Day 5. Time to play #guesswhosarmthatis I’ll B @raw tomorrow night. When things happen, they happen #SupportGroup” Rumored WWE Hell in a Cell Match for CM Punk + WWE Diva Loses Her Top… WOW!

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Cena Comments on Tonight’s RAW, Posts Photo of His Elbow

- John Cena will indeed be at RAW tonight but as you can see in the photo below, he’s still very much in recovery from elbow surgery. Cena posted the following photo and tweet on Sunday: “Day 5. Time to play #guesswhosarmthatis I’ll B @raw tomorrow night. When things happen, they happen #SupportGroup” Rumored WWE Hell in a Cell Match for CM Punk + WWE Diva Loses Her Top… WOW!

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Hell In a Cell Main Event News, WWE SMS Preview, SmackDown Viewership

- The September 21st edition of WWE SmackDown drew 2,861,000 viewers. This is up from last week. - WWE announced that Heath Slater vs. Santino Marella will take place on this week’s episode of Saturday Morning Slam. Intercontinental Champion The Miz will be on commentary. - On tonight’s RAW, WWE Champion CM Punk vs. John Cena was teased for the main event of Hell in a Cell next...
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